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TOLEDO District #24
Toledo School
Toledo School was located at the Cumberland County Seat, approximately in the Center of the County.
In the beginning about 1861, students occupied a two-story frame building located in the middle of the block south of today's Neal Tire Service.
In 1881, (here had been four classrooms built on the original two.
In 1924, (he gymnasium was built, which was a great improvement since the P.E. and Sports classes had been using other
buildings around town for this. Later a building out behind the school was built they called the "Sheep Shed".
This was used by the 7th and 8th grades taught by Bert Birdzell at one time.
Next was the cafeteria and two classrooms upstairs over it, which made
a very nice school with the elementary grades downstairs and the high school upstairs.
The first graduation to be held in Toledo was 1890.
Those who graduated were Mary Shall, Ura Chapman, Bertha Hanker, Nora Bloomfield, and Ivy Connor with only one teacher.
In 1906, Prof. McCabe and the pupils gave a performance,
"The Corner Store" which was a comedy drama of four acts.
Admission was 20 cents for the benefit of the school, which desired securing a piano.
The cast consisted of E. L. McCabe, Warren Brewer, Paul Brewer, Earl Woolen,
Joe Reese, James Grissom. Blanche Harper. Elsie Ray, Edna Prather,
After consolidation of Cumberland County schools in 1948, and completion of Cumberland High building in 1952, the Toledo
High School students went to Cumberland High. Elementary students continued here until 1967.
At this time they also went to Cumberland in their new building.
After Toledo was closed it was sold to Burnham Neal who started Neal Tire Service, using the gym for storage and a portion
of the school for office space. Down through the years we have had graduates from Toledo
High school who have become doctors, lawyers, ministers and teachers and etc. who have greatly improved our county as a place
to live. We appreciate the influence of each of them upon our lives and our families who live in the county in 1991
Nora Bloomfield Trimble
Iva Connor Strevey
lira Chapman
Bertha Hanker Sparks
Mary Shull Richardson
Morton Brewer
Henry D. Sparks
Nannie Hall Rhodes
Kate Connor Smith
Leila Summerlin Saylor
Mary Warner Willis
Suma Hall
Mary Snyder Casstevens
Ethel Brewer Albin
Walter Brewer
Rohm Hall
R. C Willis Jr.
Nell Bloomfield Cahill
Laura Cooler Burton
Flora Mondy Hanson
Ethel McPherson Rhoads
Daisy Reynolds Queen
Effie Deppen Prather
Ivan Smith
Anny Young White
Mattie Young Ward
Louise Everhari Brewer
Susie Everhart Castelo
Guy Castelo
Walter Reeves
Walter Bruns
Cora Hughes McMorris
Grace Clark Wells
Lenora Dow
Stella Greeson Gardner
Mat Bloomfield
Barlow Harper
Clifford Young
May Maxwell Hurst
Josephine Greene
Lottie Bloomfield Unger
Zola Reed Baker
Blanche Harper Janes
Elsie Ray Davis
Warren Brewer
Artie White
Ross Richardson
Ceo. S. Morris
Will Niecura
Grover Baichlcy
Roxy K. Green Smith
Pearl Davis Huffman
Mae Woollen Ross
Geo. S. Morris
Minnie Everhart
Irene Decius Smith
Inei Crisamore Edwards
Samuel Walker
Thurman Holt
Harley Shaw
Raymond Ashwill
Clara Ariens Snodgrass
Mabel Prather Nunamaker
Effic Richardson Rhoads
Estella Grissom
