(As reported, October 10, 1862, by R. W. Houghton in a letter to his wife,
who submitted the letter to the Mattoon Gazette)

COMPANY A, CAPTAIN HILL (60 Men Taken To Battle) (2 Killed) (18 Wounded)
Killed: Corp. Martin Turner, Private A. McGregor
Wounded: 1st Lieut. S. M. Shepard, severe arm wound; 1st Sergeant C. A. Duncan, slight nose wound; Robert Roberts, wounded slightly in the arm and thigh; Wm. Monticue, slight hand wound; Richard McElroy, severe hip wound; O.G. Coffin, slight shoulder wound; Thos. H. Duncan, slight ear wound;  James Anderson, slight arm wound; Jacob Hetzer, sever arm wound; C. H. McGee, slight side wound; James T. Pruett, dangerous thigh wound; Marcus Hill, severe hand wound; Wm. Weaver, severe hand wound; John Robinson, slight foot wound; Harper Holt, severe foot wound

COMPANY B, CAPTAIN TALBOTT (Took 75 Men To Battle) (2 Killed) (0 Wounded) (8 Missing)
Killed: Corp. A.C. Hilton; Privates A. Colman and J. Hampton
Wounded: Sergeant W.H. Covill, dangerously wounded in the face; Privates: Wm. Barritt, mortally, arm and side; Elza Cook, dangerous hip wound; Wm. Cook, dangerous arm wound; John Odle, dangerous hip wound; John P. Speccard, slight arm wound; Tho's Tucker, severe knee wound; Isaac J. Pugh, slight neck and shoulder wounds; Wm. Gibbert, severe wounds, knocked down and run over by artillery; Samuel Paxton, slight hand wound. Missing: Sergeant E. Conget; Privates: R. Alexander; F. McKnight, John McElhany, J.R. Richardson, Will C. Smith, C.C. Williams, and A.R. Bosworth.

COMPANY C. CAPTAIN STARKWEATHER (58 Men Taken To Battle) (5 Killed) (7 Wounded) (1 Missing)
Killed: Corp J. Emervine; Privates: J. Hopkins, John F. Hancock, John Hamilton, D.C. Wampler.
Wounded: Orderly Tho's Bane, slight head wound; Privates; Carrell Jones, serious back wound; L. D. Wintermute, slight thigh wound; John Van Sickler, sight hand wound; W. H. Tyler, slight shoulder wound; Geo. W. Toland, severe hand wound; T. W. Patterson, slight shoulder wound.
Missing: Private Daniel Morrell.

(4 Killed) ( 9 Wounded) (4 Missing)
Killed: Alfred F. Allison; Joel Davis; G.F. Dobbs; Robert Townly
Wounded: 1st Lieut. J.B. Grant, severe shoulder wound; Orderly J.R. Apperson, leg shot off; 3rd Sergeant J. Reynolds, slight arm wound; Corp. J. E. Curry. Privates: Amos Sleath, neck and arm wounds; Wm. Moore, hand and thigh wound; John J. Turner, slight hand wound; John Lockhart, slight hand wound; Ira Fuller, slight leg wound.
Missing: Privates, Perry Musgraves; J.M. Huckstep; J.H. Cross; Ebenezer Dodds.

(70 Men taken To Battle) (3 Killed) (15 Wounded) (1 Missing)
Killed: Sergeant J. Jones, Privates; W.B. Ewing; G.H. Furguson
Wounded: Orderly J.F. Shewey, severe leg wound; Sergeant W. Sanford, dangerously thigh and head wound; J.D. McCoy, severe foot wound; Corp. Will Jared, severe thigh wound; Privates: L.C. Hatterman, foot wound; G.W. Newman, dangerous shoulder wound; W.H. Snyder, severe shoulder wound; J.R. Lawrence, severe thigh wound; J. House, ankle injured; J. Sheep, slight arm wound; E.B. Kitchen, severe thigh wound; Allen Cramer, severe shoulder wound; D.H. Hanley, slight arm wound; E. Griffin, slight hand wound.
Missing: Private Martin Sheep

