Early Schools Of Cumberland County
Early teachers: A.J. Busick, E.H. Starkweather and Jephtha Owen

Pictures of Cumberland County Schools
Rader School and Teachers Institute

Neoga School
Graduates of classes 1887 to 1911

History of  Neoga Schools

Neoga High School
Class 1887-1949
including picture of 1936 Class

Scotch Chapel School

Shull School

1938 Class Picture of Neoga High School

Picture of the 1937-38 Neoga High School Basketball Team

Toledo Graduates 1890 to 1949new

Toledo Graduates Class of 1941

Class Picture of 1937 Graduated Toledo High SchoolNew

Center School 1917-1918

Jewett School and Rosehill School
Class of 1911or 1912, 1915 or 1916 and 1929
Jewett School 1955

Jones School 1909

Greenup Schools

List of Graduates of Greenup High School 1890-1949

Greenup High School 1936-1938

Greenup High School 1909, 1911, 1915, 1928, 1946

Plum School

Titus, Dewey, McMillian, and Prairie Schools 

East White Oak and Tadpole School 

The Sarvis Hill School

Lacey School 

Lacey School Photos 
1895, 1905, 1912 and 1914

Lost Creek School

Brushy Ridge School

Morton School

Baumgartner School

Haddock School

Hogback School

Photos 1945 and 1947

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