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Jacob Moore & Amanda Rice
1858 Family Bible

Submitted to Illinois Genealogy Trails by:
Brenda (Black) Watson
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This transcript is taken from eight pages out of the original Bible along with 2 handwritten Notes. I have faithfully maintained the original spelling.

Jacob Moore (1799-1860) was born in Shelbyville, Shelby County, Kentucky and is buried in Arcola, Douglas County, Illinois. He married Amanda Rice (1806-1863) in 1829 who was born in Shelby County, Kentucky. They moved from KY to Park County, Indiana to Douglas County, IL and had 11 children. The family lived on a large farm outside of Arcola, IL. His son, Squire William T. Moore (b. Parke County, IN - d. Douglas County, IL) married Margaret E. Louthan (b. Edgar County, IL - d. Douglas County, IL), whose daughter, Laura, kept many family Bibles and other heirlooms intact. This Bible has been in the possession of Brenda Black Watson (3rd great-granddaughter of Jacob Moore and Amanda Rice) since

Surnames in this file:

Title Page
The New Testament of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ: Translated out of the Original Greek; and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised with Canne's Marginal References, and A Guide to a Regular Perusal of the Holy Scriptures. The Test Corrected According to the Standard of the American Bible Society. Dayton, Ohio. Published at the Printing Establishment of the United Brethren in Christ. 1858

Page 1

Jacob Moore was Born October 16, 1799
Amanda Moore was Born March 22, 1806
Wm. T. Moore was Born Sept 5, 1830
Mary C. Moore was Born February 2, 1832
Amanda J. Moore was Born February 12, 1834
Jacob R. Moore was Born Sept 18, 1836
Abraham H. Moore was Born Dec 7, 1838
Eliz. Marg. Moore was Born Feb 6, 1841
Susan Matilda Moore was born May 28, 1845
John J. Moore was Born Nov 18, 1845
George W. Moore was Born Dec 29, 1848
Andrew J. Moore was Born July 12, 1851
Sarah Caroline Moore was Born July 12, 1851

Page 2

Wm T. Moore and Margaret E. Moore's Children

Wm. T. Moore was Born Sept 5, 1830
Margaret E. Moore was Born January 24, 1838
Sarah Mar Moore was Born Apr 13, 1857
Charles Albert Moore was Born July 3, 1858
Clarance Ferdinand was Born Feb 7, 1860
Laura Catharine Moore was Born May 18, 1864
Alice Bell Moore was Born Sept 6, 1866
Henry Wm Moore was Born October 8, 1869

Page 3

John M. Logan Born May 14, 1814
Benjamon H. Logan was Born Dec 2[6], 1857
Mary A. Logan was Born March 26, 1860
John M. Logan was Born Oct [6], 1862
Amanda L. Logan May 6, 1856

Page 4

Walter [Walles] Moore was Born July 25, 1872
Robert Overton Black was born Aug 30, 1890
George Wm Black was born July 4, 1892
Lois Francis Black was Born Oct 30, 1893
Andrew Clarance Black was Born May 29, 1898

Grand Father Moore Died 1860

Page 5

Amanda Moore was Married Oct 21, 1829
Amanda J. Moore was Married Nov. 29, 1849
Mary C. Moore was Married Nov 4, 1852
Wm T Moore was Married Apr 17, 1856
Elizabeth M Moore was Married Sept 12, 1861
Susan M Moore was Married Sept 12, 1861
Jacob R Moore was Married Dec 31 1862
Jno. J. Moore was Married Jan 7, 1869
George W. Moore was Married Jan 11, 1870
Sarah C. Moore was Married Sept 24, 1873

Page 6

Wm. T. Moore and Margaret E. Louthan was married May 17, 1856
Robert Miller Black and Laura C. Moore was Married Nov 6, 1889

Page 7

Andrew J. Moore Died Aug 12, 1851
Jacob Moore Died July 8, 1860
Amanda Moore Died Oct 25, 1863
J. M. Logan Died Jan 4, 1864
Mary A. Logan Died Sept. 6, 1861
J. M. Logan, Jr. Died March 15, 1874
Benjamin H. Logan died Oct 27, 1918

Page 8

Walter W. Moore Departed this life Sept 21, 1872 age 1 Month 27 days

Handwritten Note inside Moore Family Bible
Note (J.K. Louthan father)

Sarah – wife of John Louthan died Dec. 1866 71 yr. Old
John Louthan died May 7, 1865 71 yr. Old
Margaret wife of J. Louthan died Oct. 29, 1841 15 yrs.
Joseph son of L & M Louthan died Jan. 9, 1846 13 yrs
Henry [Wm] son of L and M Louthan died Oct. 30, 1848 24 yrs.
Casandra daughter of J. & S. Hainer Aug. 18, 1850 15 yr.
[Char.] son of L N & A. Louthan – Feb. 12, 1855 Only 1 mo.