(Took 62 Men To Battle) (2 Killed) (8 Wounded) (5 Missing)
Killed: Corporal Wm. Miller; Private J. Parker.
Wounded: Corp. J.I. Nicholson, dangerous head and arm wounds; Privates: J. Lowory, severe thigh wound; J. Knight, severe arm wound; T. Newland, severe leg wound; Sidney Storm, slight hand wound; J. Berkley, badly bruised by shell; Wm. M. Hutchins, severe thigh wound; Michael Wich, slight nose wound.
Missing Privates: John Bennett; Seth Slack; Joseph Redman; Wesley Walker; and J. Knight

COMPANY G. CAPTAIN LOVELACE ( Took 72 Men To Battle) (7 Killed) (3 Missing)
Killed: Corp. J.N. Brown; Privates: J. Bishop; H. Cowden; Eli Floyd; Will Petra; O. Roufty; Silvester Whittaker
Wounded: Sergeant J.A. Woodford, wounded in the head, shoulder and hand; Corp. Jackson Lindsay, slight arm wound; Privates: W.H. Dotson, slight thigh wound; Henry Jenkins, left arm shot off; Samuel Weaver, mortally wound in neck; John W. Low, dangerous groin wound; Sylvester Crouch, serious thigh wound; Isaac Hines, hip wound; John Shoemaker, thigh wound; J.W. Johnson, slight hand wound; D. Staples, slight side wound; Asa Chapman badly hurt by artillery wagon; Samuel Brinner, slightly hurt by same.
Missing: Sergeant O.J. McManus. Privates S.M. Snearly, J.L. Laniger

  (1 Killed) (11 Wounded) (8 Missing)
Killed: Private A. Chaney
Wounded: 2'd Lieut. W.H. House, severe wound in thigh; Sergeant I. Gowin, severe wound in hip; Sergeant C. Crawnell, severe wound in arm, and missing; Corp. R.M. Chaney, severe arm wound; Corp. C.D. Morgan, slight knee wound; Privates: J.W. Adams, slight arm wound; D. Beals, finger shot off; M. Burge, dangerous thigh wound; J. Goodpaster, slight head wound; E. Norris, slight abdomen wound; F. Miller, slight foot wound.
Missing: Privates: S.O. Beals, J.W. Bradshaw; J.O. Campbell; W.P. Goodwin; G.W. James; J. Kelm; T.J. Wiseman; T.J. Kelm

( Took 60 Men To Battle) (3 Killed) (9 Wounded) (4 Missing)
Killed: Private C.M. Harper; Wm. R. Bargerhooff; and H.L. Snyder
Wounded: Privates: J.B. Kennedy, slight arm wound; John Bradford, severe knee wound; William Kellough, severe hip wound; Robert Cazer, severe leg wound; T. Black, severe shoulder and leg wound; C. Linder, dangerously by concussion; F.M. Gaines, severe foot wound; T. Adams, slight shoulder wound.
L. Johnson, slight leg wound.
Missing: Privates: R. Jourdan; Frank Henry; R. Haddock; S. Warns

( Took 46 Men To Battle) ( 5 Killed) (17 Wounded) (1 Missing)
Killed: Privates John Baker; Anthony Cox; O.C. Neal; John Linhart; John B. Lord
Wounded: 1st Sergeant R. Endsley, severely; Corp. J. Weaver, severe contusion shell; J.C. Barrack, two wounds, slight hand and head; G.Barr, two wounds, neck and shoulder; G.W. Bowler, dangerous breast wound; J.C. Colbert, slight arm wound; D.F. Deverick, severe hand wound; C. Fukeway, slight ankle wound; W.H. Honts, slight shell wound in back; J.R. Jones, badly hurt leg; A. McGahan, badly breast wound; W.R. Reynolds, slight hand wound; G.P. Walker, severe hand wound; R. Wright, slight thigh wound; Chas. Land, slight head wound; Adam Land, slight head wound; N. Fitzpatrick, slight bayonet wound in leg;
Missing: Private Sylvanus Olney, probably killed.
Col. Monroe had a ball pass through his coat under his arm. Lieutenant Colonel Biggs got a slight wound from a buckshop and Adjutant Hamlin is dangerously wounded in his shoulder.
R.W. Houghton, (Mattoon Gazette, November 22, 1862)

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