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[Source: "The History of Edgar County, Illinois, Containing a History of the County its Cities, Towns, &c" By William Henry Perrin, 1879]
Sub. by Mary Kay Krogman

We've put these in loose alpha order.

Young America Township

Alson L. Ames

ALSON L. AMES, farmer; P .O. Palermo; owns 240 acres. in two tracts, in Y. A. Tp.; was born in Chittenden Co., Vt., March 28, 1818; removed with his parents westward when thirteen years of age, stopping in Michigan until 1835, then to Boone Co., this State, in 1835. Was married to Urania Howell Dec. 12, 1850; she was born in Franklin, Delaware Co., N. Y., April 1, 1824; have four children -Edgar, Urania (born in California), Ida and Nellie. Mr. A. was Sheriff of Boone Co., this State, from 1848 to 1850. In 1852, he went to California by overland route; was four months making the trip; after his arrival there he engaged in mining, and continued in that business until 1859. His wife joined him in California after he had been there three years, and remained with him till his return to the ; States, accomplishing the journey alone by the way of Panama; she died Feb. 17, 1875. At the time of her death, she was a member of the Baptist Church. Mr. A. is also a member of the same church.

Sylvanus Bradfield SYLVANUS BRADFIELD, farmer, Sec. 1; P. O. Palermo; owns 416 acres; was born in Columbiana Co., Ohio, Oct. 22, 1820; went to Rockville, Ind., in 1852; resided there until 1863; during that year he came to this township and settled. Married twice; first to Amy Harrison in the fall of 1841; she was born in Columbiana Co., Ohio, May 18, 1821; died May 3, 1867; had six children by this union four now living, three in this township and one in Kansas; C. L. C., Postmaster at Palermo; William D., farmer; Mary C., in Kansas, and Laura, now Mrs. Carlton; Simon H. died May 3, 1872, in Kansas; was a soldier during the late war, and served one year in place of his father, who was drafted. Mr. B. is at present serving his second term as Supervisor; also held office of Assessor, both in this State and in Indiana. His second marriage was with Mrs. Mary E. Thomas, widow of the late James Thomas, June 6, 1870. Mr. B. is a member of the Christian Church.

C. L. C. Bradfield

C. L. C. BRADFIELD, merchant, Palermo; owns one and one-half acres in village of Palermo, with store and two dwellings; is a son of Sylvanus Bradfield, Esq.; was born in Columbiana Co., Ohio, Feb. 1, 1851; came to this county with parents when about five years of age. Mr. B. was brought up a farmer. In May, 1874, he entered the mercantile business in this village, where he has continued ever since, with success. Mr. B. was married June 16, 1875, to Allie Walters; she was born near Cincinnati, Ohio, Feb. 11, l851; have one child-Claude Harrison. Was appointed Postmaster in 1875. Mr. B. keeps a well-selected general stock of goods. His trade has averaged about $10,000 per year since be commenced business. He is accommodating, and is well adapted for the business that he is engaged in.

Thomas Boyce

THOMAS BOYCE, farmer and butcher. Sec. 36; P. O. Cherry Point; owns forty acres; born in Whittlesea, Cambridgeshire, Eng., Sept. 12, 1826; raised a farmer butcher's trade; he followed the latter business until 1851; he emigrated to this country during that year, and settled in Edgar Co., about six miles east of where he now resides, where he lived about twelve years, except a portion of the time that he resided in Paris and Terre Haute; he then settled where he now resides. Mr. B. was married to Elizabeth Boon Aug. 30, 1847; she was born Aug. 11, 1828, in Whittlesea, England; have had four children; three living-Elizabeth, William T. (deceased), Alice and John. Held office of School Director. Mr. B. has two very ancient relics in his possession, viz., an eight-day clock, over one hundred and fifty years old; it was made in Peterborough, England, by a Mr. T. G. Wilson; it has been in Mrs. B.'s family over one hundred and fifty years, and has kept good time almost continuously ever since. Mrs. B. has a tea-pot in her possession that has been in the family over two hundred years. The pattern is very ancient.

George Barnett

GEORGE BARNETT, farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 12; P. O. Palermo; tenant; was born in Vermilion Co., Ind., Sept. 4, 1848. Married Lizzie Keys, daughter of Wm. Keys, Esq., Sept. 20, 1877; she was born Dec. 24, 1858. Mr. B. is a son of Robert E. Barnett, Esq., of Vermilion Co., Ill.; he was raised a farmer, during which time he was principally engaged in the stockraising business; Mr. B. has been connected with Mr. L. T. Davis in farming and stock-raising during the past four years; they feed from 50 to 150 head of cattle for the market each year, besides a large number of hogs, and also some horses. Mr. Davisí farm, where Mr. B. now is, contains 960 acres, over which Mr. B. exercises a general superintendence.

Oliver Bell

OLIVER BELL, farmer, Sec. 34; P. O. Newman, Douglas Co.; owns 160 acres; born Oct. 4, 1842 in Muskingum Co., Ohio; came to this State with his parents, who settled in Coles Co., this State where his father resided until his death, which occurred March 20, 1875, aged 59 years; his mother died in Ohio when the subject of this sketch was 4 months old. Mr. B. married Charity McCown, daughter of Jonathan McCown, Esq., of this township, Feb. 4, 1864; she was born in this county Dec. 15, 1844; have six children-Sherman, Grant, Elmer, Cora, Olive and Elsie. Mr. B. was a soldier in the late war; enlisted in Co. H, 59th I. V. I., in August, 1861, from Kansas Tp.; in 1861-62, was in the Department of the West; was in the battle of Pea Ridge, Farmington, Miss., and Perryville; served in that regiment two years, and one year in the 150th I. V. I. Mr. B. contracted an affection of the lungs during his latter term of service, from which he has never recovered.

