Warren Underwood to Catherine Lyster Oct 24, 1907
T. B. Carrell was a witness for Catharine E. Lyster and Warren (Henry Underwood).  I believe T.B. Carrell was Cumberland's, Treasurer.
Maybelle Ross, (second witness) may have been a relative to the minister?
Eliza Hufford and Henry Underwood, were parents, to Warren (Henry) Underwood)
Rebecca Day and  Thomas Lyster, were parents, to Catharine E. Lyster
Catharine was 34 or 35 years old, and Warren, was 56 years old, at the time of marriage.

James E. Hopper age 23  born Cumberland Co., Illinois father James R, Hopper married Mary A. Roberts age 19  born Cumberland Co., Illinois, her father's name was Charles Roberts and her mother was Laura Aleshire. They were married July 12, 1896 recorded in Book 1 page 129
Source: (Mary Patchett)

Earl Groves and Ruby Marie Wright married Sept. 1945 in Neoga,  Cumberland Co.

John A. Wilson November 22, 1866,  married in Cumberland County, Ill., Mary M., daughter of John Williams, and a native of  Gregg township Morgan County Indiana.

Abraham Lincoln Schee age 20 of Pleasant Grove, Coles Co., age 20 married Alice Shores age 17 of Neoga, Cumberland Co. Grooms parents were John Schee and Elizabeth Thompson and bride's parents were William Shores and Almeda South, the marriage was witnessed by Thomas Humes and Nora Schee, and the county clerk was Henry W. Tippett, J.P. was Henry McPherson

License #748 Issued to Wm D. Maples Farmer, age 28 Cumberland Co., Illinois he was born Coles Co., Illinois, father 's name M.D. Maples mother's name Ann Grovan ? Number of marriages for groom is 1. He married Martha R. Wagner age 17 born in Daviess County Indiana, father's name John Wagner mother's name Elizabeth Reed. They were married in Willow Hill on August 13, 1882 witnesses William D. Armstrong and Amos Olden, Marriage certified by Eld. J.E. Armstrong date of marriage return Aug. 15, 1882 Book D Page 58.
Source: (Jo Hays at

James M. Carrell married Louisa Vaughn on Feb. 18, 1874 in Cumberland Co., by A.C. Carrell
Source: (Cumberland Democrat, Majority Point, Friday March 6, 1874)

Mr. Lewis married "Sunday Week" Miss Neese
Source: (Cumberland Democrat Friday 28, March 1873)

Col. Leffel age 38 and his bride age 23 years old married near Springfield at the English Lutheran Church by Rev. J. Stack.
Source: (Cumberland Democrat, 30 August 1872, p.4, c.1)

Mr. William McCandlish and Emma Holsapple on 8 May 1873 Thurs. evening in Cumberland Co., by Brother Walmsey at the residence of the bride's father.
Source: (Cumberland Democrat, Friday, 16 May 1873)

W.E. Baker of Shelby Co., and Mary A. Davis of Cumberland County, married Monday last, by Rev. A.A. Lovins at the Clerks Office
Source: (Cumberland Democrat, Friday, 11 July 1873)

A young man by the name of John Cox, came to town on Sunday for the purpose of getting a license to marry a Miss Jane Myers, and to also have the "knot tied". There was no difficulty in obtaining the license, but after this important portion of the proceedings had been attended to, the expectant groom found his exchequer so depleted that, he could only find a solitary one dollar bill, in the deserted apartments of his wallet. Then the young man went in search of a functionary that would marry him a dollars worth. but finding no one willing to undertake the job for that sum, himself and lady betook themselves to Old Ike Niccum of cumberland, for the consummation of their wishes. There should be more like Old Ike Niccum. a true Christian. They were married on "Sunday" February 8, 1874.
Source: (Cumberland Democrat  February 1874 p.1, c.1)

