Squire Holt


" If you find your ancestors in this listing, and the name is spelled incorrectly, please notify us, so we can change it. 
Some of these records are very old and very hard to read.  We would be happy to make any corrections or additions you may have."

Biography of Squire Holt, Cumberland County's First Undertaker With a License!

Squire Holt was born April 3, 1868 in England, the son of John and Mary Holt.  When he was just a baby, the family came to the United States, and this is where Squire learned the Masonry trade and worked on many State buildings.  The family eventually settled on a farm south of Greenup, Cumberland County, Illinois.  In 1901, John Holt built a brick building, with Squire occupying the lower level with his new furniture/undertaking business.  Squire Holt married Bertha Wilson, and to them were born 6 children, 5 of which grew to adulthood.  Mr. Holt must have been a thoughtful man, as he took care of the many burials that were done not only in Cumberland, but also in Jasper and Coles counties as well.  He was the 1st man in the county to become licensed to embalm a body in the State of Illinois.  As per his daughter Mary, he used a white horse drawn hearse for the children, and a black hearse for adults.  The records for burials done by Squire Holt are from the years 1901-1927.  From 1901-early 1905, the records just told of where he had to go to pick up a deceased person on the day they died.  From April 1905 to 1927,  he actually kept track of where the person was to be buried and the day they died.  As you check the list, note that many people who died were reported by a loved one or even a neighbor, and most names of the deceased are not available, only the people who called on Undertaker Holt. From April 1905, when the cemetery name is available, we have added the name of the deceased to that cemetery, so please check our cemetery listings.  We owe a great deal of thanks to Squire Holt for keeping these records in a safe place, and his daughter Mary, who took the time to transcribe her father's records back in 1975.  Thank you!

Squire Holt buried over 1,400 people between the year 1901 and 1927.

"If you find your relative in the list we have provided, please let us know so we can put that person in the correct cemetery." 

John Coleman's son  d. 21 Nov
Mrs. Gabe Paul d. 26 Nov
John Greesel  d. 31 Dec 1901

Mother of Walter Carey  d. 5 Jan
Mr. St. John  d. 6 Jan
Mrs. William Decker  d. 14 Jan
Mrs. Bennis  d. 24 Jan
"Sold to Clark and Joseph Leggett"  28 Jan
"Sold to William Hopper for his mother"  31 Jan
Lewis Addison  d. 4 Feb
Daugherty of Hidalgo  d. 5 Feb
Mrs. Williams by Laury Williams  d. 7 Feb
As Listed:  Mrs Williams by Laury Williams   Feb 7, 1902
This is Catherine Leona Stotts, my 2g gm.
She was born 11-21-1829 in Washington Twp, Morgan Co, IN
She married Joel "Joe" Williams in Morgan Co, IN on 3-18-1847
She died 2-7-1902 in Greenup, Cumberland Co, IL
She was buried in Harmony Cem beside her husband who had died 11-29-1876.
They have a double marker.
The informant would have been their son, Asbury Lowrey Williams
Information from Bill Harrison

Ott Wade's child  d. 9 Feb
Mrs. Perry  d. 18 Feb
Milburn Carrell's child  d. 24 Feb
Mrs. Ed Torbit  d. 26 Feb
Mrs. Isaac Johnson  d. 26 Feb
G.M. Matlock order by Newton Brooks  d. 26 Feb
Frank Benson's child  d. 7 Mar
Calvin Humphrey sold to John Humphrey  d. 24 Mar
Mrs. Wesley Kemper, ordered by Fred Carver  d. 2 Apr
Mrs. George Kuhn ordered by George Cutright  d. 9 Apr
Fayett Matteson's child  d. 10 Apr
Mrs. Charles Bancroft  d. 28 Apr
Mrs. Clark Norman  d. 26 May
Mrs. Bud Myers  d. 26 May
Miss Lure O. Fort by John Drum  d. 22 June
William B. Jennings, of Timothy, IL sold to Mr. Waters  d. 4 July
Sarah Ratcliff  d. 9 July
J.D. Woodrow by M.W. Dobbins  d. 28 Sept
Ad-- Forbis, child  d. 3 Oct
Edgar b. Wilson by T.B. Wilson  d. 23 Oct
Husk Markwell by Lewis Markwell  d. 25 Oct
J.A. Gilbert, child  d. 3 Nov
Lizzy Mullen  d. 7 Nov
Mrs. John Houlman  d. 10 Nov
O. Decker's daughter by Rod Decker  d. 1 Dec
R. Arend's  d. 11 Dec
Mary Stump by William Ward  d. -- Dec