Joseph B. Dains

JOSEPH B. DAINS, farmer and stock-raiser; P. O. Palermo; owns 240 acres, valued about $40 per acre; born in Greene Co., Penn., April 13, 1836; when he was 5 years of age, his father died; he then left home and worked by the month until he was 17 years of age; he then obtained a position to assist in driving a flock of sheep from Pennsylvania to Vermilion Co.; for such service he received $10 per month; was just thirty-seven days on the road. Was married Aug. 12, 1855, to Sarah Reasor; she was born near Dallas, Vermilion Co., Oct. 12, 1837; her father, Samuel Reasor, died when she was a very small girl; Mr. D. has five children living and three dead; the living are named Robert M., Charles B., Ellen J., Annie I. and Clara C.; of the three that died, only one was named,-Ralph. Mr. D. makes a specialty of fine stock; for fifteen 2-year-old steers, sold to George Hughes Dec. 10, 1878, he received $40 per head; their average weight was 1,177 pounds; he turns off a carload of cattle each year, forty to sixty hogs and from two to three horses; in farming he takes pains to raise a variety of produce each year.

John T. Dodd

JOHN T. DODD, farmer, Sec. 19; P. O. Hume Station; owns 80 acres; born in Sims Tp., this county, May 6, 1846. Married Dec. 13, 1866, to Ruth Hannars; she was born in Hamilton Co., Ohio, Feb. 20, 1845; have had five children, four of whom are now living-Amy Inez, Minerva E., Nellie J. and Elizabeth M.; Laura B. died July 20, 1870, aged 2 years and 10 months. Mr. D. holds the office of Town Trustee; has also held office of School Director. Both Mr. and Mrs. Dodd are members of the Christian Church. They settled where they now reside in 1875. Mr. D.'s father, Lewis Dodd, went to California in 1850 by the overland route; he died about six weeks after his arrival there.

George W. Davis

GEORGE W. DAVIS, farmer, Sec. 25; P. O. Newman, Douglas Co.; owns 160 acres; was born in Elbridge Tp., this county, Oct. 28, 1836 ; was raised a farmer. Married twice; first to Julia A. Cummins (daughter of John Cummins, of Elbridge Tp.), Nov. 10, 1859; she died Jan. 1, 1870, leaving three children-Willard, Sophronia and Leander; his second marriage was with Mrs. Lavina Tucker (widow of the late Dillard R. Tucker, and daughter of Joseph Leist); she was born in Pickaway Co., Ohio, Aug. 23, 1840; she had three children by her former husband-Melissa F., Millard F. and Lorena; by this present marriage they have two children-Charles H. and Otis Ervin. Mr. D.ís father, who is still living, was a soldier in the Black Hawk war; served three months; he lost his horse during the campaign, by a supposed Indian stampede. Mrs. D.'s first husband was a soldier during the late war, and lost his life while in the service of his country; he enlisted in Co. A, 7th I. V. C., in 1862; served two years, and died in the hospital at Memphis, Sept. 6, 1864; he was a native of Edgar Co., and was born Sept. 2, 1836. Mr. D. settled where he now resides, in 1874. Melissa is teaching school; has taught three terms; commenced when 17 years old.

Littleton T. Davis

LITTLETON T. DAVIS. farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 12; P. O. Palermo; owns 960 acres; was born in Parke Co., Ind., Oct. 12, 1836; was raised a farmer; resided with his parents until 30 years of age; attended school at Ann Arbor two years; came to this township in 1862; remained two years, and engaged in the cattle business; in 1864, he permanently settled here, since which time he has been engaged in farming, raising and dealing in cattle and other kinds of stock on a large scale, feeding, on an average each year since 1864, with the exception of six years that he rented the farm, 100 head of cattle, and from 75 to 100 head of hogs; last year Mr. D. raised 320 acres of corn. Mr. D. is a son of the late Hon. John G., Davis, late member of Congress from the Seventh Congressional District, State of Indiana, which district he represented several successive terms. Mr. D. was married April 6, 1871, to Miss Alice Barnett (daughter of Robert E. Barnett, Esq., of Vermilion Co., Ill.); she was born Feb. 27, 1841, in Vermilion Co., Ill.; have two children-Mary and Jane.

