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Probate Records

These were transcribed and submitted by Linda Hanabarger, Fayette County historian and genealogist.

The oldest records are from Probate Book A (the page number is cited when given)
The more recent records (1850's and up) are from the actual Probate Box and Pack Number.

LANDERS, William,
no death date. Willis G. DODSON was administrator with William CARTER on his bond. Appraisers were appointed 17 Jul 1848 - Benjamin WILLIAMS, William BALDWIN and Barnett DONALDSON. W.T. LINN was paid for burial expenses in June 1847. Payments were made (mostly on notes) to Cyrus HALL, William SEATON and Benjamin R. WILLIAMS, note co-signed by John SEARS. A sale was held with John T. DONALDSON, crier and Cyrus HALL, clerk. Some who bought at the sale were Haywood MASON, Matthew POPE, John BALDWIN, William REAVIS, John GARLAND, James CULBERTSON, Dr. LYNN, Godwin DODTSON, Hardy HINTON, Barney DONALDON and James BREEZE. Those who receipted for shares of the estate were Toliver SEARS, Willis HINTON and Anna LANDERS. Box 108 Pack 6.

LANDRETH, Powell, died 1 Aug 1864, had $1,000.00 in real estate. Widow was Mary and children were William T., Martha, George A. and Sarah E., all minors. Widow was administrator with Jeremiah GILLMORE and John HARRISON on her bond. Appraisers were HARRISON, GILLMORE and Augustus GINGER. Final report was mad 17 Sep 1866 and the widow signed as Mary FRANKLIN. Box 108 Pack 7.

LANSFORD, Ish, non-cuputative will made 28 Mar 1847. He died the next day. The will was witnessed by Richard DAY and John SURBER. Widow, Sarah, was to have all personal property after debts were paid and to have the farm until the youngest child was of age. The farm was then to be sold and the money divided among his children. They were Lida, Sarah, Samuel and Jackson. Probate Box 108 Pack 13.

LAPE, Henry, Sr., d 20 Jul 1851, will made 2 July 1851. Will provided that all just debts be paid. Widow, not named, was to have the farm, all land during her widowhood and in addition, a black mare, sorrel mare, a wagon, plow, buggy, harness, 3 cows, all the furniture, her saddle, all the sheep and an equal share of the money. Four children were named but there were others. John W. and Samuel were to be executors and were given the power to make a deed to the land in Aulia Twp., State of Ohio, without appeal to the court and were to rear the two youngest children. Son, Henry, was to have a piece of land contracted for and $15.00. Daughter, Catherine, was to have $30.00. Willis WILBURN and William JARRETT were witnesses to the will. Land in Ohio was sold to Mandrill LAPE. Payments made were to Alfred ERVIN for the coffin, M.C. OSBORN, the doctor, William JARRETT for shrouding, Daniel HENRY at Hickory Creek for "cholery drops". In the final settlement payments were made to the widow, sons, J.W., Samuel, Henry, daughters Catherine and Elizabeth CONRAD, wife of Israel. Catherine died 5 Aug 1854. Box 108 Pack 4.

LAWLER, Evan, died at home 4 Apr 1877. Widow, Scelia appointed administrator with Alexander PEAK on her bond. Heirs were children, Margaret A. MASON, Melinda J. SMITH, Nancy C. MILLER, Charles H., Josiah R., James E., Thomas J. and John LAWLER and grandchildren, Jesse, John E., and Mary J. TATE. There was no sale of property. Administrator discharged 18 Aug 1877. Probate Box 108 Pack 2.

LAZARUS, Joshua died 3 Jan 1873. He had merchandise and household goods worth $6000.00. Widow was Sarah and children were: Olive A., Julia O., Charles and Joshua LAZARUS. Sarah J. JACQUES and James WHITEMAN were on her bond. Appraisers were Joseph F. JAMES, J.A. GORDON and C.C. WAGNER. Probate Box 135, Pack 1.

LEDBETTER, Hardaman E.,
died at the residence of James LEDBETTER in Fayette County, 9 Apr 1863. John R. MABRY, a brother in law, petitioned for letters of administration. The deceased had 120 acres of land, no widow. Heirs were Martha, William and Robert LEDBETTER. There was a petition to sell real estate to pay debts. The land lay in Section 8 T 7N R2E (Sefton Twp.). John SEFTON bid on one parcel of 40 acres for $80.00, Joseph M. MABRY bid on the other for $296.00. The land was later redeemed. Jacob FOUKE was appointed guardian ad litem for the children. Probate Box 135 Pack 3.

died 20 Mar 1845. Elizabeth LEDBETTER was administrator with Absalom MICHAEL and Dudley A. MABRY, on her bond. Elizabeth made her widow's selection which was filed on page 86. Probate Book F-1 page 68.

LEE, Abigal died 17 Oct 1841. Notice of death filed. Probate Book F-1 page 18.

LEE, Abijah. Harvey LEE came into court 1 Nov 1821 and reported by the oath of John C. KELLOGG that Abijah LEE of Vandalia was dead. His widow, Polly LEE, was granted Letters of Administration with Lemuel and Chauncey LEE and Aaron HICKS are securities. Lemuel LEE brought into court the inventory and appraisal of Abijah LEE’s estate amounting to $775.25. Fayette County Probate Book A.

LEWIS, John died intestate. Administration was granted to Moses BOTSFORD, 26 Oct 1822. Securities were Russell BOTSFORD and James HILL. Fayette County Probate Book A.

LILLY, John S., died at his residence 22 Jul 1872. Widow, Sarah, relinquished her right to administer the estate in favor of Daniel BUZZARD, a friend. J.T. DONALDSON and William HANKINS were his sureties. Children were Elijah, aged about 7 years and another, neither age or name given. A.G. BUTLER was guardian of the children. Payments were made to Sumner CLARK, doctor, DONALDSON & LINDHORST for burial expenses, Presley G. DONALDSON and Thomas HICKS. Probate Box 108 Pack 9.

