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These small villages and post offices have existed, but their locations are unknown.
Bowen P.O. established February 14, 1841, discontinued August 1, 1841;
Cedron Post Office established October 21, 1852, discontinued April 25, 1856;
Onward Post Office established October 24, 1887, discontinued December 5, 1887;
Paoli Post Office established September 6, 1892, discontinued June 20, 1895;
Towertown Post Office established Mar. 24, 1852, discontinued October 21, 1856.;
Norviel RFD Toledo - southeast of Toledo.
Ref: "Counties of Illinois - Their Origins and Evolution," compiled and published by Paul Powell, Secretary of State.

Post Office Map


(Originally established in Coles County)
Name Title Data Appointed
Alexander H. Lathrop Postmaster 11/05/1834
James Ewart Postmaster 05/03/1836
Changed to Cumberland County on July 19, 1815
Daniel C. Decius Postmaster 07/19/1845
Sylvester W. Huffent Postmaster 09/17/1849
Allison C. Poorman Postmaster 12/10/1849
Charles Nisewanger Postmaster 04/10/1851
Charles McKnight Postmaster 02/02/1852
Charles Nisewanger
Postmaster 04/22/1853
Reuben Bloomfield Postmaster 03/29/1855
Clark C. Starkweather Postmaster 03/27/1856
Gesham Monohan Postmaster 01/20/1859
Mrs. Lucy LaDow Postmaster 07/02/1861
Charles Nisewanger Postmaster 09/16/1863
Adoniram J. Ewart Postmaster 03/18/1869
Dewin C. Robertson Postmaster 02/17/1881
James M. King Postmaster 08/26/1885
R. T. Coliver Postmaster 12/14/1886
William H. McDonald Postmaster 01/19/1887
William 0. Denman Postmaster 12/08/1887
Shannon Wilson Postmaster 07/20/1888
Dewin C. Robertson Postmaster 05/24/1889
Miss Ida M. Robertson Postmaster 01/21/1891
Jesse B. Bell Postmaster 09/01/1893
George G. Monohon Postmaster 02/16/1898
Joseph G. Greeson Postmaster 12/14/1904
James N. Nunamaker Postmaster 05/20/1913
William H. Rodebaugh Postmaster 12/06/19)8
Peter H. Conzet Postmaster 01/30/1923
Loren C. Bowman Acting Postmaster 06715/1932
Charles W. Sampson Postmaster 05/29/1935
Lawrence L. McMorris Acting Postmaster 12/18/1936
Lawrence L. McMorris Postmaster 05/07/1937
Carl H. Bland Acting Postmaster 06/15/1941
Rufus A. Carrel! Postmaster 05/28/1942
Loren C. Bowman Acting Postmaster 04/30 /1958
Loren C. Bowman Postmaster 05/31/1960
Dean F. Fasig Officer ln Charge 05/28/1971
Richard C. Hayden Postmaster 07/31/1971
Dean F. Fasig Officer ln Charge 05/18/1979
David L. Owen Postmaster 03/08/1980
Keith A. Fear Officer ln Charge 11/30/1990
Ronald D. Kesterson Postmaster 04720/1991

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