Ford County, Illinois
Obituaries and Death Notices

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We have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours working on this website over the years.  We do it for free, at no charge to anyone, so researchers can sit on their couch at home and still be able to research. Though some of these same obits are being displayed on IL Genweb, they were posted here first, starting way back in 2007, and were copied by the Ford Co. Genweb host from this site - and it even states "most of these obituaries are hosted by Illinois Trails" right there on the webpage 
genweb thieves
--- all without our permission.  
Not all of them were copied, because their host obviously felt it was way too much work to copy the tons of obits we have online, so she quit mid-way through it.
Our recent (in 2015) requests to the IL Genweb coordinator to do the right thing and remove the data they stole (and follow copyright laws!) were denied.  And when you wonder why websites are shutting down all over the place - that's why.   There's not much point of doing all this work only to have someone like the Illinois Genweb come along and copy it for themselves!


Page 1 Obits

Lloyd Eveland
Edna Orr
John Schofield
James Harding
Selma Williams
Mary Lovvik
Emma M. Luy
Lavane Penn
Bob Saathoff
Barbara Trantina
Betty Young
Mary Frances Kollross
Edward Madix
Marian L. Nykaza
Mildred Ann White
Susan Florence Rice
Larry Lee Dagen
Anna B. (Bloom) Dahl
Ottis Edwin Damon
Madonna A. Daugherty
Mildred Louise (Tomblin) Davis
Helen L. (Rider) Davis
Jesse P. (Lowery) Davis
Mary (Schoffstoll) Davis
Katherine L. (Pfoff) Davis
George E. Davis
Laverna E. (Riblet) Remley Davis
Levinia (Miller) Davis
Peyton Elise Davis
Mack A. Davis
Harold Dawson
Jerry Warren Decker
Roscoe V. Decker
Mildred Derby
Carol Cleo (Rankin) Deremiah
Frank Derry
Laura Catherine (Holt) Dewall
Bernice Mae (Fuller) Dewall
Leona (Bateman) Evans Dewey
Hazel C. (Rainwater) Delk
Carl E. Dewey
Ryan R. Dodge
Dante M. (Sack) Donner
Earl R. Donner
Verna B. (Wright) Donner
Marie (Beck) Donner
Donald Dean Donner
Hester L. (Payne) Donner
Russell C. Dozier
Emma E. (Tarvin) Dragoo
Maude Ethel (Filby) Richards Drake
Kathryn L. (Davis) Dreidame
Gladys Dueringer
Edith M. (Shepherd) Dueringer
Ralph O. Dueringer
Barbara M. (Morninweg) Dueringer
Robert G. Duggins
Pauline E. (Campbell) Ort Dunlap
Roy J. Dysert
Henry Boten
Ardyth Swearingen
Mildred E. Swearingen
C. Richard "Dick" Swope
Donald E. Taylor
Soffie Una Taylor
Mrs. Lillie Mae Taylor
Clayton D. "Goose" Thackeray
Dorothy F. Thomas
Louise A. Thompson
Shelby D. Thompson
Dorothy D. Thompson
James F. Thompson
Leora V. Thompson
Evelyn M. Thompson
Mildred L. Thompson
Earl E. Tibby
Dorothy M. Timcke
Rose R. Tjarks
Henry Tjarks
Sophronia M. Tomblin
Steven F. Tomlinson
Joseph Earl Tomlinson
Margaret L. Tongate
Dale H. Tongate
Nadyne G. Tongate
John W. Tompkins
Ora Lee Tongate
Morna Tongate
Clarence C. Toreson
Martha Tretner
Margaret B. Trinkle
Kathryn Troyer
Ila M. Tyler
Ethel Ulfers
Earnest Paul Unzicker
Mona D. Vanantwerp
Hattie E. Vanblaracum
Ronald H. Vetter
Charles F. Vice
John R. Vork
Charles W. Wade

