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Douglas County, IL

Thursday was Rev. L. M. Mullikins 34th birthday and the good members of the Christian church at Redmon of which the Rev. is the popular pastor, decided that they would help him celebrate the occasion. So equipped with well filled baskets and to the number of about 25 boarded the Vandalia morning passenger and landed here on the parson greately to his and Mrs. Mullikins surprise. J. B. Merrell had that morning secured him to make a drive over to Filson and when he returned home hear the noon hour was completely surprised and overcome with emotion to find so many of his parishoners present. They soon made him aware of the fact that it was his birthday and the Rev. soon regained his wits and they all had a jolly time. At the noon hour the table was loaded down until it fairly groaned with good things to eat. Hindsboro has no better citizen than L. M. Mullikin and his flock may well be proud of him as their pastor. Those present from Redmon were: Messers and Mesdames. Brinkerhoff, Luykenbill, O'Dell, Collier, Stevenson, Irving; Mesdames. Pierce. Jeff Martin, Horace Fulwider, Isaac Barr, I. Crouch, Fred Martin and Misses Lottie Woolery, Gladys McCaslin, Bertha Higgins and Nora Collier. Mr. Ogdon 0'Hair and Forest O'Hair of Belle Ridge; Mr. and Mrs J. B. Merrell, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Farrier, Mrs. Robinson, Mr. A. C. Mason of Hindsboro Mr. and Mrs. Harvey O'Hair, Florence O'Hair and Mr. Tom Frazier of Bushton.
Submitted by Thomas Pfaffenburger who says, "This article was probably written April 1910 as that would have been the occasion of his 34th birthday." Thomas is a descendent of Joseph Farrier who lived in Hindsboro from about 1866 until his death on March 4, 1936. He married Novanda Short there on November 24, 1879 and had four children Mabel, Lutie, Pluma and Fred.


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