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Website Updates

These are some of the updates made over the years to this website:

Nov 2015:  obits for GRANGER, LEWIS, WIRSING
Aug 2015:  
1876 Directory of Voters and Taxpayers
June 2015:  marriage announcement for NISBET-HARPER;  obits for EVANS, FREED, GODEL, LILLJA, LUNDBERG; Military news for TEPOVICH, RADATA, KLEMM

January 2014: Numerous Bios, obits, news items
Aug 2014:  obits for NIELSON, WHITE, KENYON;  bio for BARBER
Oct 2013:  Sick list news for MANSFIELD;  Birth/death announcement for JACKSON
July 2013: Marriage announcement for WAGNER-HOUGH; obit for STINSON
Apr 2013: bio for MORSCH
Jan 2013: bios for GREENMAN, CULVER
Dec 2012: Swedish membership list of 1st Lutheran Church of Kirkland
June 2012: ADEE obit
Mar 2012: BUEHLER obits
Jan 2012: FISH bio
Dec 2011: BOYNTON bio
June 2011: Pensioners on the Roll in 1883


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