Hogback is an unusual name for a country school, so is Tadpole, but today’s school of interest is Hogback, located north of Greenup in
Cumberland County Illinois a mile west of Union Center. We asked several people how it may have come about its name and were finally
told with reasonable certainty that the long narrow band of bumpy hills in which it is nestled resembles that of a Razor-back Hog. Sounds reasonable.

The original school prior to 1869 was a log cabin located diagonally southwest across the intersection from where the new school was built.
The old log cabin school burned to the ground and in 1870 the county awarded a contract to a Mr. Charles Hanker to build a new school, the one you can still see today.

In the 1945 school photo, second row, the first little girl on the far left is Dolly Kuhn Campbell.

In the 1947 photo front row on the right are sisters Dolly and Dixie Kuhn.

The last photo below is the old school building still in use as a residence.

You may know someone who attended this wonderful little Hogback School.

Hogback School 1945

Hogback School 1947

Front Row: Larry McCollough, Bob Cox. Everett Grissom, Ted Kuhn, Donna Roberts, Dolly Kuhn, Dixie Kuhn
Back Row: Kenneth Edwards, Joe Phillips, Harold (Pete) McMechan, Gary (Pee Wee) McMechan, Bill Black,
Darrell Enloe, Loretta Roberts, Betty Short, Jenny Lee Grissom, Elsie Outright, Connie Kuhn, Raymond Darling,
Luella Black, Teacher: Birdie Bensley

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