It is said, Frank Bolin and Frances White were married on last Sunday night. The children started to meeting together and, up to Monday night, had not returned. If they are not married by this time, they should be.
Source: (Cumberland Democrat, Friday, 23 Jan. 1874, p.3, c.2)

Married, Sunday, February 8th, 1874, at the bride's residence, by Rev. J.L.B. Ellis, Father Baker, of Jefferson Texas, and Mrs. John F. Stimmel, of this city.
    Father Baker, is a Minister of the Southern Methodist Church, and a man over whose read the flowers of 81 summers, have shed their fragrance, yet his memory is fresh and green, and the blood in his veins dances as merrily as a man of 40. yet, one would hardly, suppose, that one who has seen two generations pass away, and a third entered upon the battle of life, would at this late day, again be found wooing the Ficola Goddess, or invading the realms and mysteries of matrimony, by ensnaring in his net a widow of comparatively tender years. the Reverend gentleman has evidently not followed the injunction of Shakespeare, who to the old man had said: "O sir, you are old; nature in you stands on the very verge; of her confine; you should be ruled and led by some discretion, that discerns you; state better than you."
    After Father Baker was married last Sunday, he preached at the Church from the text, 'The one all to gather lovely,' and his mind seemed to dwell upon the portion of his text with singular pertinacity. Two widows who had set their caps for this marrying old gentleman, were so overcome with grief and chagrin, that one of them who had never been known to leave church after Sunday School, before the sermon, promptly took her departure, with her nose elevated to an angle of 90 degrees, and the other old dame, bobbed into church with her apron on the wrong wide to the weather. How true that the world's a stage, and every body actors.
Source: (Cumberland Democrat, Friday 13 Feb., 1874, p.2, c.2)

Rev. Ellis solomized the rites of matrimony between Mr. Benjamin Peterson and Miss Sarah Ellen Ballanger, at the residence of the bride's father on the first day of this month.
Source: (Cumberland Democrat Friday 13 Feb. 1874, p.2, c.4)

Jefferson Goodwin, whose wife died about three weeks ago, was married last week to the sister of his dead wife. We understand his mother-in-law was very urgent for the match, and did most of the courting for the case. Such indiant haste does not speak much for the refinement or Christian feelings of the parties, or show much respect for the departed wife, or feelings of the surviving children.
Source: (Cumberland Democrat, Friday, February 1874, p.3, c.1)

Mr. Newton Myers, of Jasper County, and Miss Jane Anderson, of this county, married Thursday evening, March 12th, 1874 by the Rev. Mr. Hastings, at the residence of the Bride's father, Jesse Anderson.
Source: (Cumberland Democrat, Friday, 13 March 1874, p.2, c.1)

Perry Cox married in Jake Green's house and will soon go to Indiana until fall.
Source: (Cumberland Democrat, Friday 27 March 1874, p.2, c.1)

Lucian Griggs married last Thursday to Miss Dyer.
Source: (Cumberland Democrat Friday April 1874, "Greenup Scraps, 2 April 1874)

David Glenn, married 19 March 1874 by Rev. John Ward, on Thursday evening to Martha J. Decius.
Source: (Cumberland Democrat Friday March 20, 1874 p., 2, c.1)

William Groscup and  Miss Amanda Jane Miller were married Sunday evening at 3 p.m. at the residence of Judge Miller. A large reception and dinner was held after the ceremony
Source: (Cumberland Democrat Friday March 17, 1874 p.3, c.4)

Wm. P. Lloyd and Mrs. Elizabeth Wisely married on the 14th.
Charles F. Ault and Sarah McClayton licensed to marry, dated 13 June 1874
Source: (The Mail, Majority Point, Cumberland Co., 18 June 1874, p.3, c.1)

John Elder and Mrs. Anna Wisely, married June 21 1874 at the bride's residence.
Source: (The Mail, Majority Point, Cumberland Co., 25 June 1874, p.5, c.2)

