Drummer Township Cemetery - (Updated)
Gibson City, IL

Presented below is an updated reading of the Drummer Township Cemetery of Gibson City, IL. We owe many thanks to Ernest (Ernie) and Betty Schroeder of Gibson City, IL who have combed through church records, obituaries, etc. and have walked the cemetery themselves in order to provide the most current up-to-date information as possible. They have given their permission to post their years of research online for the free use of Ford County researchers. Thanks also goes to Gail Hahn Hutchcraft for arranging the donation of the material and for the many hours of typing the hand-written notes that she did.

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Military Service

Acree, Alice H. nee Brucker 2-19-1913 - 10-12-1984 parents: John and Marie Witt Brucker
m. 4-17-1946
son: Terry Acree 
shares stone w/Wade C., husband    
Acree, Eva S. nee Celeschi 1928 ; d. Paul & Lucy Celeschi shares w/Luster L., husband    
Acree, Lula G. nee Blair 1893 KY ; d.1958   shares w/Mose F. Acree, husband    
Acree, Luster L. 1925 ; d.1978  parents: Mose & Lula Acree
children: Mike; Roy;
Patsy m. Parsons;
Tammy m. Parsons;
shares w/ Eva S., wife     Corporal US Army WW II
Acree, M.F. 6-6-1922 ; d.5-28-1974 parents: Mose F. & Lula G. Acree
child: Sue Ann m. Darrell Rickey

shares w/Velva B., wife
military stone
   PFC WS Army WW II
Acree, Margaret nee Meadows 1924 ; d. parents: Mace and Lula Meadows
m. Roy Acree
m. Dave Randa
shares w/Roy Acree, husband      
Acree, Michael L. 4-20-1948 ; d.4-15-1995 m. 4-1-1993 Nancy Bendler
parents: Luster L. & Eva S. Celeschi Acree
children: Amy, Alicia,
step-daughter Paula Wood  
shares w/Nancy Bendler Acree, wife    
Acree, Mose P. 1887 - 1963 children: Wade C. m. Alice Brucker; Roy m. Margaret Meadows;
Luster m. Eva Celeschi; M.F. m. Velva; Christine m. Richard Boma; Ann m. Clarence V. Cothern; Virginia m. Joseph Mouser; Lavonne m. Martin
shares w/Lula G. Blair Acree, wife    
Acree, Nancy          
Acree, Roy 2-20-1916 ; d.1-22-1958 parents: Mose & Lula Acree
children: Marlene m. Deason; Diane m. Livingston 
shares w/ Margaret, wife     Il PFC 247 Port Co. TC WWII
Acree, Velva B. 6-5-1927 ; d.   shares w/M.F., husband     
Acree, Wade C. 2-20-1914 ; d.7-23-1982 parents: Mose F. & Lula G. Acree
m. 4-17-1946
shares w/Alice H., wife     Sgt CE Construction WWII 
Adams, Donald James 10-29-1951 ; d.6-17-1952 s/o J.R. & E.M. Adams      
Adams, Nelson R. 12-30-1818, NY ; d.4-30-1913        
Adams, Sarah T. b. 8-11-1832; d. 2-19-1895        
Agee, Matthew Ryan b&d 1998        
Aldridge, Mrs. (Joshua?) buried: 3-4-1904        
Alexander, Ruby (nee Burns) b. 3-25-1914; d. 11-9-2002 s/o Don & Leona Ruth Curtis Burns
m. 12-27-1935 Howard "Mike" Alexander
Alfaro, Infant Daughter b. 10-29-1975; d. 10-29-1975; d/o Manuel & Marie Alfaro      
Allen, Baby of Gene Allen buried: 3-1-1943        
Allen, Patricia Case 2-17-1930 ; d. m. Carlton
m. Sidney L. Allen
m. Clayton Gramley
parents: Howard & Louella Brading Case
shares stone w/ Sidney L. Allen, husb.    
Allen, Sidney L. 5-5-1909 Thawville, Il ; d.12-8-1991 m. 5-3-1933 Jewell Corn (died 10-23-1953)
m. Patricia Case 4-23-1955
parents: Charles C. & Mae Coultas Allen
children: Donald, Gary
Randy, Bill Carlton, Geraldine Kelley, Dorcas Deskin, Laura Arnette, Sandra Latham,
Sheril Allen
shares stone w/Patricia Case Allen, wife    US Army WW II
Allison, Finley G. b. 1886; d. 4-19-1938 children - all deceased:
Fred, Glen, Raymond,
shares stone w/Mattie L. - wife    
Allison, Hazel 1916 - 1916 d/o Findley & Mattie Lee Nelson Allison; shares stone w/brother, Raymond    
Allison, Mattie L. (Nelson) 1890- 19??;   shares stone w/Finley G. Allison, husband    
Allison, Raymond 1916 - 1917 s/o Finley & Mattie Lee Nelson Allison; shares stone w/sister, Hazel    
Alsip, Albert buried: 11-29-1904     C  
Alsip, Mrs. buried: 6-22-1899     C  
Anderson, Ethel b. 7-13-1902; d. 11-16-1927        
Anderson, Marion 1898 - 1965        
Anderson, Mrs. buried: 5-2-1929     C  
Anderson, Mrs. buried: 5-2-1929     C  
Anderson, Peter 12-27-1837 ; d.2-4-1917;   "Gone but not Forgotten"    
Anderson, Waldo B. 6-22-1913 ; d.8-4-1985 parent: Elmira Anderson Smith   C  
Anderson, William R. b. 2-16-1916;
d. 7-22-2002
parents: Carl William & Helen Barber Anderson     U.S. Army WWII, 914th Field Art.
Apperson, Carroll (nee Votaw) b. 8-14-1932 Decatur, IL; d. 6-21-2001 parents: Reed R. & Claudia m. Shunk Votaw; m. 8-15-1953      
Applegate, Carl C. b. 11-20-1908, Champaign Co.; d. 8-27-1999 parents: Clarence and Carrie Belle Meadows Applegate
m. 10-17-1931, Paxton
share w/Dorothy Pauline Isaac Applegate, wife    
Applegate, Carrie (Meadows) 1888 - 1978;   shares w/Clarence, husband    
Applegate, Clarence b. 1874; d. 3-13-1929 children: Carl; Andrew, decd;
Mabel Applegate Tjarks
shares stone w/Carrie - wife    
Applegate, Donna (Johnson) b. 1-15-1939, Fairbury; d. 4-13-2000 m. 8-2-1959, Fairbury, Il.
parents: Willis E. and Dora B. Smith Johnson
share w/Robert G. Applegate, husband    
Applegate, Pauline (Isaac) b. 8-29-1911 - d. -- parents: Shelby & Eva Isaac
children: Carl Applegate, Jr. m. Doris; Donald R. m. Janet Cox - divorced &
m. Betty; Robert G. m. Donna Johnson; Clara m. Gilbert Abrams;
Norma m. Donald Stein
share/Carl C. Applegate, husband    
Applegate, Robert G. b. 2-25-1936; d. 11-18-1992 parents: Carl C. & Dorothy Pauline Isaac Applegate
m. 8-2-1959, Fairbury, Il
children: Timothy Applegate m. Hollie McGrew; Tina Applegate wed Mark Yoder; Teresa & Jennifer Applegate
     U.S. Army - Korea
Archibald, Iris F. 1917 ; d.4-24-1990 w/o Clarence D. Sarver
m. Red Ross
m. Robert Archibald
m. Clarence Sarver
parents: George L. & Bessie M. Stone Woodward
shares w/Robert C.Archibald, 2nd husband    
Archibald, Robert C. 1907 ; d.2-1-1970 m. Hazel Stephens, div
m. Iris F. Woodward
dau: JoArchibald m. Shields
shares stone w/Iris F. Woodward Archibald, wife    
Armstrong, Wesley Smith 1893 - 1898        
Ashby, Child of John Ashby buried: 4-3-1906        
Ashby, John C. b. 2-23-1904; d. 7-12-1904; J.D. & S. Ashby      
Asher, Archie H. b. 10-28-1891; d. 5-21-1918   "Father" - share w/Louise Pfeiffer, wife    
Asher, Elmer C. b. 2-4-1918, Gibson City; d. 4-12-2001; parents: Archie and Louise Asher
m. 6-6-1942, Washington DC
shares stone w/Madelon A., wife   USAC WWII USAF - Korean War
Asher, Madelon A. (Roberts) b. 1-28-1918, Abingdon, Il; d. 4-21-2000; parents: Dale and Beulah Horr Roberts
m. 6-6-1942, Washington DC
children: Gary Asher, Sharon Asher Chace
shares stone w/Elmer C., husbd    
Asher, Maggie Pfeiffer 1-10-1897 ; d.3-31-1924;   "Daughter and Sister"    
Ashmore, Beatrice P. nee VanBlarcum 12-19-1914 Nobel, Il ; d.10-22-1998 m. 8-25-1934
parents: Art & Hattie VanBlarcum Brooks
shares stone w/ Vernon T., husb.    
Ashmore, Darlene 1942 - 1942        
Ashmore, Vernon T. 1910 ; d.4-7-1967 m. 8-25-1934
parents: Ben & Ida Boundy Ashmore
children: Dale Ashmore m. Carla; Gary m. Terry; Vicki m. Jim Osman
shares stone w/Beatrice P., wife    
Atteberry, Letha Dalton nee Will 6-15-1905 Dayton, Ohio ; d.6-24-1991 m. 5-30-1927 James Dalton (died 1961);
m. 1975 Lyle Attebery (died 1986);
parents: Henry & Bessie Breese Will;
children: James Dalton,
Delores Kranz, Dawn Dalton m. Paul Elkin
Ausili, Arthur Wm. 1920 - 1981 m. Wanda Pruitt
children: Rick & Susan Hoffman
Ausili, Mario 1898 - 1950        
Ausili, Rick 7-31-1948 1-1-1991
auto accident, Los Angeles, Ca.
parents: Wm. Arthur & Wanda Pruitt Ausili military stone    CPL. US Marine Corp - Vietnam
Ayresman, Albert buried: 9-13-1937        
Ayresman, Infant Children buried: 7-7-1901; Albert & Katie Ayresman      
Baker, Bernita J. nee Moore 6-25-1955 ; d.   shares stone w/ Raymond Baker, husb.    