John B. Galway

JOHN B. GALWAY, farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 13; P. O. Metcalf; owns, 480 acres; born in Washington Co., Penn., Oct. 31, 1826; was raised a farmer; at the age of 18, his winter months were occupied in school-teaching, which he continued until 25 years of age; he also learned the carpenter's trade, but on account of meeting with an accident while assisting to build a bridge, he abandoned the latter occupation at 22. He was married to Elizabeth Mitchell Oct. 30, 1851; she was born in the same county Sept. 23, 1828; in the fall of 1854, he, in company with a brother, came to this State and engaged in farming; his first year was spent on some land belonging to Mason Kendall, Esq., in Vermilion Co.; then in 1856, he removed to Edgar Co., and cultivated with success 160 acres, where Henry Kendall now resides; here he remained three years; he continued working land on shares until 1862, when he purchased his first real estate (80 acres where he now resides); he now owns 480 acres of land in the township where he resides; when he first came to this State, he owned one horse, and had between $30 and $40 in money. Mr. G. was elected a member of the first Board of Supervisors, and continued to hold that office for six years; held office of Justice of Peace three years, and Township Treasurer thirteen years. Have two children Ė Roxana, born March 18, 1853 (now Mrs. John Kizer, of Ross Tp.), and James H., born Dec. 24, 1856; in addition to the above, they have raised two other children-Emma Dalrymple and Henry Robinson; also another child now 5 years of age (named Green Riley Vandyke), whom they took two years ago. Mr. G. is very much respected by all who have the pleasure of his acquaintance, and is known by all as an honest and upright man and public benefactor.

William B. Galway

WILLIAM B. GALWAY, farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 13; P. O. Metcalf Station; owns 284 acres; born in Washington Co., Penn., Nov. 28, 1828; was raised a farmer; in 1854, in company with a brother (John Galway, Esq., of this township), he came to this State and has resided in this township ever since, with the exception of one year. Was married to Elizabeth Howden, in Washington Co., Penn., March 2, 1865; she was born in the latter-named place Feb. 4, 1831; have had one child-died when an infant. He served his country during the late war in Co. K, 125th I. V. I.; enlisted Aug. 13, 1862; was appointed Second Sergeant, and soon after was promoted to Second Lieutenant; held the latter office two years; was in the battles of Perryville, Chickamauga and Mission Ridge. Was the first School Treasurer in the township; held that office five years; also held offices of Town Clerk, Collector, Assessor and other minor offices. Mr. G. and his brother John were poor men when they came here; all they have they have made since their residence here; in 1875, the subject of this sketch raised and fatted 200 hogs; he feeds from thirty to fifty head of cattle each year; also, raises a few horses.

Francis G. Green

FRANCIS. G. GREEN, farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 6; P. O. Palermo; owns 770 acres; born in Butler Co., Ohio, Dec. 18, 1816; resided with his parents until 22 years of age; then went to Tippecanoe Co., Ind.; bought a saw-mill and run it four years. Married Elizabeth Ross Nov. 24, 1842; she was born in Clinton Co., Ind., Oct. 6, 1822; came to this State in March, 1855; resided in Ross Tp. Two years; then settled where he now resides; have had nine children, only three now living-Henry M., born Oct. 8, 1843, died Jan. 3, 1864; Albert, born Aug. 21, 1845, died in Navarro Co., Tex., July 12, 1878; George W., born Oct. 21, 1847, died Dec. 21, 1871; Catherine J., born May 23, 1850, died Sept. 24, 1855; Franklin P., born July 21, 1852; Viola, born Sept. 3, 1854, died Jan. 28, 1864; Isola, born Jan. 15, 1857; John A., born Nov. 19, 1959; William R., born Dec. 28, 1836, died Aug. 31, 1864. Mr. G. has devoted his attention to agricultural pursuits since his residence here; has been quite an extensive stock-raiser in which pursuit he is still engaged. Has held office of Assessor and Collector.

Thomas Guthrie

THOMAS GUTHRIE, farmer, Sec. 7; P. O. Palermo; owns 148 acres; born in Washington Co., Penn., Aug. 11, 1822; was raised a farmer; in his younger days he also taught school several years. Was married in November, 1854, in Fayette Co., Penn. To Christian Keys; she was born in Washington Co., Penn., in May, 1820. In 1854, he came to this State, bringing a flock of 1,600 sheep in which he had and interest; first stopped nine miles northeast of Danville; then to this township; in company with his father and brothers, he rented a farm of 600 acres of Robert E. Barnet, Esq. His father (George Guthrie) then purchased 400 acres of land, and died 1857. Mr. G. settled where he now resides about 1859; had four children, three now living-Elizabeth, born Nov. 8, 1855, died Jan. 25, 1856; George B., born Sept. 18, 1857; Hugh K., born Jan. 18, 1859; Susan J., born Jan. 10, 1861. Served as a soldier in the late war in the 125th I. V. I.; was in the battles of Perryville and Stone River; is disabled in the right arm, the result of sickness by exposure after the above battle; also a partial paralysis of the right side and affection of the right lung. Held office of Assessor, Collector and Constable seven years all at one time, School Director fifteen years, Justice of the Peace six years, which office he now holds.

Edward Hildreth

EDWARD HILDRETH, stock-raiser and farmer, Sec. 14; P. O. Metcalf; owns 100 acres; was born in Vermilion Co., this State, March 28, 1839. His father (John Hildreth) came to this State from Kentucky about the year 1835; his death occurred March 4, 1876, aged 72. The subject of this sketch was raised in Vermilion Co.; in 1867, he removed to Edgar Co., and settled where he now resides. Was married Aug. 8, 1866, to Josephine Don Carlos. She was born in Pickaway Co., Ohio, March 10, 1845; have six children-America, John, Edward, Alice, Marquis and Lulu. Mr. H. was a soldier in the late war; he enlisted about the 1st of November, 1861, in Co. H, 2d Regt. Ill. Art, and served until Jan. 1, 1864; he then re-enlisted as a veteran and served until Aug. 5, 1865; held rank of Corporal when discharged. Holds office of School Director.