Alford Bishop and Miss Jane Thompson married 25th by Rev. S. Schlowsier all of this county.
John Peters and Miss Jeannetta Pope married June 30, 1874
Ephram Dorton and Miss Margaret Laws marry June 30, 1874
Source: (The Mail, Majority Point, Cumberland Co, Thursday July 2, 1874, p.4, c.4)

Betsey Wisely was married to a Jasper County man on Tuesday last.
Source: (Cumberland Democrat, Friday 10th July, 1874, p.3, c.1)

Married at the residence of J.W. Smith, Spring Point Township, August 26th, by the Rev. W.B. Lewellen, Mr. Walker Gibbens and Miss Nevada Smith, both of Montrose, Effingham County.
In Grove Township, Jasper County, On Sunday, Sep.6th, 1874, Mr. Jasper Newlan and Miss Margaret Downs, all of Jasper County
Source: (Cumberland Democrat, Friday, 11 Sep. 1874, p.3, c.3)

Mr. Tom Cottingham and Miss Fannie Ray, daughter of Doc. Ray, were married  last Sunday morning. Tom, we wish you and your young bride many days of happiness and a long and properous life.
Source: (Cumberland Democrat, Friday Oct 10, 1874)

Married on Wednesday night, November 18th, 1874 by Rev. A.A. Lovins, at the residence of the brides parents. Mr. Anslern Armer and Miss Belle Shiplor.
Source: (Cumberland Democrat. Friday, November 20th 1974, p.3, c.2)

Marriage License was issued to the following named persons by the County Clerk of this county since the 1'st day of October 1879
W.F.T. Myers and Elizabeth Elliott
Louis Elliott and Malinda Hopper
Cliff Standlord and Edith Farris
Wm A. Miller and Mary F. Lee
John Taylor and Lulie B. Smeldell
James Morris and Arabell J. Melton
George W. Eggers and Margaret Berry
Robert S. Humes and Phebe F. Snell
A.L. Goodwin and Miss C. Wahfull
Alfred Mullen and Mahala A. Greeson
Paris G. Carrell and Margaret Titus
John Millner and Margaret C. Glosser
W.A. Jenkins and Anna Walton
Henry Tippy and Susan Adsom
Benjamin Smith and Eliza A. Carver
J. H. Shewmaker and Mary Feeze
A.M. Caps and Alice Perkins
A.H. Vankey and P.A. Collins
J.H. Duran and B.A. Johnson
Joseph A. Miller and Eliza Arms
Benj. McDowell and Ellen Snider
Source: (Cumberland Democrat, 12 Nov. 1879)

Married on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24th 1874, at the residence of the brides's father, Mr. Colman O. Ray and Miss Mattie Ross, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M.B. Ross
Source: (Cumberland Democrat, Friday 30 December 1874, p.3, c.3)

Mr. Wm Abernathy was married to Widow Conrad a few days ago.
Source: (Cumberland Democrat, Thursday Jan. 21, 1875, p.3, c.2)

Squire Niccum officiated two weddings at his residence. He united in marriage in wedlock John Stallings and Mary Russell. that same evening, he married Charles Roberts and Laura Aleshire.
Source: (Cumberland Democrat, Thursday, 4 February 1875, "Woodbury News". p.3, c.4)

Mrs. Maggie Shoemaker, concluded that she would be 'Shoemaker' no longer, and according, on last Sunday, united herself with Jacob Tanner in wedlock and will go into the Tanner business for a time.
Source: (Cumberland Democrat, Thurs. 4 Feb. 1875 , p.3, c.3)

Frank Seeley, of Uncle Charles house, learned that the marriage performed in Effingham, by Squire Browning of Montrose, failed to get the 'proper authority' in legalizing the ceremony.
source: (Cumberland Democrat, Thursday 25 Feb. 1875)

Acy White and Cass Radley were married Sunday night March 7, 1875.
Source: (Cumberland Democrat, Thursday 25 Feb. 1875)