LIPPINCOTT, Joseph C., died 21 June 1863. Wife, Elizabeth, relinquished her right to administer the estate to son Joseph C. LIPPINCOTT. Children were Nancy A. HARPER, Rachael BARNHART, Joseph C., Edith LOVETT, John, William, James and Mary Jane LIPPINCOTT. A sale was held 3 Sep 1863. Probate Box 108 Pack 5.

LIPPINCOTT, Joseph C., died 30 Mar 1868. Widow, Caroline, relinquished her right to administer the estate to Lewis C. IDLEMAN, brother-in-law of the deceased. Heirs were children, Lewis J. and Mary C. LIPPINCOTT. Payments were made to W.F. COUNTRYMAN, $15.00 for the coffin, Dr. William BRENT and to John LIPPINCOTT for making 200 rails and cutting 35 saw logs. Payment was made to Nathan IDLEMAN, Black Lake, Michigan, for money due on a promissory note and to Isaac ZEIGLER for shrouding. Box 108 Pack 8.

LOGUE, George W., died 31 Aug 1861. Widow, Lydia, was administrator her bond signed by Joseph RICKED (?) and G.W. PERRY. Appraisers were J.E. McALISTER, G.L. SORTER and S.D. PERRY. Estate owed Mathias FEHREN for coffin, thread, stockings and five yards of bleached domestic. Probate Box 108 Pack 12.

LORTON, Henry, deceased. Will made 19 Aug 1844. The will provided that all real and personal property to go to wife, Sarah, during her lifetime. She to received l/3 if she remarried. Children were Samuel D., Elizabeth, Henry G.W., John M. and Sarah J. LORTON. Samuel D. LORTON to receive the 80 acres of land on which he lived plus 27 acres adjoining timber land in Effingham County. Son Henry was to have the remaining acres of the farm, partly in Effingham, partly in Fayette County. Son John W. was to have the farm on which he lived, 200 acres, and to pay sisters, Elizabeth and Sarah $60.00 to be divided between them. His wife and son, Samuel, were to be executors. A codicil dated 25 Dec 1849 gave to daughter, Sarah J., a farm known as the Miller Farm and provided that James CARSON, L. FRANCIS and Isham FRANCIS, infant heirs of daughter Elizabeth to have her share. James AMMERMAN attested to the will 3Nov 1851. Probate Box 108 Pack 1.

LOVEGROVE, Elisha, no death date given. He owned 80 acres of land in Section 15 T5N R2E (Wilberton Twp.), no personal estate found. Apparently the first administrator was Elizabeth ALEXANDER with William M. BLACK as her surety. Q.C. ALEXANDER was appointed administrator 7 June 1844 with H.C. REMANN on his bond. Estate owed James BLACK ribbon, cambric and paper tacks, Q.C. ALEXANDER (doctor) and KELLEM & JAMES. Probate Box 108 Pack 11.

LOVELESS, James, guardianship of heirs. James LOVELESS was a private in Capt. STOUT's Co. 3rd Regt. Illinois Infantry in the Mexican War and died in service. The first guardian was Zadock LOVELESS appointed 3 Nov 1847. James OLIVER was his security. On 8 Sep 1854 Willis WILBURN asked for more security. Zadock resigned 19 June 1855. H.W. GOODE was paid $53.00 for getting a pension for the boys. George Washington was born 3 Oct 1842 and receipted for his share 16 Nov 1863 and David was born 5 May 1845 and receipted for his share on 24 Dec 1864. The deceased had 40 acres in Section 15 and 40 acres in Section 17 of Wheatland Twp. And Lot No. 8, Block 3 in Vandalia. Herman ERNST bought this for $5.89. The widow was Ellinor. Box 108 Pack 3.

MABRY, D.H., deceased. Boston B. VANCE was appointed guardian of Rebecca L. MABRY, minor child of D.H., age 123 on 3 Feb 1867. D.H. McCORD and J. LAZARUS signed his bond. Probate Box 109 Pack 7.

MABRY, James C., deceased, guardianship of minor heirs, namely Susan J., Lola May and John W. MABRY. Lovina DUDDLESTON, their mother, asked that Theodore DUDDLESTON be appointed their guardian. She stated that they had 15 acres of land worth about $300.00. Susan J. was age 13 on 9 Nov 1874; Lola May was aged 11 on 17 May 1874 and John W. was age 8 on 11 May 1874. John W. and James A. SAGE went the guardian's bond. Probate Box 134, Pack 7.

MAHON, Lewis, guardianship of his minor heir, Lewis J. MAHON. John R. PRYOR was his guardian with T.W. BRANSON and J.M. LANSFORD on his bond. On 10 Apr 1871 Lewis J. received some money, amount not given, from the estate of his grandfather, Pliant MAHON. Probate Box 134, Pack 5.

MALLOTT, Stephen, died at his home 15 Jan 1864. His will was made 29 Mar 1853 and witnessed by Robert B MITCHELL and Robert CROTZER. It provided that Job, a son, was to have all the property and to pay to two daughters, Ruth and Naomi, $50.00 each. Other children had had their shares. Payments had been made to Amos MALLOTT, $50.00, John MALLOTT, $100.00 and $50.00 to three sons-in-law, Joel BENNETT, John LEGG and Thomas GATEWOOD. Probate Box 109 Pack 2.

MANION, Abel. Will made 19 May 1835 and filed for probate. All real and personal estate to widow, Rebeckah for her lifetime, then to be divided equally among heirs, not named. Rebeckah to be executor. David WILLIAMS, Jesse DOOLIN and William D. BROWN were witnesses to the will. Rebeckah gave bond for $800.00. Will proved 2 June 1835.