John Thomas by Joe Thomas  d. 1 Jan
Pat Gable's child  d. 8 Jan
Charles Kilgore by William Unde [child]  d. 15 Jan
Mrs. Eli Hidlebaugh  d. 16 Mar
Mrs. Aten  d. 21 Mar
Mr. Sutherland of Hidalgo  d. 18 Mar
Mr. Hill  d. 23 Jan
Frank Hubbard's child  d. 26 Jan
C.C. Westall's child  d. 3 Feb
Mrs. George Westall  d.  5 Feb
Child of Curtis Spessard  d. 6 Feb
D.A. Ryan  d. 9 Feb
Mrs. Mattock of Hidalgo by Mr. Eoff  d. 10 June
Samuel Walden's daughter  by William Sutherland  d. 7 Mar
Ben Humphrey  d. 14 Mar
Alvy Howard, Hidalgo  d. -- Mar
Charles Stafford's house  d. 21 Apr
John Humphrey's daughter  d. 13 May
Electra Carlton by Mr. & Mrs. Joe Williams  d. 10 June
Dr. Hubbard by his son  d. 15 June
Dave William's daughter by Dr. Williams  d. 3 July
Ella Floyd by Sam Floyd  d. 4 July
Harve Neely for a child  d. -- July
Mrs. William Bright by M. Cutright,
J.J. Bright, H.M. Bright,  Ed Osborn, L.V. Bright, & H. Heath  d. 16 July
William Allenbaugh's for child  d. 18 July
To John Hazelwood's  d. 24 July
W. Hill's house  d. 24 July
Mrs. Walters by Charles Starbuck  d. 30 July
William Allenbaugh's for a child  d. 31 July
Bert Reynolds by Floyd Reynolds  d. 14 Aug
Mrs. Dan Fletcher by James Tutweiler & Wilbur Fletcher  d. 15 Aug
Mrs. Gharet by a son in law  d. 18 Aug
Mrs. James Phelps by James Phelps  d. 22 Aug
Samuel Patrick  d. 24 Aug
Abe Kelly  d. 25 Aug
Allen Paul by Bunk Paul  d. 30 Aug
Mrs. Lineberry  d. 3 Sept
Hearse trip to Hazel Dell with Dave Worden  d. 5 Sept
William Edward's child  d. 9 Sept
Mother of William and John Lyons  d. 14 Sept
Dave William's daughter  d. 10 Oct
Elmer Bright's child  d. 10 Oct
Mrs. Elmer Bright  d. 12 Oct
Rose Northway's child  d. 26 Oct
Mrs. Evalind  d. 30 Oct
William Holsapple  d. 11 Nov
Catherine Jobe by children  d. 16 Nov
Rev. Sam Price's child  d. 16 Nov
Len Jennings by D.P. Jobe  d. 24 Nov
America Morris by J. Morris  d. 24 Nov
Mrs. Frank Glosser  d. 26 Nov
-- McVey by Effa McVey  d. 30 Nov
By Rev. Dilland  d.  24 Dec
Mrs. Huddelston by Cranes & Hamilton  d. 30 Dec
Dave Spessard's house  d. 31 Dec