Mr. Frank Bates of Effingham married March 2, 1875 by Squire Browning at Montrose, Effingham to Miss Retta Rollins of Cumberland County.
Joshua Bradbury

Cumberland County Marriages Licenses Issued for the Week of October 8, 1899
(this is from the original newspaper clipping that Della Tharp Thomas had in her scrapbook)
(submitted to us by Kathy Carr Kracht, daughter of  Bill and Lucille Carr, Greenup, Illinois)

Philetus Harrell, 21, Greenup; Mabel Kelly, 15, Casey
James Morris, 25, Greenup; Co??  Paul, 27, Greenup
J.W. Barger, 24, Neoga; ?ula Cutright, 18, Neoga
George Huffman, 23, Toledo; Winnie Stewart, Toledo
Frank Thomas, 26, Greenup; Della Tharp, 19, Greenup

John Adams married Rose Sebastion June 10, 1891 Cumberland County

Oct 22 1887
Married at the residence of Elder J.W. Tyler on Friday Oct. 21, 1887 was William S. Maxwell of Argenta and Miss Viola Husher of Greenup.

A marriage license was issued to Irvin Means and Christena M Harp on July 3, 1809 they were married on July 5 1809 and the return of a marriage was done on July 20 1809.
The application says Groom: Irvin Means Residence: Cumberland County Illinois Occupation: is a farmer he is 28 years old a White, American, Male, born Ross County Ohio his father was James A. Means and his mother was Susan Troutman, and this is the first marriage for the groom. Bride: is listed as Christena M. Harp Residence: Cumberland County Illinois, age 18 White, American, Female, born Loggon County Illinois her father was Frederick Harp and her mother was Matilda Jackson, and this is the first marriage for the bride. They were married at Bryds Cutright in Cumberland County on the 5th day of July 1809 Witnesses were Bryd Cutright and Nancy Cutright. The marriage return was signed by Ben McMillan
(Contributed by Brenda Duckworth )

Acy White and Cass Radley were married Sunday night March 7, 1875 [source: Cumberland Democrat, Thursday, Feb. 5, 1875]...
(contributed by

William W. BISHOP - Martha MONFORT - l0 Jan. 1856-Coles Co., IL..
[Coles Co., IL., County Court House Marriage Records, 1849-b 861, p. 105.]

George BIDLE - Christian AIRY-17 Jan. 1856-Coles Co., IL..
[Ct. Hse Rec., p. 106.]

Joel Jackson MAPLES - Edna BATES- 4 Feb. 1856-Coles Co., IL..
 [Ct. Hse., p. 107.1

Charles K. BENSLAY - Drucilia ANDERSON -14 Feb. 1856-Coles Co., IL..
[Coles County Court House Marriage Records, 1849 -1861, p. 108.1

David MOODY - Ann Rebecca BITNER 14 Feb. 1856 -Coles Co., IL..
[Coles County, IL., County Court House Marriage Records, 1849 -1861 p. 108.]

William M. BAILEY - Frances MYERS -21 Feb. 1856 -Coles Co., IL..
[Coles County County Court House Marriage Records, 1849 -1861, p. 108.]

Elijah ARCHER - Sarah Jane DRUMBOWER-13 April 1856 - Coles Co., IL..
[Coles County Court House Marriage Records, 1849-1861, p.113.]

George E. MASON - Allice E. BISHOP-1 May 1856-Coles Co., IL..
[Coles County, IL., County Court House Marriage Records, 1849 -186 1, p. 114.]

Frank M. ALLEN - Mary Ann PETTY -22 July 1856-Coles Co., IL..
[Ct. Use., p. 117.1

John LAURENCE - Rebecca Jane ALLISON - 31 July 1856-Coles Co., IL..
[Coles County Court House Marriage Records, 1849-1861, p. 118.]

Robert McCUMBERS - Mary M. BAGLEY - 24 Aug. 1856 - Coles Co., IL..
[Coles County Court House Marriage Records, 1849 -1861, p. 119.]