Handwritten Sheet Inside Bible

Aunt Elizabeth Moore died Dec 3, 1878
Aunt Mary Louthan died Jan 17, 1878
John Moores Baby died Nov 20, 1882
Salie [Chendalier] Little Gracie died Dec 18, 1882
Bell [McWilliams] died Dec 18, 1882
Mar 23, 1884 Old Mr. Cummings died

Jim [Dener] was married Sep 3, 1886
Park [Bayer] and Clara Louthan was married
Arthur W. Louthan Sep 2, 1886
Arthur Louthan was married Sep 1 1886
[Lillie] Louthan was married Sep 23, 1886
John Scott was married Jan 3 1889
Charles Moore was married 28 of Dec 1889
Clarence Moore was married 7 of Dec 1889

Amanda [J] Louthan Sep 29 1886
Thomas Louthan died May 8 1889 Age 27 years
William Scott was married March 12 1889
Will Scott was married second time March 10 1898
[Indecipherable & crossed out]
Mary Catherine Logan died Oct 19 1892
Overton Black was born Aug 30, 1890
Kate Moore died Sept 18 1890
[Mrs. Malden] Jones died June 28 1895

Backside of Sheet has other entries related to payments and excursions
Sep 1 1882 [Sinthe] Logans baby was born

Squire William T Moore & Margaret E. Louthan
1881 Family Bible

Submitted by:
Brenda Black Watson
8067 Neshoba Rd.
Germantown, TN 38138 USA
Phone: (901) 755-4859
Email: priority@comtutors.com

This Bible has been in the possession of Brenda Black Watson (2nd great-granddaughter of William and Margaret) since 1977, inherited from Arcola, IL. This transcript is taken from five pages out of the original Bible. I have faithfully maintained the original spelling.

Squire William Thomas Moore (1830-1922) was born in Parke County, Indiana, moved to Douglas Count, Illinois when he was four years old (spring of 1834) and died in Douglas Co., IL. William was the eldist of 8 children born to Amanda Rice (1806-1863) and Jacob Moore (1799-1960), pioneers of the family in Douglas County and natives of Shelby County, KY. William married Margaret Elizabeth Louthan in 1856, Coles County, IL. Margaret (1838-1907) was born in Edgar County, IL and died in Douglas County, IL. She was the youngest of 12 to John (1790-1865) and Margaret (Carter) Louthan (1797-1884), both of whom were born in Frederick County, VA. William and Margaret had seven children. Squire William served for 18 years as a Justice of the Peace, 3 terms as township collector and 2 terms as assessor. He owned property in Coles County, was a Mason and an Odd Fellow in Arcola, IL. Some Source data from "History of Douglas County"

"The Hermitage" had been built as a coach stop and inn on the Springfield Road which ran from Terre Haute, Indiana and Springfield, Illinois. It later became a post office known locally as "The Hermitage" and the last proprietors were John and Sarah Louthan. Jacob Moore had been the first to settle in the area in 1833 and he built a cabin two miles west of the future site of Arcola, Illinois. His son, William T. Moore, met John and Margaret's daughter, Margaret Louthan, at The Hermitage and married her in 1856. They lived a half-mile north of Springfield Road at Woodland Home which still stands in 1993. (Source: Tom Fetters)

Date Range: 1830-1942

Title Page

Parallel-Column Edition. The Holy Bible Containing The King James and the Revised Versions of the Old and New Testaments, Arranged in Parallel Columns, with A Complete Concordance, Embracing Every Passage of Scripture in the Largest Editions, The Psalms in Metre, 100,000 Marginal References and Readings, Dr. Wm. Smith’s Standard Bible Dictionary, …….. Compiled Expressly for this Edition, From the Writings of the Dr. Wm. Smith, Dean Milman, Rev. John Kitto, D.D., Drs. Von Ewald and Michelson, and Other Eminent Biblical Scholars. 2000 Scripture Illustrations on Steel,
Wood, and in Colors. Toledo, Ohio: U.S.B. Publishing Co., No. 193 Summit Street. Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1886, in the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington. Copyright 1881.

Page 1

This Certifies that Wm T Moore and Margaret E. Louthan were united in marriage by me in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony At Home on the 17th day of April in the year of our Lord 1856. In Presence of Mr. [Bules] and relatives. Signed: Rev [Venesab].

Page 2

Wm. T. Moore was Born Sept 5th 1830
Margaret E. Louthan Born Jan 24. 1838
Sarah M. Moore was " April the 13. 1857
Charles Albert Moore was born July 3rd 1858
Clarance Ferdinand Moore was born Feb 7th 1860
Laura Catherine Moore was Born May 18. 1864
Alice Bell Moore was Born Sept 6th 1866
Henry Wm Moore was Born Oct the 8th 1869
Walter [Walles] Moore was Born July 25th 1872
[Line drawn under above entries]
Robert Overton Black born Aug 30th 1890
George Wm Black born July 24th 1892
Lois Francis Black born Oct. 30th 1893
Andrew Clarance Black born May 29th 1898

Page 3

Clarance F. Moore & Anna J. Johnson married Dec 7th 1887
Anna Johnson was born March 14th 1863
Ruby Francis Moore born May 8th 1891
Charles A. Moore & Clara Mary Rush Married Dec 28th 1887
Clara Mary Rush was born Jan 29th 1867
Robert Miller Black and Laura Moore Married Nov. 6th 1889.
Robert Miller Black born Dec 16th 1845
Henry W. Moore and Elizabeth Dallas Married Feb 17th 1909
Elizabeth Dallas born March 14th 1888
Richard Henry Moore born Jan 31st 1910 on Mon 10 A.M.

Page 4

Walter W. Moore Departed this life Sept the 21st 1872. Age 1 month & 27 days.
Mrs. Margaret E. Moore Departed this life Sat morning at 9 A.M. Feb 9th 1907. Age 69 years and 15 days.
Alice B. Moore Departed this life Tues 1 P.M. Jan 19th 1909. Age 42 years 4 months 13 days
Robert Black Departed this life Sunday 9 P.M. June 11th 1899. Age 54 years 6 months 25 days

Page 5

Wm T Moore united with the Presbyterian Church Oct 17th 1920. Also on the same Sunday had the 4 generations pictures taken to gather Father Laura Robert and Bobie Jr. Father being 90 years old Sept 5-1920. An eventful Sunday.

Margaret Sarah Moore Born April 13. 1857 passed away Sept 18. 1942.


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