Kathy Kracht's grandmother, Della Tharp Thomas kept a scrapbook of
Cumberland County News that interested her.
Sometimes the articles were about family, sometimes about  friends and neighbors.
She would be pleased to think her hobby is being enjoyed.

 (Contributed by Kathy Kracht email her at )

The number refers to the page number of the article.

Anderson         Alvah A.           35        Marriage license

Arnold  Nell Tharp                    70        obit

Baker   Thomas                        31        Wedding write-up and picture

Baker   Thomas C.                   29        Marriage write-up

Barger  J.W.                             29        marriage license

Barnes  J.M.  Mr. and Mrs.       35        56th Anniversary Write-up

Bemount           Sarah E.           35        Marriage license

Bennett Ellen                             62        102 year birthday write up

Black   Lewis   inside    poem

Bradford Eugene Mr. and Mrs.    32        anniversary write-up

Brown  John     43        50th Anniversary Write-up

Burgan Hazel E.           52        obit

Burgan Oscar   29        Marriage write-up

Button  R.H. Mr. and Mrs.       42        50th Anniversary Write-up

Callahan   Lois      30        marriage license

Calvert George Mr. and Mrs.   43        50th Anniversary Write-up

Campbell  Lizzie Glenn      83        obit

Campbell   William Rev      82        obit, picture

Carr   Bill       29        Marriage write-up

Carr   Brian Scott       29        Birth

Carr   Claire Elaine     29        Birth

Carr   John William     37        In Hospital

Carr   John William     29        Birth

Carr    Kathy Adelle    29        Birth

Carr     Ray Allen         29        Birth

Carr     Temperance     53        5 Generations write-up and picture

Carrell  Tom                 37        Scholarships

Carroll  John W.           35        Marriage license

Casey                           68        1960 commencement program

Chezum   George W.       77        obit

Chezum   Grover Mr. and Mrs.    50        50th Anniversary Write-up

Chezum  Grover T.         50        marriage announced

Chezum   Jack     77        obit

Chezum   John D.            77        obit

Chezum   John D.            77        will probated

Chezum   John D.            78        obit

Chezum  Mary Clarissa Thomas  77        obit

Chezum   Mary Elnora     77        obit

Chezum    Ralph Mr. and Mrs.      49        Twin girls born

Chezum    Ralph, Sr.         78        obit

Coble   Ernest   80        obit

Covill   Bertha  41        50th Anniversary Write-up

Cox      Helen   53        5 Generations write-up and picture

Cutright    Amos   29        Marriage write-up

Cutright   Amos Mr. and Mrs.      69        takes Oliver Cutright to Mayo clinic

Cutright   Annette            61        Wedding write-up and picture

Cutright   Nola     29        marriage license

Cutright  Oliver Mr. and Mrs.     54        50th Anniversary Write-up

Dailey   Robert  73        obit

'Darling 'Poncho'           49        Injured in auto accident

Devall   John Mr. and Mrs.        50        50th Anniversary Write-up

Diller    Dale                 65        marriage announcement

Dillier   Carolyn            31        Wedding write-up and picture

Dillier   Carolyn            30        engagement announcement

Dillier   Dale     38        Marriage announcement

Dillier   Nellie   65        marriage write-up

Dillier   Norma Eileen   75        obit

Downs L.E. Downs      40        50th Anniversary Write-up

Dunaway  Norma 65        marriage announcement

Elstun   Ed        37        Obit

Elstun   Ed        36        90th Birthday write-up and picture

Elstun   Ed and Eva       36        60th Anniversary Write-up

Elstun   Eva      37        Obit

Enyart  Dessie  53        5 Generations write-up and picture

Eveland  Amanda           71        obit

Eveland  Mary    33        50 Wedding anniversary write-up, picture

Feltner  Arch Mr. and Mrs.       33        50 Wedding anniversary write-up, picture