Thomas Hull

THOMAS HULL, farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 27; P. O. Newman, Douglas Co.; owns 1 ,040 acres, 780 acres in home farm, the balance at the State line (between Indiana and Illinois); was born in New York State (while his parents were en route to the West) Nov. 14, 1829; was raised principally in Ohio and Indiana; at the age of 18, he commenced to learn the cooper's trade, which business he continued to follow a number of years (a portion of which time he was in Canada and Michigan); early in 1857, he purchased his State-line farm, and soon after, on the 27th day of August, he married Margaret Jane Campbell; she was born in Tennessee Feb. 28, 1840; her death occurred Aug. 25, 1865, had five children by that union, three of whom are now living-Mary Eugenia, Francis Allen and John Campbell; the deceased were James Marion and an infant, not named; he left his home and farm the next day after the funeral of his wife, and, taking his children with him, he resided with his father until his second marriage; his second marriage was to Maria B. Robinson (a daughter of Martin P. Robinson, Esq., now living in Chrisman); have one child by this union-Louisa Jane. Mr. H. has obtained by his own industry all that he now possesses; he bought his first farm with money earned by working at his trade; he has put all the improvements on his home farm himself; be hauled the lumber for present dwelling and the fencing for the 160 acres, where it stands, from Jonestown, Ind. (distant thirty miles); in addition to his own residence, he has four tenant houses on his home farm, all occupied; about a year ago, he purchased a large ditching machine, which requires twenty yoke of oxen to work it; last spring he kept it constantly at work, during which time he cut 28,000 rods of ditch, the average size of which was five feet wide and two feet deep. Mr. H.'s father still lives where he first settled (Helt Tp., Vermilion Co., Ind.); his mother died Jan. 15, 1875.

Junius B. Hildreth

JUNIUS B. HILDRETH, Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 14; P. O. Metcalf; owns 480 acres; was born in Bourbon Co., Ky., March 22, 1833; resided at home in Kentucky until 1854; first came to this county in 1854; lived with the late A. K. Hildreth until the year 1856; in 1857, he returned to Kentucky, and remained there until 1860, then came back to this county. Was married May 1, 1864, to Elizabeth Beard; she was born in Vermilion Co. May 12, 1842. Mr. H. settled where he now resides in 1864. Have two children-Katie and Emma. Mr. H. was educated in the stock business, which business he has followed nearly all his life; he feeds for the market, each year, about 150 head of cattle and from 75 to 100 hogs; Mr. H.'s father was one of the pioneer settlers of Kentucky; he died in that State in May 1851, aged about 66 years; he was an uncle to the late A. K. Hildreth, of this township; his mother was Margaret Denison; she died in July, 1866, aged 76; she was related to Ex-Gov. Dennison, of Ohio.

William H. Hildreth

WILLIAM H. HILDRETH, farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 4; P. O. Palermo; owns 730 acres of land; was born in Bourbon Co., Ky., Oct. 20,1829; came to this State with his parents in 1832; was raised on the farm where he now resides; was brought up in the stock business. Married Mary E. Horn Sept. 26, 1869; she was born in Randolph Co., Ind., March 25, 1853; have had four children-John, born Feb. 8, 1871; Alvin K., born Nov. 1, 1873; James Harvey and William (deceased). Mr. H.ís father (the late A. K. Hildreth) was born in Fleming Co., Ky., Dec. 17, 1802; his death occurred July 19, 1874. He was married to Sarah A. Ritter about the year 1825; she was born in Bourbon Co., Ky., in 1807; her death occurred July 15, 1876; Mr. H. (father of the subject of this sketch) came to this State with his family in 1832, bringing them in an old-fashioned Virginia wagon drawn by four horses; that was about all he possessed at that time of this world's goods; he first worked for 50 cents per day, walking from Vermilion Timber to Hickory Grove to perform the same; with the money thus earned he bought the first meat for his family; when he died, he left 2,400 acres of nice land to his children. A more extended sketch will be found in the history of Young America Tp.

Abel Horn

ABEL HORN, veterinary surgeon, Metcalf; born in Wayne Co., Ind., Jan. 16, 1832. Has been twice married, first to Harriet Linton, May 10, 1851; she was born in Randolph Co., Ind., July 16, 1832, died in this township Aug. 11, 1875; have eight children living-Elmira (wife of William Hildreth, Esq.), Mary E., Francis M., Cinderella, Parthena, Dora, Willie, Sarah E. and Jennie. Dr. H. was raised a farmer, resided with his parents until he was 19, then married and settled on a piece of land of his own in Wayne Co., Ind. In 1856, he emigrated to Nebraska, engaged in the real estate business in Omaha City until 1859, then went to St. Louis and attended a course of lectures at a veterinary college under the superintendence of Dr. Keller, of that place; at the conclusion of the course he received a diploma for practicing the veterinary art; he has followed that profession ever since, principally in this and Vermilion Cos.; his practice has been attended with good success; has cured (since his residence in this township) eleven well-defined cases of lockjaw, of thirteen that he has treated; has saved the lives of four horses by the process known as tracheotomy (an operation that is performed by making an opening in the windpipe); he has been in the lecture field to considerable extent, and has talked and interested thousands by his eloquence; his subjects have been various, viz., the horse and its diseases, temperance, etc.; the bare announcement that he is to speak always draws a large and appreciative audience wherever he is known; he is quite an able writer, and has contributed occasionally for the press. Dr. H. was a soldier in the late war; he enlisted in Co. E, 150th I. V. I., in January. 1865, and served seven months; he went in as Orderly and was soon after promoted to First Lieutenant. His second marriage was with Luna Fleming, Aug. 13, 1877; she was born in Vermilion Co., Ill., May 16, 1861. Dr. H.'s parents were Quakers; both were born in North Carolina, his father in 1800, and his mother in 1804; they both died in Wayne Co., Ind., the former in 1866 and the latter in 1864.

