Mercantile Association Summons

Arcola Mercantile Paper 1878

This document lists dozens of the citizens and business people of the Arcola area in 1878. Many thanks to Hazel Jorgensen for sharing this with us!

Transcribed version (Use your Browser's FIND function to search for names): 

STATE OF ILLINOIS Douglas County. } SS.

The People of the State of Illinois to the Sheriff of said County - GREETING:

WE COMMAND YOU TO SUMMON The Arcola Merchantile Association, John Ray, Receiver of the Arcola Merchantile Association, W N Shaw, Isaac Cosler, John B Eversole, J M Harshbarger, W M White, M Barricklow, directors of the Arcola Mechantile Associationm and Jon Allbright, Samuel Ash, Floyd Arnold, William Andrew, T N Ashbrook, F M Allen, Richard Avery, Thomas Andrews, T R Breedlove, S Bowman, Jacob Bngh, J T Boon, Thomas Bracy, D D Bowman, Rosetta Boon, E B Bush, J C Barnes, Jacob Bowman, Rand D Brown, James A Breeden, Jacob Bowman, administrator of Peter Bowman, deceased, Thomas Bland, M Breedlow, David Boyle, C G Bond, Wm Creviston, Maggie D Cornwell, Jacob Creviston, Isaac Cosler, D C Cooley, David Cotterman, F M Cox, J C Cooper, A G Chapman, A C Cadwell, William Donnelly, W H Doolittle, Newton Denning, James Doughtery, Samuel R Duncan, John Daily, John Eversole, John R Elson, Charles L Fisher, Wilson Fleming, W R Foulk, Thomas Foster, J M Fleming, George Fox, C C Fleener, H Graham, George Gillespie, Mary A Gillespie, John S Gideon, J M Harshbarger, Jacob Harshbarger, J M Harrah, J A Harshbarger, C B Harshbarger, John L Huston, Lewis Hackman, W C Hartford, E M Hooper, G W Humbarger, W W Hudson, Luke Hook, B W House, Aaron Hood, David Hendrickson, J Hemingway, G W Hutton, Cephus, Haney, Edward Haney, John B Haney, John Hall, John Hood, I T Horn, Robert Hendrickson, J J Jones, Alvin Jones, M T Johnson, John D Johnson, Robert Jarvis, N J Jarvis, Birt Kearney, William L Langly, John F Louthan, J A Lang, D B Louthan, C N Louthan, James Louthan, David Looter, William McMullen, W L Martyn, Wm J Moore, John R Moore, William Moore, Thomas Moore, N S Monroe, Robert S Martyn, W S McIntosh, H W McFadden, Wm Mollenhoff, D McKinney, Robert Mason, Robert Martyn, J B Miller, B M Owen, V E Parr, Samuel Poorman, C W Phillips, Wm T Pullen, N A Painter, Jeremy Pate, Daniel Roberts, F M Rush, C C Rehford, Louisa Rush, F D Reed, D C Rider, Marietta Roberts, David Speelman, W N Shaw, W H Shaw, Sarah Shaw, Robert Shaw, John B Haney, administrator of Joel Stephenson, deceased, Norman Shipman, N Smock, Samuel Teaters, F M Thornburgh, Aril Vandalen, Adam Whitmer, R N Woolverton, George Watson, L Wilkins, A Walk, Wm M White, W V Whitney, Wm Wilson, Daniel Woolford, W B Woodall, The Lee Grange, The Okaw Grange, J S Boon, Mary R Boon, I W Hood, Cora S Doolittle, B B Mosler, J M McFadden, A Breedlove, J C Breeton, E B Barnes, and L Owen, if they shall be found in your county, personally be and appear before the Circuit Court of said county on the first day of the next term thereof to be holden at the court house in Tuscola, in said Douglas county, on the second Monday of October, AD 1878 to answer unto

John M Durand, Henry C Durand and Calvin Durand, partners under the firm name and style of Durands & Co; William Glenn, James M Glenn and Richard Dymond, partners under the firm name and style of William Glenn & Sons, Louis Hallweg and Charles E Reese, partners under the firm name and style of Hallweg & Reese; Abraham Bohm, Jos Bohm and Samuel Fleischman, partners under the firm name and style of Bohm Bros & Co; Alex M Robertson and J C Perry, partners under the firm name and style of Robertson & Perry; Simon Reid, Thomas Murdock and Fredrick Fisher, partners under the firm name and style of Reid, Murdock & Fisher; W H Ainsworth, Augustine Wait and Martin B Pratt, partners under the firm name and style of W H Ainsworth & Co, John T Pirie, George Scott, Robert Scott and Andrew McLeish, partners under the firm name and style of Caron, Pirie Scott & Co; A Curtis Cadwell, A Dennis Cadwell, Nelson Shaw, "Lee Grange," W H Doolittle, Cephis Haney, George Giliespie, John B Eversole, W N Shaw, and J M Harshbarger, in their certain bill of complaint filed in said court on the Chancery side thereof and have you then and there this writ with the endorsement thereon in what manner you shall have executed the same

Witness PATRICK C. SLOAN, Clerk of our said Court, and the seal thereof at his office in Tuscola, in said Douglas County, this 21st day of September, A.D. 1878 PATRICK S. SLOAN, Clerk

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