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Marriage Records of Douglas County
(partial listing)
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Marriage Newspaper Announcements

COX, Lizzie B. m. B.F. REED, 12 Dec 1882
COX, Mary A. m. R.O. BREEDLOVE, 4 Jan 1883
COX, Nettie m. William C. KENNER, 22 Aug 1882
COX, Stephen D. m. Martha A. CONLAN, 28 Dec 1869
COX, Tilda E. m. Stephen A. BEDWELL, 19 Oct 1882
COX, William S. m. Maude RUSSELL, 13 Nov 1884
COX, Francis m. m. Isabell WOODALL, 13 Oct 1867
COX, James M. m. Frances MCCARTY, 27 Sep 1881

MYERS, Marina m. Benjamin F. MADDOX, 19 Feb 1872

THOMPSON, Andrus V. m. Lydiann YEAGER, 21 Mar 1865
THOMPSON, Ann M. m. Henry TROWBRIDGE, 16 Jun 1870
THOMPSON, Mahala E. m. william H. MOORE, 28 Feb 1879
THOMPSON, Margaretta m. Hans HARDER, 1 Nov 1861
THOMPSON, Margarette E. m. William H. LARGE, 13 Sep 1886
THOMPSON, Mary Ann m. William ROE, 8 Feb 1866
THOMPSON, Mary C.J. m. Clark HOWARD 1 Oct 1870
THOMPSON, Mary Elizabeth m. Abraham CAMPBELL, 30 May 1867
THOMPSON, William m. Martha J. WALDROP 5 Dec 1867
THOMPSON, William H. m. Mary L. DUNN, 25 Dec 1878

WHEELER, Nettie E. m. S.P. ACKERMAN, 26 May 1880
WHEELER, Perry m. Eliza C. SHICK, 16 Aug 1879
WHEELER, Robert N. m. Artimetia SANDERS, 23 Oct 1859
WHEELER, Sarah E. m. Mervin P. WOODY, 23 Apr 1872
WHEELER, William F. m. Louisa C. WILKINS, 8 Oct 1870
WILLIAMS, Catherine E. m. John Buckallen on 5 Feb 1891
WILLIAMS, William F m. Sarah E Lewis on 18 Sep 1874
WILEY, Alice m. John PURDY, 27 Dec 1871
WILLEY, Alma_ J. m. James W. SOLOMON, 18 Dec 1867
WILLEY, Alvira m. Duane GARRETT, 23 Jul 1871
WYLIE, Annie Bell m. C.F. MYERS, 18 Feb 1885
WILEY, Berty m. Joseph E. HAINES, 1 Jan 1872
WILLEY, Charles W. m. Ellouisa JWIDEN, 14 MAR 1871
WILEY, Hester A. m. George W. RICHMAN, 9 Mar 1868
WILEY, Mary F. m. Samuel N. PECK 25 May 1882
WILEY, Sarah m. Isaac N. DEAN 17 Sep 1876

Transcribed by K. Torp

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