Public Notices

as published in the Newspapers

These are usually notices of estate settlements after someone's death and were required by law to be posted in the newspaper. If someone is listed here, there is probably an estate settlement case on file in the courthouse for that person. Estate settlements usually name the heirs and can be good sources of information. They can also be quite expensive to get copies of. I paid Cumberland county $25 for an estate settlement of close to 30 pages that consisted mostly of bills my guy owed and monies that were owed to him. However, the Jasper County settlement papers for my ggg-gf Ellis Hicks (who died intestate) were a virtual goldmine of info giving his children's names and the names of his orphaned grandkids.

Listed here are Adminstrator's Notices, In Chancery to Divorce Notices, and Bills to Foreclose Notices. All items were published in the Coles County Courier unless otherwise noted.


Settlement Notices

Date Published

Estate of ....


20 Mar 1847 2

Joseph Bright

Levi P. Decuis

20 Mar 1847 2

Robert Bed (?)

S.W. Quinn

20 Mar 1847 2

Johnson & Elizabeth Bright

Wm. M. Owen

4 Sep 18472

Isaac Hedges

Sam'l Quinn (Notice to sell real estate)

18 Mar 18482

Geo. Smith

Susannah Smith

18 Mar 18482

James Patterson

Allen Patterson

18 Mar 18482

Ichabod Radley

Amos Bain

8 Apr 18482

John Bresler

John Fettener

2 Jun 1849 1

Caleb L. Beals

Eunice Beals

 17 Feb 1858

Prairia Clay

William Scoff (?)

17 Feb 1858

Edward S. Gardner

Seth Starbuck

 17 Feb 1858

Elijah Cummins

Sophiah Cummins

17 Feb 1858

Samuel Layton

Sarah Layton

Mortgage Foreclosures, Sheriff Sales & Misc. Chancery Notices


Date Published


Bill to foreclose Mortgage

10 Apr 1844

Stephen Sergeant vs. John Waldrop and Beni White

Bill to foreclose Mortgage

17 Apr 1846 3

Samuel M. James vs. James Kidwell, Ezra W. Smith, Horace Button, Oliver H. Perry and R. Spring.

Notice to sell Real Estate

18 Mar 1848 2

Wm. M. Owens, adm'r of Johnson Bright, dec'd vs. the heirs of said deceased. Notice is hereby given to Jas. McGaha and Adeline McGaha, Marion Wright and Sarah Wright, Wm. Bright, H?? Bright, Minerva Bright and Marion Bright, heirs at law...

Petition to sell Real Estate

18 Mar 1848 2

Application to sell real estate of James Allison, deceased by J. D. Gordon, adm'r

Writs of Attachment

31 Mar 1849 1

Walter McDowel vs. Decatur Hamblin

Adison Barbour vs. Decatur Hamblin

Samuel W. Quinn vs. Wm. J. Hart

John Shoop vs. Wm. J. Hart

Bill for Divorce

17 Feb 1858 1

Elizabeth Snodgrass vs. Brinkley M. Snodgrass

Petition for Partition

17 Feb 1858

Samuel W. Quinn vs. Wm. Spoon, Nancy Spoon, Christian Brill, Daivd Carson, Elizabeth Carson, Dacea Amelia Spoon, Nancy Price and Wm. A. Price


#1 - Charleston Courier, Coles County

#2 - Illinois Globe

#3 - The Republican, Coles County

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