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Original source for this data is "The Voters and tax-payers of De Kalb County, Illinois : containing, also, a biographical directory of its tax-payers and voters Record for The Voters and tax-payers of De Kalb County, Illinois : containing, also, a biographical directory of its tax-payers and voters" pub. by H.F. Kett & Co.

Submitted by Martin W. Johnson, who has added information to the original source which he gleaned from muster rolls. Not all data contained in the biographies was included here, so researchers should confirm all information with the original source.

Armlin, William W. -- b. 3-27-1841 Schoharie Co. N.Y. Co. G. 134 N.Y. Afton Twp.
Arnold, James -- b. 11-16-1830 Maine. Co. C. 52 Ill.. Afton Twp.
Arnold, Wm. A. (=Son) -- Co. A. 111 N.Y. P.O.W. Somonauk Twp.
Atwood, Hosea W. -- b. 7-2-1837 Susquehamus Co. Penn. Capt. Co. F. 65 Ill. Sycamore Twp..

Bennett, Nelson W. -- b. 7-11-1814 Chemung Co. N.Y. Capt. N.Y. State Militia. 1860 To Dekal-- b. Victor Twp.
Benson, Henry (Henk) -- b. 5-21-1837 Christenstad, Sweden. Cpl. Co. H. 1 Ill. Lt Art. Franklin Twp.
Beveridge, Andrew Jr. (=Son) -- b. 12-2-1849 Hebron, Washington Co. N.Y. Co. A. 138 Regt. Somonauk Twp.
Bond, Charles (=Son) -- b. 1842 . Co. K. 8 Ill. Cav. Died In Service. Somonauk Twp.
Boston, Robert -- b. 2-13-1840 Lobo, Upper Canada. Sgt. Co. I. 4 Ill. Cav. Paw Paw Twp.
Brimer, George W. (Brimmer) -- b. 3-15-1844 Bristol, Kendall Co. Ill. 33 Wisconsin. Squaw Grove Twp.
Bunnell, O. M. -- b. 8-4-1823 Cayuga Co. Ny. Qm. Co. I. 6 Ohio Cav. Or Inft.? Dekalb Twp.
Burns, John R. Rev. -- Was In Army. Somonauk Twp.
Burst, John W. -- b. 7-29-1843 Meredith, N.Y. 1lt. Co. C. 105 Ill. Sycamore Twp.

Campbell, Thomas -- b. 1827 Union Co. Penn. Co. G. 30 Ill. Kingston Twp.
Carley, Charles H. -- b. 1-23-1844 Randolph Co. Vt. Co. G. 10 Vt. Sycamore Twp.
Clark, Israel S. -- b. 9-1819 Conn. Cpl. Co. H. 105 Ill. Somonauk Twp.
Close, Wm. -- b. 8-11-1828 Union Co. Penn. Sgt. Co. G. 104 Ill. Somonauk Twp.
Coe, Eli G. Or A. -- b. 1834 Ontario Co. N.Y. Sgt. Maj. 8 N.Y. Cav. Somonauk Twp.
Cole, John R. -- b. 10-22-1833 Prince Edward Island. Frigate Congress 32 Mo. 3 Yrs On Constellation. Victor.
Cone, William -- b. 9-13-1822 New Scotland, Albany Co. Ill. Mexican War Veteran. Squaw Grove Twp.
Curtis, Elija -- b. 11-23-1836 Douglas Twp. Worchester Co. Mass. Co. C. 58 Ill. Afton Twp.

Dale, Jno. D. (=Son) -- b. 1839 Penn. Cpl. Co. D. 34 Ill. Killed 12-31-1862 Stone River. Paw Paw Twp.
Darnell, Enoch -- b. 12-9-1837 Marshall Or Lasalle Co. Ill. Co. E. 13 Ill. Squaw Grove Twp.
Dayton, Lewis M. -- b. 10-14-1844 Cortland Twp. Or Pampas, Ill. Co. F. 132 Ill. Sycamore Twp.
Dennis, Major Sr. -- Wife Of Mrs. Laura Hall. Somomauk Twp.
Dobbin, James (Dobbins) (=Son) Co. F. 13 Ill. Killed @ Vicksburg. Victor Twp.
Dustin, Daniel Dr. -- b. Topsham, Orange Co. Vt. Col. 105 Ill. Sycamore Twp.
Evans, Phillip H. -- b. 5-5-1847 Oneida Co. N.Y. Co.B U.S. Reg. & Co. L 24 N.Y. Cav. Somonauk Twp.