Page 2 Obits

Frank G. Walker
Beverly A. Walker
Ashleigh A. Walker
Fred Fasking
Fred E. Friday
Mary A. Friday
Anna Gilmore
Claus William Hansen
Dale E. Hillary
Dorothy I. Hillary
Mrs. Wilhelmine Kropfer
Dorothy C. Lage
Mrs. Anna M. Lage
Wayne R. Lage
Ethel Mae Lage
Alva F. Landau
Alfred O. Landau
Bertha Ann Milliner
Augusta E. Molck
Eugene Andrew Molck
J.J. Muehlenpfort
Fred William Riecks
John A. Roesch
Louise B. Roesch
Merle J. "Blondie" Roesch
Dorothy Roesch
Carl E. Schroeder
Elsie M. Schroeder
Alfred "Dick" Schroeder
Kenneth E. Simpsen
Carl R. Stroh
Mrs. Susanne A. Stroh
Clara M. Thedens
Albert C. Thedens
Pearl M. Wichmann
Mrs. L.N. Bishop
Lemuel N. Bishop
Melba A. Bane
Etta M. Beck
John Edward Beecher
William C. Beecher
Myrtle A. Bielfeldt
Fred G. Bielfeldt
Grace L. Bielfeldt
Mrs. Minnie Bielfeldt
Elsie E. Brandt
Otto F.Brandt
Edna H. Brokate
John Brokate
Charles R. (Dick) Briggs
Augusta Brucker
John H. Christensen
Evelyn L. Wade
Alta A. Williams Waggoner
Frances B. Walker
Anthony B. Walker
Evelyn Walker
Mrs. Mildred E. Walters
H.N. Ward
Frank E. Warfield
Ralph A. Warfield
Dorothy M. Warfield
Deana Warfield
Beatrice L. Warman
Mae A. Warrick
Earnest Benton Webb
Margaret Lee Webb
Wilma L. Schrock Weininger
Mrs. Susan M. White
Harry W. White
Charles R. Whitehouse
William Durward Wiles
Marie Ann Wilkening
Diana M. Friend Willey
Franklin V. Williams
Beulah Mae Williams
David Williams
Martha A. Williams
Dempster W. (Slim) Wilson
Bennie "Bea" L. Wilson
Devin Troy Wilson
Gertrude M. Wissmiller
Louis Wissmiller
Ralph A. Witt
Hazel M. Witt
Richard E. Wolfe
Maxine Wolfe
Wilma D. Woodward
Andrew Lee Woodward
Lori Ann Woolever
Bartley N. Wright
Ruth E. Wright
Rosa F. Raper
Lorene M. Raper
Rev. John Smith
Susie Carnegie Walters
Marthenia M. Long
Verna Mae Thomassen
Francis G. Zimmerman
Percy Miner Jr.
Eldon M. Groth
Mrs. Josephine Rasmus
John Merold
Mrs. Mary Johnson
Jacob Marshall Urban
Miss Betty Hunt
Mrs. Julia Guderjohn
Mrs. Margaret Nerswander

