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Clinton Township History

The latter, a Captain in Company II, of the Thirteenth Infantry, was a bright example of the Christian soldier. A native of Malone, N. Y., he moved with his father's family to Clinton in 1845, pursued the study of law at Aurora and Cincinnati, and obtained a good law practice at Aurora; but impelled by motives of purest patriotism, he left his young family at the first outbreak of the war, served for three years most honorably in the gallant old Thirteenth, fighting its every battle; but lost his health in the service, and returned, to fall a victim to consumption, just when the people of De Kalb County were about to elect him to an honorable civil office. He was, in intelligence, in culture, in every manly virtue, one of the very foremost men of our County.

Reuben M. Pritchard, his brother, a gentleman of ability and high integrity, has been for six years Supervisor of the town, and one of the leading citizens of the County.

Charles Wesley and William Wallace Marsh, who settled in Clinton in 1850, have gained both fame and fortune by the invention of the famous Marsh Harvester. The first machine was used and first patent obtained in 1858. The first made for sale were used in 1861, when twenty-five were manufactured. Five thousand will be built for the harvest of 1869, and the admirable invention promises to supersede all other modes of harvesting; grain.

The Supervisors of Clinton have been:
For 1850, Reuben Pritchard;
1851, James R. Eastman;
1852, Arunah Hill;
1853, C. B. Whitford;
1854, Arunah Hill;
1855, Reuben Pritchard;
1856, Reuben M. Pritchard;
1857, O. A. Tubbs;
1858-59, N. S. Greenwood;
1860-01-62, R. M. Pritchard,
1863-64, W. C. Macey;
1865, R. M. Pritchard;
1866, J. L. Mighell ;
1867-68, Robert Humphrey.


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