Fisher, Henry H.F. -- 100 Days & Co. K. 7 Vt. & 1st. N.Y. Art. Kileed In Engagement. Somonauk Twp.
Forsyth, A. G. (=Son) -- Co. G. 105 Ill. Somonauk Twp.
Forsyth, Jas. S. (Forsythe) (=Son) -- b. 1833 Ohio. Capt. Co. H. 105 Ill. D. 10-1875 Chicago. Somonauk Twp.
Forsyth, Jno. -- Died 11-15-1864 ?? Somonauk Twp.
Forsyth, R. W. (=Son) -- Co. E. 178 Ohio Regt. Somonauk Twp.
Foster, Joseph W. -- Capt. Co. K. 42 Ill.. Kingston Twp.
Frantz, Alpheua J. -- b. 1-23-1847 Alleghany C. Md. Co. I. 3 Maryland. Paw Paw Twp.
Frost, Francis A. -- b. 4-13-1834 Schuyler Co. N.Y. 48 N.Y. Shabbona Twp.
Fuller, Thomas H. -- b. 1846 Canada East. 2 Yrs. In Army. Dekalb Twp.

Gage, Jesse L. (=Son) -- b. 1836 N.Y. Co. H. 105 Ill. Killed 8-12-1864. Somonauk Twp.
Garman, John (Gorman) -- b. 1-1-1843 Clinton Co. Penn. Blacksmith In War For Govt.. Sycamore Twp.
Graham, Alexander (=Son) -- Co. H. 2nd Iowa. Lives In Kansas. Somonauk Twp.
Grout, Henry P. -- b. 1836 Windsor Co. Vt. Co. C. 53 Ill. (=52 Ill.) Kingston Twp.
Gurler, Henry -- b. -- b. 5-21-1840 Chesterfield, N.H. Co. K 42 Ill. & 132 Ill. Afton Twp.

Harrington, George -- b. 9-26-1835 New Berlin, Chenango Co. N.Y. Co. H. 105 Ill. Squaw Grove Twp.
Harrington, George L. -- b. 8-20-1839 Chenango Co. N.Y. Co. E. 1 Calif. Cav. Sycamore Twp..
Harvey, J. Barton -- 8 N.Y. Cav. Died 10-1864 Miller, Ga. Andersonville P.O.W. Buried Beuford, S.C. Somona.
Hauly, Austin (Halley) -- b. 1839 Cook Co. Ill. Or Cape Of Good Hope. Co. K. 8 Ill. Cav. P.O.W. Kingston Twp.
Henry, John V. (=Son) -- b. 1844 N.Y. H.Q. 17 Ill. Cav. Lives Quincy, Ill. Somonauk Twp.
Hiland, Jackson (Highland) -- b. 7-24-1827 Oneida Co. N.Y. Musc. Co. F. & S. 42 Ill. Dekalb Twp.
Hill, Abraham H. -- b. 9-1842 Michigan. Co. F. 127 Ill. Somonauk Twp.
Hinds, Albert -- His Father Was A War Of 1812 Soldier. Clinton Twp.
Hoag, Edward -- b. 7-25-1839 Genessee Co. N.Y. Sgt. Co.H. & C. 10 Ill. Died 2-5-1862 Mound City, Ill. Somon.
Holcomb, Reuben J. -- b. 9-27-1839 Cataragus Co. N.Y. Sgt. Co. A. 105 Ill. Sycamore Twp.
Holland, John -- b. 3-26-1830 Devonshire, England. Co. F. 104 Ill. Malta Twp.
Howell, Stephen V. -- b. 9-10-1844 Ameliasburg, Prince Edward Co. Canada. 1861 U.S. Military Tel. Sq.Gr.

Ingham, Ellis E. -- b. 11-27-1845 Delaware Co. Ohio. Co. C. 17 Ill. Cav. Cortland Twp.

Joles, Wm. -- b. 11-4-1840 Dekalb Co. Ill. Co. E.13 Ill. & Lt. Co. H. 156 Regt. Somomauk Twp.

Kauffman, Abram C. -- b. 3-4-1838 York Co. Penn. Co. H. 7 Penn. Clinton Twp.
Kellogg, Benjamin F. -- b. 3-22-1842 Herkimer Co. N.Y. Co. A. 64 Ill.&1lt 1 Alamama Cav. Somonauk Twp.
Kern, Joseph D. Jr. -- b. 8-3-1832 Canada. Co. H. 89 Ill. Somonauk Twp.
Kinsloe, Albert S. -- b. 12-15-1840 Graysville, Huntington Co. Penn. Capt. Co. D. 53 Ill. Malta Twp.