MARSHALL, Thomas K., guardianship of minor heirs. No date of death given. Heirs were Thomas McADAMS, age 17 on 30 Sep 1863 and Robert McADAMS, age 15 on 29 Aug 1863. They were sons of Susan MARSHALL, a deceased daughter who had married James McADAMS and he was appointed guardian of the boys. The estate came up; again in court, November term 1867. Thomas was then 21 and he and Robert desired to leave the state. Probate Box 109 Pack 1.

MATHENA, C.F.W., deceased. An inventory of his estate was filed with the court 31 May 1845. Probate Book F-1 page 82. Arminty, widow, declined to administer, May 1845, and administration was granted to Andrew TAYLOR. Culpepper and King H. MATHENY went his bond. G. McLAUGHLIN was paid $5.00 for the coffin. Probate Box 109 Pack 6.

MATHENY, John died March 1864. He left two children, James, age 7 on 7 Dec 1867 and Sarah, age 6 on 12 Jan 1868. His wife was dead. First administrator was King MATHENY, father of the deceased, appointed 18 Apr 1864. Alvin TEDRICK signed his bond. King H. MATHENY died and administration was granted to Alvin TEDRICK on 16 Mar 1864. The children lived with their grandmother, Delila MATHENY. Probate Box 109 Pack 4.

McCLAY, John, deceased, late of the town of Vandalia. Will made 25 June 1835. To wife, Ann DALE McCLAY all personal property and real estate in county of Clearfield, Pennsylvania, willed to him by his late father, Samuel McCLAY, also land in Fayette County bought from Robert BLACKWELL to wife for life and then to four children, Elizabeth PLUNKET, Ann Margarett, Charles James and William Robert McCLAY. Wife to be executor. Witnesses to the will were William LINN, James T.B. STAPP, and W.H. BROWN. Probate Book A p 160.

McCONNELL, Daniel, (Will made 12 Jan 1823.) of County of Sumner, State of Tennessee. Wife, Milly, to have tract of land, 200 acres, where he now lives with all livestock, household goods and farming tools during her lifetime then to be divided among children, Elizabeth, Sally, Hezekiah, Rebecca and Daniel McONNELL. When each becomes of age widow should give each one what she considers proper and also from the estate of Kiah BLANKENSHIP, unsettled, which is coming to her. Milly to be executor. " Witnesses: Henry McADEN, Hugh McADEN and Isaac COOPER. Codicil dated 25 Dec 1828, "If I should die before I get myself settled again, wife should have full possession of all property." Witnesses to codicil were Daniel CARNEY and Winifred McCONNELL. Will was sent to Tennessee for oaths of witnesses and Thomas ANDERSON, chairman of the quarterly court of Sumner County and William G. ALEXANDER, J.P., took oaths at Gallatin, 24 Sep 1833. Will proved 25 Sep 1833. Probate Book A p 111.

McCULLOM, John died. The widow, Sarah McCULLOM and John D. WHITESIDE petitioned for letters of administration with Joseph A. BAIRD and John H. DUNCAN as sureties. On 4 Mar 1827 the widow filed the inventory and sale bill. Property was sold in Madison County for $279.86. Vouchers for debts amounted to $878.96 in state paper and $892.09 in specie. (McCULLOM was proprietor of Charters Hotel in Vandalia.) Fayette County Probate Book A.

McLAUGHLIN, Isabella, deceased. Charles L. MYERS petitioned for guardianship of his children, John S. MYERS, aged 19 on 26 Aug 1869; Charles W., age 17, on 15 Feb 1870, James R., age 7 on 22 Feb 1870 and Lizzie, age 4 on 2 May 1870. Each was entitled to $25.00 from the estate of the late Isabella McLAUGLIN. William HANKINS and R.H. STURGESS went the bond. (Note: Isabella BOND McLAUGHLIN was a niece of Gov. Shadrach BOND, first Illinois governor. Her husband Robert was first treasurer for the state of Illinois.) Probate Box 134, Pack 8.

MOREY, Leallyn E., petitioned for guardianship of his younger brother, Lethellyn L. MOREY, aged 13 years on 25 Oct 1869, son of John F. MOREY who had $1500.00 and 200 acres of land from the estate of his father. On 18 Nov 1869 Laura S. MOREY, widow of J.L. MOREY asked for Leallyn E. MOREY as guardian for Lothario L. MOREY, minor heir and for Josefa L. and Mila U. MOREY. Probate Box 134, Pack 6.

MORRISON, William L.E.,
deceased. Ann E. MORRISON, the widow, and James W. BERRY were appointed administrators of his estate. Sureties were James T.B. STAPP, Levi DAVIS and Frederick REMANN, 14 Nov 1835. Probate Book A p 168.

MORTON, Uriah F., died 8 Sep 1864. He had an undivided 1/8 interest in land in Section 19, Otego Twp. and 15 acres purchased from E. ENGLE, valued at $5.00 per acre. He left a wife, Rachael A. and minor son, Luellen F. MORTON. Rachael was administrator and guardian. Included in the bills was one from the sutler of the 143rd Regt. Illinois Volunteers, James B. RAY, captain. On 21 Mar 1876, Rachael signed her name as Rachael WOOLSEY. Probate Box 109 Pack 3.

MUSSER, Christian died 25 Jul 1851. He had land in Loudon Twp. lots in the town of Greenland and $1200 in personal property. In the first paper the widow is listed as Mary. She apparently died before the estate was administered. Children were William MUSSER, Margaret Jane BUSENBERG, not a resident of Illinois, Polly Ann WORKMAN, wife of William, Catherine A. CARPENTER, Elizabeth RILEY, wife of Nicholas, not an Illinois resident, Luzzarba BEAL, wife of Samuel, John S. MUSSER and Henry MUSSER and grandchildren, Mary Ann and Christopher HOLMAN, children of Thomas HOLMAN. There is reference to Christian MUSSER, Jr. whose guardian was Ferris FORMAN. A sale was held and some who bought were Albert CARPENTER, NathanieL CLARK, Daniel HARRIS, Robert RING, Mathew WOOLARD, Isaac MILLER, Samuel ARNOLD, Absolam SPROAT, William GRIFFITH, Jonathan WALKER and William H. JENNINGS. Probate Box 109 Pack 5.

