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Contributed by Bev Thomen

If you can help identify anyone in these photos or tell us more about these photos please email me Barb Z.

1898 Four Women
4 Girls
Bea Yago, Nona Henby, May Travis, Mae Mouser
Group Picture December 29, 1898
Row 1
Bertha Haight - Nellie Ewart
Estella Underwood - May Travis
Maude Rowe - Pearl Rudd
Bessie Buttons
Row 2
Lincoln Bancroft - Nettie Clem
Mrs. Neamiah Faucher - Mrs. Neamiah Faucher
Garfield Bowden died Dec 18 1952
Row 3
Francis O'Brian? - Warrick Rudd
Maggie Kemper - Bennie Peters
William O'Brian? - Calvin Stewart
Byron O'Brian - John Nuyshrey
Charles Eckard
In the farm house of Mr. and Mrs. Neamiah Faucher
Picture made by Charles C. James
Bible Class
Women in Men's Hats and Ties

Greenup Mineral Wells
Willing Workers Bible Class July 20 1911 entertains other school
Bertha May Travis Thomen (left end front row)
Francis Ann Travis (2nd from right end front row
Nancy Travis (right end of front row)

Were the Members of the Bible Classes at the Home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Katzenbach.

We had a fine time! We had a barrel of fun! These and similar exclamations have been heard from the ladies of the various Bible classes and lady teachers of the Sunday Schools of our town, who were entertained by the M. E. Ladies Bible Class last Thursday afternoon at the beautiful home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Katzenbach. The hours from 3 until 6 was filled with one round of pleasure. After a hearty welcome each lady registered. The program opened with a song and prayer. Mrs. Ely gave the welcome address. The music was furnished by Mr. Gail Eckard, Miss Thelma Cook and Little Helen Higgins. Two splendid-readings were given by Miss Zona Wilson and Little Helen Higgins. The program was interspersed  with "stunts" "question contents" and "tongue twisters", all of which afforded  great amusment. At the close of the program dainty  refreshments we're served to the guests on the lawn. Mr. Pierson appeared on the scene and took a picture of the merry crowd. The afternoon's entertainment closed with a few races. The "fat women's" race was won by Mrs, W. O.  Denman with several close seconds  The "lean women's" race met with a few accidents, but at last was won by Mrs. Mitchell, after one of the "runners" had been thrown out on  account of clumsiness. If you don't belong to a Bible Class you better join next Sunday and be sure to have apart in the next ''barrell of fun." The registered showed the following names:
Guest Register
Mrs. M. C. Talbott, Mrs. Emma Winslow. Mrs. Mary Felner, Mrs Catherine Richardson, Mrs. N. D. Brooks. Mrs. May Denman, Mrs. Lovetta Goodman, Mrs. K E. Hughes Miss Maud Hadley, Mr. Gail P. Eckard, Mrs. L. Hadley, Mrs. Owen Cutright,Mrs. Mark Lawyer and daughter Gladys, Mrs. J. A. Campbell. Miss Zona Wilson, Mrs Greta Mitchell and son Richard, Mis. Daisy Travis, Mrs. Lulu Allenbaugh, Mrs. H. A. Norman,  Mrs.  Sophia Keys of York, Ill., Mrs John Gagumns, Mrs. C.C. Leggeth, Mrs. E. J. Ward, Mrs. Ru?h, Mrs J. W. Ward, Mrs. Rozilla Hopper, Mrs. John Jenniue, Mrs. Valley Jenuine, Mrs. A. R. Loving, Mrs. W. A. Brooks, Mrs. Ollie   Speakman, Mrs. Fred Kelly, Kenneth and Connie Kelly, Miss Gladys Garrett, Mrs. Jessie Grissom, Mrs. Ada Eckard, Mrs. Amy Mattoon, Mrs. Nona Eckard, Mrs. Myrtle Williams, Miss Bernice Williams, Mrs. Bertha L. Holt, Mrs. Lydia Foster, Mrs Ada F. Woodburn, Mrs. Phoebe Tarp, Mrs. Jennie VanDyke and baby, Mrs. W. S. Ware, Mrs. E. E.  Ward, Mrs. Retta Gamron, Little Virginia Cox of Paris , Ill., Mrs. Margaret Latta, Mrs Rebecca Waldrip. Little Pauline Waldtrip, Miss Thelma Cook, Mrs. Eb Stewart. Mrs. H. W.  Covill, Mrs. Bertha C. Travis, Mrs. H. J. Kohler, Miss Martha Stump.
Mrs. John Cozet, Mrs. Lon Green, Mis. D. H. Rowe, Mrs. Frances Travis. Miss Nan Travis, Miss Ellen Kelly. Mrs. Jasper Garett, M s. Garrett Walls, Mrs. W. W. Rolhrock, Mrs. O. O Thomen. Mrs. Lewis Elvy, Mrs.. J. V. Eoff, Mrs Bertha Conzet, Mrs. D. W. Sharp, Mrs E. M. Need, Mrs. Arthur Katzenbach, Mrs. Anna Higgins, and Ellen Higgins, Mrs. B E.  Cook, Mrs. Ed. Hayden, Mrs. Ellen Ward.

Taken Feb 13 1910
Present 88
Enrollment over 100
Mrs. Minnie M. Wetherbee, Teacher (at extreme right of picture x)
Nancy Travis at left end front row
Frances Ann Travis 2d from left end front row
Bertha May Thomen behind 3rd from left front row, head turned to her left
Back Row
Bertha Travis
Mrs. Bill Brooks
Nelle Harris
Mrs. Walt Shuey
Ida Havens
Zena Coulter
Allie Gables
Mrs. Broom
Second Row
Allie Stewart
Ida Rothrock
Kate Loving
Cora Conzet
Rettie Gaiurow
Minnie Freeman
Mrs. Agnes Campbell
Front Row
Daisy Travis
Minnie Gilbert
Mae Travis
Flo Greeson

Note from Bobbie Goodman
I am guessing the photo with ladies in men's hats was a party type meeting of the Entre Nous Club  because of the  ages of the women.  They would be a cut older than Bi Weekly Club and  I have an old pix of a Bridge Club where the women were all dressed up silly.........probably Halloween party.  My Mom was of the Bi Weekly era and she is in pix. but not in Bi Weekly.  I think after I dropped out of Young Women's Club, the Entre Nous were all dead, and Young Women were no longer "Young"  so they changed name to Greenup Women's Club.  All these women did a lot for our town  and I'm sorry they are all defunct.

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