Baker, Raymond 8-7-1933 Chatsworth, Il ; d.7-11-1994 m. 6-25-1955 Bernita Moore
parents: Hollie & Ruth Young Baker
children: Kimberly Brandon; Teresa Krall 
shares stone w/ Bernita J. Moore Baker, wife    
Bamgarger, Susan A. d. 12-15-1881, 31 yrs 1 mo 28 da;   footstone: S.A.B.    
Bane, Donna nee Jones 1934 - parents: Harry & Hazel Snider Jones
children: Kathy m. Breeden; Tim
shares stone w/Guy Bane, husband    
Bane, Guy 1929 - Delmar Bane & Mary Frances Cline Bane shares stone w/Donna Jones Bane, wife    
Bane, Lorraine 1921 -   shares stone w/Roland D. Bane, husband    
Bane, Roland, D. 1920 - 1979 Frank & Alice Bane shares stone w/Lorraine, wife    
Barnes, Eddie L. 5-6-1941 - m. 8-10-1973 shares w/Mary Beth Kincade Barnes, wife     
Barnes, Mary Beth nee Kincade 1-24-1953 Gibson City ; d.1-30-1997 Urbana, Il m 8-10-1973 @ Gibson City to Eddie Barnes
parents: John C. & Catherine Gail Woodward Kincade
children: Mary Kathleen;
Angela Lynn; John Michael 
shares w/Eddie L. Barnes, husb    
Barnes, Richard "Bud" b. 3-17-1942; d. 11-8-2001 Woodrow C. & Dorothy G. Leonard Barnes
m. 6-20-1965 to Janite Bane
Barnett, Elizabeth A. nee Flesner 9-29-1924 Rantoul, Il ; d.10-2-2000  m. 12-26-1959 @ Flatville, Il share w/John W. Barnett, husb.    
Barnett, John W. "Bill" 1928 -  m. 12-26-1959 Flatville, Il.
children: Larry m.Penny Nelson; John m. LeAnn Johnson
shares w/Elizabeth A. Barnett, wife    
Batson, Elizabeth Mae (nee Bridgwater) b. 4-6-1915;
d. 2-12-2002
Thomas & Mattie Farris Bridgwater.
m. 11-2-1935 Guy L. Batson
Batson, Irma J. 1940 - 1941        
Beck, child buried: 1908        
Becker, Col. Robert D. 7-7-1932 Sibley, Il ; d.7-8-1999 Troy Oregon parents: Wm. "Bud" & Marie Ashmore Becker;
retired teacher in San Diego, CA for 30 years. 
    2 terms in Vietnam war - Marine Military Reserves
for 25 years
Becker, MarieV. nee Ashmore 5-26-1908 ; d.3-9-1982 parents: Ben & Ida Boundy Ashmore shares w/Wm. A. Becker, husband    
Becker, William A. 5-15-1907 Sibley, Il ; d.4-8-1979 parents: Wm. John & Jessie Clark Barker
children: Robert Dean Becker; Norma Becker m. Lyle K. Brucker
share w/Marie V. Ashmore Becker, wife    
Beckham, James Beniah b. 1869; d. 6-22-1935;   shares stone w/Tommie Etta, wife C  
Beckham, Tommie Etta 1879 - 1958;   share/James Benaiah, husband; "Lord I have Loved Thy Habitation."    
Bell, Child of George Bell buried: 7-3-1913        
Bell, Clarence I. b. 1897; d. 3-11-1969; m. 3-5-1917, New Albany, Ind. share/Malinda, wife    
Bell, Earl b. 3-13-1896; d. 11-29-1904, 8 yrs 8 mo 15 da; G.W. & S. Bell "Son"    
Bell, Female (may be Claude Mable) d. 11-26-1902, aged 4 yrs 1 da; G.W. & S. Bell      
Bell, Female (Mildred E.) b. 9-30-1904; d. 5-19-1910; G.W. & S. Bell        
Bell, Garold E. 1918 - 1927; "Son"; Clarence & Malinda Bell      
Bell, George W. buried 4-23-1921        
Bell, Larry Dean b. 1946; d. 11-12-1946 Robert & Darlene Pruitt Bell      
Bell, Malinda J. (Mott) b. 5-11-1897 Palmyra, Ind.; d. 6-25-2001; parents: Asa & Eva Stucker Mott
m. 3-5-1917, New Albany, Ind.

children: Robert m. Darlene; Marie m. Charles Woodward; Gerald E. Bell, dec'd
w/Clarence I., husband    
Bell, Ralph buried: 2-11-1923        
Bell, Susan M. nee Haberkorn 1-19-1960 Fairbury, Il ; d.1-11-1996 m. 8-19-1995 Gibson City
parents: John Henry & Mary Frances Blackburn Haberkorn
children: Joshua Wade Schunke; Christopher Marshall Schunke
shares w/John W. Bell, husband    
Benningfield, Edward T. b. & d. 6-25-1948        
Berkler, Charles R. 2-16-1938 m. 5-24-1986 Lockport, Il
parents: Dutch Berkler & Eileen Adkins Berkler Loeschen
shares w/Cynthia A. Snevely Berkler, wife    
Berkler, Cynthia A. nee Snevely b. 8-13-1957 Joliet, Il ; d.2-1-2001 m. 5-24-1986 Lockport, Il
parents: James Snevely & Patricia Snevely Thieben
children: Justin Butler
m 2nd. Charles Berkler step-daughters: April Robin Berkler Flannery;
Robin Berkler Long
share w/Charles R. Berkler, husband    
Bethard, Florence Hout 3-11-1900 Altamont, Il ; d.4-23-1985 m. 1919 Walter Ropp
m. 1945 John Unzicker
m. 1959 Frank Bethard
parents: James & Ora Hout
children: Evelyn Ropp Hillard; Virginia Ropp Crouch 
Bierman, Jess buried: 5-23-1951        
Bierman, Raymond L. 8-14-1923 Kankakee, Il ; d.8-13-2000 parents: John & Ethel Spencer Bierman
children: Kerry Bierman m. JoAnn; Paula m. Dan Estes
     Marine Corps WWII Bronze Star for participation in
the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign
Bigger, Anna b. 2-24-1875; d. 2-1-1909; J.&J. Bigger      
Bigger, John J. d. 5-11-1911, 70 yr;   military stone    Co. K. 8th Il Inf. Civil War Post 70
Bigger, Mrs d. 4-18-1917 buried: 4-20-1917; w/o John J. Bigger      
Bigger, Timothy b. 10-22-1880; d. 4-16-1947; J. & J. Bigger  Legion Marker    Ill Sgt. 325 MG BN 84th Div. WW I 1-16-1913/1917
Biglow, Telitha G. 1860 - 1942   Mother    
Blades, James A. 1862 - 1945        
Blake, Timothy Lee 11-17-1950 ; d.5-13-1983  m. 5-15-1972 Karen Turner
parents: Red Blake & Goldie Phelps Blake
"In Loving Memory"    Marines - Vietnam
Bland, Inf. Daughter d. 10-26-1899 2 mo 3 da; Frank & Grace Bland "Budded on Earth, to Bloom in Heaven."    
Bland, Pearl Viola d. 10-27-1902, aged 2 yr 1 da Frank & Grace Bland      
Blissard, David R. b. 7-10-1950; d. 7-11-1950        
Blissard, Frances E. nee Poplett 4-16-1903 Guthrie Il ; d.4-11-1991 m. 8-9-1920
parents: Albert & Marleda Thompson Poplett
shares w/Rollin P, husband    
Blissard, Rollin P. 3-19-1898 Champaign Co.; d.12-29-1982 parents: Wm. & Chloe Warfield Blissard
m. 8-9-1920
children: Hubert, Robert,
Luetta Malone; Roberta Bresette; Kathryn Chase 
shares w/Frances E., wife    
Bolton, Laura G. 1868 - 1939   Royal Neighbors Emblem    
Bond, Jack buried: 12-1-1945        
Bond, Mrs. J.H. buried 3-26-1917     C  
Bonds, Kaden Robert B&D 2-13-2001 parents: Shane Bonds & Misty Fry       
Boon, Child buried 4-5-1917     C  
Borchers, Anna M. nee Thedens 10-6-1901 rural Anchor, Il ; d.3-1-1971 m. 2-23-1922
parents: Hans Henry & Mary M. George Thedens
share w/August, husb.     
Borchers, August "Denny" 12-19-1897 ; d.10-21-1967  m. 2-23-1922
parents: Emil August Ludwig Borchers & Rosa Walters Borchers
shares w/Anna, wife    
Borchers, Ervil J. b. 6-17-1906; d. 4-17-197?        
