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Events from 1881




Chronological Events of the Past Year as Recorded in the Gazette

Jan. 5 Plans and specifications for the new school building presented for inspection and adoption.
" 5 Geo. A. Bandy, an old resident of this county, dropped dead at Winsdor, on the 29th ult.
" 5 Marriage of Eld. J. B. Mayfield of this city, at Charleston, Dec. 30th ult.
" 12 Obituaries of Mrs. Elizabeth Clark, John Sheets, Robt. P. Gist and William Tichenor, all old residents of this Co.
" 12 Death of brakeman Baldwin near Dudley in this county, by falling under the cars.
" 12 Birth of twin babies to Mrs. Geo. Gosnel--One in 1880 and one in 1881.
" 19 Sale of the old Guthrie saw mill.
" 19 Death of Rhodes Epperson, of this county in Colusa county Cal.
" 26 Residence of W. Alexander four miles south of the city, destroyed by fire.
" 26 Marriage of M. M. Meyers and Miss Anna V. Nelson of Highland county, O., on the 29th.
" 26 Withdrawal of T. B. Shoaff from Paris Gazette.
Feb. 2 LaGrange & Bell awarded the contract to build the new high school building.
" 2 Death of Mrs. Anna Boyer of Kansas station, Jan. 21.
" 2 Accident to Mr. John Means.
" 2 Marriage of Dr. J. N. Downs and Miss Estella A. Vance.
" 2 Marriage of Mr. John Bell (colored) of this city and Miss Hester White of Terre Haute.
" 3 Silver wedding of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Matts.
" 9 Death of Mrs. Lizzie H. Harris of Indianapolis, Feb 1st-daughter of Elijah Patterson of this township.
" 9 Death of Miss Cora E. Cady of Cold Water, Mich. at the residence of her uncle, Jonathan McLain in this city Feb. 6th.
" 10 Julia Rive-King concert Opera Hall.
" 13 Two prisoners broke jail--captured afterwards, at Newton, Ill.
" 14 Vote of $5,000 additional for the new high school building.
" 14 Removal of Gordon & Talmer to their new corner building.
" 16 Death of E. T. Jenks, father of Mrs. W. J. Hunter of this city, at New Goshen, Ind., Feb 8th.
" 23 Ninth Anniversary of the Paris Gazette.

Mar. 3 Marriage of Geo. Montok and Miss Millie Wetzel.
" 4 Ferris' Drug Store at Vermillion destroyed by fire.
" 4 The Chinese laundryman shot by W. S. O'Hair.
" 5 Death of John Wallace, an old citizen of this county, at Winchester.
" 19 Completion of the large organ in the Presbyterian Church.
" 21 Grand Organ Concert with F. R. Webb of Ohio, as organist.
" 27 Nomination of city officers.
" 29 Death of Mrs. Henrietta B. Anderson, of this city.
Apl. 2 Death of Hon. R. N. Bishop of this city.
" 5 Death of Walter Booth of this city.
" 7 Death of Miss Mary Alice Hinds.
" 11 Death of Mrs. Harriet Kemper Patton, and old resident of Paris.
" 11 Samuel Gish received a severe wound in the hand from a circular saw.
" 15 City Elections.
" 17 Easter services by Palestine Commandery.
" 21 Jesse Terrell, a boot-black shot in the groin by W. J. Bowen.
" 21 Death of Jennie Boland.
" 21 Work on the new school building commenced.
" 28 Death of Dr. Geo. R. Steele at Ridge Farm, and his burial in Edgar Cemetery.
May 1 The Gazette appears in a new type.

