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Edgar County, Illinois
Community News

SUPERVISORS. -- The new Board of Supervisors elected for the ensuing year, stand as follows:
Bruillette Creek--Joseph H. Murphy, D.; Buck--John Rhoads, D; Elbridge--George Routledge, Ind., D.; Embarrass--Wm. Casteel, D.; Edgar--R. K. Collins, R.; Grandview--D. Sherer, D.; Hunter--W. R. Bodine, D.; Kansas--N. K. Kester, R.; Prairie--Francis Maddock, R.; Paris--B. Holcomb, R.; Paris--J. M. Bell, R.; Ross--C. T. Caraway, R.; Shiloh--Wm. E. Means, R.; Stratton--Benjamin Allen, Ind. R.; Symmes--Jacob Zimmerly, D.; Young America--S. Bradfield, R. [
Paris Gazette, Wednesday Morning April 10, 1878.]

THE NEW BOARD:--The following is a correct list of the new Board of Supervisors as reported to the county clerk:

Paris--Z. T. Baum, R; Paris--R. B. Hennessy, R; Elbridge--Isaac Trogdon, D; Stratton--John Duck, R; Shiloh--Jonathan G. Roth, D; Ross--Stephanus Stanfield, R; Kansas--D. W. Zink, R; Hunter--Hiram Frazier, D; Edgar--Daniel Arthur, D; Prairie--Samuel R. White, R; Grandview--B. F. Cline, D; Sims--Jacob Zimmerly, D; Embarrass--W. H. Downs, D; Buck--Jacob Hines, D; Young America--James B. Heaton, D; Bruilletts Creek--Wm. Scott, D

The board now stands 10 Democrats to 6 Republicans. Last year it stood 11 Democrats to 5 Republicans. The gain was made in Prairie township.
[Paris Weekly Gazette, Paris, Edgar Co., Illinois Wednesday April 20, 1881]

From 1873 to 1879 we went through a period of very hard times. One-half of our factories stood idle, or did but half work. Hundreds of thousands of workmen went west, engaging in farming, mining and other pursuits, another hundred thousand tramped to the country. Did our high pressure tariff furnish any relief? Our farmers brought us out by sending hundreds of millions of bushels of wheat, corn and oats, and thousands of head of cattle, and millions of tons of beef and pork, across the ocean! [Paris Gazette, Paris, Edgar Co., Illinois Wednesday November 8, 1882]

The number of pupils enrolled in the Kansas schools is 189 with an average attendance of 169. [Paris Gazette, Paris, Edgar Co., Illinois Wednesday December 6, 1882]

Licenses have been granted for two pin and ball alleys--one under the Parlar Shoe store and one under Levings' Bors. seed store.
[Paris Gazette, Paris, Edgar Co., Illinois Wednesday December 13, 1882]

Miss Lou Sheriff will remain as a clerk in the post office. She is a most efficient and accommodating lady and "knows the boxes" perfectly. It is certainly a wise appointment of the new postmaster. [Paris Gazette, Paris, Edgar Co., Illinois Wednesday January 3, 1883]


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