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Edgar County, Illinois
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Oct 2016:  bios for BROOKS, BULL, BRADING, BELKNAP
June 2016:
 bios for LEECH, HUDSON, RANDALL, VANMETER.  Marriage announcement for LYCAN-WILKIN; Sick list news for OGDEN
June 2015:  
1930 Class picture for Randolph School, obits for OGDEN, COMBS, RILEY, STUMP;  gossip news for HELTON, PARRISH; Sick list news for KELLY children; Miscellaneous news story for CRAIG

JANUARY 2015 - Update #4

BIOS: Grand View Township - Augustus (2), Brinkerhoff (2), Dawson, Francis, Gano, Gilbert, Huston (3), Hinds, Hickman, Jackson, Kime, King, Murphy, Mosley, Mink, McMullen, Moseley, Newton (2), O’Hair, Rowe, Ringland, Swarts, Sherer, Sims, Shroder (2), Sluss, Smith (3), Steele, Stoneburner, Shultz, Tate (2), Thomas, Walz, Wilson, Young.

JANUARY 2015 - Updated #3
OBITS: Mrs. Frank Hunter, John S. Stigler, Ed Raines, Mr. Holding, Jennie Foncannon, Sarah Pugh, Edgar S. Graves
MARRIAGE NEWS: Taylor-Nelson, Hill-Curry
SCHOOL NEWS: 1886-Commencement; 1896-Chrisman Graduates; 1901 Commencement
CRIME NEWS: Hattie O'Neil
FIRE NEWS: 1891 Chrisman Fire

JANUARY 2015 - Update #2
BIOS: Stratton Township - Allen, Boyer, Blackburn (2), Besier, Blackman, Driskell, Dill, Eliot, Ferris, Fitzgerald, Gillespy (2), Hausam, Johnson, Kimbrough, Moffitt, Mings, Myers, Morrison, Ormiston, Raffety (2), Showalter (2), Shepherd, Sims, Stotts, Step, Stubbs, Volkers, Welton, Wilson and Wilkins.

JANUARY 2015 - Update #1
BIOS: Young America Township - Ames, Bradfield (2), Boyce, Barnett, Bell, Dains, Dodd, Davis (2), Galway (2) Green, Guthrie, Hildreth (3), Hull, Horn, Hoover, Hume, Kendall (2), Kile, Metcalfe, McCown, Meloy, Orr, Pope, Rogers, Reed, Ross (2), Stringer, Sommerville, Smith (2), Shaffer, Vanvactor, Weaver and Watson.

Nov 2014:  obits for MORROW, HENNING

1883 Pensioners, bios for COOK, HALL
JAMES obit; Crime news for THOMPSON; 1929 Roll of Honor of soldiers; 1850 Mortality Schedule.; Rev. War Soldiersburied in Edgar co.; WW2 Casualties; WW1 mothers entitled to make the trip to European war cemeteries; New obituariesand newspaper gleanings; county history; EARLY PRESBYTERIANS; 1877, 1878, 1881 gossip, sick list and communitynews gleanings. Death notice for KOHO


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