This 1st family reunion is from 1932, paper unknown, but probably the Greenup Press.

A family dinner was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Snearley Sunday, November 6 in honor of the 52nd wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Ward.  The occasion was an enjoyable affair, there being 62 living of the four generations and 40 were present.  Mr. and Mrs. Ward were married November 6, 1880 at Armstrong, Ill., where they lived for 1Ĺ years.  In 1882 they with 13 families formed a colony and started out west to help settle what was then wild country.  They homesteaded in Beadle County, South Dakota and while there experienced many thrilling adventures such as blizzards, cyclones, forest fires, and mirages, the first year they spent in a little sod shanty and drove oxen but it was not until 1889 when 3 children of one of the families that went with them were frozen to death in a blizzard, that they turned their back on the west and moved to Keokuk, Iowa where they resided for 4 years.  The longing for home was getting so strong that in 1893 they started for Armstrong in a covered wagon, it took them 9 days to make the trip. Since then they have resided in and near Greenup where they have many relatives and friends who feel the need of them in their home and community and wish for them many more years of happiness. They are each 75 years old and were blessed with 9 children. two dying in infancy and seven daughters living and present at the dinner.  Those present were Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Ward,Mrs. May Matthews, Walter and Luella, Mr. and Mrs. Ward Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Mathews, Edsel and Donald, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd McDaniel and Glen of Champaign, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. James Glenn and Oliver of Urbana, Mr. and Mrs. Chall Kellogg, Allen, Helen, Lyle and Bobby of Tuscola, Mr. and Mrs. Amos Hanners, Bill and Clyde, Mr. and Mrs. Ivo Dunning and Betty, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Swim, Leah and Wanda and Mrs. And Mrs. Earl Snearley and Martena and Earl Jr.

Donít know the year on this one, except that is after 1950, and probably before 1955, also probably from the Greenup Press:


The 24th annual Ward Sisters reunion was at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Snearley, 2 miles southeast of Greenup on Sunday.  The Ward sisters are the six surviving daughters of a family of 8 girls and one boy born to Mr. and Mrs. John R. Ward who left a farm near Penfield in May 1882, by chartered train, with 12 other families to homestead near Huron, South Dakota. After 7 years of prairie fires, blizzards and hardships, only 3 families remained in Huron.  That winter after 2 small boys on their way home from school froze to death within a half mile from home, the 3 families decided to leave. The Ward family moved to Bloomfield, Iowa, then to Armstrong, Ill., and from there they settled on a farm 6 miles southeast of Greenup, which still remains in the family.  The 6 sisters and their families who attended the dinner were: Mrs. May Matthews, Champaign; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Arnold, Janesville, Wisc., Mr. and Mrs. Neily Hammond, Stu and Sharon, Freeport; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Matthews, Champaign; Mr. and Mrs. Ward Matthews and Kay, Urbana. Mrs. Della Hanners, Greenup; Burt Hanners, Pierson Station; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hanners and Joyce, Mahomet; Mrs. William Hanners, Olney; Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hanners and family, Urbana; Mr. and Mrs. Gene Strader and Mike, Greenup; Mr. and Mrs. Chester Kingery and family, Arthur; Mrs. David Traxler and son,Atwood; Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Matthews and Mr. and Mrs. John Matthews, Urbana.  Mrs. Maudie Glenn and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd McDaniel, Tuscola; Mrs. Faye Kellogg, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kellogg and family, Tuscola; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Snearley, Greenup; Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Elamand family, Strasburgand Mr. and Mrs. Earl Snearley Jr. and family, Indianapolis, IndTwo cousins, Mrs. Amy Roan and Walter Whitton, Casey were present, and Gerald Dunn, Greenup, attended in the afternoon.  A total of 65 persons were present for dinner.

50th Anniversary

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ewan Goodman of Greenup will observe their 50th wedding anniversary on Sunday, May 19, 1996.Charles and Bobbie Claire Bowman were married May 19,1946 at the home of her mother, Mrs. Justine Dillier, by Bobbie's uncle, Lon Goldsmith of Findlay, Ohio. Attendants were Rosemary Eubank and Duane Woods. The couple have lived in Greenup all of their lives and have both been involved in community affairs; church and as businessman as well as a 50 year member of the American Legion and V.F.W. and Bobbie is also associated in public services.
The couple reside at 512 E. Elizabeth Street in Greenup. Their original, and first, two pieces of furniture occupy a special place in their hearts, and garage: two orange crates. Don't call; they are not for sale.
Although retired, they are still very active. Chuck sings with the Coles County Barbershoppers and Bobbie is a member of the Historical Society where she has been instrumental in helping preserve Greenup's heritage.
They have two daughters: Dana Lu, Mrs. Ben Harlan, of Terre Haute, Ind. and Darice, Mrs. Rick Palmier of Columbia, Illinois. Both girls are teachers. Bobbie and Chuck have five grandchildren: Ben, 26; Jetia, 22; Jami, 20; Lauren. 16; and Justin, 12.
Those wishing to send cards can address them to P.O. Box 3, Greenup, Illinois - 62428

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