Borchers, Inf. of Louie Borchers buried 10-16-1933        
Borchers, Lorene L. nee VanAntwerp 11-6-1913 ; d.8-18-1993 m. 3-18-1933 Louie Borchers
m. 4-11-1981 Casper Cramer
parents: LeRoy W. & Mable G. Johnson VanAntwerp
 share w/Louie L., husband     
Borchers, Louie L. 2-20-1909 ; d.8-6-1980 m. 3-18-1933
parents: Richard & Gretchen Borchers
children: Richard m. Joan Colvin; Russell m. Jeri; Kathy m. Hillary; infant daughter
share w/Lorene L., wife    
Borders, Marvin W. b. 7-19-1917, Todd Co., KY parents: Jube Riley & Maud J. Kenner Borders
m. 10-27-1945 Lonell Long
Bort, Eva b. 4-14-1873, Lincoln, Il; d. 9-12-1913, aged 40 yr 4 mo 28 da; cancer of breast parents: Rev. E.P. & Delila Brandenburg
m. A.W. Bort
stone: w/o A.W. Bort    
Bounty, Infants - Dale, Dean & Donald b. 12-8-1916; d. 12-8-1916; Roy Elmer & Lois Iva Boundy      
Bowen, Martha 1856 - 1922   shares stone w/Louisa Caroline Johnston    
Bowen, Ren (may be known as Minnie also) buried: 4-20-1904        
Bowen, Troy Allen b. 8-8-1963; d. 8-13-1963; Ronald & Naveen Delk Bowen      
Boyd, Brenda J. nee Smock 6-10-1941 ; d.4-13-1972        
Boyd, Faye 1922 -        
Boyd, Wm. J. 1919 - 1981   share w/Faye, wife   Tec. 5 USA WW II
Brading, Doris E. nee Buesing 1907 -        
Brading, Leota nee Brantley 1911 - 1994 m. 12-21-1930
m. 2nd Rich
shares w/Marvin G., husb    
Brading, Marvin G. 8-29-1911 near Anchor, Il ; d.1945  m. 12-21-1930 Kentland, Ind
parents: Henry & Wilhelmina Brading
children: Robert Lee &
Ronald Dale
share w/Leota, wife    
Brading, Oliver "Red" 1903 - 1953 parents: Henry & Wilhelmina Brading shares w/Doris E., wife    
Brady, Edward D. 1885 - 1967   shares w/Gertrude M., wife     
Brady, Gertrude M 1892 - 1969        
Brandenberg, Delila M. (Bailey)` b. 5-6-1837; d. 10-7-1923; Ebenand Rhoda Bailey, Adams Co., Ohio ...w/o E.R. "Gone From our Home, But not our Hearts."    
Brandenberg, Rev. Ebenzer R. 4-24-1819 ; d.6-29-1906 Husband; Wm. & Barbara Brandenberg of Clark Co., Ohio      
Brandt, Louie H. 1913 ; d.4-15-1981  m. 8-9-1946
parents: Henry & Anna Huisman Brandt
children: Howard Brandt & Patsy Bolds
share w/Marguerite E., wife   Tec 4 Co. F. 349th Inf. WWII European Theater
Brandt, Marguerite R. nee Taylor 5-12-1913 Foosland, Il ; d.2-26-1992 m. Painter
m. 8-9-1946
parents: George & Sarah Davis Taylor
children: Bob & Darrell Painter; Betty Painter m. Pearson; 2 sons dec 
share w/Louie H., husb,    
Brewer, Ernest E. 8-5-1926 ; d.3-28-1975 children: Daryl, Gary, Roger, Marjorie m. May;
Susan Edwards; Marlene Brewer
share w/Rosie A., wife    
Brewer, Granville D. 1903 ; d.11-17-1977 m. 11-22-1924
children: Rosezetta Brewer m. George E. Folkers; Thelma m. Hasty; Harold, Raymond,
share w/Mable B. Self Brewer, wife    
Brewer, Mable B. nee Self 6-19-1909 Dix Twp, Il. ; d.3-8-1979 m. 11-22-1924
parents: Orley & Desi Bundy Self
share w/Granville D. Brewer, husb.     
Brewer, Rosie A. nee Folkers 8-26-1926 - parents: Alma Folkers share w/Ernest E., husb.     
Bridgwater, Maude D. nee Cannoy 1904 - 1979   share w/W. Ray Bridgwater, husb     
Bridgwater, W. Ray 1892 - 1976 children: Virginia Bridgwater m. Charles Kingsley & m. Paul Breeden;
John Bridgwater m. Dorothy Eminger
& m. Doris Rutledge;
Mabel Bridgwater m. Oliver Logsdon;
Ruby Bridgwater m. Dean Shull & m. George Davis
share w/Maude D. Cannoy Bridgwater, 2nd wife    
Brinkman, Child of John Brinkman buried 8-31-1902        
Briscoe, John 7-18-1845 ; d.8-10-1918        
Briscoe, Julia 8-8-1848 ; d.3-1-1917 w/o John Briscoe      
Broaddus, Mary V. (nee Potts) b. 1-31-1926
d. 7-11-2002
Dr. Albert & Neva Newport Potts
m. 6-24-1951 Alan R. Broaddus
Brock, Albert Wayne b. 8-2-1915; d. 5-14-2002 parents: David & Eliza Waggoner Brock
m. 6-7-1936 to Maxine Mulvany
children: Wanda, Rita
Brotherton, Mrs. John buried: 3-11-1934        
Brown, Baby buried: 11-28-1923        
Brown, Cindy Sue b. 2-21--1957; d. 10-11-1958 Estel & Dorcas Brown "Baby"    
Brown, Edward I. b. 1874 - d. January 1950; children: Fannie, Clarence,
Ruth Brown Butler, Mrs. Sprinkle, Lucille Brown
4 sons deceased
shares w/Elizabeth L. Brown, wife C  
Brown, Elizabeth L. 1886 - 1936;   shares w/Edward I. Brown, husband C  
Brown, Ethel nee Pike b. 2-24-1882 White Pidgeon, Mi ; d.6-6-1976 m. 5-31-906 White Pidgeon, Mi
parents: George & Clara Marshall Pike
share w/Harry B. Brown, husband    
Brown, Fannie E. 2-20-1916 ; d.5-10-1983; Edward I. & Elizabeth L. Brown   C  
Brown, Franklin buried: 5-19-1948        
Brown, Harry B. 5-14-1881 ; d.7-31-1963  m. 5-31-1906 White Pidgeon, Michigan
children: Ruth Brown m. Dr. T.Q. Swanson;
Eleanor Brown m. Wright
Harry Brown, Jr.; George & Earl Brown
 share w/Ethel Pike Brown, wife   Michigan PVT Co K 33rd Reg Mi Inf Spanish American War
Brown, Pearl M. nee Zimmerman 1888 - 1958     share w/Robert E., husband     
Brown, Robert E. 1882 - 1967 children: Warren & Sherrill share w/Pearl M., wife     
Brown, Walter W. 11-14-1814 ; d.8-25-1894        
Browning, Dorothy C. 3-28-1900 - w/o James H. Browning      
Browning, James H. 8-31-1893 ; d.1-27-1961 m. Dorothy C.
parents: Albert & Lucy Wilson Browning
     Il. Wagoner 47 Artillery CAC WW I
Brownlee, Daisy M. nee Donner 6-19-1906 ; d.3-1-1996 m. 12-31-1924
parents: Edward & Margaret Kyle Donner
 share w/Wesley M., husband    
Brownlee, Infant Daughter d. 4-21-1929; Wesley & Daisy Donner Brownlee      
Brownlee, Infant Son d. 5-27-1938; Wesley & Daisy Donner Brownlee      
Brownlee, Infant Sons (twins) d. 2-17-1930; Wesley & Daisy Donner Brownlee      
Brownlee, Wesley M. 12-6-1900 ; d.10-16-1978  m. 12-31-1924
parents: James & Anna Scott Brownlee
children: Charles
David, dec; Dora Mae Rutledge Witt; 3 boys, 1 daughter died in infancy
 share w/Daisy M., wife    
Bruder, Alice J. d. 11-17-1899, 24 yr 9 mo 17 da; Othmar & Elizabeth Bruder; stone: share w/parents    
Bruder, Elizabeth d. 12-10-1906; 51 yr 9 mo 17 da; Wife; stone: share w/Othmar & Alice J.Bruder, husband & daughter    
Bruder, Othmar d. 8-1-1886, aged 39 yr 4 mos children: Alice J. m. Otto H.  stone: share w/Elizabeth & Alice J. Bruder, wife & daughter    
Bruder, Otto H. d. 2-4-1877, 5 mo 12 da; Othmar & Elizabeth Bruder      
Bruehling, Fred buried: 11-20-1903        
Buck, Delpha Irene nee Cumpston 6-22-1904 ; d.4-10-1961 m. 7-17-1933 Joliet, Il
parents: Charles & Emma Dell Ward Cumpston
share w/Harold Armour, husb    
Buck, George Rolland 11-18-1900 ; d.8-1-1988 m. 1-8-1949
parents: Bert & Nettie Toflinger Buck
share w/Verna Spry, wife    
Buck, Harold Armour 10-12-1904 ; d.1-10-1971 m. 7-17-1933 Joliet, Il.
parents: Bert & Nettie Toflinger Buck
share w/Delpha Irene, wife    
Buck, Verna Spry 1-29-1915 - m. 1-8-1949
parents: Joe & Fannie Elkin Spry
share w/George Rolland Buck, husb    
Buesing, Irerne L. nee Bradd 1910 - 1971 parents: James & Lena King Bradd share w/ Oscar A., husband Eastern Star Emblem    
Buesing, Oscar A. 1899 - 1974   share w/Irene L., wife Masonic Emblem    
Bukowski, Charles 1949 - 1973; Leroy and Marion Malone Bukowski      
Bukowski, LeRoy J. b. 3-25-1918 Suk Rapids, MN; d. 1-8-2002 August & Matilda Marquarodt Bukowski
m. 2-23-1947 Marion Coultas in Keokik, IA
Bunting, Dorothea S. nee Erp 12-2-1896 ; d.12-11-1975  m. 3-6-1923
parents: John & Augusta Koenig Erp
 share w/John, husband    
Bunting, John 1897 - 1983 m. 3-6-1923
parents: Sam & Anna Lubbers Bunting
children: LeDema Esarey;
Beverly Pokorny
share w/Dorothea S., wife    
Buoy, Fred W. 7-24-1907 Strasburg, Il. ; d.1-7-1996  m. 5-23-1928 Gibson City
parents: James & Effie Barkley Buoy
share w/Velva O., wife    
Buoy, Velva O. nee Fairchild 9-17-1905 Paragon, KY ; d.7-16-1985  m. 5-23-1928 Gibson City
parents: Newton & Minnie Lewis Fairchild
 share w/Fred W., husband    
Burcell, Mr. buried: 4-15-1934        
Burns, Child of E. Burns buried: 9-3-1905        
Burns, Fern I. Kiener 1921 -  m. 10-22-1938
parents: Ned & Alma Pearl Kiener
share w/Francis R., husband     
Burns, Francis R. 11-11-1917 ; d.6-24-1989  m. 10-22-1938
parents: Don & Leona Burns
dau: Leanne Karr
share w/Fern I. Kiener, wife    
Burris, Charles S. b. 3-20-1893, Gibson City; d. 5-7-1940 TB; parents: Sameul Burris   C  Ca. PVT. 166th. Dept Brig. WW I Oct 1917 - Feb 1918
Burris, Chauncey d. 1-1893, 18 yr        
Burris, Child of Nic Burris buried: 9-27-1903     C  
Burt, Mary Edith 11-6-1888 ; d.7-24-1889; J. & B.M. Burt      
Burton, Mary 1843 - 1904   "Our Mother"    
Busch, Roy L. 1912 - 1950        
Butterfield, Charles L. b. 1-11-1908; d. 1-21-1908        
Byerline, Jacob E. 12-2-1899 ; d.8-25-1977 children: Billlie, Kenneth, Donald; Virginia Hill; Betty m. Donald Peters; Beverly Fry; Shelby Moxley Skinner  share w/Ruth, wife    
Byerline, Ruth nee Stogdell 4-17-190 ; d.5-14-1975 children: Bill, dec.; Donald, dec.; Kenneth; Virginia Hill; Betty Peters
Beverly Fry; Shelby Moxley Skinner
share w/Jacob E., husb    
C , J.N. -     2 stones with the initials    
C , W.A.          