Lefle, George W. Dr. -- b. 8-6-1833 Lodi, Seneca Co. N.Y. Veterinary Surgeon In Cav. Washington D.C. Cortland.
Leonard, Patrick -- b. 1837 Ireland. Cpl. Co. A. 105 Ill. Kingston Twp.
Lintleman, Richard E.F. -- b. 3-13-1834 Hanover, Germany. Co. E. 113 Ill. Malta Twp.
Little, Erasmas (Erastus) -- b. 1845 N.Y. Cpl. Co. I. 9 Ill. Cav. Enlisted At Belvidere. Kingston Twp.
Lord, Robert D. -- b. 9-9-1817 Saratoga Co. N.Y. 2 Lt. Co. A. 105 Ill. Genoa Twp.
Low, Wm. R. -- b. 1-30-1827 Prince Edward Co. Canada. Co. E. 105 Ill. ? Somonauk Twp.

Manley, Henry H. (Manly) -- b. 8-28-1840 Cataragus Co. N.Y. 4 Wisc. Art. Somonauk Twp.
Mcbride, Samuel -- b. 4-1825 Washington Co. Ohio. Co. H. 105 Ill. Somonauk Twp.
Mccormick, John A. -- b. 5-7-1842 Ireland. Co. E. 105 Ill. Shabbona Twp.
Mead, Jonathan -- b. 5-26-1826 Chenango Co. N.Y. Somonauk Twp.
Miller, Andrew J. -- b. 1828 Penn. Co. G. 30 Ill. Kingston Twp.
Munson, Alvah -- b. 6-9-1795 Southington, Hartford Co. Conn. 1812 War Veteran. Somonauk Twp.
Munson, Frank A. -- b. 3-9-1838 Crawford Co. Or Sandy Creek, Mercer Co. Penn. Capt. Co. H. 10 Ill. Somon.
Muzzy, Ira C. -- b. 1845 Spring Grove, Ill. Co. C. 17 Ill. Cav. Dekalb Twp.

Newman, David J. (Son Of Mrs. Osborn) -- Co. A. 22 Wisc. Lives Bay City, Michigan. Somonauk Twp.
Nichols, Charles -- b. 1844 Sweden. Co. K. 42 Ill. Kingston Twp.

Osterhout, A. Franklin -- b. 1842 Dekalb Co.Ill. Co. A. 105 Ill. Mayfield Twp.

Parke, Aalmon F. (Almind) -- b. 1-25-1837 Evans Twp. Erie Co. N.Y. Capt. 105 Ill. Sycamore Twp.
Pasley, Sylvester -- b. 8-25-1842 Dekalb, Ill. Sgt. Co. G 58 Ill. Dekalb Twp.
Pattee, Albion -- b. 11-26-1837 N.H. Co. E. 105 Ill. Shabbona Twp.
Patten, William -- b. 1-21-1817 Greenwich, Washington Co. N.Y. Capt. Co. H. 156 Ill. Somonauk Twp.
Persons, Edward S. -- b. 1-14-1836 Ontario Co. N.Y. 1st. Sgt. Co. K. 112 Ill.. Sycamore Twp.
Place, Claudius -- b. 7-31-1845 Shazy, Clinton Co. N.Y. Co. H. 88 Ill. Paw Paw Twp.
Poplin, Jesse F. -- b. 2-5-1845 Dekalb Co. Ill. Co. H. 105 Ill. Somonauk Twp.
Post, Lucien H. -- b. 10-19-1839 Rochester, N.Y. Capt. Co. A. 17 N.Y. Dekalb.
Pratt, Gilbert E. (=Son) Lt. Col. 8 Michigan. Killed 4-6-1863 Bowling Green.Ky. Somonauk Twp.

Quigley, Adelbert C. -- b. 1848 Arkunght, N.Y. Co. H. 141 Ill. Kingston Twp.

Radley, Albert S. -- b. 1844 N.Y. Co. C. 15 Indiana. In 2 Battles. Squaw Grove Twp.
Ramer, Henry E. -- b. 1840 Richland, Richland Co.Ohio. Co. F. 13 Ill. Too Lates Sec. Pierce Twp.
Reynolds, James S. -- b. 3-27-1826 Chenango Co. N.Y. Lt. Co. H. 10 N.Y. Cav. Sycamore Twp.
Russell, William J. -- b. 6-26-1843 Erie Co. Penn. 88 Ill. 2nd Board Of Trade Regt. Cortland Twp.
Ryon, John A. (Ryan) -- b. 4-27-1836 Wayne Co. Penn. Co. K. 8 Ill. Cav. Afton Twp.