John DRAKE - Lettitia BOWDRE - 19 Oct 1856 - Coles Co., IL..
 [Ct. Hse., p. 122.]

G. Frederick BIDDLE - Suffrona WALKER - 30 Oct. 1856-Coles, IL.
[Coles County Court House Marriage Records, 1849 -1861, p. 123.]

John F. BALCH - Martha A. GORDEN - 5 Nov. 1856 - Coles Co., IL..
[County Court House Marriage Records, 1849-1861, p. 97.]

Ezra STITT, b. I 5 Sep. 1833, IND., mar. 13 Nov. 1856, Minerva Jane HOLSAPPLE, b. 26 Nov. 1833, IND., dau. of John HOLSAPPLE-Rebecca RINKER.
[Misenheimer, Cumberland Co., 1886, p. 703.)

Edward SNART- Margaret BARR- 18 Nov. 1856 - Coles Co., IL..
[Coles County Court House Marriage Records, 1849 -1861, p. 124.)

1886 WEDDING   
Lt. Col. Warren L. Carruthers, who visited relatives and friends in Mattoon and Neoga this summer, had returned to the United States after four years of service with the Air Force in Japan and Okinawa. En route to his destination he and Mrs. Carruthers stayed overnight in a motel in Amarillo, Texas, where they were given a copy of the Amarillo Daily
News Under a column entitled "Trailing" by Dorothy Nordyke, Mrs. Carr there noticed the following wedding account with a notation that it had been sent to Mrs. Lillian Sale Wilson of Amarillo, by.her sister in California. Mrs. Wilson had found it interesting and decided to share it with the Amarillo columnist. It is the story of the wedding of Mrs. Wilson's parents in Trilla, Ill. in Dec. 1888.
TRILLA, ILL. - Rev. C.E. Sale of Cowden and Mrs. Sarah Keys of this city were joined in the holy bonds of matrimony at the latter's residence on Wednesday evening at the hour of six
Elder Orr of Mattoon performed the ceremony.

These were present: the bride's mother and brother, Mrs. Kelly and Perry Kelly of Neoga. her brother-in-law and sister, Al Hastings of this city, Rev. Palch and wife, J.T. Conner and wife Mrs. A.J. Lee and Mrs. Strawberry, and Misses Jennie Lovins and Bell Hastings, all of this city
After the twain were made one and the congratulations were through with the gusts were conducted to the dining room, where they were seated at a long table on which the wedding supper had been spread with a Sumpticus liberality. There were frosted cakes, as sweet and beautiful as ever graced the table of a king. The delightful pies, chicken, meat, and oranges were devoured with remarkable deliberation, and a satisfaction that is rarely witnessed except on matrimonial occasions.
The bride made all the preparations, not leaving even the smallest detail, thus exhibiting her special qualifications for conducting the affairs of a home. .
After supper, the guests were entertained by appropriate music furnished by Miss Jennie Livons and others until about 9 o'clock when all dispursed to the several homes, leaving the happy couple alone in their glory. The bride received many nice presents, among which were two elegant vases from Miss Jennie Lovins and a fine glass bread plate from Miss Jennie Huston
On Thursday, the bride's household goods were taken on wagons to Neoga and shipped on the narrow gauge to Cowden. The husband and wife bid farewell to their many friends here and left for the same before noon.   
Mrs. Keys, as she was known to our people, had lived here for several years and, had taught several terms in our city school. She had superintendent of our Sunday School for a long time and was very active and popular in that position. She will be greatly missed by our Sunday School and church folks especially, for she was an untiring worker in those fields. May She live long to co-operate with her husband in promoting the cause of Christianity
Mattoon Journal Gazette,Sept. 14, 1970