Benton Steward by Lindel Steward  d. 4 Jan
Benton Bell  d. 6 Jan
Went to J. Greeson's  d. 6 Jan
Went to Arthur Eastman's through Lerna Burial Assoc.  d. 13 Jan
Michael Sberich  d. 22 Jan
Cager Stewart's  d. 23 Jan
John McMasters by Joe Tomas & James Sterling  d. 24 Jan
Mrs. Harve Williams to Harve and Jessie  d. 1 Feb
To William Hanson's house  d. 2 Feb
To Orea Houser's  d. 11 Feb
To Lew Chidister  d. 12 Feb
To George Tinkey's  d. 21 Feb
Dennis Phelps child  d. 26 Feb
Mr. Hutton  d. 27 Feb
J.T. Smith's  d. 18 Jan
Amos Drun's for a youth  d. 2 Mar
To Turman Cutirght's for his daughter Mrs. Tharp  d. 3 Mar
Dennis Phelps' father  d.  4 Mar
Roy Nichols father  d. 6 Mar
C.C. Decker's for a youth  d. 9 Mar
Mrs. Darling  d. 13 Mar
E.M. Nead's house  d. 20 Mar
Dan Mitchel's child  d. 20 Mar
J.N. Nease  d. 25 Mar
T.B. Mouser's house  d. 28 Mar
Lambert Owen's child  d. 29 Mar
Benton Stewart's child  d. 30 Mar
Lenard Foolover  d. 31 Mar
To Dave Hamilton's for a young person  d. 2 Apr
Marion Stansbury for child  d. 6 Apr
Willice Jone's house  d. 19 Apr
Mathias Reynolds  d. 28 Apr
Ora Houser's child  d. 29 Apr
James Bricken's child  d. 29 Apr
To P.K. white's for youth  d. 26 May
Albert Vanover's child  d. 17 June
Elsa Vanneeter's child  d. 17 June
Mrs. Spergeon  d. 19 June
Mrs. Goulman  d. 27 June
To Rchardson of Hidalgo for a child  d. 21 July
Arthur Furber's child  d. 25 July
Harve Williams daughter Carrie  d.  25 July
To --- Speaks for an adult  d. 4 Aug
Jas Poor  d. 14 Aug
Aden Bensons for a youth  d. 30 Aug
F. Fogleman  d. -- Sept
William Humphrey for a child  d. 1 Sept
To Hunt for an adult lady [!]  d. 2 Sept
To Lewis Cutright's  d. 8 Sept
To John Kilgore  d. 9 Sept
To Charles Stafford's  d. 19 Sept
William Bracken  d. 20 Sept
To Adkins for a child  d. 21 Sept
Charles Stafford's mother  d. 23 Sept
Colemans child  d. 24 Sept
Hickle Brothers mother  d. 25 Sept
To Devall for a child  d. 28 Sept
H. Boggs  d. 30 Sept
Alf Mullen's  d. 8 Oct
To hospital for burial of Anderson Brown  21 Oct  [he must have lived a little longer...]
Anderson Brown  d. 8 Nov
Mrs. McElravey  d. 9 Nov
As Listed:  Mrs McElravy  Sep 11, 1904
This is Nancy Harriet Stotts (Catherine's sister)
She was born c1839/41 in Morgan Co, IN
She married Hugh McElravy in Morgan Co, IN on 10-9-1861
She died 11-9-1904 in Cumberland Co, IL
She was buried in the Friends Grove Cem, Cumberland Co, IL
Hugh died in Aug, 1888 in Arkansas and was buried there.  Nancy returned
to Cumberland Co, and lived near the Friends Grove Church.
Contributed by Bill Harrison
Owen Glenn's house  d. 10 Nov
Mrs. Enyart  d. 12 Nov
Leonard Reynolds for a baby  d. 11 Nov
S. Snyder  d. 24 Nov
Cramer for a child  d. 25 Nov
Marshall Stewart  d. 10 Dec
Mrs. Frank Wicksier  d. 12 Dec
To Barnett for baby  d. 13 Dec
To Phips by Luther Aldrige
To Phips at Jewett by Dr. Marrs
Ben Hunt for a baby  d. 29 Dec

Clarence Owens  d. 7 Jan
Norman Swain  d. 15 Jan
Gabe Hagey's infant  d. -- Jan
Lester Cherry  d. 14 Jan
Lou Cherry  d. 14 Jan
Jane Wickiser  d. 16 Jan
Francis Templeton  d. 20 Jan
J.W. Myers Infant  d. -- Jan
Frank Thomas Infant  d. -- Jan
Bonnie Roberts  d. 2 Feb
Isaac Willingham  d. -- Feb
Mrs. Claud Ward  d. 7 Feb
Doward [Howard?] Carr child  d. -- Feb
Joseph Bulse Infant  d. -- Feb
Elphas Reisner  d. 21 Feb
Mrs. Jacob Grisson  d. 26 Feb
Mary Burwell  d. 27 Feb
Frank Hamilton  d. 24 Feb
Williams Infant d. -- Feb
Mrs. Morrison  d. 3 Mar
Wilber Morris  d. 13 Mar
Sam Brown  d. 20 Mar
George Neese Infant  d. -- Mar
Paul child  d. -- Apr
John S. Boots  d. 8 Apr
Thompson infant  d. Apr
Dan Mitchell's infant  d. -- Apr
William Boots  d. 19 Apr
John Gilbert  d. 19 Apr
Addison  d. 19 Apr
Edgar Ryan  d. 6 July
Virgil McNeely  d. 7 Aug
Clinton Roberts  d. 6 Sept
Margaret Burdge  d. 2 Sept
Sarah Surber  d. 13 Oct
Clara Brownfield  d. 22 Oct
Mrs. Rodebaugh  d. -- Oct
Herbert Edwards  d. 3 Nov

