Handwritten Notes
Submitted by Charles and Sandra Brummet

William Johnson was born the 3 of February 1822

Sharlotte Johnson was born October the – 1847

Miriam Johnson was born December the 30 1949

Sarah Cathran Johnson was born July the 21 1852

Josephous Johnson was born January the 24 1857

Nellie Johnson was born august the 2 1882

Rebeca Johnson was born December the 12 186-

Sintha Johnson was born December the 15 1862

Marget Johnson was born January 2 1865

William Johnson was born December the 10 1867

Malinda Jane Johnson was born December the 30 1869

Mary Johnson was born February the 22 1864  and died February the 25 1891

“BIRTHS” hand written notes:
Note:  All spelling is correct from actual notes

Samuel Glenn was borned Dec. 23 1853 in Cumberland Co. Ill

Pheba A. Glenn was borned Apr. 4th 1856 in Cumberland Co. Ill.

Malinda J. Glenn was borned Dec. 26 1857 in Cumberland Co. Ill.

Laura F. Glenn was borned Dec. 15th 1859 In Cumberland Co. Ill

Mary B. Glenn was borned Nov. 6th in Cumberland Co. Ill

Robert Glenn was born Sept the 5th 1822 [or 1829] in Hocken County, Ohio

Deliah E. Massey was born Nov the 24 1824 in Linken Co. Kentucky

John Glenn was born July the 10th, 1846 in Johnson Co. Ind.

David Glenn was born Feb. the 3 1848 in Johnson Co Ind.

Thomas Glenn was born Aug the 17th 1849 in Johnson Co. Ind.

William Glenn was born Aug the 24th 185-


William Monohan and Laura F. Glenn were married Aug. 20 1882 by Rev. John Wade.

William Huston and Mary B. Glenn were married –17, 1883 by Rev. John Wade

Robert Glenn and Deliah E. Massey was married July the 24 1845 in Johnson Co. Ind by Rev. John Reese

Josephous Johnson and Malinda Glenn was married Nov the 17 1880 by Rev. John Wade

Samuel Glenn and Neorma C. Pumios [?] was married Feb the 12 1880 by Rev. Bengam---
R.N. Thay and Phela A. Glenn was married Jan the 8 1879 by Rev. John Wade

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