Caldwell, Neoma 7-1-1913 ; d.1-9-1978        
Cameron, Floyd 1913 ; d.5-3-1983 m. 9-16-1939 St. Charles, Mo.
parents: Joe & Bertha Allen Cameron
share w/Margaret, wife    
Cameron, Margaret nee Donner   m. 9-16-1939 St. Charles, Mo
parents: Edward & Margaret Kile Donner
share w/Floyd, husband    
Canady, Guy C. 10-24-1900 McLean Co., Il ; d.Jan 1950 m. 9-11-1928
parents: Pete & Eva Wilson Canady ;
children: Richard Canady
 share w/Thelma I., wife    
Canady, Thelma I. nee Denny 1909 Freetown, Ind. ; d.1970 m. 9-11-1928
parents: Oscar & Josie Harris Denny
 share w/Guy C., husband    
Capen, George L. 1910 - 1983   shares w/M. Bernice, wife    
Capen, M. Bernice nee Helmick 1904 - parents: Wm. L. & Mae Proctor Helmick share w/George L., husband    
Carlson, Fred 1887 - 1953  m. Laura Jordan      
Carlson, Laura Jordan 1886 - 1953 m. Fred Carlson      
Carson, Helen C. nee Coffey 1901 - 1970 m. 8-28-1928
children: Paul, Jr.
John; Catherine Sherrard; Betty Kleindienst
 share w/Paul, Sr., husb    
Carson, Paul, Sr. 7-22-1891 Perdueville, Il ; d.10-20-1968 m. 8-28-1928 Chicago, Il
parents: David & Anna White Carson
 hare w/Helen C., wife     WWI
Cary, George buried: 2-2-1927        
Cary, Mrs.George buried: 3-26-1932        
Caryer, Inf. buried: 2-7-1902        
Case, Anna 1873 - 1957 children: Howard (Louella Brading & Viola Huxtable Pruitt)  share w/William, husband    
Case, Child buried: 5-19-1916        
Case, Delores I. nee Helmick 1920 - m. 10-16-1943
sons: Steven & Bill
share w/William E., husb    
Case, Howard 12-25-1893 ; d.10-16-1968 m. 2nd Viola Pruitt
p: Asa & Elsie Chase Case
children: Roscoe, Bill, Maxine, Pat Allen, Dorothy m. Bob Anderson; Jean Smith 
share w/Louella, wife    
Case, Louella nee Brading 11-27-1898 ; d.6-13-1955 parents: Henry & Wilhelmina Brading share w/Howard, husband    
Case, William 1863 - 1949   share w/Anna, wife    
Case, William E. 1-25-1918 ; d.3-27-1983  m. 10-16-1943
parents: Howard & Louella Brading Case
share w/Delores I., wife    Sgt. 544th Base Sqd. AF WWII
Caston, Charles Henry III 10-6-1972 ; d.6-30-1996
injuries from accident
parents: Charles Henry, Jr. & Vera L. Hunley Caston
m. never married
children: Freduanne Caston Kinney; Tatiana McCarty
Cater, Bessie nee Smith 3-17-1911 Cropsey, Il ; d.11-23-1994  m. 7-14-1928
parents: Preston & Fannie Putman Smith
 share w/Roy W. Cater, husband    
Cater, Roy W. 7-14-1905 Sibley, Il ; d.11-15-1986  m. 7-14-1928
parents: George W. & Anna Freise Cater
children: Ailene m. Harold Underwood; Jo Ann m. Carl French
 share w/Bessie, wife    
Celeschi, Anacleto 1882 Italy - 1964 children: Rose m. Gus; Tranos m. Richard Jordan; Betty m. Wayne A. O'Neal; Domenic; Joseph; Mary  share w/Maria, wife    
Celeschi, LaVerne L. 1924 - 1961 of cancer  m. Al Celeschi
son: David Celeschi
Celeschi, Lucy nee Gentile 11-2-1895 Lamilo, Italy ; d.12-31-1988  m. 2-23-1920 Lamilo, Italy
parents: Angilo & Mary Gentile
share w/Paul Celeschi, husb.    
Celeschi, Maria nee Fenise 1884 Italy ; d.1955   share w/Anacleto, husband    
Celeschi, Paul 6-10-1891 Italy ; d.6-29-1960  m. 2-23-1920 Lamilo, Italy
children: Eva Acree; Faye m. Larry ONeal; Mary Stoltey; Deno; Aldo; Emil
Domenico; Anita m. Melvin During; son, dec.
 share w/Lucy Gentile Celeschi, wife    Il. PFC 32 Eng. WWI
Chalet, Helen A. (Padley) 1908 - 1967;   shares stone w/John Chalet, husband    
Chalet, John 19l0 - 1965;   share w/Helen A., wife    
Chase, Darrell H. 7-13-1925 New Albany, Ind. ; d.11-13-1980 m. 1-18-1945 San Francisco, Ca
parents: Harvey & Glenna Ott Chase
children: Darrell & Kim Chase
 share w/Josephine, wife    Coxswain T. US Navy WWII Asian & European Theater
Chase, Josephine nee Mouser 1925 - m. 1-18-1945 SanFran., Ca  share w/Darrell H., husb.    
Chick, Harry B. 1916 - 1978;   share w/Margaret V., wife    
Chick, Margaret V. 1918 - 1974;   share w/Harry B., husband    
Chippendale, Lillie F. b. 11-28-1886; d. 6-14-1905, 18 yr 6 mo 26 da m. James Chippendale      
Christi, Child of R.W. (may be Carolyn) buried 3-3-1908        
Clark, Clarence H. b. 3-27-1886; d. 2-13-1920        
Clark, Edward 1922 - 1978        
Clark, Eleanor L. 1908 - 1933; Joseph & Nannie Clark shares stone w/Ida L., Nannie L., Joseph A., parents & sister    
Clark, Fidilla I. 1855 - 1955; m. James W. Clark      
Clark, Ida L. 1902 - 1978; Joseph & Nannie L. Clark; stone: share w/Eleanor L., Nannie L., Joseph A., parents and sister    
Clark, James W. 1849 - 1899 m. Fidilla I.
children: Zepha, Orah May, Lewis
Clark, Joseph A. 1862 - April 1939;   share w/Ida L., Eleanor L., Nannie L., daughters & wife    
Clark, Lewis McBride 1875 - 1880; James W. & Fidilla I. Clark      
Clark, Nannie L. (Gooding) b. 1868; d. 1-21-1936;   share w/Ida L., Edeanor L., Joseph A., children and husband    
Clark, Orah May 1879 - 1889; James W. & Fidilla I. Clark      
Clark, Zephia R. 1886 - 1889; James W. & Fidilla I. Clark      
Cliff, Jodine Marie B&D 11-4-1963; D.R. & P.J. Cliff      
Clutter, Charles W. 1864 - 1946        
Coay, Marjorie A. nee Wilkin 2-27-1909 Bisssell, Il ; d.12-12-1998 Bloomington, Il.  m. 2-27-1938 Springfield, Il
parents: Matthew & Emma T. Black Wilken
share w/Philip L., husb.     
Coay, Philip L. 7-24-1905 Cisco, Il ; d.5-30-1982  m. 2-27-1938 Springfield, Il
parents: David & Ella Strohm Coay
children: Phyllis m. Al Riley; Leslie m. Catherine Woolley; Richard
 share w/Marjorie A., wife    
Cochran, Errin Kathleen 11-1-1974 ; d.l974;   "Our Little Angel."    
Cochran, Harold L.
b. 10-24-1919, Park Rapids, MN; d. 11-9-2001 Fred F. & Ethel Parks Cochran
m. 701101944 Ruth M. Flynn in Park Rapids, MN
    WWII, Army
Coit, Barbara K. (nee Thomsen) b. 8-17-1937; John & Dora Holz Thomsen
m. 1st: Gulliford
m. 5-30-1970: Donald Coit
Coit, Clyde S. 12-21-1902 ; d.12-24-1964 m. 2-28-1925 Paxton, Il
children: Jeanne Coit m. Earl Robley; Marie Coit m. Sullivan
 share w/Hazel A., wife    
Coit, Hazel A. nee Kingsley 10-10-1906 ; d.1-28-1997 Gibson City, Il. m. 2-28-1925 Paxton, Il Clyde S. Coit
m. 1-26-1980 Orville Stinde (died 4-14-1994)
parents: John & Milesa Nugent Kingsley
share w/Clyde S., husb.    
Coleman, John D., Jr. 8-19-1939 ; d.1-4-1981 John & Ora Lee Coleman "May He Rest in Peace."     