James Hoover

JAMES HOOVER, farmer, Sec. 1; P. O. Palermo: owns 160 acres; born in Wayne Co., Ind., Aug 25, 1816. Married America Pickens Oct. 24, 1848; she was born in Fairfield Co., Ohio, Sept. 3, 1829; have had nine children, seven of whom are now living-Carrie L. (wife of John Limbrick, Esq.), Elma M. (wife of Daniel Heaton, Esq.), Jennie F., Andrew R., Rachel V., and Thomas O. and John A. (twins); the names of the deceased are Leander F. and William V. Mr. H. has held office of Justice of the Peace and was formerly Postmaster at Palermo; he came to this State in 1860, and settled where he now resides; has made all the improvements that are on the place. Mr. H.'s ancestors were Quakers; his great grandfather on his mother's side came from England with William Penn, and was present when he made his famous treaty with the Indians; Mr. H. taught school six years in Indiana previous to his coming to this State; was raised a neighbor of the Hon. G. W. Julian; Mrs. H. is related to Gov. Pickens, formerly of South Carolina. Mr. and Mrs. H. are both members of the Methodist Church; in politics he is Republican.

E. W. S. Hume

E. W. S. HUME, grain dealer, Hume; owns 300 acres of land; was born in Boone Co., Ky., July 23, 1817; was raised a farmer. Married twice, first to Rachel W. Connelly in 1845, in the State of Kentucky; she died Aug. 16, 1863. He was married to his present wife, Martha D. Hume (widow of the late Weeden Hume), Jan. 28, 1875; she was born in Greensburg, Ind., Jan. 28, 1842; have only one, child (by second marriage)-Lou Olive. Mr. H. is the founder of this place, which bears his name; the railroad station and village is located on what was once a portion of his farm; he is quite largely engaged in the grain business; is at present holding the office of Justice of the Peace, this being his third term; is Postmaster (the first appointed in the place). Mr. H.ís grandfathers, both on his fatherís and motherís side, were among the first settlers of Kentucky.

George W. Kendall

GEORGE W. KENDALL, farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 1; P. O. Metcalf; owns 444 acres; was born in Vermilion Co., this State, June 1, 1844. Mr. K. is the youngest son of the well-known pioneer, Mason Kendall, Esq.; he resides on the old home farm; is not married. Was a soldier during the latter part of the late war; enlisted in the 43d I. V. I. in March 1865; went with the regiment to Little Rock, Ark., where he remained until the latter part of that year. Mr. K. feeds about 100 head of cattle and 60 head of hogs each year. The barn on Mr. K.ís farm is the oldest in the township, it being erected by his father in 1850. Mr. K. like his brother Henry, was reared in the stock business.

Henry M. Kendall

HENRY M. KENDALL, farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 15; P. O. Metcalf; owns 560 acres; born near Dallas, in Vermilion Co., Ill., March 29, 1838; was brought up in the stock business; when he was 8 years of age he first entered the saddle, and entered upon the duties of herdsman for his father, Mason Kendall, and since that time he has been constantly engaged in buying, selling and raising stock, viz., horses, cattle and hogs. In 1861, his father gave him 120 acres, where he now resides; by his own exertions, he has increased his number of acres to 560, all adjoining and situated in this township. Was married Jan. 3, 1867, to Jane Beard; she was born in Vermilion Co. April 19, 1844; have three children-Frankie, born April 12, 1868; James B., born Dec. 19, 1869; George, born Dec. 10, 1876. Mr. K. had two brothers in the army during the late war-John T. and Andrew Jackson both in Co. D, 25th I. V. I.; John, the eldest, died in the hospital, at St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 10, 1861, of measles; Andrew was killed at the battle of Chickamauga, by a rifle-ball from the enemy, entering at the shoulder and passing out at the hip. He lived a few hours after receiving the fatal wound and then expired; his remains were buried on the battle-field, near the place where he gave up his life. He was a very promising young man, possessed of good business talent, and remarkable for his physical and muscular development. John's remains were brought home and now lie in Lebanon Cemetery. He, also, is remembered as a very promising young man. Mr. K's father is one of the oldest settlers of this county, his first trip to this county dating back to 1829. A historical sketch of him appears elsewhere in this volume.

Landon W. Kile

LANDON W. KILE, farmer and stockraiser, Sec. 13; P. O. Palermo; owns 200 acres; was born in Clinton, Vigo Co., Ind., Dec. 5,1850; is a son of the late Dr. William Kile, formerly of Paris; came to this State with his parents when 5 years of age; was raised in Paris, this county. Mr. K. was married Jan. 12,1875, to Carrie Knight; she was born in Philadelphia Oct. 16, 1853; have one child (named by its grandfather, Dr. K.), Charity. Mr. K. has been engaged in the stock business since he was a mere youth, with his father, who was, in connection with his medical practice, largely engaged in raising and dealing in stock. Mr. K. received his education at the normal school at Paris.