A number of friends gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kellogg Monday night December 22, 1913 for the purpose of Charivaring Mr. and Mrs. Chall Kellogg.  After a great deal of coaxing to find out where the bride and groom were which did no good the crowd entered the house and diligent seeking found them upstairs waiting for us.  Then we went downstairs and enjoyed a good sociable chat around a good warm fire.  After a while the crowd went outdoors and made as much noise as they could with their mouths, guns and bells of all kinds.  When we went in the house after the charivari was over  and a dish pan full of popcorn without either salt or grease was presented to the crowd.  After it was devoured a crock of doughnuts was passed and some of the crowd said they really had to take their fingers and punch the doughnuts down.  Believe me, they were delicious.  All departed at a late hour in the rain wishing Chall and Faye a long and prosperous and happy life and we hope to call on them again for we are certainly fond of corn as well as the doughnuts.
 [Barb: Faye is really Carried Faye Ward, another of my great grandma sisters..Faye and Chall’s son Bob still lives in the area of Greenup.]
Submitted by Charles and Sandra Brummet, Transcribed by Barbara Moksnes

The wedding: of Miss Mary J. Hurst and Mr. Clem E. Smith took place on Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the home of her parents 4 1/2 miles southwest of Champaign. The ceremony was performed by Rev. H. F. Mueller of St. Peter's Evangelical church.
The bride was attired in white crepe de chine, trimmed in shadow lace and wore a veil and carried a bouquet of  white and pink roses. The attendants were Miss Elizabeth Grein, Miss Minnie Hard, Vera Roland, and Carl Hurst. The bridesmaids wore pink and blue roses.
The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Hurst and the groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Smith of Greenup.   He is a carpenter and has been employed in Champaign for several years.
A three-course dinner followed the ceremony. The house was decorated with ferns and pink and white ribbons and flowers.
The young couple departed for Greenup, where they will be guests of the groom's parents. They will be at home after September 20 at East University avenue, Champaign.
Out of town guests were: Mr. and Mrs J. W. Wright, and Mr. and Mrs. George Wright of  Murdock. Mr. and Mrs. John Green of Broadlands; Mr. and Mrs. John Hurst of Homer; and the groom's father, J. T. Smith of Greenup.—Champaign Ill. Daily News.
Submitted by Charles and Sandra Brummet

Miss Marietta Ehler Will Be Married to Tolono Man.
Miss Marietta Ehler. daughter of Mr. and Mrs, W. W. Ehler, prominent people residing six miles north of Champaign, and .Mr. Fred C. Sperry of Tolono will be married Wednesday evening at 6:30 at the home of the bride's parents.
The bride is well known In Champaign and vicinity. She is a graduate at the Champaign high school in the class of 10 since then has lived with her parents. The groom is a ton of Mr. and .Mrs. H. F. Sperry of Greenup and for the last year has been fanning near Tolono. After a short visit with relatives and friends in Greenup the young couple will go to housekeeping on a farm owned by Mr. Khler. near Jolly, la.
Mrs. George Ehler recently entertained at a miscellaneous shower in honor of the bride-to-be. Many beautiful and useful presents were received. Games were played and refreshments served. All reported a very enjoyable time.
Submitted by Charles and Sandra Brummet

Miss Ellen Bonnell and Bud Nunamaker Are Married in Greenup
GREENUP, Jan. 29—At a pretty wedding ceremony at 8:30 o'clock, Thursday evening in Mattoon, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Bonnell, their only daughter, Miss Ellen, became the bride of Bud Nunamaker. Rev. John Codd officiated, with only the immediate relatives present.
K. L. Bonnell of St Louis, an uncle of the bride, was best man and Mrs. G. P. Nunamaker of Toledo, sister in law of the bridegroom, was matron of honor. Immediately after the ceremony a three course dinner was served to the members of the bridal party. The pink and white motif was effectively used.
The centerpiece was a large bouquet of pink roses.
Mr. and Mrs. Nunamaker departed on a wedding trip to visit relatives In Vandalia, St. Louis and other points,
'The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Bonnell of Mattoon. She was graduated from Mattoon High school in the class of 1925 and from the Utterback Business college in the class of 1926. For the past two years she has, been employed as a stenographer and  bookkeeper for the Inter City Investment association of Mattoon. Mr. Nunamaker is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Nunamaker, formerly of Greenup. He was graduated  from Greenup High school In the class of 1923. For the past three years he haa been employed In Mattoon In the office of the Mattoon Ice Cream and Dairy Co. but recently he was transferred to Urbana, as manager of the Urbanna Ice Cream Co. They will make their home at 901 South First Street, Roland Apartment, Champaign.
Decatur Herald Saturday Evening January 29, 1928

