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Birk Prairie Church (historical)   381744N 0880600W
Bone Gap Christian Church   382637N 0875953W
Bone Gap United Methodist Church   382657N 0875927W
Browns Chapel   381613N 0880437W
Ebenezer United Methodist Church   382923N 0880308W
Ellery Christian Church   382110N 0880853W
First Presbyterian Church of Albion   382243N 0880336W
Fortney United Methodist Church   381845N 0875855W
Free Methodist Church of Albion   382231N 0880342W
Little Prairie Christian Church   382310N 0880641W
Little Wabash Zion United Methodist Church   383013N 0880642W
Long Prairie Primitive Baptist Church   383107N 0880432W
Marion Christian Church   383303N 0880627W
Mount Zion United Methodist Church   381849N 0880433W
Northside Baptist Church   381552N 0880005W
Olive Congregational Christian Church   381848N 0880123W
Pleasant Hill Congregational Church   382730N 0880748W
Ridge Baptist Church   381556N 0880347W

Saint Johns Episcopal Church

Families of St. John's Church

Burial Records for St. John Episcopal Church:

1842- 1855
| 1856-1865
1866-1875 | 1876 -1885
1886-1899  | 1900-1929

382232N 0880327W
Salem Methodist Episcopal Church (historical)   382657N 0875925W
Samaria Missionary Baptist Church   382533N 0880747W
Simpson United Methodist Church   382341N 0880020W
Union Congregational Church   382350N 0880113W
West Salem Moravian Church (and cemetery)      
West Village Christian Church   382639N 0880538W

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