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"Sick List"
Douglas County, IL

A son of Frank LIESE, engineer at Ervin DAVIS & Co.'s warehouse, while in the engine room on Wednesday morning had his left hand caught between a belt and one of the wheels on the engine, nearly severing one finger and cutting a severe gash across the knuckles. [The Tuscola Journal, Saturday, November 9, 1872]

Last week we stated that Dr. APPERSON was at James BRIANTS. We were misinformed. He was thrown from his buggy near Thomas CRAWLEY's where he was taken and has remained ever since. Persons who have went from here to sit up with him give it as their opinion that he will not recover his mind. [The Tuscola Journal, Saturday, November 9, 1872]

Billy CONNOR, our night watch, is losing his eye-sight and has been to Chicago to have his eyes examined. [The Tuscola Journal, Saturday, November 9, 1872]

Stung by Bees - Thursday about noon, H. P.
PERKINS, who lives a short distance west of Tuscola, was stung three or four times by bees. He went to the house, bathed himself in saltwater, and had an apoplectic stroke, which for a time threatened his life. Dr. MARTIN went out and restored him to consciousness, and at last account he was able to sit up. The community narrowly escaped losing a valuable citizen. [The Saturday Journal, June 29, 1878]

On Tuesday morning, Peter MOSBARGER, who plays the big drum stepped or jumped from the depot platform here, about three feet, and struck with the heel of his left boot on a tie of the railway, which being decayed, broke off, throwing him, and so badly spraining his ankle that it took two or three men to get him to his boarding house. He suffered great pain, but was somewhat better today, but very lame. [The Saturday Journal, November 16, 1878]

Local boy hurt in accident
RIEMAN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Don Rieman of Atwood, was wounded in the right foot by a 22 automatic pistol on Christmas Day at about 12 o'clock noon. The accident occurred about 1 ½ miles west of Atwood.
Steve and Jon Dyer were hunting rabbits, when the pistol which Jon was holding accidently fired, hitting Steve in the foot. David Reisner brought the boys back to town and Mr. Rieman took Steve to Jarman Hospital in Tuscola.
[The Atwood Herald, January 6, 1972 - Transcribed by Mary Jean Palma]

A little son of John SWHREHART (?) was riding a mule in the field on Tuesday in company with his father. The mule became unruly and threw the boy, breaking his arm at the wrist. Dr. POLK put it in position. [The Arcola Record, unsure of date, possibly February 17, 1894]


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