Coleman, Noah C. 10-5-1937 - John & Ora Lee Coleman      
Coleman, Ora Lee 3-13-1922 -        
Collard, Terry buried: 4-12-1917     C  
Collings, Anthony W. "Tony" b. 9-16-1979; d. 2-21-1980        
Collings, Eugene H. b. 1-7-1929; d. 4-25-1929        
Collins, John 5-10-1901 KY ; d.Oct 1974  m. 12-25-1923
children: Ray & Bernadine Adams Anderson
share w/L. Pearl, wife    
Collins, L. Pearl nee Brock 4-21-1901 Freetown, Ind. ; d.8-9-1991  m. 12-25-1923
parents: David J. & Eliza E. Waggoner Brock
share w/John, husband    
Colwell, Carlus H. 1901 - 1984 Thomas J. & Mary Krauter Colwell share w/Hazel M., wife    
Colwell, Elmer J. 2-25-1904 ; d.7-3-1987 m. 7-31-1926
parents: Thomas J. & Mary Krauter Colwell
share w/Thelma L., wife Shriner Emblem    
Colwell, Hazel M. 1902 - 1964   share w/Carlus H., husband    
Colwell, Mary K. nee Krauter 1880 - 1956   share w/Thomas J., husb.    
Colwell, Thelma L. nee Means 1-3-1906 Saybrook, Il ; d.1-17-1979  m. 7-31-1926
parents: Clyde & Bertha Boudreou Means
share w/Elmer J., husb. Eastern Star Emblem    
Colwell, Thomas J. 1858 - 1948 children: Carlus, Elmer, Vernon  share w/Mary K., wife    
Colwell, Vernon T. 1907 - 1947 Thomas & Mary Krauter Colwell   Shriner Emblem    
Comer, Glenn Dale 1914 - 1950 Wm. Ross & Ina B. Curtis Comer      
Comer, Ina B. nee Curtis 3-13-1889 ; d.10-14-1987 m. 6-9-1907 to Wm. Ross Comer
parents: John & Elizabeth Curtis
Comer, Wm. Ross 1885 ; d.2-10-1951 m. 6-9-1907 to Ina B. Curtis
parents: Rev. Martin Luther Comer
children: Glenn Dale; Lawrence m. Vivian Perry
Conner, Ada b. 9-15-1883; d. 5-27-1908        
Cooper, Child of Frank Cooper buried: 12-21-1916        
Copher, Margaret nee May 1916 - 1979 parents: Peter & Myrtle Jordan May share w/Maurice E., husb.     
Copher, Maurice E. 1913 - 1968 children: Maurice m. Carolyn Hale share w/Margaret, wife     
Cothern, Anne M. nee Acree 4-25-1919 Hollister, OK ; d.12-14-1995 m. 10-26-1941
parents: Mose & Lula Acree
share w/Clarence V, husband    
Cothern, Clarence V. 1918 ; d.3-29-1977 m. 10-26-1941
children: Glenn & Jennie Allen Briggs Lee
 share w/Anne M., wife    
Crabbs, Austin b. 1-8-1838, Richland Co., Oh.; d. 4-28-1888 parents: David Crabbs
m. 3-3-1864 to Catherine Yeiter
    Co. C. 47th Ind. Inf. Civil War
Crabbs, Violet Lucile d. 8-21-1897, 11 mo 4 da; D.H. & C.M. Crabbs; "Our Baby asleep in the arms of Jesus"    
Craig, Donald E. b. 6-9-1921 Arrowsmith, IL; d. 7-4-2002 Roy & Etta Robinson Craig
m. 6-9-1964, Sandi J. Noland
Craig, Martha J. (Fields) b. 6-20-1895; d. May 1951, Onarga, Il parents: George & Laura Stokes Fields
m. 1920 to Jack Craig
Cramer, Esther A. nee Meyer 5-16-1913 ; d.8-16-1992 m. 2-19-1944
parents: John & Lizzie Roesch Meyer
 share w/Remmer H. Cramer, husb.    
Cramer, Helen A. nee Schroeder 4-4-1908 -  m. 2-2-1929
parents: Peter & Emma Brading Schroeder
share w/Jacob C., husb.    
Cramer, Jacob Christian 7-31-1904 Narp, Germany ; d.1-14-1987 came to America 1921
m. 2-2-1929
parents: Peter & Hilke Schroeder Cramer
children: LeEtta m. Loren Bane; Herschel m. Susan Swartzel 
share w/Helen A., wife    
Cramer, Remmer H. 9-22-1907 Narp, Germany ; d. m. 2-19-1944
parents: Peter & Hilke Schroeder Cramer
children: Hilda m. Stevenson; Wilma Stevenson 
share w/Esther A. Meyer Cramer, wife    
Croddy, Ed buried: 4-2-1934        
Crowe, George Woodburn 11-10-1923 - m. 11-5-1946
Wm. & Alta Woodburn Crowe
children: Cynthia m. Walter Jameson; Candice m. Thomas Williamson; Steve m. Patty Apland
 share w/Wilma E., wife    
Crowe, Owen P. 1905 - 1978 Wm. & Alta Woodburn Crowe      Capt. US Army WII Korean War
Crowe, Willard C. b. 8-19-1920
d. 5-23-2002
Charles & Alma ONeal Crowe
m. 11-11-1941 to lola Jean Sawyer
    Navy, WWII
Crowe, Wilma E. nee Unzicker 11-2-1925 - m. 11-5-1946
parents: Wm. & Louise Heimburger Unzicker
share w/George W., husb    
Crowley, Corinne R. 1925 -        
Crowley, Dwight H. 1924 -   share w/Corinne R. Crowley, wife    
Crowley, Edythe L. 1884 - 1970        
Crowley, Jeane Lawrence/Jeane Crowley Lawrence 1892 - 1982          
Crowley, Omer 1881 - 1946   share w/Edythe L., wife     
Cullers, Simon Peter b. 11-18-1864; d. 12-16-1906        
Cunning, Albert d. 2-11-1877, 47 yr 2 mo;   military stone; service:   Civil War Post 70 GAR Emblem 140th N.Y. Inf.
Cunning, Mary b. 3-12-1834; d. 9-18-1922; Beloved w/o Albert Cunning; "At Rest"    
Curtis, Elizabeth 1863 - 1952        
Curtis, Evan b. 1912; d. 11-13-1964; parents: J. Ford & Katherine M. Curtis
m. 7-28-1938
son: Kenneth Curtis
shares stone w/Wanda, wife    
Curtis, Gertrude (St. John) -   Fred & Flora Schayer St. John; share w/Henry G., husband    
Curtis, Henry G. b. 1874; d. 9-6-1936; children: all deceased: Irene, Gladys, Loretta, Vernon share w/Gertrude, wife    
Curtis, Hiram buried 8-28-1918        
Curtis, Infant Daughter (Mary Frances) b. 4-3-1911; d. 4-3-1911; J. Ford and Katherine Curtis      
Curtis, J. Ford 1887 - 1978; children: Ford Evan Curtis;
Dorothy m. Darrell Erickson
share w/Katherine M., wife    
Curtis, John Davis b. 8-1849; d. 1923        
Curtis, Katherine M. (Taylor) 1890 - 1966;   share w/J. Ford, husband    
Curtis, Wanda (Mulvaney) b. 6-5-1915; d. 3-22-1989; m. 7-28-1938
parents: Herschel Mulvaney & Mahala Jones Mulvaney
share w/Evan, husband    
Dagen, Larry Lee b. 5-12-1968; d. 10-19-1969        
Dahl, Andrew P. b. 6-15-1843; d. 12-1-1914;   shares stone w/Anna, wife    
Dahl, Anna B. (Bloom) b. 1-17-1842, Sweden; d. 11-12-1919, Peoria, Il;   share w/Andrew, husband    
Dahl, Ida buried: 8-14-1904        
Dahl, John Will buried: 6-6-1900        
Dalton, Mary J. 1894 - 1960        
Dalton, Orville T. 1899 -   share w/Mary J., wife     
Daniels, Beadie b. 1886; d. September 1938;   share w/Isaac & Turnage, husband & son C  
Daniels, Isaac b. 1853; d. July 1925;   share w/Beadie & Turnage, wife & son C  
Daniels, Turnage   Isaac & Beadie Daniels share w/ Isaac & Beadie Daniels  C  
Darigan, Mary d. 8-11-1891, 60 yr;   share w/Tim, husband & Mike, son     
Darigan, Mike d. 9-17-1897, 38 yr 11 mo;   shares stone w/Tim & Mary Darigan "May Their Souls Rest in Peace."    
Darigan, Tim d. 2-5-1899, 85 yrs   shares w/Mary, wife & Mike, son    
Daugherty, James H. 7-9-1914; d.12-14-1986 m. 8-8-1953 Madonna A. Morrison
parents: Stewert & Bertha Rodgers Daugherty
children: Joyce m. Howard Brandt; James S. 