NANCE, William, died at Vandalia 24 Feb 1872. He had utensils, etc. worth about $2000.00. Widow was Julia and children were William R., b 1 Feb 1849; Charles H., b 1 Feb 1856; Emma B., b 11 Jul 1860 and Rosina T. b 28 Jul 1863. Wife and eldest son relinquished their right to administer the estate and John N. McCORD was appointed administrator. Widow's selection was $223.25. Some of the claims against the estate were to Martin WALTER for removing the bodies and Mr. and Mrs. A. NANCE and putting up a monument, to J.R. GIBBINS for setting a monument, Mary J. McCORD for a black bonnet and veil, George W. BASSETT (doctor), Fred EMMEL (coffin) R.S. HOFFMAN, John RUSSEL, John JACOBUS, WAGNER & Co., Tevis GREATHOUSE (attorney), Ferris FORMAN, for making an abstract. Probate Box 136, Pack 4.

NARAN, Thomas, deceased. William COLLIER, "only relative except for his children" relinquished his right to administer the estate and asked that Nelson RYAN be appointed. Accounts allowed in the estate to Moses PHILLIPS, Robert BLACKWELL, Thomas W. THOMPSON, estate of E. YARBROUGH, Micajah SHARP, estate of Nelson RYAL, William DANIEL, Henry INMAN and Samuel McBRIDE. Probate Book A p 126 and 141.

NAVE, _____, guardianship. Elizabeth NAVE asked for Tennessee T. NAVE to be appointed guardian of her four minor children, Margaret Ann, age 14 on 10 Sep 1866, Mary Jane, age 11 on 18 Nov 1867, Martha Mabel, age 6 on 27 Mar 1867 and Frances Matilda, age 2 on 9 Feb 1867. S.E. BAILEY and John LAWLER were securities for NAVE. [Note: Tennessee Teter NAVE married 2) Elizabeth FREELS, widow of David, and this could be the guardianship for her children.] These papers were mixed in with those of Nathaniel NOWLIN in pack 5. Probate Box 135 Pack 5.

NESBIT, William, deceased. Charles SMITH asked for guardianship of David NESBIT, age 12 in June 1865 and James Harvey NESBIT age 10 in Nov. 1860, minor heirs of William NESBIT. This dated 26 Sep 1865. They had about $100.00 coming to them. SMITH died and part of the money was in his estate. On 22 Dec 1873 Campbell CARSON was appointed guardian of the boys with J.M. PADON and Henry SEFTON on his bond. Probate Box 135, Pack 4.

NOWLIN, Nathaniel, deceased. Richard HICKS was appointed guardian 14 Apr 1847 of minor heirs of Nathaniel NOWLIN, Mahaley and Mary Ann NOWLIN. Adam GUTHRIE and Granville L. MAUGHAN were on his bond. William REAVIS was made guardian of Samuel NOWLIN with Joseph TUCKER his security. Probate Box 135, Pack 5.

PATTON, John, died leaving a will made 13 Jul 1827. Only heir was his mother, Polly STARR. James PATTON and Job FLETCHER of Sangamon County and Elijah C. BERRY of Fayette County were appointed executors. Witnesses to the will were Ephram DEERLING, William HUSBARD and Charles D. NUCHOLDS. James ADAMS was judge of the Probate Court. Will recorded 25 Jan 1828. Fayette County Probate Book A.

PATTON, John died. Robert K. McLAUGHLIN was administrator. Joseph OLIVER presented a bill for $81.00 for which a lawsuit was filed. OLIVER lost the suit and had to pay costs associated with same. Probate Book A p 101.

PFISTER, John, died apparently the result of an accident. Abner FLACK was appointed administrator with George LEIDIG, his security. Following were paid out: Jesse W. CURLEE for the coffin, HODGE & ABBOTT for printing, John S. ROBERTS for the funeral, Paul ISAAK, "for the attion" and "nursing in his mishap". S.M. BROWN was the crier and some who bought at the sale of personal property were: Phillip HEDGE, one pair saddle bags, 2 vests, silk scarf, 1 piece cotton, 1 bunch flax thread, 1 trunk and 1 coat; Mr. STERMER, 1 hat and case, 2 shirts, 3 pair pantaloons, 1 pair shoes; G.S. TINDALL, 2 pait pantaloons; John MILLER, 2 vests, 1 pair drawers, 2 black coat; William OLLNEY, 1 shirt, "watchmaker", shoes, 1 lot stocks; Mrs. BLOOM, 1 carpet rug, 1 mosaic clock; William MURPHY bed and bedding; John ROBERTS, suspenders; Daniel DANLY, 1 watch and William GREENUP, vise and screws. Probate Box 104 Pack 5.

PHIPPS, James, non-cuputative will filed 2 Sep 1831. "thought to be his deing day, wanted as much property sold as needed to pay debts, balance to his wife and children." Witnesses: John HAYS and Alexander THORNE. Codicil added, "request from James FIPS that his son, James FIPS, should have l/2 quarter of land…for each and everyone to have value of a cow and calf apeace." Witnesses: William INMAN, Stephen ANSOR and Alexander THORNE. Anne PHIPS, widow, made bond as administratix with will annexed. Francis BROWN, John GLASS and William Lee D. EWING signed bond. Appraisers of the estate were Philip LUSTER, James BROWN and E.W. GLASS. 14 Nov 1831 the widow filed the appraisement and sale bill. Probate Book A p 98.