Elizabeth Wilson Gordon
Lela Rhoads Ruffner
Beulah Davis Green
Irene Grisamore Bean
Harley Ruffner
Glenn Ruffner
Orville Beals
Ivan Moore
Esther Bussard Trenton
Guy Davis
Ben Eggleston
Oscar Grisamore
Etwood Hughes
Guy Moore
Rena McAnally
Mamie Tipsword
Earl Wood
Fred Woodard
Stanley Glosser
Phillip Everhart
Susie Gentry
Jennie Dow
Charley Eggleston
Lucille Jones
Marie Keeran
Madge Kelly
Madeline Perry
Fern Richardson
Helen Sirc.IT
Allen Walker
Hampton While
Cecil Yanaway
Crace Dow
Blanche Young
Coen Holsapple
Alvan Smith
Coldie Russell
Don Stephens
George White
Elwood Freeman
Geraldine Jones
Freide Streiff
Minnie Heath
Francis Ariens
Virgil Armer
Claud Butler
Gladys Green
Emma Meyer
Vivian Poe
Mollie Shaw
Wilma Simerly
Lena Farr
Ethel Russell
Lucile Prather
Hilda Simerly
Grace Simerly
Grace Wheeler
Dorsa Duensing
Inez Hillard
Myta Richardson
Minor Kingery
Lawrence Russell
Ophelia Jones
Marinda Richardson
Bernice Greathouse
Carroll Willis
John Wisley
Guy Whicker
Thelma Harris
Paul Willis
Jena Deppen
Madge Connor
Flossie Elliott
Lloyd Grisimore
Charles Scott
Madeline Rominger
Ross Bracewell
Ruth Clark
Opal Fulfer
Dessa Willis
Dean Dueruing
Ronald Barger
Delore. Miller
Opal Buasard
Maudeline Scott
Thursa Richardson
Mabel Williams
Butler Russell
Forest Greathouse
Beairire White
Kathryn Webb
Naomi Mallimon
Ella McGinnis
Seybert Rominger
Madge Thompson
Pearl Cougill
Opal Huffman
John VanDyke
FloMtr Bean
Hazel McGinnis
Raymond Eggers
Pearl Titus
Marie Barger
David Shupe
Fred Greeson
Forrest Ryan
Gladys Ashwill
Thelma Starks
Esther Clark
Wilmt Heddin
Grace Fern Tinsman
Colonel Ray Southern
Rankin Willis
 Ruth Connor
Floyd Clark
Logan Huffman
Ruth Janes
Bernice Moses
Haiel Oakley
Guy Oakley
Kenneth Pennington
Vora Siircwalt
Vernon Shoot
Gladys Stirwalt
Grace Shupe
Violet Willoughby
Zelma Andrus
Glen Neal
 Goldie Seeley
Ruth Beals
Harold Bean
Ethel Brown
Russell Cougill
Millie Doyle
Willard Johnson
George Lovins
Lee Ryan
Mary Sparks
Ernest Starks
Kenneth Stewart
John Schooley
Alton Barker
Charles Callahan
Violet Butler
Janette Neher
Maria Barton
Joseph Carrell
Geraldine Croy
Hester Croy
Ruth Drum
Edith Fogleman
Howard Evans
Mahlon Hillard
Dorothy Jones
Myrtle Johnson
Irvin Kellar
Lloyd Light
Thelma Martin
Earl Oakley
Bernice Park
Chauncey Perry
Fern Pinkard
Clifford Queen
Walter Rhodes
Theodore Richardson
Donald Whicker
Ralph While
Newell Willis
Lucile Tanner
Carl Grisamore
Lloyd Pugh
Earl Willoughby
Raymond McElhiney
Delores Stirewalt
Ralph McCormick
Luke Tippeil
Bessie Brown
Eleanor Templeton
Grace Sparks
Garland Oakley
Dora Lyster
Nila Best
Delores Oakley
Clinton Keller
Raymond Shoot
Russell Brewer
Golda King
Mildred Ball
Charles Baker
Inez Hunsaker
Donald Birdsell
Eula Best
Chauncey Kingery
Christine Jones
Richard Jayne
Cecil Hall
Paul St. John
Harold Walker
Blanche Jones
Maudeline Stirewalt
Leilie Drum
May Cowan
Dale Huffman
Kathryn Connor
Lester Oakley
Eugene While
Charley Marshall
Raymond Gardner
Dolita Janes
Golda Hite
Marie Easton
Bernice Shafer
Royal Van Tassel
Lance Van Tassel
Ruth Padrick
Cleo Price
Hamp Rodgers
Hollys Rhodes
William Scott
Blanche Heath
Leland Smith
Claudia Hill
Abner Scott
Ermal Birdzell
Wayne Light
Louise Dobbs
Olive Thompson
Lewis Dobbs
Eva Cood
Golden Flake
Minnie Shupe
Mildred Barger
