Legend says Abraham Lincoln Slept In The Old Greenup Hotel

The Story Of Greenup
by Bobbie Goodman

Barbour Inn 1831 to 1977
by Bobbie Goodman

Scrap Book Of Della Thomas

Autograph Book of Matilda Paradise Jackson Harp

Nettie Carrell's Autograph Book
Contributed by Terri Suzuki

Handwritten Notes
Submitted by Charles and Sandra Brummet

Memories of a childhood in Cumberland County

Rozella E. Ovrebo Memories

Letter To Miss Ella Boots
Submitted by Jim Winnett

Horse Thieves
Submitted by Robert Smock a Floyd Descendant

Vandalia Train Robbery

More Misc Memories
Long Point Cemetery Tree Story 
True or Fiction? Anyone know?
Contributed by Glenn Mowell

Winnett Tree
Submitted by James Winnett

Ledger of John Marshall Ward

The Family Tree Of Your Co-Host Barb Z. 
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