Flynn    Joseph  35        Marriage license

Fogleman   Avis Edrie        76        obit

Fogleman   Elsie     78        obit

Glenn   Allen Everett Mr. and Mrs.       46        50th Anniversary Write-up

Glenn   Charles E.        35        Marriage license

Glenn   Charley Elmer   85        obit

Glenn   Delilah Elizabeth Massey           67        obit

Glenn   Everett     85        obit

Glenn   Fay          84        obit

Glenn   Florence Ellen McConnell         80        obit

Glenn   Hollie   86        obit

Glenn   James R.          46        Marriage announced

Glenn   Lester Wayne   84        obit

Glenn   Martha Jane Dicius       84        obit

Glenn   Martha Jane Mrs.         85        obit

Glenn   Neoma Charlotte Junior            84        obit

Glenn   Pearl Lorene     85        obit

Glenn   Robert          1          will and obit

Glenn   Robert          66        87 birthday

Glenn   Robert          66        83 birthday

Glenn   Robert          67        obit

Glenn   Ruby Diltz        86        obit

Glenn   Samuel 84        obit

Glenn   Sarah Alice Henderson 85        obit

Glenn   William 80        obit

Glenn   Willis Esco       85        obit

Glosser Gary     Inside   Relay champs picture

Grissom   Loren Mrs.       53        5 Generations write-up and picture

Grissom  Steven              53        5 Generations write-up and picture

Haga    Bob                  49        Injured in auto accident

Hall      Bob      Inside   Relay champs picture

Hanners    Nellie Johnson  81        obit

Harrell  Philetus 29        marriage license

Hayden    Luella   83        obit

Henderson   Martha Markwell          52        picture

Henderson   Sarah A.           35        Marriage license

Hopper    Mrs.     70        obit

Hord    Gerald Hope    77        obit

House  Mary Anzie      75a      handwritten obit

Huffman   George         29        marriage license

Huston Faye             81        obit

Huston Mary Glenn      84        obit

Huston Robert          85        obit

Jenuine Harry Mr. and Mrs.      39        50th Wedding anniversary write-up, picture

Jenuine Pres             66        jumping the fence"

Jiles  Clarence A. Mr. and Mrs.        49        50th Wedding anniversary write-up, picture

Jiles   Esther       76        obit

Jiles   Malissa Jeanette Thomas          76        obit

Jiles   Martin Daniel        76        obit

Johnson   Josephus          81        obit

Johnson   L.H. Mr. and Mrs.        44        50th Anniversary Write-up

Johnson   Malinda Jane Glenn      81        obit

Kelly    Mabel          29        marriage license

Kennedy  Charles     79        obit

Kennedy   Ellen         79        handwritten notation of death

Kennedy  William     76        obit

Leffler  Berneice           38        Marriage announcement

Lind     May     50        marriage announced

Loving  A.R. Mr. and Mrs.       46        50th Anniversary Write-up

Lyons   William Mr. and Mrs.   51        anniversary thank you

Markwell     Clark    52        picture

Matteson     Elmer   45        50th Anniversary Write-up

Matteson     Ozro    70        handwritten note of marriage

Matteson     Ozro    29        Marriage write-up

Matteson     Rosa    45        50th Anniversary Write-up

Matthews    Nora Glenn      83        obit

Matthews    Tom Mr. and Mrs.        67        58th wedding anniversary

Mattison      Ozro            72        obit

McKinley    Larry    Inside   Relay champs picture

Metheny      Russell          73        obit

Miller   Addie   43        50th Anniversary Write-up

Miranti Joseph Dr. and Mrs.     69        pictures of boys and birth announcement