James Queen
Delores Easton
Charles Campbell
Myrna Cougill
Lowell Gordon
Florence Rice
Dale Grissom
Ora Marshall
Wayne Peters
Hazel Carrell
Donald Cutts
Either McCandlish
Garold Keller
Irene Ault
Frieda Stirewalt
Russell Walden
Dessa Croy
Elwin Miller
Olive Greathouse
Harry Hall
Leo Shoot
Lawrence Carrell
Clema Stirewalt
Esther Stark
Scott Padrick
Ralph Pennington
Donald Icenogle
Palmer Easton
Millard Moses
Maurine Reed
Marion Sligar
Maerene Oakley
Hazel Icenogle
Beulah Scott
Chleo Phipps
Mayme Florey
Mildred McMorris
Maudeline White
Opal Rhodes
Eleanor Janes
Irene Woodard
Lois Olmslead
Marguerite Tilus
Viola Modrell
Rena Oakley
Mary Park
Harlan Roberts
Eldon Grissom
Junior King
Clenn Tippett
Joe Janes
Lois Light
Theodore Swickard
Berdina Easton
Grace Wilson
Vernon Keller
Harold Hardwick
Marjorie Huffman
Mildred Cowan
Everett Liehtenwalter
Olive Beals
Etheline Mills
Ruby Hill
Maiine Burge
Mary Heath
Wilma Birdzell
Nellie Hardwick
Dorothy Huffman
Raymond Cults
Samuel Birdzell
Norma Easton
Juanita Brown
Wanetta Templeton
Mary Martha Grisam
Lyle Marshall
Lowell Massie
Hazel Haskell
Inet Hemingway
Kenneth Neal
Dorothy Scott
Don Mills
Harold Bowman
Berlin Flake
Aptha Flake
Robert Titus
Gaylon Seeley
Robert Shaw
Leona Rice
Mack Johns
Marjorie Harper
Clara Johnson
Emil Weellen
Mildred Oakley
Paul Ryan
Genevieve Clark
Walter Bowman
Frances Weaver
Rono Barger
Eugene Stirewalt
Ruby Mock
Lora Figgins
Harold Storm
Helen Pattison
Doomai Easton
Lola Burton
Nola Massic
Irene Keller
John Lichlenwalter
Alma Olmstead Roberts
Chester Russell
Marine Oakley
Ivan Birdzell
Lucille Cooley
Donald Waldrip
Charles Eggers
Evelyn Arien
Kenneth Strole
 Retha Elliott
Henry Woolen
Maida Heath
Helen Parse
Raymond Oakley
Euris Roberts
Alma Schnorf
Fred Price
Ralph Swickard
Delores Eggers
Cedric Storm
Delbert Judson
Carl Oakley
Max Seeley
Dorolhy Mae Croy
Jesse Easton
Hazel Jaymes
Thomas Brewer
Aileen Oakley
Harold Beaumont
Mildred Cordon
Richard Grissom
Martha Kuhn
Raymond Bean
Dale Hetzer
Twila Barger
Esther Postlewaite
Emerson Clark
Norman Oakley
Dorothy Titua
Chalis Lichtenwalter
John Olmstead
Wilma White
Kermit Easton
Opal Brown
John Clark
Bonnie Oakley
Evelyn Siark
Lesier Evans
Merlene Barger
John Mock
Jean Eggleston
Edsel Brown
June Crissom
Harold Shoot
Bonnadell Brusier
Fred St. John
Marjorie Oakley
Wayne Letner
Mildred Evans
Orval Rice
Rex Storm
William Shupe
Eleanor Furry
Harold Massie
Ruby Andrus
Dale Cline
Betty Baker
Letha Hetzer
Billy Baker
Leland Scott
Lois Ariens
Hershel Ariens
Helen HoUapple
Eloise Stark
Lela Fay Gardner
Norma Templeton
Dorothy Ohmen
Don Vermillion
Byron Shields
Evelyn Titus
Guy Storm
Paul Strater
Edith Eggers
Carolyn Sue Eggleston
Grace Ingram
Warren Holsapple
Kenneth Quinn
George Janes
Dee Vanderhoof
Mac Huffman
Mary Greeson
Hazel Coats
Vera Thompson
Harlan Dobbs
Warren Pennington
Walter Brewer
Eloise Clark
Parker Shields
Doris Elaine Willis
Juanita Letner
Eleanor Titus
Roy Birdzell
Anna Mae Stewart
Charles Treadway
Maw Pennington
Marjorie Gardner
Vera Park
Ivan Ingram
Frida Heath
Leland Ariens
Mildred Olmstead
Jean Ohmen
Charles Luihc
Lorraine Evans
Jack Hall
Pauline Strader
Harold Barcus
Scott Everhart
Leo Carrell
Lester Carrell
Barbara Easton
Jack Alexander
Erma Titus
Harry Button
Iris Jenkins