PIERCE, Elijah died 30 Nov 1844. Letters of administration granted to Mary Ann (X) PIERCE with Alex ANDERSON and Henry MILLER on her bond, dated 11 Dec 1844. A sale was held and some who bought were Bennet BOAZ, William JAMES and John ENOCHS along with the widow, filed page 44.Probate Book F-1 pages 32, 33.

PILCHER, Alexander S. died 7 Sep 1844. Samuel PILCHER was administrator with William H. MARTIN and J.F. ECCLES on his bond. Appraisers were John HALEY, Willard T. HOPKINS and Abraham STEARNS. Sale was held 5 Oct 1844 which brought $457.80 ¾. Some who bought were Wash LEDBETTER, Abner ELLISON, John H. BUCKMASTER, Winslow PILCHER, Green MITCHELL and Robert NESBIT. Probate Book F-1 pages 6, 12-15.

PILCHER, Charles T., died 20 Aug 1844. Probate Book F-1 page 34.

PILCHER, Lucy, died 18 Sep 1844. Winslow PILCHER was granted letters of administration on 10 Dec 1844 with Harvey LEE on his bond. Probate Book F-1 page 31.

POPE, Valentine, died 1 Oct 1844. Probate Book F-1 page 25.

PORTER, Lydia. Richard MORRISON was appointed guardian of the minor heirs of Lydia PORTER who had about $500.00 coming from the estate. Heirs were Josephine LOGUE, age 7 in 1865 and Nathaniel LOGUE age 5 years on 17 June 1865. MORRISON was appointed 26 Sep 1865. Probate Box 135, Pack 6.

POUSARDIN, John died 23 May 1845. Mannen GORE was appointed administrator. An inventory of his estate was recorded on page 87. A sale was held and some who bought were American CRONK, Joseph BEARD, John McVICKER, George LEIDIG, J.A. DELAPLAIN, James KENEDY, Ashael LEE, Mark E. JONES, Conrad DIECKMANN and Greenup BIRD. Probate Book F-1 page 86; sale entered on page 90.

PRATER, Asa, died. Letters of administration issued to Frederick H. STODDARD with Levi SEARS and Samuel POPE on his bond. Appraisal of estate had personal property at $82.37 l/2. Widow was Sarah PRATER and she took $73.62 l/2 in value. Sale held that brought $45.62 l/2. Probate Book F-1 pages 23, 24.

PRATER, Bazzil. Elijah C. PRATER was administrator for the estate of Bazzil PRATER. James DAVIDSON was appointed guardian of minor heirs of Bazzil PRATER. Probate Book F-1 page 78.

PRATER, Bazzil, died. Letters of administration granted to Elijah PRATER, 31 Aug 1835. His sureties were Alexander, Asa and Elisha PRATER. Administrator filed inventory of personal property and sale bill 15 Oct 1835. Probate Book A p 147.

PRUETT, David Luna, deceased. Dutee JERAULD was administrator of the estate. Probate Book F-1 page 98.

PUGH, John, died intestate and next of kin relinquished their right to administer the estate 4 June 1822. Letters of Administration were issued to Thomas PUGH and William NICHOLS with William Lee D. EWING and Waters BAUGH as securities. The widow, not named, asked that Isaac C. PUGH be appointed guardian of infant heirs, Madison, Jesse W., Francis A. and Saly PUGH. Fayette County Probate Book A.

RILEY, Jeremiah, died intestate, no widow or next of kin known as per affidavit of William NICHOLS, John WATWOOD, Bowling JONES, Zadock BLANKENSHIP, Isaac D. TAULBEE, Z.F. WATWOOD, Joseph HALL, John HINDS and John HALL, dated 24 Nov 1828. William NICHOLS was granted letters of administration. Deceased owned 80 acres of land and livestock. Administrator reported 1 Mar 1830 on claims against the estate, including one for the late coroner, Henry WALKER. Those owed money included, Charles MERRYMAN, William M. RAMSEY, John ENOCHS, James BLACK, Aaron WILLIAMS, John WATWOOD, Peyton R. BANKSON. Fayette County Probate Book A.

ROGERS, William H., deceased. Letters of administration granted to D.B. WATERMAN, 2 Oct 1835. John CHERGER, his security. Probate Book A p 165.

ROY, John, “a man of color” died. William NICHOLS, public administrator, appointed to administer estate, no known heirs. William J. HANKINS and T.C. HICKMAN were appointed appraisers, 21 Nov 1829. On 1 Mar 1830 the public administrator reported on the estate. Some who were owed money were BLACKWELL & HILL, James HALL, Fanny HUDLEY, Amos SWEET, William HANKINS (appraiser), Rosemire STOKES and Thomas C. HICKMAN for appraising the estate and crying the sale. Fayette County Probate Book A. A report was made 19 Nov 1829 and filed in Probate Book B stating there were debts owed to the state which were divided into three classes “doubtful” including, George DUNAHAN for rent, Joseph WILSON, James NOBLE for whiskey, David SHULTZ, Richard JEWETT and Caleb WELD; “collectible”, John KINN, John MITCHELL, Joseph STOKES, Sarah WELD and James WHITLOCK and “bad debts”, including James M. DUNCAN, Mrs. ERNST, Amos SWEET, John DELAPLAINE, Abner FIELD, Stephen KELLY, James HALL, John ENOCHS, R.K. McLAUGHLIN and Joseph ENOS.

