This is a picture of the Plum Grove School
contributed by Connie Lewis
via Hank Weaver (

1st row: 

Flossie Hurst, Id Hurst, Lee Winnett, Ethel Baumgartner, Harley Jobe, Ina Williams
Viola Enyart, Alex Nunamaker, Bob Winnett,  Lennie Coleman
2nd row: 
Rufus Carrell, Everet Nunamaker, Luther Spencer, Grover Winnett, Galus Kemper, Isaac Stirwalt,
Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Guy Hurst, Warren Stirwalt, Ross Enyart, Bob Lee, Cole Winnett, Whit Lee
3rd row: 
Jack Williams, Charlie Speakman, Rufus Williams, Byrd Carrell, Estie Carrell, Bealah McCullough,
Davie Jennings, Clovia Coleman, Essie Brody, Lettie Carr, Nellie McCullough, Bonnie McCullough,
Edith Lee, Rita Lee
4th row: 
George Coleman, Clarence Jennings, Lewis Cutright, Jesse Carrell, Tena Coleman, Cora Jobe,
Carrie Jobe, Unknown, Unknown, Lorna Stirwalt,  Opal Kemper, Ema Bradshaw, Forrest Carr, Dessie Carr,
Delphia Coleman, Unknown Bennett, Estell Michaels, Tenshaw
5th row: 
Clarence Kemper, Harvey Coleman, Allen Speakman, Riley Jennings, Lou Stirwalt, Grace Williams,
Elsie Baumgartner, Adeline Carrell, Della Jennings, Myrtle Hurst

Plum Grove School,  February 12th  1900
Teacher M.A. "Mike" Tipsword
1st row: Edith Jobe, Joe Nunamaker, Tommy Bradshaw, Robert Winnett,
Melvin Jones, John McCollough, Byrd Carrell, Harley Jobe, Grover Winnett
Jack Williams, Alex Nunamaker, Lee Winnett, Ethel Baumgartner
2nd row: Cora Jobe, Bonnie McCollough, Ine Williams, Nell McCollough
Buelah McCollough, Sadie McCollough, Essie Brady, Clovia Coleman
Forest Carr, Carrie Jobe, Ora L. Kemper, Tina Bradshaw, Dessie Carr
3rd row: George Coleman, Lettie Carr, Everett Nunamaker, Galuis Kemper,
Cole Winnett, Warren Stirewaalt, Sherman Enyart, Rufus Williams,
Ozro Jobe, Charles Speakman, Hod Carrell, Rufus Carrell, Homer Nunamaker
4th row: Jim Beaumont, Harve Coleman, Clarence Kemper, Allen Speakman
Arthur Jobe, M.A. "Mike" Tipsword, Teacher, Dell Coleman, Unknown
Lewis Cutright and Milt Hampsten looking out the left window

This is a picture of the Plum Gove School in 1901. Some are students and others are visitors. The picture belongs to H.B. Jobe of Florida a former Greenup resident.
Front row: Lee Winnett, Bob Winnett, Estie Carrell, Edna Stirewalt, Hazel Baumgartner, Dorothy Stirewalt, Iva Walls, Hattie McCollough, Unknown, Unknown, Byrd Carrell, John McCollough, Melvin Jones, Eldon Baumgartner.
Second row: Harley Jobe, Ida Hurst, Ike Stirewalt, Ethel Baumgartner, Flossie Hurst, Sade McCollough, Beulah McCollough, Essie Brady, Luther Spencer, Garrett Walls, Grover Winnett
Third row: Galus Kemper, Cole Winnett, Jack Williams, Rufus Carrell, Cora Jobe, Clovie Coleman, Warren Stirewalt, Ira Wnyart, Charles Speakman.
Fourth row: Bonnie McCollough, Nell McCollough, Edith Lee, Lona Stirewalt, Carrie Jobe, Oral Kemper, Will Williams, Ozro Jobe, the teacher is Bill Rodebaugh.

The above picture of the Plum Grove School in 1916.
It was brought to the office and identified by Mr. Flaud Jobe of Charleston, Illinois.
Foster Jobe, Genevieve Roby, Susie Winnett, Merle Carlen, Flaud Jobe, Cladie St, John, Charle Askew, Clinton Coleman, Vivian Roby, Ernest Winnett, Harold McCollough, Clarence Bensley. Tean Titus, Goldie Hampsten, Ruth Askew, Biths Hampsten, Weldon Stirewalt, L.L. Seranton, teacher and Virgil McCollough

These photos was contributed for the use on Genealogy Trails Cumberland County site only

contributed by Connie Lewis (
via Hank Weaver (
the three bottom pictures  were contributed by James Winnett

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