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We have spent HUNDREDS of hours working on this website over the years.  
We do it for free, at no charge to anyone, so researchers can sit on their couch at home and still be able to research.  And that's why it is very upsetting to see that our hard work has been copied from our site and placed on another organization's site by one of their hosts.  Though some of these same obits are being displayed on IL Genweb, they were posted here first, starting way back in 2007, and were copied by the Ford Co. Genweb host - and we know that because their website at that time stated on the website that "most of these obituaries are hosted by Illinois Trails"
genweb thieves
Actual 2015 screenshot from Ford Co ilgenweb

Our work was copied from our website without our permission.
Our requests in 2015 to the IL Genweb state coordinator to do the right thing and remove the data their host stole from our site, were denied and their notice which acknowledged where they took the data from, was removed.  And now they've just incorporated our data into their website to make it look like it was there the whole time - even citing our contributor's name as the source.  
Thankfully, not all of our obits were copied, because there's a lot here, and their host obviously felt even that was too much work for her to do!
And when researchers wonder why free websites like ours are shutting down all over the place - this is why.   
There's not much point of doing all this work only to have someone like the Illinois Genweb come along and steal it.

With that being said we thank all of our contributors to this site, especially including
Pat Ellis, Gail Hutchinson, Rosemary Kurtz, Nancy Piper and Donna Walton 



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