Contributed by Peggy Hughes

Viola Kobler
Clemens Neill
M.E. Foreman
Evelyn Ellis
Dena Medlin

Teachers 1941 Toledo High School
Herbert E. Hutchinson
Eva Winifred Lacy
Kathryn Ellen Shupe
Byron Huffman Brewer
Eugene William
1. Herbert E. Hutchinson
2. Eva Winifred Lacy
3. Kathryn Ellen Shupe
4. Byron Huffman Brewer
5. Eugene William
John William Furry
Max Francis Phipps
Jane Eileen Titus
Richard White
Letha Jean Ryan
6. John William Furry
7. Max Francis Phipps
8. Jane Eileen Titus
9. Richard White
10. Letha Jean Ryan
Norman Eugene White
Delores Alberta Kingery
Lloyd Louis Hall
Thomas Frederick Bean
Martha Marie Slichenmyer
11. Norman Eugene White
12. Delores Alberta Kingery
13. Lloyd Louis Hall
14. Thomas Frederick Bean
15. Marths Marie Slichenmeyer
Donald Thomas Phipps
William T. Lichtenwalter
Carrol LeRoy Cook
Dera Lorraine Massie
Golden Glen Greeson
16. Donald Thomas Phipps
17. William T. Lichtenwalter
18. Carrol LeRoy Cook
19. Dera Lorraine Massie
20. Golden Glen Greeson

Luella Mae Huisinga
William F. Greeson
Delores Albertakinger
21. Luella Mae Huisinga
22 William F. Greeson
23. Kenneth Hugh Connell
24. Norma Alena Letner
25. Delores Albertakinger
Norma Alene Letner

Norma was born on Jan. 26, 1924, in the country near
Toledo. She went to Morton School for eight years,
then came to Toledo, and graduated there. She has
lived near Toledo all her life. Her ambition is to be a
dress designer
Carl Eugene Willan

Carl first saw light on November 28, 1923 right here In
Toledo, That is all the information we got from Spud,
and It was written on a piece of paper one-half inch square.
He's a very unassuming fellow for all his six feet four inches.
Carl was class president this year and vice president during
his sophomore year. Spud played the role of Winifred Lacy's
husband in the class play.
Norman Eugene White

Norman was 18 years old on last January 16.
He attended grade school here in Toledo and entered
T. H. S. as a freshman, attended Montrose high school
for the first semester of his Junior year. During the time
he was at Montrose to played on the baseball and
basketball teams. Norman completed his Junior and
Senior years here  in Toledo. Norman says his course
here was rather uneventful but rest assured he has
been a well-like Senior.
The genius of the Senior class(in originality of jokes)
has spent most of his time traveling from Janesville,
Lerna and Toledo. He has participated in baseball and
basketball during his terms at high school. "Dyke" has
quite a knack for getting into trouble especial during
class. His ambition is to to  become President if they
ever raise his pay so he can make a little profit.
Frank  was a lawyer in the class play.
"Brains," "Kenny," etc., a Cardinal fan, entered this world,
Jan.? 1924. Time, unknown, place, somewhere  in Decatur.
He has be quite active in class projects, having been vice  
president   of the Freshman class,  president of the Junior
class and vice president of his Senior class. He has
been a manager of the basketball team for 4 years
Herbert E. Hutchison
Herbert, better Known as "Hutch", came to Toledo from
Jewett in '37, entering school here as a Freshman.
He was president of the Sophomore class  and has been
assistant editor of the school paper for two years. Although
born in the hot month of July, (July 26,1924) he is a genial
happy-go-lucky lad always ready for a laugh. His hobby is
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