John A. Metcalfe

JOHN A. METCALFE, farmer; P. O. Metcalf Station; owns 320 acres; was born in Shelby Co., Ky., July 23, 1811; came with his parents to this State Oct. 6, 1828. Was married to Elizabeth Whiteley Sept. 12, 1833; she was born at Ft. Harrison, Ind., March 30, 1816, and came here with her parents in 1818; had six children, only three of whom are now living-Henry S., Sarilda J., Sarah E.; the names of the deceased were William, George Milton and John Thomas. The latter served a full term in the army during the late war; he was on Gen. McMillanís staff nearly the entire time; held rank of Captain. Mr. M. has held office of Postmaster, Deputy Sheriff and Constable. Mrs. M. is the oldest living settler in this township.

Jonathan McCown

JONATHAN McCOWN, farmer and stock-raiser. Sec. 34; P. O. Newman, Douglas Co.; owns 440 acres of land, 120 of which lie in Douglas Co.; was born in Nelson Co., Ky., Oct. 21, 1816; came to this county with his father, James McCown, when 15 years of age; his father died about two years after his arrival in the county, leaving 560 acres of land a short distance east of Paris; here he remained until l853, and then settled where he now resides. Mr. McC. was married Dec. 21, 1843, to Olive T. Blackman, daughter of Remember Blackman, deceased; she was born Jan. 4, 1826, in what is now Hunter Tp., this county; have had seven children, only five of whom are now living-Charity E., Olive Ann, James B., Jira A., Judge Marshall, Harrison Burr and Charles J .; Olive and Harrison are both dead; the former died Oct. 19, 1855, at 11 years of age; the latter died Dec. 2, 1860, aged 14 months. Mr. McC.ís father was born in Kentucky Nov. 14, 1781; his death occurred March 13, 1841; he came to this county in 1817; he, in company with John Stratton and Mr. Whiteley, built the first cabin on the North Arm, where their families all resided together for a time; they previously, and on their way to this county from Kentucky, stopped and remained at Ft. Harrison for time; they crossed the Wabash River on the ice, which broke up soon after; Mr. McC., since his residence in this county, has been largely engaged in stockraising; formerly, he raised large quantities of hogs ; but at present, his attention is devoted to raising and feeding cattle; at the present time, he is feeding about 200 head of cattle; he raised 5,000 bushels of corn last year, in addition to which he has purchased 10,000 bushels more this winter to feed out to stock on his farm; Mr. McC.ís farm is three miles west of Hume Station; the railroad runs through a portion of his farm, where a flag-station has been established.

Phineas Meloy

PHINEAS MELOY, farmer, Sec. 27; P. O. Newman, Douglas Co.; owns eighty acres; born in Warren Co., Ohio, Feb. 22, 1825; lived on a farm until 19 years of age; he then learned the trade of carriage making; worked at that business ten years, at Lebanon, Ohio; came to Edgar Co. in 1861; resided at Sugar Creek Point four years and followed farming; settled where he now resides in 1872. Mr. M. was married to Miss Lucretia Githens May 9, 1850; she was born in Warren Co., Ohio., April 20, 1829; have had eleven children, seven of whom are now living; their names are John E., Lewis L., Minnie M., Emmet, Bruce and Kittie; the names of the deceased were George G., Elmer O., Edgar E., and an infant not named. Mr. and Mrs. M. are both members of the Presbyterian Church.

James Orr

REV. JAMES ORR, farmer, Sec. 10; P. O. Palermo; owns 120 acres; was born in Preston Co., Va., Jan. 1, 1809, emigrated to Coles (now Douglas) Co. May 7, 1853; bought a piece of land there and remained on it four years; then sold out, in 1857, and bought where he now resides and where he has resided ever since. Mr. O. has been twice married, first to Margaret Fortney, June 5, 1834; she was a Virginian by birth; her death occurred in 1842; had four children by that union-James A. (he was accidentally shot and killed, when in his 16th year, while out, gunning), Louisa J., John D. and Margaret (deceased); his second marriage was with Mary A. Ross, Sept. 15, 1846; she was born in Greene Co., Penn., Oct. 18, 1825; have had six children by this union-Abner Ross, Thomas J ., Hiram E. (deceased), James W., Timothy W. (deceased) and Benjamin. Mr. O. was ordained as a Baptist minister in Preston Co., Va., when about 33 years of age, and has preached with regularity ever since until about eighteen months ago. Mr. O. has held office of Justice of the Peace one term, Assessor two terms. In politics he is a Democrat; was formerly a Henry Clay Whig. Had one son in the army during the latter part of the late war; he went from Mt. Sterling, Ill. Mr. Orr preached the second sermon ever preached in this township.

S. W. Pope

S. W. POPE, farmer, Sec. 27; P. O. Newman, Douglas Co.; owns 200 acres; born in Rock Castle Co., Ky., Feb. 2, 1822; was raised a farmer; resided with his parents until 25 years of age; in 1850, went to California by overland route; remained there two years, and followed mining with good success, with the exception of eight months that he was disabled by sickness; returned to Kentucky in 1852, and came to this county the same year; settled east of Paris, and resided there until 1864; then removed to and settled where he now resides; during the interval of the two latter dates, he has made two trips to Kansas. Mr. P. was married to Margaret E. Bruce. daughter of James Bruce (deceased), Sept. 22, 1859; she was born in Edgar Co., Nov. 22, 1837; have two children-Bruce C. and William S. Mrs. P.ís father came to this State in an early day in company with James Carney (her uncle), who is still living and resides on the place formerly owned and occupied by Mrs. P.ís father, when he first settled in the county.

