The following Biographies was transcribed by Barbara Moksnes from
  The Book "Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois"
Originally Published 1884 F.A. Battey & Co.


J. W. BOOTH, was born in Orange County, Ind., in 1819.  His father, Wade Booth, was born near Richmond,Va., and came to Indiana as one of the first settlers, living first in OrangeCounty, and then moving to VigoCounty, at which place he lived for thirty-five years.  From there he moved to Ogle County, Ill., where he died in 1856, his wife dying in St. Mary’s, Indiana, in 1862.  Our subject spent his early days on the farm, receiving only a common school education.  At the age of sixteen, he was apprenticed to the carpenter and joiner’s trade, and followed it until the breaking out of the war, when he enlisted in a detachment under McClellan, commanded by Major Barker, and afterwards became attached to the Twelfth Illinois Cavalry, in which he served his time, and was honorably discharged in August 1864, at New Orleans, La.  In 1867, he purchased an unimproved farm, six miles south of Vandalia,Ill., which, after improvement, he disposed of, and engaged in the mercantile trade, at Auburn, Ill., for two years.  During the past nine years, he has been engaged in the same business at Jewett,Ill., and is rated one of the most successful and enterprising busines men in this section. On October 14, 1844, he married Emma Heubest, a native of England. Seven children have been born to them, three of whom are living, viz; Lyman W., Lavina and Frances.

BAZIL BROWN, was born in Licking County, Ohio, on November 26, 1835.  His father, B. Brown, was born on Penn., april 28, 1793, and moved to Kentucky, with his parents, and later, in 1812, to Ohio, and in 1848, to Illinois, settling in Cumberland County, where he engaged in farming.  He died on May 20, 1854; his widow on March 9, 1878.  They were both prominent members of the BaptistChurch, having been a minister of that denomination for several years.  Bazil received a good common school education, and taught school for ten years.  He served as Justice of the Peace for sixteen years, and as Township Treasurer for six years.  OnOctober 6, 1859, he married Laura A., daughter of Levi and Mary Farmer, of Guilford County, N.C. she was born February 22, 1843.  they have had seven children born to them, viz; Almira, Lafayette, Alva N., Sonora B., Otis L., Orrin L. and Joseph W. [twins].  Mr. Brown is a member of the I.O.O.F., also a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  He is a prosperous farmer and lumber dealer, and is highly esteemed in the community in which he resides.

JOSEPH KING, was born in Washington County, Ind., on October 19, 1823, and is the son of Jacob and Frances [Shelton] King, who were natives of Kentucky but came to Washington County, Ind., among the first settlers, where Mrs. King died.  Soon after this event, Mr. King moved to MorganCounty, Ind., where he followed farming until his death.  Our subject’s grandfather was a soldier of the Revolution.  In 1849 our subject came to Cumberland County, Ill., and located on a farm three miles from what is now called Toledo.  In 1875, he engaged in the mercantile trade, at Toledo, which business he followed until 1880, since which time he has resided at Jewett.  In 1846, he married Mary A., daughter of William and Tabitha [Edwards] Russell. She was born in Harrison County, Ind., on November 27, 1821.  There were three children born to them, now living, viz; James T., Joseph S., and John W.  For thirty-seven years Mr. King and wife have been members of the Christian Church.  He has been a life long Democrat in Politics. Mr. King has a beautiful home, and is highly esteemed in the community in which he resides.

MARTIN MOUDY, physician and surgeon, was born in Washington County, Md., on October 16, 1812.  He remained in his native state until the age of twenty years, working on a farm and attending a common school.  In 1833, he came to Greene County, Ohio, where he began the study of medicine.  In 1836 and 1837, he attended the Fairfield MedicalCollege, of N.Y., from which institution he graduated in 1838.  Returning to Ohio, he began practicing medicine with Dr. Martin of Xenia.  In 1841, he came to Terre Haute, Ind., and followed his profession for three years.  Removing then to Danville,Ill., he engaged for some time in milling and farming, then returned to Terre Haute, and resumed his old practice, which he continued for eleven years.  He then removed to his present home, in Cumberland County, Ill., in 1870, where he is one of the prominent physicians of the county.  In 1834, the Doctor married Margaret McClure, of AugustaCounty, Va.  They have had ten children born to them, viz; John [deceased], Joseph, Martin, Hiram S., Ellen J., Albert [deceased], George [deceased], Robert B., Daniel W. and Samuel H.


JOHN B. ADAMS is a native of Germany, was born July 1, 1828, and was married in his native land, in 1854, to Annie Cramer, who was born April 9, 1827.  The year of their marriage, the young couple came to America and located in Dane County, Wis., in 1865 they came to Cumberland County, and here Mr. Adams purchased at first, forty acres of land, which, by industry and good management, he has increased to 255 acres, the greater portion well improved.  Mr. Adams has had borne to him ten children- Maggie [deceased], Katie, John, Joseph, Peter, Vincennes, Mathais, Henry, Annie and Clement [the last named deceased].  Mr. Adams and family are members of the Catholic Church, and in politics he is a democrat.

LEMAN FAUNCE, farmer, was born in Wayne County, N.Y. July 30, 1822.  He is the son of Noah M. and Lydia R. [Barton] Faunce.  The former was born November 20, 1797, and spent his early life as a carpenter and millwright, and later as a farmer.  He moved to Geauga County, Ohio, at an early day, and lived there some eight years.  Disposing of his property there, he came to Cumberland County, Ill., in 1837, where he entered 300 acres of land, improving 160 acres of it.  He also built the first mill in that part of the country, near Charleston, on the Amboy River.  He was a strong believer of Mormonism, and a preacher of that denomination.  He was with the Mormons at the time of their disbandment at Nauvoo, and then returned to Cumberland county.  His wife, mother of our subject, was a native of Massachusetts, was born November 21, 1799, and died May 23, 1849.  Our subject received a common education, and followed farming.  About 1847 he married Julia D. Garrett, who was born September 11, 1829, and died November 24, 1874.  To them was born six children, Noah M., Sarah E., Mary E.[deceased], Maria P., May C., and Maggie R.  Mr. Faunce is a good farmer and highly respected.  He has been a life long Democrat, but liberal in his views.  In 1880 he lost his eye-sight from illness.  He- as was his father- is a strong advocate of the principles of Mormonism.

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