Lewis Shelton  d. 10 Jan
Gertrude Phelps  d. 14 Jan
Ada McElravy  d. 24 Jan
Cramer Infant  d. 28 Jan
Edmond Roberts  d. 8 Feb
Lucy Willingham  d. 9 Feb
Mary Ellen Cleghorn  d. 18 Feb
Kate Ruffner  d. -- Apr
J. Griswold Jr.  d. 29 Apr
Catherine Hawsney  d. 3 May
Cyrus Moon  d. 1 June
Nancie Jane Vantassell  d. 2 June
Ollie Mullen  d. 3 July
Victor Kline  d. 10 July
Evaline Grussell  d. -- July
Infant Jinkins  d. -- Sept
Pearl Cutright  d. 25 Sept
Verna Neese  d. 19 Oct
Dessie Dean Cox  d. 3 Nov
Herman Cougill  d. 15 Nov
Harry Albert Booker  d. 18 Nov
Samuel Carrell  d. 25 Nov
Mrs. Clark Markwell  d. 16 Dec

Amanda Boggs  d. 23 Jan
William Hayes  d. -- Feb
Jacob Hirsher  d. 5 Apr
Annie Jane Lewis  d. 14 Apr
Edward Carr  d. 1 May
Washington Griswold  d. 30 July
John Woods  d. -- Sept
Ora Aten  d. 23 Sept
Mahala Rouch  d. -- Nov
Mullen infant  d. -- Nov

Theodore Fritts  d. -- Feb
Bell Odle  d. -- Apr
Bertha Bolen  d. -- Apr
Harry Chapman  d. 21 Apr
Strader  d. -- Apr
Eva Jane Ragsdale  d. 27 Apr
Effie Hoard  d. -- May

Infant Legg  d. 5 Aug
Infant Mattison  d. 3 Nov
Oliver Peters  d. 27 Dec

Allie Fritts  d. 14 Jan

Joseph Taylor  d. 20 Jan
Mrs. Ezra Kemper  d. 3 Feb
Dr. Elver Garrison  d. 9 Feb
Alice Fogleman  d. 6 Apr
Ray Husher  d. 17 Aug
Mary Trossel  d. -- Sept
Infant Fancher  d. 3 Oct
William Kirkling  d. 16 Oct
Francis VanMeter  d. 30 Sept
Mrs. Charles Basworth  d. 5 Nov
Infant Zenos  d. 18 Dec

Noble Carrell  d. 11 Mar
Henry Hubbard  d. 16 Apr
Infant Febrist  d. 6 May
Infant son Lacey  d. 7 May
David Spessard  d. 25 June
William Chaney  d. 12 Sept
Mrs. Fuller Byers  d. -- Sept
Amelia Boots  d. 13 Oct
Sarah Boots  d. 14 Oct
Rezin Wilkins  d. 18 Oct
Darley Fogleman  d. 11 Nov
Gersham Monahan  d. 21 Dec

Charles Decker  d. 1 Feb
E.A. Goldsby  d. 24 Feb
Ross Floyd  d. 19 Mar
Lydie Hanley  d. 30 Apr
Arthur Eveland  d. 10 June
Emma McCannaha  d. 21 July
Ed Paul  d. 25 July
Mrs. Carter  d. -- Aug
Dennis Phelps  d. -- Oct
Infant Spessard  d. 14 Oct
Martha b. Watkins  d. -- Nov
Bertha McElvary  d. 7 Nov

John Miller  d. -- Nov
Mrs. Frank Clark Sr.  d.  -- Dec
Mrs. J.W. Baumgartner  d. -- Dec

L.D. Fancher  d. 10 Feb
Infant Williams  d. -- Dec

George Williams  d. 23 May

Col. Filander Burlington  d. 5 Aug
Samuel McKee  d. 16 Oct

Edward Travis  d. -- Dec
Abe Sheperd  d. -- Dec

No one

Louise Yew  d. 7 Feb
Lottie Boots  d. 20 Apr
Harry Shuey  d. 14 Dec

No one

James Allen Brown  d. 7 Apr
Blanche Conset  d. 24 Apr
William McDonald  d. 19 June
Ernest Edwin Easton  d. 19 Dec
Allen Hickman  d. 29 Dec

Mrs. Myers  d. 1 Feb
Myrl Edith Ward  d. 14 Sept
Bertha O-tgen  d. 20 Dec

Infant Swim  d. 16 Sept

George Washington Ebbert  d. 3 Jan
Margaret Mitchell  d. 16 Oct

S.H. Moudy  d. 10 Jan

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