" 3 Jacob Harding of this city received news of the death of his son, George, editor of the Indianapolis Herald.
" 6 News received of the the death of John Vance a former citizen of Paris, in Idaho.
" 12 Shooting contest between the Taylorville Guards and the P. L. 1 in this city--Guards victorious.
" 17 Rendition of the "Pirates of Penzance" under the direction of W. A. Ogden of Bellfontaine, O.
" 26 Charley Redmon shot by Amos Wright in Lynch's Billiard room.
" 29 Opening of Colaon's Ice Cream Parlor.
" 30 Decoration of Soldiers graves.
June 6 Seventh annual commencement exercises of Paris High school.
" 8 Marriage of Frank Shutt and Miss Minnie Connely; and Neely McLain and Miss Anna W. Down.
" 10 Laying of the corner stone of the new high school building with imposing ceremonies.
" 13 H. Clay Moss attempts suicide by taking laudnium.
" 18 The P. L. 1, get scooped, at Taylorville by the Guards.
July 2 Assassination of President Garfield.
" 4 Celebration of Independence day.
" 4 Death of Jacob E. Perisho and old resident of this county, in Grandview township.
" 12 Litta Concert.
" 13 Death of Mrs. Lawson Kimble of this city.
" 13 Death of Jennie Stewart Harding in Danville.
" 15 Death of Mrs. Anna Jurey of this city.
" 16 Celebration of the colored Odd Fellows.
Aug. 1 Musical Institute commenced.
" 4 It didn't rain and an old "saw" busted.
" 6 Burr Robbins' circus exhibits in Paris.
" 16 Death of Clement Turner.
" 17 Death of Isaac Ely, and old resident of Paris.

" 19 Death of Rev. G. W. Riley, an old resident Baptist minister of the county, at Urbana, Ill.
" 20 Location of the Edge Tool manufactory.
" 21 Death of Joshua Gibson of this city, aged 83 years.
" 26 Closing concert of Prof. Wilson's Musical Institute.
" 28 Death of Preston Poor near Mulberry Grove.
" 28 Close of 10 years' service of Rev. Dr. VanDeursen, pastor of the Presbyterian Church of this city.
" 31 The Paris Gazette dons a new engraved heading.
Sept 1 Dr. VanDeursen "suprised" by his parisheners and presented with a handsome silver water set.
" 7 Establishment of a "bucket shop" in Paris.
" 7 Death of Mrs. Polly Parrish of Elbridge township--mother of Robt. N. Parrish of this city.
" 7 Fletcher Gibbs killed by being run over by a wagon.
" 14 Marriage of A. J. Gregory and Miss Minnie Morrison.
" 14 Marriage of C. D. Griffith and Miss Jessie Barrick of Terre Haute.
" 15 Marriage of Will H. Levings and Miss Nellie VanDeursen.
" 15 Riley Memorial services at the Baptist church in this city.
" 19 Death of President Garfield, at Long Branch.
" 22 Re-union of the 79th Regt. I. V. I. at Kansas.
" 24 Consolidation of the D. & S.W. with the W.St.L. & P. R.R.
" 26 Memorial Services by the citizens of Paris on the death of the President.
Oct. 1 Bad wreck of two freight trains on the I & St L east of Sugar Creek.
" 4 27th annual county Fair.
" 4 Death of Mrs. Sarsfield Clark, near Woodyard.
" 23 Regular opening of the Telephone exchange in this city, with 72 subscribers.
" 26 Marriage of Matthew F. Barks, of Washington, Ind. and Miss M. Viola Hunter of this city.
" 31 Death of Mrs. Harriet Wilkin, wife of Rev. M. D. Wilkin.
Nov. 1 Marriage of Will Hill of Paris and Miss Laura Hess of Terre Haute.
" 4 Marriage of A. W. (rest not legible)
" 11 Formal opening of the Grand Central Hotel.
" 11 Banquet of the officers of the Grand Lodge (rest not legible)
" 16 (not legible)
" 20 Death of Mrs. John D. Wallace of Paris.
" 21 Death of Lucius Booth of Terre Haute.
" 24 Marriage of Geo. H. Augustus and Miss Ora B. Redmon.
" 24 Death of Mrs. Sarah Vance widow of the late Wm. B. Vance.
" 26 Death of Wm. O. Gilkey of Ross township.
" 26 Sudden death of David A. Woodbridge, and old resident of this city.
" 30 Death of E. W. S. Hume, the founder of the village of Hume, in Young America.
Dec. 1 Brilliant Military Hop at Armory Hall.
" 21 Issuing of a grand Illustrated Holiday Edition of the Paris Gazette.


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