Scotch Chapel School

Scotch Chapel

Scotch Chapel School.

1925 is the latest record we have of students at this school. These were: Opal Floyd, Maxine Feltner, Eleanor Ray, Ruby Shull, Lee Fogleman, Estaline Paden, Dallas Brown, Doyle Brown, Glee Nees, Ray Shull, Sam Floyd, Raymond Brown, Elva Carrol (teacher), Alala Brown, Merlie Nees, Helen Brown, Basil Shull, Lola Floyd and Juanita Brown.
A mile or so south of Greenup is where the new Scotch Chapel School was to be located in 1872. Prior to 1872 area children attended a little school called Hickory, located half a mile or so southwest, but in 1871 a tornado wiped the old Hickory school from the face of the map. So in 1872 when it became necessary to build a new school the people thought it better to divide the district. A new Hickory School was built some distance on south of where the old one had stood. Then a new school in a new district was built up the road a mile or so north by two gentleman named Solomom Ware, and Robert Shiels who was the first teacher. Robert Shiels was a Scotchman and so the school came to be called Scotch Chapel. The first Scotch Chapel school was made of logs and sat a little back of the later, brick one. The furniture was home-made, and there were rows of short seats for only one pupil each down the sides of the room and two rows of long seats down the center. In the front were long benches for the little ones, and long recitation seats. Heat was furnished by a stove in the center of the room. The studies were mainly reading, writing and arithmetic with perhaps some spelling, language and geography for the older ones. The little one-room log school was crowded for there were often more than sixty children on the roll. Boys and girls as old as 18 and 20 came to school during the winter months. In 1883 the new brick schoolhouse was built

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