RUSSELL, William, died intestate. Ruth RUSSELL relinquished her right to administer in favor of Samuel and William RUSSELL, 20 Jan 1828. Securities were Jeremiah ABBOTT and Samuel DAVIDSON. J.D. GORIN was Probate Judge. Inventory, appraisement and sale bill filed 21 Aug 1828. Sale brought $978.47. Due the estate was $407.11 and bad debts amounted to $200.00. Additional inventory was filed 3 Aug 1830 in Probate Book B including a horse received from Stephen SIMMONS in lieu of one yoke of oxen and a filly, 3 sides of leather, 25 feet of plank at DENTON’s, fees due from the estate of John PATTON and George EGNEW and debts due from Samuel DALE of Pennsylvania, John BOLTON and Robert BLACKWELL. Fayette County Probate Book A.

SAGE, Caleb, deceased. John SAGE was guardian for minor heirs of Caleb SAGE including, Morgan SAGE, age 14, Jane
SAGE, age 15, and George SAGE, age 8. Jane and George chose George SAGE as their guardian while Morgan chose John SAGE. Dated 15 Mar 1845. Probate Book F-1 page 66.

SANDOPHER, Paul, died 10 Feb 1875. Peter WEIGAND swore to his death. John EICKHOFF and Peter WEIGAND witnessed the will made 8 Feb 1875. James F. JAMES was the recorder, A.S. COON, County clerk. Wife, Magdalene, was to have the farm in Section 23, LaClede Twp and 10 acres of timber in Marion County during her life. He had 160 acres of land in Section 23. Magdalene was to be administrator and she was to pay son, Frank, $50.00; son, Joseph $30.00; $25.00 each to son, Paul, daughter, Mary and child not yet born. Probate Box 134 Pack 3.

SAWYER, John Y. (York), deceased. On 21 Mar 1835, Seth P. SAWYER and Ann SAWYER granted letters of administration in estate of John Y. SAWYER with William LINN and Charles PRENTICE as their securities. (John York SAWYER was the public printer for the state of Illinois at the time of his death. Seth P. was his son while Ann was his wife.) Inventory of personal estate, schedule of debts due and sale bill filed. Probate Book A p 145.

SCHAAF, Frederick, died at Nokomis, Montgomery Co., IL, 19 Nov 1869. He had a cow and calf, household goods, notes and accounts. Martha J. SCHAAF, the widow, was appointed administrator with Andrew HEIZ as her security. Children were Frederick, George E. and John H. SCHAAF. There were many small claims against the estate. Probate Box 136, Pack 3.

SCHERTLE, George, died intestate, had no relatives in county or state. Ferdinand ERNST was administrator with John LOW and Elijah Conway BERRY as sureties. Bond was $500.00. Filed 22 Oct 1821. He had goods and chattels amounting to $93.25. Fayette County Probate Book A.

SEKINGER, John, died 11 Feb 1874. He had a stock of liquor worth about $1,000. Widow was Mary, the administrator. Children were May, Anna, Johanna, James and Frank. Sureties for the administrator were John ENGERT, John KELLY and Dennis CULLITY. J.A. METZGER was the surviving partner. There were bills from L.S. ENSEL, wholesaler in Springfield and the Napa Valley Wine Co. in St. Louis. Probate Box 134 Pack 4.

SELLARS, B.E., guardian papers. Elijah PIGG was guardian of minor heirs of the deceased. There was a bill to foreclose vs. John J. HENNINGER, guardian of Edward C. and Elizabeth JAMES, on NE l/4 NW l/4 Section 34, T6N R1W, (Bear Grove Twp.) Book 4 page 221. Lands were struck off to M. FEHREN. Certificate of purchase signed by Berriman BENNETT. Master’s deed dated 30 Nov 1865 by H.S. HUMPHREY, master in chancery. (papers mixed with William HEATHER estate by mistake) Probate Box 100 Pack 5.

SHRYOCK, Montgomery, deceased. Thomas B. HICKMAN granted letters of administration after mother of deceased relinquished the right to administer. His sureties were Robert BLACKWELL and James T.B. STAPP. Probate Book A p 140.

SLUSSER, Phillip, Will made 28 Jan 1861. Witnesses were Henry BARKER, James Wolard GEORGE and Jacob FOUKE. SLUSSER died 2 May 1861 and left $25.00 each to the following, relationship not given: Lucy, Alis, Sabina, Milburn, Newton, Fred and May. A second group who received $25.00 may be his children: Jacob, Henry, Isaac, William, Levi, Harriet, Nancy and Mary Jane SLUSSER. His personal property be sold to pay off his debt to Abraham SLUSSER and the rest to be divided among his children. Abraham and Jacob SLUSSER were executors. His real estate, over 400 acres, was not to be sold until it seemed best to the executors. Probate Box 135, Pack 7.

SMITH, Samuel, non-cuputative will filed 19 June 1831. "Samuel SMITH order for his property after his death he do now say that he do want his wife and family to keep the hoale of the property and do as they see proper with it". Signed Samuel (X) SMITH. Witnesses: James FERRILL, Samuel BOLES, Luis SMITH. Probate Book A p 97.

STEINBAUGH, Adam died 30 Mar 1870. He was a storekeeper. Madelaine STEINBAUGH was administrator and she petitioned vs. Bell STEINBAUGH to sell real estate to pay taxes, dated 18 Nov 1871. There is no report of the sale of the property or of personal estate. Probate Box 136, Pack 2.

STEVENSON, Samuel died in Vandalia, 27 Mar 1871, leaving household goods and a furnace. Widow, Sarah, was appointed administrator 2 May 1872 with Thomas W. HYNES her security. Children were Alice HAWLEY, Andrew STEVENSON, Jennie and William H. STEVENSON. Probate Box 135, Pack 8.

STOKES, Fredaric died 10 Oct 1842. James STOKES was appointed guardian for Polley, William, James, Lidea, Malinda and John STOKES, minor heirs of Fredaric STOKES. James (X) STOKES was administrator with Jacob POLAND on his bond. His estate was appraised at $272.06 ¼. Some who bought at his sale were Cornelius PIATT, Green HARRIS, William COTTINGHAM, Joel HILL and Jackson GRIDER. Probate Book F-1 pages 9, 10; sale bill on pages 37 and 38.

