A photo of an early wooden bridge that crossed  the Embarras River on the north side of  Greenup.  Unlike today, the Toledo road (now IL Rte. 121) headed in a westerly direction just north of the bridge. 
I think the roadbed isvisible in the background. 
The date of the photo is presumed to be in the 1890's.
Photo contributed to Genealogy Trails by Bill Wylde

Picture contributed by Bill Wylde

This photo of northbound Illinois Route 121 as it passes under I-70 just north of Greenup. In 1957 they were water skiing in the field beyond.Water during that record-setting period just started to go over 121.  The road was closed then, but not for excess water on the roadway.  The problem then was water flowing up the side of the old Embarras bridge (about one foot). 
I have excellent photos from that period.This flood will easily top the '57 record by two feet.
Photo contributed to Genealogy Trails by Bill Wylde

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