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DeKalb County was formed March 4, 1837 from part of Kane County

Named for Johann DeKalb, a German baron, who served in the Colonies during the Revolution, and was mortally wounded at Camden, South Carolina in 1780

Present area, or parts of it, formerly included in:
1836–1837: Kane
1831–1835: LaSalle
1825–1831: Putnam
1823–1825: Fulton
1821–1823: Pike
1819–1821: Clark
1816–1819: Crawford
1815–1816: Edwards
1812–1815: Madison
1795–1812: St. Clair

County Seats:
1837–1839: Orange—Name later changed to Sycamore.
1839–1840: Coltonville
1840: Sycamore

Chief Shabona

Chief Shabbona
Shabbona, a Potawatomi chief, signed numerous treaties for Native American tribes. Settling in De Kalb County, Illinois, after the War of 1812, Shabbona lived there for decades. Upon his return from visiting the Potawatomi in Kansas sometime after 1848, he found that his land had been declared abandoned. He lived with his family in a cabin on the Illinois River until his death in 1859.
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June 2012: ADEE obit
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Dec 2011: BOYNTON bio
June 2011: Pensioners on the Roll in 1883

Cities and Towns of DeKalb County
County Seat: Sycamore

Afton Center, Charter Grove, Clare, Colvin Park, Cortland, DeKalb, East Paw Paw,  Edgebrook Mobile Home Park,Elva, Esmond, Evergreen Village Mobile Home Park (subdivision), Fairdale, Five Points, Franks, Genoa, Hinckley, Kingston, Kirkland, Malta, McGirr, New Lebanon, Rollo, Sandwich, Shabbona, Shabbona Grove, Somonauk, Sycamore, Waterman, Wilkinson

Township Names:

  • Afton - Formed from DeKalb and Clinton on February 18, 1856.
  • Clinton
  • Cortland - First named Richland, then changed to Pampas on November 20, 1850 and to Cortland on February 1, 1865.
  • DeKalb - Name changed from Orange on November 20, 1850.
  • Franklin
  • Genoa
  • Kingston
  • Malta - Formed as Etna from DeKalb in September, 1856; name changed from Etna in December, 1858.
  • Mayfield - Name changed from Liberty on November 20, 1850.
  • Milan - Formed from Shabbona and Malta on February 23, 1858.
  • Paw Paw - Formed in March, 1850.
  • Pierce - Formed from Squaw Grove and Pampas (Cortland) before 1853.
  • Sandwich - Formed from Somonauk on July 14, 1896.
  • Shabbona
  • Somonauk
  • South Grove - Name changed from Vernon on November 20, 1850.
  • Squaw Grove
  • Sycamore
  • Victor - Formed from Clinton about 1853

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