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Submitted by Chuck Knox from county records and from input from veterans, their families and local newspapers.

[KIA Killed in action -- DIS Died in Service -- WIA Wounded in Action]






Akers Charles M Villa Grove Camargo  
Armstrong Craig   Newman/Murdock  
Ault Daniel F Villa Grove/Camargo  
Aydelotte Robert   Newman/Murdock  
Barrow David   Newman/Murdock  
Barrow Wesley   Newman/Murdock  
Beck Kurt   Newman/Murdock  
Biddle Dean   Newman/Murdock  
Biddle Dean W Villa Grove/Camargo  
Bumgarner Eric   Arcola/Hindsboro  
Burch Fred F Villa Grove/Camargo  
Busby Steve   Newman/Murdock  
Butler Jeff   Arcola/Hindsboro  
Case Jim (5th)   Arcola/Hindsboro  
Clark Kenneth M Newman/Murdock  
Clark Kenneth J Villa Grove/Camargo  
Clarkson Shannon N Tuscola  
Conlin Allen   Arthur  
Conner James L Tuscola  
Dallas Andy   Villa Grove/Camargo  
Eskridge Kendra   Arcola/Hindsboro  
Flammang J Clare Villa Grove/Camargo  
Fleener Fred   Villa Grove/Camargo  
Floyd Ronald W Villa Grove/Camargo  
Fozzard Donald   Newman/Murdock  
Gallion Kenton   Newman/Murdock  
Galpin Ruby   Newman/Murdock  
Goble Robert E Arcola/Hindsboro  
Goings Kenneth   Newman/Murdock  
Gordon Michael   Villa Grove/Camargo  
Grover James   Newman/Murdock  
Hayes Brian   Tuscola  
Hector Jim   Tuscola  
Henson Kenneth   Arcola/Hindsboro  
Henson Mathew   Arcola/Hindsboro  
Ishcomer Aaron   Villa Grove/Camargo  
Kahler Danny   Newman/Murdock  
Kauffman Ervin   Tuscola  
Kirkman Joe   Villa Grove/Camargo  
Koeberlein Michael   Villa Grove/Camargo  
Lee Jim   Arcola/Hindsboro  
Lee Michael   Arcola/Hindsboro  
Lee Nolan   Arthur  
Mayonis James   Tuscola  
Merson Michael   Arcola/Hindsboro  
Montgomery Thomas L Atwood/Garrett  
Moore Roberta   Villa Grove/Camargo  
Nazonis James   Newman/Murdock  
Nelson Mike   Arcola/Hindsboro  
Palmeter Jenson   Arcola/Hindsboro  
Parker David   Villa Grove/Camargo  
Payne Mark D Tuscola  
Ray Michael E Tuscola  
Reeder Kevin   Atwood/Garrett  
Sanders Robin   Villa Grove/Camargo  
Scott Edward   Arthur  
Sherwood Scott   Villa Grove/Camargo  
Skinner John   Newman/Murdock  
Smith Kevin R Tuscola  
Stenger Mark   Arcola/Hindsboro  
Steran Denise   Arcola/Hindsboro  
Strader Curtis A. Arcola/Hindsboro  
Taylor Gerald R Newman/Murdock  
Thomas Rock A Villa Grove/Camargo  
Walters David   Newman/Murdock  
Watson David   Villa Grove/Camargo  
Wilcoxen Kyle   Newman/Murdock  
Wilhelm Brett L Villa Grove/Camargo  
Wilks Mark A Tuscola  
Willoughby Davie J Tuscola  
Wills James   Villa Grove/Camargo  
Wood Robert   Newman/Murdock  
Yelenick Neil   Newman/Murdock  


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