military stone   PFC USMC WWII
Daugherty, Madonna A. nee Morrison 12-3-1914 ; d.12-17-1988 m. 8-8-1953 James H. Daugherty Arnold & Grace Shook Morrison     
Davis or Dearing, "Little Darling"          
Davis or Dearing, "Little Johnie"          
Davis, Aritsa M. b. 12-2-1964; d. 12-22-1966; Willie Davis; stone: shares stone w/Bobby J., brother C  
Davis, Bobby J. b. 12-8-1956; d. 12-22-1966; Willie Davis; stone: shares w/Aritsa, sister C  
Davis, Charles Lee 12-18-1954 Gibson City ; d.5-6-2001 m. Audrey Sykes
parents: Elson H. & Zora N. Vins Davis
children: Lawrence & Mikel Walker
     US Army Vietnam
Davis, Darleen d. 1921        
Davis, Darlene 1921        
Davis, Elson H. 12-24-1904 Hazelhurst, MISS ; d.12-27-1971 m. Florence Buries
m. Zora Nell
children: Willie, Mack, George, Jean Miner; Alma Day; Shirley Kelly
Davis, Florence d. 1909; 6 hrs old -        
Davis, George E. 5-21-1934 ; d.9-17-1989 m. 1955 Clara M. Jones (died 11-24-1988)
parents: Elson & Florence Buries Davis
children: James E. & Doris
Davis, Jessie P. (nee Lowery) b. 11-4-1912; d. 1-7-2002 parents: Roy & Hazel Hines Lowery
m. 11-4-1934 Richard T. Davis
Davis, June E. b. 12-1-1924; d. 9-25-1967        
Davis, Mack A. 8-20-1944 Hazelhurst, MISS ; d.12-15-1999 Paxton, Il Elson & Florence Buries Davis       
Davis, Zora Nell 5-30-1918 ; d.4-19-1983 m. Elson H. Davis
children: Sam Jones; Charles Davis; Betty Davis;
Ora Stewert; Almon Davis
Day, Child buried: 2-18-1915        
Day, Child of Jim Day buried: 1-5-1919        
Dean, June Ann 1918 -        
Dean, Lyle R. 1924 - 1982       PFC US Army WII
Dearing, Virginia M. b. 5-17-1911; d. 4-5-1912; V.R. & L.N. Dearing      
DeBolt, Edith L. 1885 - 1957 children: Mabel; Edna m. Bill Schnittker; Alice Schafer; Nina; Mildred Mizoreck  share w/John W., husb     
DeBolt, John W. 1874 - 1946   share w/Edith L., wife     
DeBolt, Mabel L. 1915 - 1966 John W. & Edith L. DeBolt       
Deener, Bettye (nee Juhan) b. 5-22-1924 m. 4-4-1943 Robert E. Deener in GA      
Derby, Clio M. 11-20-1900 ; d.12-18-1975 m. 8-6-1947
parents: James & Myrtle Mulnax Derby
children: Arthur Stewart; Wayne; Wm. Stewert; Lynda Whalan; Sue Jones;
Virginia Bailey; Sandra Ferrell 
share w/Mildred L. Ross Derby, wife    
Derby, Mildred L. nee Ross 6-6-1916 Metcalf, Il ; d.2-5-1993 m. 8-6-1947
parents: Grove Cleveland & Ila Mae Bennett Ross
share w/Clio M. Derby, husb    
Derry, Frank W. b. 1-24-1882, Springfield, Mo.; d. 7-21-1929, Chicago, Il. m. 1906 to Hazel Ramey, Hammond Ind.
children: Vera Anderson,
Lona LeMaster, Doris, Clarence 
Dever, Mabel A. nee Jordan 1888 - 1974 m. John Dever
parents: Wm. Isaac & Elizabeth Jones Jordan
children: Lidabelle m. C. Ropp; Aurilla Miller; Doris Mattox; Clifford Dever; Dever Forman
DeWall, Florence E. nee Gilmore 1894 - 1962 parents: Albert & Elizabeth Boundy Gilmore share w/Lambert C., husband     
DeWall, Lambert C. 1881 - 1954 parents: Claus & Theda VonBrethorst DeWall
children: Gilbert & Elizabeth
share w/Florence E., wife    
Dewey, Addie Bourne b. 1878, Lancaster, Ky; d. 1946; m. 2nd Wm. Spencer "Mother" shares stone w/William Z. Dewey, husband    
Dewey, David Charles b. 11-21-1962; d. 11-21-1962; 3 hrs old Charles & Bonnie Christensen Dewey      
Dewey, Karl Eric b. 2-17-1965; d. 2-17-1965; stillborn; Charles & Bonnie Christensen Dewey      
Dewey, Minnette (Green) b. 2-10-1915; d. 1-12-1936 parents: Herbert & Amanda Fox Green
m. 9-4-1933 to Carl Dewey
son: Charles Dewey
Dewey, William Z. b. 1876 - 1926 Father; children: Edna Wells Dhuse;
Ruby m. Bernie Doman;
Carl Dewey
shares stone w/Addie Bourne Dewey, wife    
Dhuse, Edna Wells (Dewey) b. 1903; d. 5-3-1936 parents: Wm. L. & Addie Bourne Dewey
m. 1st Wells
m. 2nd Harman Dhuse
children: Maxine Wells m. Earl Murdock
Dickerman, Ethel (nee Miller) b. 5-7-1900; d. 6-23-2002 parents: Charles B. & Celia Higdon Miller; m. 7-11-1953 Loyal H. Dickerman      
Dickison, Ellen b. 7-19-1854; d. 8-18-1922;   Sister    
Dickison, Jane b. 11-8-1823; d. 12-3-1900;   Mother    
Dodge, Ryan R. 12-26-1974 Pontiac,Il ; d.9-20-1996 from injuries in a motorcycle accident parents: Robert & Beverly Dodge
stepmother: Mary Jane Dodge
adoptive father: Wayne McPherson
Doman, Catherine (Jennings) b. 1849; d. 4-12-191_ ; parents: John T. Jennings
m. John T. Doman
Doman, Child of Elvie Doman buried: 3-21-1916        
Doman, Child of Elvie Doman buried: 4-28-1918        
Doman, John T. b. 1850; d. 5-9-1942  m. Caroline Jennings      
Doman, Lela May buried: 1922        
Doman, Oliver buried: 10-21-1907        
Donley, Infant of Jess Donley buried: 7-25-1899        
Donner, Dante M. nee Sack 8-26-1977 St. Petersburg, FL ; d.2-18-1996 in auto accident parents: David & Bernadette Shumate Sack
m. 3-18-1994 Jonah Donner
son: Dylan Donner
share w/Jonah Donner, husb    
Donner, Darlene nee Spicer d. 5-7-2002 m. 7-21-1947 to Ivan H. Donner       
Donner, Hester L. nee Payne 10-16-1912 ; d.5-25-1984 Wm. C. & Laura Mae Kegley Payne share w/Oren S., husb.    
Donner, Inf. buried: 3-5-1929        
Donner, Infant Son b. 5-25-1910; d. 5-25-1910; Edward & Margaret Donner; "Budded on Earth to Bloom in Heaven"    
Donner, Ivin G. 9-4-1908 ; d.3-26-1991 m. 7-21-1947
parents: Ed & Margaret Donner
 share w/Darlene Donner, wife   390th Field Art. NB WWII 
Donner, Jonah 4-27-1972 -        
Donner, Oren S. 1-23-1914 - m. 1936
parents: Edward & Margaret Kile Donner
children: Donald Dean, Donna May m. James Rhodes
share w/Hester L., wife    
Donoho, Bennie 1918 - 1975 m. 2-2-1937  share w/Eline, wife    
Donoho, Eline 1918 - m. 2-2-1937 share w/Bennie, husb.    
Donoho, Frank J. b. 10-9-1951; d. 10-10-1951        
Donoho, Hattie A. 1894 - 1977   "mother" shares w/Wilson E. & Stanley D., husband & son    
Donoho, Stanley D. 1924 - 1963 parents: Wilson E. & Hattie A. Donoho "son" - shares w/Wilson & Hattie    
Donoho, Wilson E. 1892 - 1972   "father" share w/Hattie A. & Stanley D., wife & son     
Donovan, Mary E. b. 12-26-1861; d. 6-20-1928        
Donovan, Thomas H. b. 4-9-1860; d. 4-24-1891; m. Mary E.      
DuBois, Jack E. 5-7-1936 Mineral Point, Wis. ; d.12-23-1977 m. 3-13-1976
parents: Lola Williams
share w/Patsy J., wife    USMC Korea or Vietnam
DuBois, Patsy J. nee Shelton 10-13-1943 - m. 3-13-1976 share w/Jack E. DuBois, husb    
Dueringer, Evelyn b. 1-20-1907; d. 5-26-2002 Charles F. & Julia F. Miner Dueringer shares w/sister, Gladys J. Dueringer    
Dusold, Grace A. 1881 - 1974;   share w/William A., husband    
Dusold, William A. 1880 - 1971;   share w/Grace A., wife; military service: Spanish - American War    
Eagalske, Gustav buried: 6-2-1942        
Eaton, Gerald 1947 - 1970 parents: Harold & Florence Broche Eaton "Father"
Eagle/Anchor emblem on stone
Eberly, Jon 1959 - 1971 Don & Nadine Eberly       
Eck, Beulah C. nee Ross 2-6-1922 Metcalf, Il ; d.8-14-1989 m. Cox
m. Kenneth E. Eck
1-6-1947 (one of the marriages)
parents: Grover Cleveland & Ila Bennett Ross
son: Frank Cox
share w/Kenneth E., husb     
Eck, John A. 8-31-1912 ; d.2-20-1979   Dad    
Eck, Kenneth E. 1-6-1922 ; d.9-23-1984 m. 1-6-1947
parents: John A. & Mary French Eck
children: Kathy Thompson & Millie Sowers 
share w/Beulah C., wife   PFC US Army WWII
Edgar, Carol nee Reed 2-12-1961 ; d.11-13-1991        
Edwards, Caleb L. b. 12-16-1860; d. 4-21-1891;   shares w/Mima G., Orpha E., children    
Edwards, Mima G. b. 11-30-1885; d. 2-23-1886; Caleb L. & M.J. Edwards; share w/Caleb L., Orpha E., father & sister    
Edwards, Orpha E. d. 12-10-1894, 9 yr 17 da; C.L. & M.J. Edwards; share w/C.L. & M.J. Edwards, father & sister    
Ehresman, Howard J. 8-29-1910 McLean County ; d.1-5-2000 m. 1-12-1946
parents: Charles & Anna Johnson Ehresman
share w/Maria G. Gensheimer Ehresman, wife    US Army WWII 
Ehresman, Maria G. nee Gensheimer 3-18-1903 ; d.12-19-1989 m. 1-12-1946
parents: Jacob & Rose Shive Gensheimer
share w/Howard Ehresman, husb    
Ellis, J.D. 1-15-1920 Magnolia, Ark. ; d.1-26-1996 Madden & Mary Studis Ellis   C  
Ellis, Wm. J. b. 12-6-1833; d. 10-13-1901        
Ellison, August 1874 - 1954        
Ellison, Celia 1878 - 1952        
Ellison, Edna V. 1894 - 1973        
Ellison, Ida C. 1882 - 1947        
Emmons, Infant daughter d. 4-16-1911, 9 hrs old; Bryan & Lilly Baker Emmons; "Darling"    
Enghausen, Hazel L. nee Schroeder 7-21-1910 ; d.2-10-1993 m. 10-16-1930
parents: Peter & Emma Brading Schroeder
share w/Wm. F., husb    
Enghausen, Wm. F. 12-13-1906 Sibley, Il ; d.8-25-1972 m. 10-16-1930 St. John's Lutheran, Anchor
parents: Ben & Christine Shoemaker Enghausen
children: Thomas, Sylvia Ahrens; Lyle, Gerald 
share w/Hazel L., wife    
Erickson, Danny B. b. 10-18-1945; d. 10-18-1945; Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Erickson      
Erickson, Darrell B. b. 4-12-1925 - --- ; parents: Nels & Ethel Erickson
m. 10-14-1944
children: Danny B. -
shares stone w/Dorothy E., wife    
Erickson, Dorothy E. (Curtis) b. 5-3-1927; d. 1-24-1986; parents: J. Jord & Katherine M. Curtis 
m. 10-14-1944
share w/Darrell B., husband    
Etheridge, Tanja Lynn b. 5-24-1966; d. 5-24-1966; M.T. & A.I. Etheridge      
Etherton, Lynne nee Harper 5-23-1948 Urbana, Il ; d.2-29-1996 Normal, Il. m. 8-31-1968 Tom Etherton
parents: Virgil & Verona Anderson Harper
children: Eric & Elizabeth
Evans, Leona B. nee Bateman 12-21-1916 Bellflower, Il ; d.10-12-1998 (cremains) m. 4-6-1940
m. 4-4-1972 Carl Dewey
parents: John Pallas & Mary Susan Cherry Bateman
 share w/Sam E., husband     
Evans, Sam E. 3-26-1916 ; d.2-26-1971 m. 4-6-1940
children: Susan Norman & Sam
share w/Leona B., wife    
Evylnn, Bertha b. 3-1-1880; d. 11-6-1960        
Ewing, Wm. buried: 1-22-1906      
Fairchild, Minnie W. nee Lewis 1880 - 1949   share w/ W. Newton, husb    
Fairchild, W. Newton 1879 - 1972 children: Ada, dec. m. Homer Johnson; Anna, dec. m. Henry Sievers; Velta m. Gus Hubner & m. Roy Schlickman  share w/Minnie W., wife    
Farmer, Floyd A. 6-10-1920 Akron, Ohio ; d.12-10-1985 m. 12-26-1941 to Frances I.