Safford, Edward P. -- b. 3-14-1837 N.H. Co. A. 105 Ill. & Capt. 14 U.S. Clored Inft. Mayfield Twp.
Savery, G. W. -- b. 8-20-1818 Oxford Co. N.H. Mexican War Veteran. Cortland Twp.
Scofield, Wm. H. -- b. 10-19-1838 Chautauqua Co. Ny. Cpl. Co. E. 105 Ill. Malta Twp.
Shafer, Franklin -- b. 6-15-1847 Somerset Co. Penn. Sgt. Co. C. 32 Iowa. Genoa Twp.
Sheley, Dier -- b. 7-16-1829 Erie Co. Ohio. Co. -- b. 4 Iowa Cav. Kingston Twp.
Siglin, Joshua -- b. 1-1-1844 Monroe Co. Penn. Co. F. 17 Ill. Cav. Genoa Twp.
Sixbury, Chauncey E. -- b. 3-30-1838 . 2.T. Co. A. 105 Ill. Sycamore Twp.
Smith, Richard A. -- b. 1828 German, Chenango Co. N.Y. Capt. Co. F. 13 Ill. Mayfield Twp.
Smith, Stephen -- b. 1840 Penn. Co. H. 105 Ill. Died 3 Yrs. After Discharge Of Disease In Service. Somonauk T.
Stark, Harmon M. -- b. 1841 Sycamore, Ill. Co. I. 105 Ill. Kingston Twp.
Stark, Jefferson -- b. 4-4-1847 Sycamore, Ill. Co. F. 147 Ill. Sycamore Twp.
Stedman, Wm E. -- b. 5-29-1851 Grand Rapids, Mich. Father Was In 13 Michigan Inft. Died Bridgeport, Ala.
Stern, Michael (Stearns) -- b. 11-28-1848 Cumberland Co. Penn. Co. D. 79 Penn. Victor Twp.

Taylor, John C. -- b. 8-16-1836 Westfield, Chautaqua Co. N.Y. Cpl. Co. D. 36 Ill. Somonauk Twp.
Thomas, August H. -- b. 5-2-1837 Nausau, Germany. 2 Brothers In Army. Ck. Ferdinand & Phillip . Victor Twp.
Thompson, Edwin A. -- b. 12-12-1843 Norway. Co. C. 105 Ill. Sycamore Twp.
Townsend, Edwin -- b. 1839 Dekalb Co. Ill. Co. E. 9 Ill. Cav. Mayfield Twp.
Tuttle, W. C. -- b. 1818 Mass. 1864 Was Army Staion Agent. Kingston Twp.

Van Nostrand, Merwin R. (Van Ostrand) -- b. 1835 Lagrange, Dutchess Co. N.Y. 1lt. Co. C. 10 Ill. D. 1871.Sq.Gr.
Van Patten, Abraham -- b. 5-19-1839 Schenectady, N.Y. Cpl. Co. E. 105 Ill. Malta Twp.

Waite, Campbell W. -- b. 7-12-1832 Victory, Cayuga Co. N.Y. Adjt. 8 Ill. Cav. Sycamore.
West, Elias C. -- b. 11-25-1839 Erie Co. N.Y. Co. A. 105 Ill.
White, A. G. (=Son) -- b. 1840 N.Y. Cpl. Co. G. 105 Ill. Somonauk Twp.
Whitemore, H.C.(Whittemore) -- b. Windsor Co. Vt. Or N.Y.3 Yrs In Army. Capt. Co. H. 2 Ill. Art.? Dekalb.
Whitmore, J.-- b. (Whittemore?) -- b. 12-16-1833 Devonshire, England. 4 Yrs. In Army. Dekalb Twp.
Whitney, Samuel D. -- b. 1836 Erie Co. N.Y. Or Ohio. Lived Spring Twp. Co. I 9 Ill. Cav. Kingston Twp.
Whittemore, Henry C. Sr. -- b. 10-31-1841. Capt. 2 Ill. Lt. Art. Sycamore Twp.
Willis, John E. -- b. 2-6-1833 Cayuga Co. N.Y. Sgt. Co. G. 30 Wisc.. Somonauk Twp.
Willmarth, Emmet (Emory ?) -- b. 8-1-1847 Near Willett Or Chenango Co. N.Y. Cpl. Co. F. 147 Ill. Cortland Twp.
Wiltberger, William H. -- b. 12-8-1836 Munfordsville, Hart Co. Ky. Cpl. Co. K. 105 Ill. Afton Twp.
Winn, Levi -- b. 3-9-1837 Jefferson Co. N.Y. Sutler In Army? Sycamore Twp.
Winne, Charles Dr. -- b. 2-22-1832 Leesville, Schoharie Co. N.Y. Asst. Surgeon 55 Ill. & Surg.77 Ill. Sandwich.
Woodard, Robert K. -- b. 11-13-1843 Wayne Co. Penn. Co. H. 105 Ill. Somonauk Twp.
Wright, Carter E. -- b. 3-1842 Genessee Co. N.Y. Co. H. 105 Ill. Somonauk Twp.

Submitted by Martin W. Johnson
Belvidere, Illinois Historian.


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