Mitchell   Rachel Hartley          86        obit

Monohon   Laura F. Glenn         86        obit

Monohon   William                     86        obit

Monohon  Wm. Mr. and Mrs.       42        50th Anniversary Write-up

Morris  James           29        marriage license

Nees    John             38        53rd Anniversary Write-up

Nelson Edward Mr. and Mrs.   72        birth announcement

Olomon  Helen       29        Marriage write-up

Packer Flora        67        70th birthday

Packer Rella         38        16th birthday party write-up

Paul      Clara Bell         inside    poem

Paul      Co?          29        marriage license

Paul      John Dius         back cover       obit

Paul      Walter  back cover       polio patient, picture

Reynolds   Lenora 77        obit

Reynolds   Ralph F.           77        obit

Reynolds   Ralph F.           78        obit

Reynolds   William Mr. and Mrs.   49        50th Anniversary Write-up

Richardson  Chloe   52        picture

Richardson   Ed Mr. and Mrs.          51        50th Wedding anniversary write-up, picture

Richardson   Lelia     52        picture

Roan    Ira Mr. and Mrs.          32        50 year anniversary write-up and picture

Rowe   Nannie 42        50th Anniversary Write-up

Rue      J.S. (Uncle Wes)          54        100 year birthday write up

Rue      J.S. (Uncle Wes)          54        102 year birthday write up

Rue      J.S. (Uncle Wes)          62        103 year birthday write up

Rue      J.S. (Uncle Wes)          63        104 year birthday write up, picture

Rue      J.S. (Uncle Wes)          64        dies 1 day before 105th birthday

Russell  Miss                         35        Marriage license

Scott    Paul Milton               30        Wedding Write-up and picture

Shelton Charles Warren            65        death announcement

Shelton Michael            65        born

Shelton Wayne             65        marriage write-up

Shelton William                 65        picture arrives in Kodial Alaska

Shelton Wm. Mr. and Mrs.       65        son born

Shelton                         34        Reunion

Sherrick  Noah Mr. and Mrs.      44        50th Anniversary Write-up

Shore   Harold Mr. and Mrs.    34        Shelton Reunion

Short    E ?       49        Injured in auto accident

Shull     Lenora Alice     76        obit

Slusser Flossie Myrtle   80        obit

Slusser Inez Goldie Glenn         81        obit

Sowers Kate (Worden)             63        100 year birthday write up

Spencer   J.E. Rev and Mrs.         47        49th Anniversary, Picture

Spencer   J.E. Rev and Mrs.         47        55th Anniversary, Picture

Spencer   J.E. Rev and Mrs.         47        50th Anniversary Write-up

Spencer    John                             47        obit

Starks  W.J. Mr. and Mrs.       34        50th Wedding anniversary write-up, picture

Stewart  Winnie                          29        marriage license

Stirewalt  Weldon Homer             72        obit

Talbert Joann                   62        armless mother

Tharp   Anna Florence          71        obit

Tharp   Calvin   back cover       Joined navy

Tharp   Claude Glenn            71        obit

Tharp   Della    29        marriage license

Tharp   Ethel     70        handwritten note of marriage

Tharp   Ethel     29        Marriage write-up

Tharp   Franklin Emery     72        obit

Tharp   Harl R.     71        obit

Tharp   Henry       71        obit

Tharp   Henry Mr. and Mrs.     36        60th Anniversary Write-up

Tharp   Hubert Mr. and Mrs.    37        Attends Anniversary

Tharp   Jennie                   71        obit

Tharp   Jess Mr. and Mrs.        38        51st Anniversary Write-up, Picture

Tharp   Marion Arthur  71        obit

Tharp   Nelson Franklin            70        obit and picture

Tharp   Nola         72        death notice

Tharp   Nola         72        estate sold

Tharp   Phoebe Ann Glenn        70        obit

Thomas    B.F. Mr. and Mrs. (Della)         48        25th Anniversary Write-up

Thomas    Benjamin Franklin         73        obit

Thomas    Bill       inside    home on leave

Thomas    Bill       41        Returned from Washington DC

Thomas    Bill       29        In Korea

Thomas    Della    38        82nd birthday write-up

Thomas     Della    30        broke wrist

Thomas      Della Tharp      73        obit

Thomas      Elizabeth Beeson          74        obit

Thomas       Frank   29        marriage license

Thomas       Frank Mr. and Mrs.      48        March birthdays celebrated

Thomas       Franklin            29        Marriage write-up

Thomas       Fred     30        marriage license

Thomas       Fred     29        thank you

Thomas       Freddie Eugene            48        1st birthday

Thomas      G.W. Mr. and Mrs.      48        Birthday party for Freddie Eugene Thomas