parents: Floyd & Mary Teckie Farmer
son: Roger 
"Together Forever"; shares w/wife    
Farmer, Frances I. nee Gregerson 1919 - parents: Alfred & Gladys Smith Gregerson       
Farrell, Elizabeth b. Ireland; d. 3-2-1904, pneumonia;   "May Her Soul Rest in Peace"    
Fawver, Elsie G.
nee Noles
9-26-1897 Otwell, Ind ; d.7-31-2000 m. 1-24-1920
parents: John & Sara Riley Noles
children: Laura Stevenson; Jack Fawver m. Evelyn Reynolds
shares w/Harvey E., husb.    
Fawver, Elton 1897 - 1955        
Fawver, Harvey E. 1893 - 1964   shares w/Elsie G., wife   PVT 1st. Cl. Co. C. 45th Inf. WWI  
Fawver, Lonnie J. 1905 ; d.7-12-1948 m. 5-3-1930 to Helen Pfoff
son: Larry Fawver 
Fawver, Paul H. 1913- 1959 m. Swarm       
Ferri, June E.
(nee Obermark)
4-27-1923 Gary, Ind. ; d.5-29-1998 Nursing home, Paxton, Il. m. Leo Ferri. div
parents: Rueben H. & Ethel F. Aldridge Obermark
children: Mark Allen Ferri & Kathleen JoAn Ferri Hamilton
Fields, ---- buried: 7-4-1942 Sister of Sam Fields   C  
Fields, Bertha May b. 4-16-1897; d. 10-18-1911, 14 yr 6 mo 2 da; Endocardisis; George W. & Laura A. Stokes Fields   C  
Fields, Cora M. (Burris) b. 7-11-1895 Monticello, Il; d. 11-25-1984; parents: Samuel & Emma Burris
m. 6-8-1912 
shares w/Thomas S., husband    
Fields, Edna V. b. 1913 - d. --;   share w/LeRoy W., husband C  
Fields, George b. 8-15-1850; d. 1-20-1934 m. Laura A. Stokes
children: Thomas, Sam, William, Bertha Mae, Dr. George, Margaret Stokes,
Martha J. Craig
Fields, Laura A. (Stokes) b. 7-12-1856; d. 8-6-1926 parents: Thomas & Sarah Stokes
m. George
Fields, LeRoy W. b. 1911; d. --; Samuel J. & Mary E. Fields; shares stone w/Edna V., wife C  
Fields, Mary E. (Thomas) b. 6-2-1887 Trenton, Ky; d. 9-29-1991; parents: William & Lula Cherry Thomas
 m. 1910
share w/Samuel J., husband  
Fields, Samuel J. b. 1890; d. 10-9-1955; parents: George W. & Laura Fields
m. 1910
son: Leroy Fields
shares w/Mary E., wife - Thomas Fields C  
Fields, Thomas S. 1886 - 1962; parents: George & Laura Fields
m. 6-8-1912
shares w/Cora M., wife  C  
Finnigan, Henry B. 1865 - 1946 m. Nellie A.      
Finnigan, Nellie A. 1867 - 1955 m. Henry B. Finnigan      
Fisher, Mrs. Bedie buried: 3-11-1929     C  
Fisher, Peter H. b. Denmark; d. 9-10-1880, aged 29 yrs, 3 mos, 14dys of malarial fever        
Flora, Clarence Warren d. 12-24-1896, 2 yrs 7 da; J.C. & D.C.Flora      
Flora, Edith M. d. 2-3-1907, 11 mo 7 da; J.C. & D.C. Flora        
Flora, Emily b. 5-25-1845; d. 12-19-1916;   shares stone w/Lewis L., husband    
Flora, Lewis L. b. 9-2-1847; d. 1-24-1906;   share w/Emily, wife; service: Pvt. Co. A. 36th Ill Inf. Civil War    
Fogarty, Vinita Toni b. 6-23-1952; d. 6-25-1952; Vincent Fogarty      
Folker, George E. 2-10-1929 Minonk, Il ; d.4-26-1984 m. 8-5-1951 Lacon, Il
parents: George & Alma Brucker Folkers
children: Steve, Billy Edward, Sally 
 share w/Rosezette, wife    US Army Korean War 1951 - 1953
Folker, Rosezette (nee Brewer) 6-21-1934 Toluca, Il ; d.1-5-2000 m. 8-5-1951 Lacon, Il
parents: Granville D. & Mable Self Brewer 
Folkers, David E. b. 3-9-1958; d. 3-19-1958; George E. & Roseztte Folkers      
Forrest, Baby buried: 7-9-1935        
Forrest, Herman buried: 4-14-1935        
Fosth, Mrs. A.W. (Betty) buried: 3-2-1904        
Fowler, Ada buried: 9-10-1900     C  
Fowler, Albert buried: 3-6-1901     C  
Fowler, Bettie b. 1-1-1842, VA; d. 4-14-1910, 68 yrs, pneumonia   C  
Fox, Virginia Sue d. 9-18-1970; Steve & Jennifer Fox      
Frederking, Bess S. nee Swanson 1903 - 1981 parents: Augusts & Anna Pearson Swanson       
Frederking, George H. 8-21-1898 ; d.10-24-1958 m. Bess Swanson
m. 3-2-1935 to Viola Snidr Redmond
parents: John & Louise Frederking
son: George, Jr. 
  share w/Bess S., wife     Ill Pvt Stu Army Tng Corp WWI
French, Clarence R. 10-6-1945 ; d.6-20-1962 drowned parents: Oscar E. & Odessa N. French share w/Joyce E., sister    
French, Joyce E.  9-15-1951 ; d.6-20-1962 drowned parents: Oscar E. & Odessa N. French share w/Clarence R., brother    
French, Odessa N.
nee Edwards
b.12-22-1918 - m. 12-5-1944 Dayton, Ohio
children: Clarence, Joyce, Doris Cummings; Glenda Schweitzer; Gina Mills; Brenda Scott; Edwin French
French, Oscar E. 10-12-1916 Hickman Co., KY ; d.8-26-1999 m. 12-5-1944 Dayton, Ohio
parents: Henry Calvin & Pincky Mae Wilmurth French
 share w/Odessa N., wife    US Army Air Corps WWII
Frieburg, Esther R.
