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Source: GNIS and the 1929 Roll of Honor Publication

Formatted by K. Torp

Feature Name



USGS 7.5' Map

Albion Cemetery 382254N 0880325W Albion North
Baptist Cemetery 382657N 0875904W Bone Gap
Bethel Cemetery      
Birk Prairie Cemetery 381744N 0880601W Albion South
Bond Cemetery 382755N 0880048W Albion North
Bone Gap Cemetery 382654N 0875925W Bone Gap
Brown Cemetery 382956N
Albion North
Brown Cemetery 383400N
West Salem
Browns Cemetery 382253N 0875909W Bone Gap
Brush Prairie Cemetery ? ?  
Campbell Cemetery      
Carney Cemetery 382805N 0880451W Albion North
Catholic Cemetery 381544N 0880048W Albion South
Coles Cemetery 381700N 0880040W Albion South
Dry (?) Cemetery      
Elder Cemetery      
Ely Cemetery 383012N 0880708W West Salem
Ebenezer Cemetery 382921N 0880306W Albion North
Evangelical Cemetery 383119N 0880045W West Salem
Fortney Cemetery 381851N 0875752W Grayville
Gaede Cemetery 382946N 0880636W Albion North
Gould Cemetery 382639N 0880026W Albion North
Graceland Cemetery 382241N 0880236W Albion North
Gravet Cemetery 381917N 0880129W Albion South
Greathouse Cemetery 383002N 0880235W West Salem
Greathouse Cemetery 383042N 0880151W West Salem
Haggard Cemetery      
Huggins Cemetery      
Jacobs Cemetery 381802N 0880053W Albion South
James Hean Family Cemetery 381959N 0880106W Albion South
Johnson Cemetery 381722N 0880142W Albion South
Lacy Cemetery      
Little Prairie Cemetery 382309N 0880645W Albion North
Little Wabash Cemetery 383012N 0880644W West Salem
Macedonia Cemetery 383107N 0880541W West Salem
Marion Cemetery 383303N 0880630W West Salem
Medler Cemetery 382450N 0880430W Albion North
Mount Zion Cemetery 381846N 0880433W Albion South
Nine Mile Cemetery      
Oak Grove Cemetery 381550N 0880014W Albion South
Paul Cemetery 383349N 0875557W Berryville
Pinhook Cemetery 383035N 0875751W Berryville
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 382731N 0880748W Albion NW
Potter Cemetery 382858N 0880308W Albion North
Ridge Cemetery 381556N 0880350W Albion South
Samaria Cemetery 382532N 0880747W Albion NW
Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery 383109N 0880012W West Salem
Shiloh Cemetery 382924N 0880218W Albion North
Thomas Hill Cemetery      
Thread Cemetery 382632N 0880219W Albion North
Union Cemetery 382349N 0880114W Albion North
Wanborough Cemetery 382231N 0880524W Albion North
Wells Cemetery 382504N 0875918W Bone Gap
Welser Cemetery 383311N 0875734W Berryville
West Cemetery 382008N 0880602W Albion South
West Salem Moravian Cemetery 383117N 0880003W West Salem
West Village Cemetery 382639N 0880539W Albion North

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