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First Lutheran Church Of Kirkland
Swedish Membership List

Transcribed and Contributed by Martin W. Johnson

Formatted by K. Torp

Transcription Of Swedish Born Members In 1893 and 1920 Membership Lists (the two lists have been combined here)
Only Foreign Born Members & Wives Or Husbands Were Transcribed (no U.S.-born children's names were transcribed).
This microfilm is available at Ida Public LIbrary in Belvidere Illinois and it gives more detailed information on members.

Many Surnames & Parish Or County Names Have Two Dots Or A Dash Above Letters.
Transcriber has added added "Mrs." to married women with no listed maiden names for indexing purposes and has corrected misspellings of parish names

Many Names Like Per Is Now Peter. Carl Is Now Charles Etc…

There were many variations of the same entries in these lists.
Some surnames change at times, such as Peterson & Pearson family etc..

*This is not a complete list*


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