Johnstown Lives In Memory
by Freda (Landrus) Misenheimer : Copyright 1981

The Haggin Graveyard

Old settlers continue family feud at services held there.

Located on a steep hill top, west of Muddy Creek in Cottonwood Township, 1 ½ miles northwest of Bradbury, and now on the Scott Farm. It is securely fenced, and a few years back was kept nicely mowed when this writer was there. This old cemetery has fascinating yarns still told of it that tends to make us believe today's well ordered lives are dull indeed.

The John Haggin family came into Cumberland County from Kentucky via Indiana, settling above Muddy Creek to the north and west of where Bradbury was platted some forty years later. The farm was entered on Nov. 11, 1836 by Henry Smith, stepfather of John Haggin, whose widowed mother Mary (Haggin) Smith was a doctor of some note, preparing her own medicines and riding miles over this area treating the settlers living in this heavily timbered acreage.

In 1868 this land was conveyed to James Haggin, whom the late Arthur Childress told me, lost the farm in a card game to Joseph Berry. The transfer being made on Mar. 3, 1869. This tract included the Haggin homestead and the by then growing cemetery. Mr. Smith died soon after settling here and is believed his grave is the nucleus of the Haggin burying ground. Others of the Haggin family died and were laid to rest here, and though no stone was ever set at a haggin grave, the name yet remains Haggin.

The old homestead was a huge log house and set close by the southwest edge of the cemetery, into this log house moved the family of Joseph Berry. In later years a new house was built on the site of the old, as the road at the time meandered in past it, but the road went the way of so many of the old roads and though buryings continued at Haggin for many years, the way in was by field roads. The last burial here was Charles "Pete" Gaines, b. 1896, d. 1941.

The most fascinating story of the place is of the day neighbors gathered in old Haggin to pay last homage to their friend and neighbor, George Barger, and a gun fight ensued, that as a Barger grandson told me, had the mourners really duckin’ and dogin’. Scared children were clinging to their mother's hands and skirts, and one girl, wearing a white dress had flecks of blood spattered on her though we never knew who was wounded. George W. Barger, d. Oct. 8, 1876, age 61 yrs. 11 mo.

The late John Light told me of this incident: "The Berry family had come up to Illinois from Tennessee, from a feuding section of that state. They were raised with guns and wore them as casually as other folks wore gloves. In earlier time there had developed an ill will between two of the brothers, Mitchell and Joseph, brought about by their love of their fleet racing stock, and backing it up with gun and fist. The ill will had grown with each race won or lost, till bitter pride was riding on unbending shoulders–Tennessee style.

"On this day, Mitchell appeared first at Haggin, followed by a nephew, Capt. W.N. Berry, plus a goodly crowd of neighbors and were standing around the open grave as the funeral procession wended itself along the hill. Suddenly Joseph and a son Tom were in the cemetery. Tom with a shot gun, Joe carrying an old navy revolver, a foot long, to say the least, and to the petrified bystanders looking as big as a cannon. Amid much fuming, with Joe ordering Mitch from his property, with Mitch retorting, ‘no man owned a burying ground, he had come to pay his last respects to his friend and neighbor.’ And Joe ‘lowing as how he’d get himself killed for his neighborliness, and so on.

"A railing of sorts had been thrown up to hold back the dirt, and when Joe and Tom jerked up their guns, Mitch sensing the danger, leaped behind this barrier, and no doubt had plenty of company, as the bullets spanged off the stones z-z--zrooming like angry hornets amongst the lilies. Capt. W.N., leaped into the fracas tearing the shot gun from Tom’s hands. Joe shouting he would kill him if he didn't hand the gun back. Captain W.N., walked right into the face of that young cannon drawling, ‘shucks, Uncle Joe, I looked down the barrels of thousands of guns bigger than this puny one during the war and they didn't scare me. Hand it over now.’ The procession was now coming into the cemetery! Joe looked about at the hushed, waiting faces–and handed over the gun.

"Friends urged Mitchell to go quietly and let the services proceed. Mitchell went, but with a last word, ‘I’m going because George Barger was my friend, not because I'm afraid to stay.’ Quite a man was Mitchell Berry," praised Mr. Light.

In avidly reliving all our exciting frontier times, one is prone to overlook the sterling qualities of our pioneers. Two of the Berry brothers offered land for the townsite of Toledo, and helped plat the town. They were good friends, fine neighbors and generous to a fault. So long as Haggin graveyard endures, the Berry legends will live on. Let’s protect old Haggin, eh!

There are many burials here, I will list only a few, but there are Kellys, Fulfers, Hills, Carwells, Strueves, Postalwaits, Brown, Furry and numerous graves that have no stones.

(This article was submitted by Juli Bishop at she transcribed it from a book at the Library

I found a listing for the Berry Cemetery but the names seem to be of the people who are buried in the Haggins Cemetery maybe one of our readers could clear this up and tell us for sure where these people are buried. Is this a list for Berry Cemetery, Haggin or Bradbury??