Thomas      Gerald  29        Marriage write-up

Thomas     Gerald Mr. and Mrs.    52        25th Anniversary Write-up

Thomas     Gerald Mrs. (Laverne)  inside    article

Thomas      Gerald Mrs. (Laverne)  41        Returned from Washington DC

Thomas       Iva       29        Marriage write-up

Thomas       Joe Mr. and Mrs.         48        50th Anniversary Write-up

Thomas       John     Inside   Relay champs picture

Thomas       John William     74        obit

Thomas       Joseph J.          75        obit

Thomas       Kenneth E.       74        killed in action, picture

Thomas     Lenora Dell      30        Birth announcement

Thomas     Lois      69        baby shower

Thomas     Lucille  29        Marriage write-up

Thomas      Ralph   49        Injured in auto accident

Thomas       Roy Arthur       79        obit

Thomas       Sylvia   29        Marriage write-up

Thomas     Thelma 29        Marriage write-up

Thomas   Wanda Kathleen           30        Wedding Write-up and picture

Tipsword   Amy L.     35        Marriage license

Travis   Craig    41        50th Anniversary Write-up

Travis   W.C. Mr. and Mrs.      40        50th Wedding anniversary write-up, picture

Travis   Will      40        obit

Underwood      James   37        60th Anniversary Write-up

Van den Ende   Polly Mae         37        Obit

Wade   Grandmother    52        picture

Ward   J.R. Mr. and Mrs.         44        50th Anniversary Write-up

Ward   Maud O.          46        Marriage announced

Ware    Claude Mr. and Mrs.    41        50th Anniversary Write-up

Wetherholt       Eli Mr. and Mrs.           35        50th Anniversary Write-up

Wetherholt       Elisha   42        50th Anniversary Write-up

Wright  Iran      Inside   promoted

Wright  Marvin inside    on leave letter

Haga, Elizabeth Gilbert   86 obit

Haga, Charles Gabriel    86 obit

Haga, Ezuba                    86 obit

Paul, Charles Oscar       86 obit

Thomas, Joseph J.          87 obit

Dillier, Norma Eileen       87 obit

Eveland, James and Lilly Hawk              88 (89) 50th Anniversary & picture

Shull, Shelby and Ora Grissom              89 50th Anniversary & picture

Wright, Roy R. Mr and Mrs.                     89 50th Anniversary

Philippi, James & Myra Miller                 90 50th Anniversary

Madlem, Isaac Mr and Mrs                     90 50th Anniversary

Kennedy, Oscar & Audria Dunn              90 50th Anniversary

Campbell, J. A. & ? Combs                      91 50th Anniversary

Paul, John Mr and Mrs.                             92 50th Anniversary & picture

Freeman, Vernon Mr & Mrs.                    92 50th Anniversary

Simerl, Alva & Bonnie May Goodwin       93 50th Anniversary & picture

Howe, Wade Mr. and Mrs.                        93 50th Anniversary notice

Garrett, Doug & Essie Brady                  94 50th Anniversary

Henderson, Lewis & Oral Kemper           94 50th Anniversary

Reeder, Arthur & Pearl Delp                   95 50th Anniversary

Reynolds, Frank & Ruth Nichols            96 50th Anniversary

Dillier, Jake & Myrtle Hayden               97 50th anniversary

Shadley, W. W. & Elizabeth Dillier         98 50th Anniversary & pictures

Bragg, Hugh & Estella Underwood        99 50th Anniversary & picture

1960                63        record snowfall

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