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Edgar County, Illinois
Fires, Train Wrecks and Other Calamities


- - 1891 - - WORK OF THE FLAMES

Chrisman, Ill., Visited by a Disastrous Blaze Yesterday Afternoon.
CHRISMAN, Ill., July 20.-A blaze which destroyed a block of business houses, but which might have been much more disastrous in its results, visited this place to-day. The fire started in a defective flue in Henderson Brothers’ restaurant and was discovered just as it broke through the roof. The whole population organized itself into a fire brigade and kept the flames from spreading beyond the block, but was unable to conquer them until every house on the west side of the public square was in ashes. Considerable property was saved from the stores, and the park was covered with a curious assortment of wares. The aggregate losses and insurance will be as follows:

Henderson Bros. $800, insurance $700; S. W. Thayer, clothing, insurance $2,000, will probably be fully covered; J. B. Victor, barber shop, insurance $250, fully covered; J. W. Eldo grocery, insurance $800, stock considerably damaged in moving; W. Musselman, furniture $1,500, total loss, insurance $1,000; Matheny, undertaker, $1,600, total loss, $1,200 insurance; Snyder & Warren, hardware and implements, $7,000, insurance, $5,000; very little stock saved. Hall & McIntyre, general store, $11,000, insurance, $7,000, most of the goods saved, but in damaged condition. Courier, fully covered by insurance, H. M. Galloway, jewelry, insurance, $1,000; fully covered. Mrs. S. E. Galloway & Co., millinery, $1,000; no insurance. Staniford Bros., bank; all fixtures burned. The good templar lodge lost all their furniture. The buildings burned were: J. P. Crawford, $800; insurance, $500, insurance, $300. E. W. & A. K. Hastly, $2,000, insurance, 1,500. J. Musselman, $1,500; insurance, $1,000. W. S. Waltrip, $2,500, insurance, $1,600. H. M. Galloway, $1,000, insurance $800. Mel Mathaney, $600, insurance $300. Standtford Bank Building, $2,000; insurance $1,200, Mrs. S. Lybotted, $1,300, insurance $1,000.

The insurance companies held risks as follows: Phoenix, $17,750; German, $7,500; Home, $2,000; Springfield, $1,800.Chicago Herald (Chicago, IL) Tuesday, July 21, 1891 , submitted by Mary Kay Krogman]


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