From: Sharon Koch [] June 2005
Just read the Article--Is it Berry or Haggin Cemetery?  It Is Haggins. My 3 times Great-Grandmother is buried there.  Ruth Gaines.  My 2 times Great-Grandparents are also buried there.  James and Anna Carter  I was there last summer.  Thank You,  Sharon Koch

Haggin, Bradbury or Berry Cemetery ??????
This List was made by Sam Sargent Charleston, Illinois
and recorded on film #0824235 page 214 by the Mormon Church

John Kelly died Sep. 9, 1864 aged 50 years
Ellen Kelly wife of John Kelly died Nov. 26, 1870 aged 49 years
Mary Kelly died Feb. 26, 1873 aged 11 years
Mary A. Russell  1857-1900 
William Kelly  born Nov. 21 1856 died Mar. 10 1890
[There  had been only the old fashionrd slab markers at their graves until some years ago,
a 5 foot high and 1 foot thick concrete wall was placed around the above graves]
Abraham Fulfer born Feb. 28, 1831 died Mar. 9 1879
Fannie C. Fulfer wife of Abraham born Aug. 13, 1839 died Dec. 13 1901
J.M. Fulfer Government Marker Co. I 5th Ill. Cav. Civil War
Mercie A.Fulfer wife of Joseph  died Aug., 6, 1898 aged 84 years
Joseph Fulfer no date
James  Gaines born Nov. 6, 1837 died Feb. 2, 1910
Ruth Gaines wife of James born May 18, 1835 died Aug. 29, 1908
Charlie Gaines 1876-1941
Archibald B. King son of Joseph & Mary Ann King died Sep. 12, 1853 aged 27 days old
Fanny Berry wife of Joseph Berry born Feb. 24, 1820 died Apr. 4, 1853
Mary Berry daughter of Joseph & Fanny Berry born Jan. 2, 1853 died Jan. 30, 1853
Cobretta Berry daughter Joseph & Fanny Berry died 1859 aged 2 years
David Berry son of Joseph & Fanny Berry died 1861 aged 2 years
Joseph Berry born Bedford Co. Tenn. born Feb. 24, 1822 died Aug. 17, 1886
Elizabeth Berry wife of Joseph Berry born Sep. 7, 1832 died Nov. 7, 1878
Infant Son of Lewis W. and D.O. Berry died Jan. 8, 1889 age 9 days old
Sarah I. Strueve wife of Albert F. Strueve born Sep. 1864 died Jan. 2906
Martha Ellen Harvey daughter of Samuel & Amanda Harvey died Oct. 1, 1858 age 10 months 20 days old
Almira Harvey daughter of S. & A. Harvey died Sep 7, 1855 aged 1 month and 6 days old
Hannah Harvey wife of Samuel  Harvey died Jan. 18, 1860 aged 26 years 3 months and 9 days
Thomas Janes born in Floyd Co., KY. on Dec 26, 1815 died May 17, 1889
Martha Blakeley wife of Joel Blakeley former wife of Thomas Janes born Sep. 15, 1829 died June 4, 1897
Sarah Janes wife of Thomas Janes died Sep. 29, 1851 aged 36 years 6 months and 22 days
Janes Janes daughter of T. & A. Janes died Mar. 6, 1842 aged 1 year 4 months
Infant Harvey parents Samuel & Sophia Harvey died Aug. 5, 1869 aged 1 day old
Frank E. Wilson son of A. & M.A. Wilson died July 28, 1880 aged 1 year 5 months and 7 days
Susan Barger wife of George W. Barger died Apr. 7, 1867 age 55 years
George W. Barger died Oct. 8, 1876 aged 61 years 11 months and 1 day
Alfred Grisson son of Nelson & Susan Grisson died Oct. 16, 1865 age 1 year
Ruth Postlewait wife of James Postlewait daughter of R.& M. Barger died Aug. 27, 1880 aged 27 yrs. 4 months
Onie B. Furry daughter of J.W. & L.M. Furry died Mar. 17, 188? aged 2 years 1 month and 9 days
Lionel Carwell son of B.& T. Carwell died Jan. 24, 1892 age 19 days
William Arthur son of D.D. & Lucy Davis died  Jan. 9, 1886  age 3 years 4 months and 27 days
Elizabeth Hill died Nov. 15 1900 aged 74 years 8 months and 9 days
T. Hill inscription gone unreadable
George B. Hill died Oct. 9, 1883 age 30 years 11 months and 12 days
James Hill died Dec. 11, 1908 age 51 years 7 months and 5 days
Margaret C. Brown daughter of Samuel and M.E. Brown died Dec. 13, 1867 age 14 days
Samuel Brown son of Samuel and M.E. Brown died July 15, 1869 aged 9 months and 4 days
Robert Brown son of Samuel and M.E. Brown died Sep. 30, 1870 age 4 months and 2 days
Ellie Brown daughter of Samuel and M.E. Brown died Aug. 10, 1873 age 3 months and 13 days

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