TAULBEE, James P., died with John WELCH appointed administrator. Probate Book F-1 page 36.

TAULBEE, William, deceased. Appraisers report on his estate dated 22 June 1844. A small sale was held and some who bought were Henry WALKER, Manen GORE, Nat NOWLAND and Charles RATLIFF. The widow's allowance is also listed here. Probate Book F-1 page 30.

TEALY, William, died 15 July 1845. Administrator was Elizabeth TEALY with William ALGOOD and Fredarick KLINGE on her bond. Probate Book F-1 page 102.

THARP, John, died. Widow relinquished her right to administer the estate. Jesse RHODES of Shelby County was administrator with T.W. SHORT and Thomas BELT of Fayette County as his sureties on a bond of $500.00. Appraisers were T.W. SHORT, James BEAL and Abram BUNKER. Probate Book A p 102.

THOMAS, [illeg.], died 19 Feb 1858. He had real estate valued at $1900.00 and personal property of $600.00. Henry F. BARKER, a brother-in-law and Carna N. THOMAS asked for letters of administration, appointed 26 Feb 1858. Angeline THOMAS, Daniel HANNER and Stillaman MORSE signed the bond. There was no list of heirs. Appraisers of the estate were Lemuel POPE, Luke M. STODDARD and Elijah POPE. Some who bought at sale were John CASEY, T. SEARS, H.F. BARKER, W. SEATON, R. SHARP, Z. GARDINER, John LOURY, Mr. MORSE and Dr. STODDARD. Probate Box 134 Pack 2.

THOMPSON, Abraham, deceased. Hezekiah THOMPSON, infant heir chose John A. WAKEFIELD as guardian. Elijah Conway BERRY was security. Probate Book A p 108.

USINGER, Henry, died 7 Jan 1871. Will was made 11 Dec 1870 and admitted for probate 18 Jan 1871. Witnesses were Henry ALBRIGHT and Jackson HAMEL. Farm on which he resided in Wilberton Twp., Sections 35 and 13, left to widow, Elizabeth, so long as she remained his widow. However, she had the right to sell it. Children were Ernest, Caroline, Henry, Catherine and Maria BERNARD (Mrs. Henry) and living in St. Louis. She had already received $700.00 her share. Henry and Ernest were each to get $300 and a good horse before the property was divided. Caroline was to get a bedstead, bedding, a wardrobe and a cow when she married. Elizabeth was to be guardian of the minor children who were to remain with her until they were of age. Probate Box 134 Pack 1.

WAIT, David V., died intestate. Administration was granted to James HULL. Moses K. BOTSFORD and Waters BAUGH were sureties, 24 Dec 1822. Fayette County Probate Book A.

WAKEFIELD, Charles, died leaving a will which was produced in court by Semion WAKEFIELD, 8 Apr 1822. Thomas WAKEFIELD and Beulah PUGH were witnesses. Fayette County Probate Book A.

WALTER, Alfred M., and Elizabeth, his wife, both deceased. John JOURNEY appointed guardian of infant heirs of the deceased couple, 15 Dec 1835. Probate Book A p 169.

WALKER, Henry, died 30 Sep 1832. Alce WALKER produced in court the pension certificate of Henry WALKER and proved by witnesses, Thomas HIGGINS and John NICHOLS, that she is now his widow, dated 10 Feb 1834. Probate Book A p 118.

WASHBURN, Isaac T., died December 1844 and left a will dated 14 Dec 1844. To Ezra $100.00; Harvey, $1.00; Jane and Hannah, each $1.00 and to Isaac and Julia, the same. The rest to his wife, Mariah. Ezra and the widow, Mariah, were to be executors. Probate Book F-1 page 46.

WASHBURN, Phillip, died 12 June 1845. Administrators appointed 2 Sep 1845. Probate Book F-1 page 100.

WATWOOD, John, deceased. William NICHOLS was appointed guardian of William, Adison, Franklin, Martha, Columbus and Minerva WATWOOD, 18 Mar 1836. Charles PRENTICE was security with bond set at $2500.00. Fayette County Probate Book A, age 66.

WEBB, Harvey Hamilton, died 25 Feb 1845. He left a will in which Wilkins J. and Fielding S. WEBB were to be executors without a bond. There were 3 children: Nancy Lucetta, William James and Malissa Paradine WEBB and 20 acres of land. Probate Book F-1 page 62.

WELD, Caleb, died intestate. Administration granted to widow, Sarah with Lemuel LEE, security, 30 Mar 1829. She brought in inventory and appraisement 15 Apr 1829. Fayette County Probate Book A.

WHITE, David, died intestate. Administration was granted to widow, Ann WHITE, 22 Jan 1825. John C. KELLOGG and John JORDAN were her securities. Fayette County Probate Book A.

WILLIAMS, Benjamin, died 8 Jul 1858. Widow, Hannah, relinquished right to administer the estate to Alexander WILLIAMS. Bond was signed by David & Joseph WILLIAMS. Martin WELCH was Clerk of the Court. Estate was advertised in “Fayette Observer”, Sturgess & Hickman, publishers with name of Tevis GREATHOUSE crossed out. Appraisers were John F. PYATT, H.B. PRATHER and James GARLAND. Petition to sell real estate mentions David WILLIAMS, Joseph WILLIAMS, Martin VanBuren WILLIAMS, William ISBELL and Adeline, his wife, William REVIS and Polly, his wife, Martin WHITTEN and Clarissa, his wife, Nancy WILLIAMS, John A. WILLIAMS and Levi WILLIAMS, heirs. Claims against estate by Mathias FEHREN, John McCALLIND, R. WHITE, (on note), E. CAPPS & Co., the widow and Lewis GOHREN, guardian. 100 acres sold at $12.00/acre to A.M. JERDEN 7 Oct 1869. Estate owed money to WHITE & HARRIS, J.G. TILDEN (physician), James KIRK, J.M. McCASLIN, D. FOUKE, James KIRK. Administrator final settlement was dated 17 Mar 1867. Probate Box 100 Pack 2.