nee Woodburn
1-4-1900 ; d.7-25-1985 m. 1-31-1924
parents: Fenton & Freda Summerfeldt Woodburn
share w/Fred J., husband    
Frieburg, Fred J. 1902 ; d.1-10-1972  m. 1-31-1924
son: Stanley Frieburg
 share w/Esther R., wife    
Friedly, Emanuel 1846 - 1899        
Fry, Alice M. 1919 - 1920 parents: James W. & Leona Fry shares w/Pearl Fry, brother    
Fry, Edith Karr 5-6-1913 Heyworth, Il - m. 12-4-1930
parents: Perl & Dora Broeck Karr
share w/Frederick C., husband     
Fry, Frederick C. 12-15-1910 Shumway, Il ; d.6-21-1987 m. 12-4-1930
parents: James & Leona David Fry
children: Maurice, Joann,
share w/Edith Karr, wife    
Fry, Grace, Rella 1898 - 1956        
Fry, James W. b. 1868; d. Nov 1930; children: Pearl, Alice M., Frederick shares stone w/Leona, wife    
Fry, Leona 1888 - 1958; m. 2nd Wm. Peterson share w/James W., husband    
Fry, Pearl 1906 - 1920; parents: James W. & Leona Fry share w/Alice M. Fry, sister    
Fulcher, Anderson d. 7-19-1903, 53 yrs;   GAR Emblem   Civil War
Fulcher, C. buried: 2-3-1920        
Fulcher, Infant buried 7-8-1901; Anderson Fulcher      
Fulcher, Mrs. Amanda buried: 6-19-1923        
Fuller, Barbara Ann buried: 7-10-1951        
Funk, Doris A. (nee Hitt) 1-18-1932 ; d.9-8-1981 m. 11-4-1952
parents: Herman & Margaret Cahill Hitt
Funk, Olen S. 4-5-1910 ; d.2-9-1980 m. 11-4-1952
children: Bruce, Peggy Edwards, Linda, Cindy, Dori Lee, Marvin Hitt 
share w/Doris A., wife    
Gale, Pearle E. 1917 -        
Gale, Willard H. 11-20-1912 ; d.8-20-1988 m. 7-4-1936
parents: Wm. & Mintia Jones Gale
children: Gary, Bill, Peggy Telfer, Ann Bode
 share w/Pearl E., wife    
Galford, Child of Dr. Galford buried: 5-23-1909        
Gandy, Joseph S. 5-26-1899 ; d.5-26-1977 m. 10-18-1927
parents: George & Mary Biegel Gandy
children: Bill, Wilma, Margaret 
 share w/Lillie, wife    
Gandy, Lillie (nee Hansen) 6-26-1904 ; d.4-9-1989 m. 10-18-1927
parents: Hans & Christine Rasmussen Hansen 
Garard, Donald A. 1915 ; d.11-26-1962 m. 5-11-1941 Peoria, Il
children: John dec; Jerry,
Mary Louise; Carol m. Alvin Bode; Don m. Kathy Davis; Barry m. Becki; Barbara m. Dick Brown 
 share w/Lucille, wife & Inf. dau, Mary Louise    
Garard, John L. 8-14-1948 Bloomington, Il ; d.10-12-1999 cancer m. 1968 Peggy Eaton, div. (died 8-6-1991)
m. 7-24-1998 Sherrill D. Hobbs
parents: Donald A. & Lucille Stotts Garard
children: Joseph m. Dana;
Jennifer m. Rick Blanck 
 share w/Sherrill D. Hobbs Garard, wife    U.S. Army Vietnam War
Garard, M. Lucile (nee Stotts) 2-20-1914 Deland, Il ; d.8-5-1998 m. 5-11-1941 Peoria, Il
parents: N.O. & Mary E. Betts Stotts 
Garard, Mary Louise 1957 - 1957 parents: Donald A. & M. Lucille Garard      
Garard, Peggy (nee Eaton) 8-15-1949 Chicago, Il ; d.8-6-1991 auto accident m. 6-26-1968 to John Garard, div
parents: Harold & Florence Broche Eaton
children: Joseph & Jennifer
Garard, Sherrill D. (nee hobbs) 10-5-1962 -        
Garrett, Emma b. 1871; d. 1-16-1932        
Garrett, Fenly d. 1-27-1889, 21 yr 20 da; L. & N. Garrett      
Garrett, Hattie P. d. 1-18-1889, 21 yr 17 da; w/o E. Garrett; "The Soul is Safe in Heaven"    
Garrett, Louis L. d. 11-3-1895, 74 yr 3 mo 20 da,   Father   Service: Pvt. Co. F. 8 Ky. Inf., Civil War
Gentle, Benjamin W. b. 9-22-1818; d. 6-3-1896;   shares w/Rebecca, wife    
Gentle, Rebecca b. 11-2-1818; d. 9-21-1884;   shares w/Benjamin W., husband    
Gerber, Arthur H. 1904 ; d.1-1-1979 m. 6-9-1930
children: Elizabeth Hain;
Wm. Gerber 
 share w/Clarice C. Gerber, wife    
Gerber, Clarice C. (nee Chrisman) 11-2-1898 West Bend, Iowa ; d.11-8-1991 m. 6-9-1930
parents: Frederick & Adelaide Eckerman Chrisman
Gerjets, Albert b. 5-2-1900; d. 10-6-1900; Ubbo & Mary Gerjets      
Gerjets, Ferdinand   Ubbo & Mary Gerjets      
Gifford, Lisa Marie 3-19-1962 Peoria, Il ; d.12-18-1996 parents: William H. & Wilma L. Franklin Gifford       
Gifford, Annie B. (nee Drostie) 8-29-1906 Casey Co., Ky ; d.2-9-2001 m. 8-7-1926 Liberty Ky (19 Aug, 1925)
parents: William Clay & Flora Brown Drostie 
Gifford, Wm. H., Sr. 10-5-1908 KY ; d.11-21-1984 m. 8-7-1926 Liberty KY (19 Aug. 1925)
parents: Walter & Dolly Barber Gifford
children: Wm. Jr. m. Wilma Franklin; Reva m. James McGinnis 
share w/Annie B., wife    
Gilbertson, Florence C. d. 9-17-1894, 6 mo; A. & P.V. Gilbertson      
Gilmore, Arthur A. 12-16-1907 ; d.8-9-1982 m. 1-30-1930 Rose H. Schnittker
parents: Samuel & Louise Swearingen Gilmore
children: Marilyn m. Richard Kemple; Verna m. Sidney Hutchcraft, div; Karen m. Melzer; Roger 
Gilmore, Rose H. (nee Schnittker) 5-15-1910 Saybrook, Il ; d.2-16-1971 m. 1-30-1930 Arthur A. Gilmore
parents: Wm. & Anna Boog Schnittker
Gilson, Child of Jim Gilson buried: 2-20-1916        
Gish, Henry C. d. 7-17-1889; J.M. & E. Gish      
Glasco, Tom buried: 9-13-1937        
Glaze, Robert D. b. 5-11-1912; d. 4-15-1922        
Gleason, Infant b. 8-14-1910; d. 8-14-1910; M.E. & K.F. Gleason      
Glover, Inf. buried: 12-7-1923        
Glover, Inf. buried: 2-26-1925        
Glover, Leonard W. 1889 - 1960        
Goff, Bobby G. b. 11-29-1956
d. 8-14-2002 Baton Rouge, LA
parents: RC & Cova McMamana Goff
m. 11-12-1978 Pamela D. Lutz
    U.S. Marine Corp Reserves
Goff, William Eugene b. 5-25-1974; d. 5-25-1974;   "Beloved Son"    
Goodell, Frances Louise (nee Johnson) 1925 - 1970 w/o Richard, Sr.      
Goodell, Richard Lee, Sr. 1926 - 1980 m. Frances Louise Johnson
parents: Robert Crockett Goddell
Goodell, Robert Crockett 1891 ; d.8-13-1950 children: Richard Lee, Sr.      PFC 57 GC Co. ASC Army WWI 
Goodnight, Brittany Jo b. 10-16-1981; d. 12-8-1981        
Gose, Charles b. 11-4-1826; d. 10-21-1912        
Gose, Twins buried: 3-10-1908        
Graden, Mary b. 4-16-1827; d. 9-21-1897;   "Mother"    
Graden, Wm. O. b. 1-22-1861; d. 12-2-1877; parent: Mary Graden; "May Their Souls Rest in Peace"    
Graham, Ida b. 7-18-1882; d. 7-17-1976        
Graham, Isiah b. 4-28-1918; d. 3-18-1991        
Granados, Samantha b. 6-18-2001; d. 6-18-2001, Provena Covenant, Urbana, Il parents: Refugio Granados & Shannon L. Irvin
grandparents: Roger & Teri Ward, Gibson City
Andrea Granados, Rantoul, Il 
Gray, Avis (nee Whallen) 1884 - 1968        
Gray, Ben F. 5-14-1871 ; d.1-16-1972 m. 12-7-1950
m. Eva Diefenbach Green
3 sons & 1 dau by lst wife
 share w/Eva A., wife    
Gray, Child of Andy Gray buried: 3-6-1899        
Gray, Clayton M.  1884 - 1976 children: Robert & Virginia share w/Avis, wife     
Gray, Eva A. (nee Diefenbach) 1-18-1888 ; d.5-16-1971 m. Chester Green, div
m. Ben F. Gray
dau: Adelaide Green m. Bill DeWall; John; Hazel 
Green, Birtie A. d. 7-31-1889, aged 6 yr W.C. & H.E. Green      
Green, Child of Ike Green (Emerson Dwight Green) buried: 9-17-1906        
Green, Henrietta 1854 - 1900;   shares w/William C., husband    
Green, James E. d. 10-30-1894, aged 33 yr        
Green, William C. 1854 - 1939;   F.L.T. Emblem; shares stone w/Henrietta, wife    
Greene, Enoch b. 9-17-1823; d.12-28-1907 aged 84 yr 3 mo 11 da;   Father    
Greene, Melvina b. 11-18-1830; d. 6-27-1916; aged 85 yr 7 mo 8 da   Mother; shares stone w/Enoch, husband    
Gregerson, Alice (nee Zimmerman) 1892 - 1950 parents: John & Martha Fahsbender Zimmerman
children: Richard Gregerson m. Margaret; Marjorie Gregerson Weller 
share w/Louis P., husband    
Gregerson, Louis P. 8-25-1892 ; d.7-22-1951 parents: Chris & Karen Sorenson Gregerson  share w/Alice, wife    PVT 20th Machine Co WWI 5-14-1918 - 4-5-1919 
Griffith, M.L. b. 2-18-1819; d. 1-29-1895;   Mother    
Grim, John (could be Abraham) buried: 9-14-1908        
Grissom, Raymond C. 4-24-1914 ; d.7-27-1966   share w/Verna Jeanette, wife    
Grissom, Verna Jeanette (nee Brownlee) 3-24-1904 ; d.4-12-1966        
Grundy, J.R. b. 11-2-1841; d. 9-5-1908        
Gutzwiler, Francis E. "Gene" b. 5-9-1923 in Melvin, IL; d. 11-11-2001 parents: Henry & Helen Mangole Gutzwiler
m. 12-31-1984 to Helen L. Karr

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