Asaph Rogers

ASAPH ROGERS, farmer, Sec. 10; P. O. Metcalf; owns 160 acres; born in Edgar Tp., this county, Oct. 19, 1838. Married Elizabeth Milner March 21, 1861; she was born in the same township Jan. 6, 1841; have seven children living-Allen E., Benjamin F., Viola, Emma E., Louisa Jane, Lola Belle and Mary L. Mr. R. has held office of School Director. His father, Elias Rogers, was one among the first settlers in the county; he settled at Cherry Point in 1826, and built the first house in Edgar Tp.

George W. Reed

GEORGE W. REED (deceased); P. O. Metcalf; Mr. R. was a son of Daniel Reed (deceased), who settled, and built the first log house, in Hickory Grove at an early date (an account of which is given elsewhere). The subject of this sketch died Sept. 11, 1862, leaving a wife (now Mrs. Wm. Ross, of this township), and three children-Jackson Martin, born Nov. 11, 1848 (unmarried); Henry Lawrence, born April 18, 1851; married Mary E. Ross, Nov. 8, 1870; she was born May 17, 1854; George W., was born Dec. 1, 1853; married Asenath Ross, Oct. 4, 1877; she was born May 18, 1861. Mr. R. the subject of this sketch, left an estate at the time of his death of 240 acres; his wifeís maiden name was Mary A. Ritter; she was born Nov. 26, 1825. J. M., the oldest son, served one term as Supervisor, and has held office of School Director about ten years.

William Ross

WILLIAM ROSS, farmer, Sec. 9; P. O. Palermo; owns 330 acres; was born in Butler Co., Ohio, Jan. 8, 1818; removed with his parents to Clinton Co., Ind., in 1828, where he remained until 1852; he then came to this county. Was twice married; first to Asenath Crull, Dec. 7, 1841. She was born June 26, 1817; her death occurred in December, 1868; had ten children by this union-Rebecca, Henry, Rhoda, Lewis Cass, Elmira, Philetta (died in March 1876), Elizabeth, William, Mary E. (died when 2 years old) and Asenath. Mr. R.ís father was a soldier of the war of 1812; he emigrated to Indiana in an early day and settled near the reservation occupied by the Miami and Pottawatomie Indians; his death occurred in September, 1851. Mr. R. has held nearly all the public offices in the town, from Supervisor down; he helped raise the first log house that was erected on the prairie in this township, in 1852; the building still stands on the farm of Wm. Galway Esq.

Henry Ross

HENRY ROSS, merchant, Metcalf Station; owns dwelling, store and two lots in village; was born in Clinton Co., Ind., Jan. 20, 1844; came to this State with his father (Wm. Ross, Esq.); was raised a farmer; entered the mercantile business Dec. 15, 1875, in this place, which he continued for two years then sold out to John B. Hildreth, Esq., who is now the sole proprietor; Mr. R., however, still remains in the establishment in the capacity of business manager. Mr. R. was married May 29, 1870, to Martha M. Dains; she was born in Washington Co., Penn., March 5, 1852; have had four children, three now living-Edgar, Henrietta, Burton and Frankelena (deceased). Mr. R. Keeps a general stock; his sales averaged about $6,000 per year the first two years; has held office of Town Trustee seven years, and School Director one year: he also holds the office of Postmaster; he spent one year (1869) in California.

Robert Stringer

ROBERT STRINGER, farmer, Sec. 11; P. O. Metcalf; has an interest in 120 acres; was born in Washington Co., Penn., about the year 1840; emigrated to Hamilton Co., Ind., in 1854; remained there three years; then came to this county in 1857. Married Mary E. Kendall. She died Dec. 20, 1866; have three children-Van, born July 27, 1860; Lydia Ruth, born Aug. 15, 1862; Sherman, born Nov. 1, 1865. Mr. S. served as a soldier a short time during the late war, in the 144th I. V. I.

Robert A. Sommerville

ROBERT A. SOMMERVILLE, farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 3; P. O. Metcalf Station; owns 378 acres; born in Mason Co., Ky., May 10, 1844; lived with parents until 9 years of age, then went to reside with his uncle, Matthias Chrisman; remained with him eight years; then learned saddle and harness making; continued at that business about nine years. Married Parthena Hildreth, daughter of the late A. K. Hildreth, (deceased), Jan. 17, 1871; she was born Feb. 22, 1848, in Vermilion Co., this State; have had four children, two of whom are now living-Bertha E., born Nov. 13, 1871, died Nov. 13, 1873; Robert A., born Aug. 26, 1873; an infant, born April 5, 1875, died one week after (no name); Mary Beatrice, born Jan. 15, 1878. Mr. S. cultivates about 120 acres of his land; a portion of it he rents; he ships each year to market about 150 head of live-stock; this includes cattle, sheep and hogs.