WILLIAMS, Joseph, deceased. John ENOS appointed administrator. Probate Book A p 94.

WRIGHT, Rebecca died 26 Apr 1877. Robert J. McFARLAND was appointed administrator of the estate at the April term 1877 (29 Apr.) McFARLAND died 7 Nov 1877 and John G. McFARLAND was appointed administrator with Benjamin F. SHIPLEY and Emanuel ANDERSON on his bond. Children of the deceased were Cerelda MATHIS, Celestina A. HARRIS, Anderson T. WRIGHT, Elijah H. WRIGHT, Penilla O. REVIS and Irena A. ALEXANDER. Probate Box 136, Pack 1.

YARBROUGH, Ethelred, no death date given. On 4 Aug 1840 Thomas THOMPSON gave bond to administer the estate for use of Milton A., Nelson W., Lee and John E. YARBROUGH, minor heirs of Ethelred. Nancy YARBROUGH to be guardian of children, with Samuel BOWLES and Edward ELAM on her bond. Those signing petition were Nancy YARBROUGH, Matthew GEORGE, William COLLIER, Joel THOMAS, Robert BOWLES. On 29 Aug 1842 Maria Jane YARBROUGH added to the list of heirs. On 8 May 1850 Nancy (X) MATTENLEE stated that the children were without a guardian as the guardian had died and on petition of John SHIRLEY, Raford CARROLL and Henry INMAN, John SHIRLEY was appointed guardian. On 8 Aug 1850 SHIRLEY was appointed guardian for Lee YARBROUGH, age 15 and John E., age 12. Probate Box 100 Pack 9.

YARBROUGH, John, died before 17 Mar 1853. Dempsey YARBROUGH administrator and guardian for minor children: William, Absalom, Nancy and John. A petition of William not dated stated the William was aged 17, Nancy J., age 14 and Absalom, age 10. John was not mentioned. Dempsey resigned as guardian 1 Aug 1853 and turned over $253.00. Other heirs who received money from the estate were Aaron GEORGE and wife, Polly, Michael SMITH, 10 Feb 1849, Lucy McBRIDE, July 1848. Lee YARBROUGH received his part in full 25 May 1855. Probate Box 100 Pack 10.

YARBROUGH, Mary died 28 Oct 1869. Petition of B.F. WALKER, son-in-law, for administration filed 29 Nov 1868. She had household and kitchen furniture, 160 acres of land (taxes $35.00). Children: Elizabeth ELMORE, Leroy, Lafayette, Nancy EAKLE, John, Susan Y., Sophronia WALKER and Malinda PILCHER. Final report filed 30 Jul 1873 recorded in Probate Record A page 487. A.J. SELLERS and Henry SMITH were appraisers, E.J. CREEL, J.B. PILCHER and Lewis WALKER signed the bond. R.E. ELMORE cried the sale with Wilson CAMPBELL, clerk. Those who bought besides those above were Harden ELMORE, Leaverton EAKLE and Hyram WALKER. Payments to Mrs. M. FRASER of Gallatin Street Furniture Store, $16.00 for making coffin, John ELAM, Haller & Higgins (physicians). Nancy EAKLE and John C. YARBROUGH both died before the estate was settled, leaving minor heirs, not named. Probate Box 100 Pack 4.

YARBROUGH, Mary, no death date. Appraisers appointed 7 Jan 1867 were E.A. CREEL, A. JACKSON, ___ SELLERS and Henry SMITH. James ELAM, J.P. appraised 18 Dec 1868. Petition of Jordan SMITH to be appointed guardian of William SMITH, age 20 and John SMITH, age 15, minor heirs of Michael SMITH, dated 23 Apr 1870. They had $164 from the estate of their grandmother, Mary YARBROUGH. Leander YARBROUGH and Charles G. SMITH signed the bond. Probate Box 100 Pack 8.

YATES, William. Deposition that William YATES was an inhabitant of Fayette County, stage driver, had died in Christian County, 10 Aug 1845. Recorded Book F page 242. No personal estate to be found. Land sold to Daniel HODGE in 1844, described as Lot 15 Section 16, T5N R2E (Wilberton Twp.) also 200 acres in Section 21 same township. Asahel LEE was probate judge. Estate paid out to D.W.& I. HAY of Sangamon Co., $28.43 on noted dated 13 Aug 1850; $53.36 for taxes; $9.96 for redemption of lands sold; $88.90 to estate of William G. LUTHER; $10.00 to Harvey LEE for legal services. Probate Box 100 Pack 7.

YERKER, George F., died 29 Apr 1845. James M. SCOTT and William RUSSELL were administrators. Probate Book F-1 page 81.

ZIMMERMAN, Samuel H., died 17 Sep 1869, had household and kitchen furniture, business notes and credits. No widow. Children were: Samuel Henry, David C. and Rebecca J. ZIMMERMAN. David C. ZIMMERMAN was administrator with Joshua W. ROSS and Henry ZIMMERMAN. Estate was advertised in ‘Vandalia Union’, Hector S. HUMPHREY, publisher. Paid out to William HANKINS for funeral expenses, C.P. BASSETT, doctor, George LEIDIG, G.M. RUSSELL, Mrs. Matilda FRASER (for coffin), Samuel GUGELAWN (?) for digging the grave, Charles G. SMITH and John WEELER, $37.00 for excise taxes. Probate Box 100 Pack 3.


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