Casey Girl Bride Of Greenup Man
Casey—Casey and Greenup should be better friends than ever before since two of their finest young people have joined hearts and hands in their walk through life. Ebb Williams, son of Mr. and Mrs. Douglass Williams and a native of Greenup, was married Apr. 12 at the home of his sister, Mrs. Elmer E. Cloud, in Greenup, to Eleanor Ewing, only daughter of Mrs. Ethel Ewing and the late Newton Ewing of Casey.
Mr. Williams attended the Greenup public schools and also received three years high school training. At present he is employed with the Ettlebrick shoe factory in Greenup.
Mrs. Williams also attended the Casey public schools and completed a four years' course in the Casey high school, graduating in 1928. She is employed with the Ettlebrick shoe factory in Casey. The bride is one of Casey's most charming and popular girls.
The couple is at present residing with the bride's mother in Casey.
The Decatur Junior Saturday May 31, 1930

Marriage certificate contributed by Hank Weaver  []

Has No Terrors for Them. Greenup Has a Couple Not Afraid of Matrimony
Greenup, Ill. Feb. 27.—Special Telegram.
Abraham Rhue age 64, and Mrs. Rebecca Rooks, aged 55. were married in Union Township. Cumberland County. The groom was recently divorced, and this is the fourth marriage of both the bride and groom.
Date: Friday, February 28, 1896  Paper: Daily Inter Ocean (Chicago, IL)  Volume: XXIV  Issue: 341  Page: 1

Before her marriage March 2, was Miss Majorie Wood, 731 South Grand Avenue WestMarjorie J. Wood Becomes Bride Of Ivan Shafer Miss Marjorie J. Wood, 731 South Grand avenue west, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Forest Wood of Greenup and Ivan E. Shafer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Shafer of Jewett, were married at 4 p. m., March 2, at the Methodist church In Greenup, Rev. W. E. Catey, officiating.
Miss Eileen Wood, Springfield, was  her sister's  only attendant and  Guy  Fogleman  of Greenup served as best man. Ushers were Howard Evans of Greenup and Robert Ray of Jewett. Given in marriage by her father, the bride was attired in a gown of white satin, entrain, with sweet-heart neckline and leg o' mutton sleeves.    Her veil  was fingertip length and sho carried a bouquet of white carnations and sweetpeas. A reception was held at the home of the bride's parents after which the couple departed for a trip to Louisville, Ky. After April 1 they will be at home at 322 South Eighth street.
Mrs. Shafer is employed in the state auditor's office. Mr. Shafer  was discharged recently from the navy serving for four years, three of which were in the Pacific.
Date: Sunday, March 24, 1946 Paper: Daily Illinois State Journal (Springfield, IL) Page: 25

Theirs ls a  Much-Mixed Marriage.
Greenup. Ill. March 24 Special Telegram
Down in Spring Point Township Cumberland County. Joe Greenwood was married time to Mrs. Nancy Elliott, after having been, divorced from her for years. He had been married once before, his first marriage to her and twice afterward, this being his fifth marriage and her second.   The groom is 53 and the bride 56.
Date: Wednesday, March 25, 1896   Paper: Daily Inter Ocean (Chicago, Illinois)   Volume: XXV   Issue: 1   Page: 4

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