M. T. Smith

M. T. SMITH, farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 11; P. O. Indianola; owns 315 acres; was born in Wayne Co., Ind., Dec. 31, 1839; remained there until his 21st year, during which time he assisted on the farm, and also learned the carpenterís trade; came to this State in 186; stopped at Dallas until 1864, during which time he worked at his trade. Married Luvisa Hildreth in 1864; she was born in Vermilion Co., Aug. 10, 1845; died Nov. 19, 1875; have four children-Edward Everett, Alvin K., Gertie May and Luvisa E. Mr. S.ís father was born Feb. 11, 1809 (the same day that Abraham Lincoln was born); he died in Wayne Co., Ind., July 10, 1849; his mother's name was Nancy Hicks; she was born in Stokes Co., N. C., Nov. 25, 1806; she resides with her son. Mr. S. feeds from twenty to fifty head of cattle each year.

David W. Shaffer

DAVID W. SHAFFER, farmer, Sec. 1; P. O. Palermo; owns forty acres; born Dec. 18, 1819, in Donegal Tp., Lancaster Co., Penn., where he resided until he was 26 years old; was raised a farmer and wagoner; when 26 years of age, he commenced driving stage on the Excelsior Line, across the Alleghany Mountains; after two yearsí service as stage-driver, he was employed as agent on the canal during the summer seasons for eight years; he superintended the transit of the boats which were hauled over the mountains on cars; in 1856, he removed to Indiana, and, in 1860, to this State; he settled where he now lives in 1867. Has been twice married; first, to Susannah Shoop, March 13, 1853, in Armstrong Co., Penn.; she died March 6, 1856; his second marriage was to Martha J. Boos, March 30, 1859; she was born in Clark Co., Ind., Feb. 9, 1836. Mr. S. had one child by his first wife- Mary Jane; she resides in Pennsylvania; has one child by his present wife; his name is John Allen. Mr. S. fired for the first locomotive that passed through the tunnel near Altoona, Penn.; he also hauled the first cars in Pittsburgh with horses. Mr. S. is a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

John A. Smith

JOHN A. SMITH, blacksmith, Metcalf Station; owns house, shop and two lots in village; was born in Ohio Co., Ind., Aug. 4, 1838; resided on a farm until 1854; served apprenticeship from that time until his 21st year, at blacksmithing; he worked as a journeyman at that trade until 1870, during which time he was employed about ten months in the celebrated plow manufactory of John Deere, at Moline, Ill; he then commenced business for himself in Ashmore, Coles Co., this State, where he conducted business until 1874; in April, 1874, he commenced business where he now is. Mr. H. was married July 3, 1872, to Mary A. Kincaid; she was born in New Richmond, Ohio, July 29, 1843; have four children-Charles D., Elizabeth, Leonard and Laura. Mr. S. worked at carriage-smithing principally, while learning his trade; his knowledge of plow-work he acquired at John Deere's establishment; he is considered a very skillful blacksmith, and thoroughly under- . stands its various branches; he makes plow-work a specialty.

Benjamin D. Vanvactor

BENJAMIN D. VANVACTOR, farmer, Sec. 14; P. O. Cherry Point; owns 160 acres; was born in Butler Co., Ohio Aug. 2, 1826; in 1833, he removed with his parents to Shelby Co., Ohio, where he was married to Elizabeth Kendall, Sept. 25, 1851; she was born Feb. 8. 1831; had eight children, seven of whom are now living-Sarah, Caroline, Elizabeth E., William, Ruth, Lucinda, Anna E., Melinda (deceased) and Lota. Mr. V. emigrated from Shelby Co., Ohio, to Indiana in 1859; remained there seven years, then removed to this State and settled where he now resides.

Isaac Weaver

ISAAC WEAVER, farmer and stockraiser, Sec. 5; P. O. Palermo; born in Montgomery Co., Ohio, Dec. 3, 1833; resided with his parents until 20 years of age; at the age of 17 he removed with his parents to Edinburgh, Ohio; served an apprenticeship at shoemaking, after which he removed to Franklin, Ind. Married Priscilla Borry in 1852, near Edinburgh; she was born in Pennsylvania Nov. 16, 1833; have had twelve children, eleven now living-Sarah E., Amos, John P., Daniel F., Mary E., George W., William (deceased), Lydia Jane, Matilda, Ellen, Charles J . and Samuel T. Mr. W. came to this State Oct. 10, 1874, and immediately took charge of the farm of Messrs. S. Lofton and Marion Patison, containing 600 acres, and has been conducting it with success ever since. The present year, he has raised 175 acres of corn, feeds from sixty to seventy head of cattle each year, raises four or five horses each year; also quite a number of hogs; lost 126 hogs one year by disease. Mr. W. learned tilemaking in 1852, and that year made the first tile ever made in the State of Indiana. Amos, the eldest, is now a soldier in the regular army; has been serving under Gen. Miles the past two years.

A. L. Watson

A. L. WATSON, farmer, Sec. 25; P. O. Cherry Point; owns eighty acres; born in Monongalia Co., Va., Aug. 7, 1840, removed with his parents to Ritchie Co., Va., when 4 years of age, where he remained until 1863; his father, Arthur Watson, died in 1860. In 1863, Mr. W. came to Illinois; stopped in Vermilion Co. one year, near Ridge Farm, and farmed in Edgar; bought and settled where he now resides in 1874. Married Sarah J. Steele in Ritchie Co., Va., Oct. 12, 1862; she was born in Pittsburgh, Penn., Dec. 28, 1846; have had four children, three living-Emma, Arthur, Amos (O. H. deceased). Mr. W. holds the offices of Road Commissioner and School Director; has held the latter office ten years. Mr. W. has been a member of the M. E. Church two years.


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