Jim Anderson
Eleanor Fleming
Ruth Birdzell
Lela Miller
Eugene Roberts
Bill Elder
Keith Bruster
Jim Brewster
Rosemary Ray
Dora Lichtenwalter
Helen Hallett
Francis Kelso
Margie Abel
Junior Kinnaman
Virginia Bowman
Nola Douglas
Kenneth Rice
Burnham Neal
Thelma Eggers
Samuel Huskinson
Herbert Hutchison
Kathryn Shupe
Max Phipps
Dolores Kingery
Carroll Cook
Jane Titus
Lloyd Hall
Vera Massie
Byron Brewer
Dick White
Tom Bean
Golden Greeson
Carl Willan
Jean Ryan
Martha Slickenmeyer
Lualla Huistnga
Norman While
Donald Phipps
Frank Greeson
Winifred Lacy
Bill Furry
Norma Letner
William Lichtenwalter
Kathryn Shields
Kenneth Connell
Paul Hartman
Mary Scott
Lois Bowman
Clarence Woods
Donald Shoot
Donald Stark
Dollie Mumford
Evelyn Stevenson
Norma Titus
John Cass Grissom
Estella R. Grissom
Charles Tinsman
Leo Beals
Betty McMahan
Marion Gray
Mildred Roberts
Mary A. Oakley
Berdina Scott
Kenneth Carrell
Evelyn Search
Richard Lyons
Lois Mock
Ted Mullen
Kenneth Van Scyoc
George Campbell
Doris Olmstead
Blanche Wilkin
Jean Rexer
James Fletcher
Maxine Gardner
Catherine Cordes
Ruth Lichtenwalter
Betty Jean Seeley
Lenna Bradshaw
Jayne Duty
Barbara Shields
Rosemary Neal
Max Bolin
Geraldine Moses
Charles Banimus
Donald Evan
LaVearle Clark
Robert Cults
Charlotte Drakeford
Eloise Eggers
Mary Grissom
Catherine Pauline Huffman
Eugene Hutchison
Eleanor Icenogle
Betty Jewel Miller
Jean Mock
Helen E. Reynolds
Vill B. Snodgrass
Helen L. Stanza
Ceraldine June Stewart
Eleanor Jane Warner
Alice L. Weemer
William Olmstead
Lloyd Steen
Ruth St. John
Harold Dobbs
Virginia Gardner
Wanda Lou Burton
Robert Briggs
Wanda Titus
Jim Elder
Madge Huffman
Junior Knupp
Louise Roberts
Dorothy Zike
Eleanor Ohtnrn
Jack Bowles
Doris Jean Huffman
Wanda Brewster
Onda Easton
Ina Ruth Miller
Joan Olmstead
Lona Barger
Max Cordon
Margaret Furry
Harry Titus
Vera Jackson
Dave Lichtenwalter
Retha Titus
Bill Crissom
Louise McClellan
Junior Clark
Frances Greeson
Bruce Janes
Jo Anne Cutis
Billy Greeson
Armilla Carrell
Dick Olmstead
Norma Huffman
Gene Snodgrass
Evelyn Greeson
Donald Greeson
Irma Reynolds
Kathleen Strong
Bill Shepherd
Evelyn Elliott
Susan Shepherd
Dorothy McCandlish
Galen Lichlenwalter
Carolyn Easton
Madge Mock
Donald Burton
Aileen Moses
John Elder
Lois Eggers
Don Kelly Clark
Betly Starwalt
Kenneth Stewart
Rulh Ingram
Ray Sowers
Naomi Lee
Marilyn Cordes
Edna Carrell
Nellie Jennings
Betly Olmstead
Brona While
Haiel Soliday
Daiid Litchenwalter
Pat Hill
Dorolhy Goodwin
Joyce Clark
Anila Bland
Irma Bartlett
Victor Stewart
Bernard Elder
Evelyn Hutton
Phyllis Cordes
Charlene Brown
Roger Icenogle
Harold Oakley
Ralph Reed
Elvia Tarble
Susan Shepherd
Thomas Elliott
Kathryn Paulson
Ruth Scholz
Esther Titus
Joe Roberts
James Brewster
Lorene Eggers
Wanda Olmstead
Gene Shoot
Evelyn Icenogle
Wilma Mitchell
Chloris Roberts
Merna Smith
Pal Sherman
Norma Clark
Loretta Stierwalt
Lola Titus
Eddie French
Waneta Armer
Wanda Gray
Gerald Holsapple
Velma Tucker
Hazel Harris
Bill La Masters
Robert Stewart
Marilyn Ferguson
Ada Grissom
James Easton
Wayne Carrell
Oma Ellen Oakley
Pauline Whitaker
Benny Sowers
Robert Layton
Mary Carpenter
Carol Anthony
Doyle Shupe
Cecil Monday
Betly Stubblefield
Dorothy Grissom
Marian Burion
Class 1937

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