Page 3 Obits

Mrs. Trella M. Sample
Iris F. Sarver
Jane Ingerson Sawyer
Ethel M. Sawyer
Laura M. Sawyer
Philip C. Schaefer
Merle A. Schaefer
Marian D. Schaefer
Albert P. Schantz
Beulah M. Scharpf
Anthony Charles Schaub
Elizabeth M. Schertz
Mary E. Schertz
Wilbur A. Schertz
Velta Schlickman
Roy R. Schlickman
William H. Schmale
William H. Schnittker
The Rev. Al Schneck
Anton H. Schriefer
Doris Ann Schriefer
Merle Schrock
John W. Schroeder
Clara L. Schroeder
Wanda Schroeder
Dorothy M. Scott
John Thackery Scott Sr.
Audrey Scott
Henry R. Sehmann
Judy Ann Seifert
Clifford Shaner
Fern Opal Shaner
Mrs. Hazel Shank
Charles L. Sharp
Violet A. Sharp
Dorothy Shellman
Fannie Shellman
Wilha E. Shellman
Lillie F. Shelton
Oscar J. Shilts
Mary Eleanor Shilts
Mrs. Emma Shirley
Robert E. Shirley
Ruth Iro Shirley
Roy A. Shull
Jeannine Shull
Anna Frances Fairchild Sievers
Walter E. Sixt
Richard Joseph Skippon
Kenneth R. Sloan
Ethel M. Smart
Donald E. Smith
Frank K. Smith
Dorothy May Smith
Margaret K. Smith
Curtis Smith
Edna B. Smith
James W. Smith
Merle R. Smith
Sylvia A. Smith
Mildred C. Smith
Beverly G. Smith
Ann J. Smith
Harry "Jake" E. Smock
Gladys F. Smock
Winifred M Snead
Andrew R. Sommer
Esther F. Sparks
Floyd D. Speedie
Ella S. Speedie
Beulah Speers
Marilyn J. Spitz
Edna Ropp Springer
Elsie Marie Stallard
Tyler Joel Stalter
Norma M. Stamm
Everett Dewey Stamm
Elmer Stange
Gyla Udeene Stange
Hazel Stathers
Mildred O. Stauffer
Henry K. Steinlicht
Ethel Mae Steinlicht
Mary E. Steinlicht
Florence W. Busing Stephens
Sammie R. Stephens
Zetta Marie Stephens
Ronald R. Stephens
Byron E. Stevenson
Elmer G. Stevenson
Laura E. Stevenson
Kelsey Anne Stewart
Dr. J.E. Ragsdale
Russell C. Stickels
Lillian Minda Stickels
George W. Stolz
Sarah Lavina Williams
Lucas Tyler Storment
Wilma Ruth Gilmore Straw
Richard W. (Rick) Strebeck
Wilbur C. Stroh
Mary F. Stubbert
Laurabell N. Butler Sullivan
Clay M. Sullivan
John Richard Summers
Helen W. Summers
James H. Summers
Doris A. Suter
Agnes M. Suter
Wallace T. Suter
Veryl Clyde Swaim
C.V. Swanson
Agnes Swanson
Rose O. Swanson
Pearle A. Swanstrom
Oliver Swatsley

Page 4 Obits

Eva V. Putnam
Wilhelm Puzich
Cecil L. Rainwater
LuEtta Rainwater
Ulen C. Rainwater
Mrs. H.A. Raney
Bessie Z. Rasmussen
Mrs. Verna W. Rasmussen
Elise M. "Lizzie" Rasmussen
Nelle Lee Rasmussen
Barbara E. Reed
Bernard M. Reiners
Catherine Louise Reiners
Beulah M. Reiners
George Bernard Reiners
Delmar R. Reynolds
Gary A. Reynolds
Ora Edgar Reynolds
Mrs. Ruth Reynolds
Mrs. Emma Marie Reynolds
Vivian R. Reynolds
Elvin L. Reynolds
Lester L. Reynolds
Geraildean Reynolds
Lola Mae Reynolds
Georgia Jean Rexroat
Florence M. Rhodes
Lydia Klopfenstein
J.S. Rhodes
Mrs. Catherine C. Rhodes
Harold W. Rhodes
Dora M. Ellis
Gladys R. Finis
Howard Paul Hubner
"Sid" Aldora Pearl Mumm
Ronald A. Schmidt
John Short
Sophia Koenig
Wilhelmine H.J. Koenig
Marvin C. Knell
Eleane E. May
Harold F. "Bud" Martin
Verle Christian Oyer
Maurine Seifert
Russel R. McKean
Barbara A. Sleigh
Esther Fay Fuoss
Virginia L. Graham
Rose M. Gronewold
Evelyn L. Hallowell
Dorothy E. Hill
Essie V. Long
Carolyn F. Merkle
Lena Mae Morrison
William H. Setzler
Delmar C. O'Neal
Beulah T. O'Neal
Betty J. O'Neal
Ivan Lester O'Neal
Cleveland R. Oneal
Frances E.W. Oneal
Tillie M. O'Neal
Kathryn E. O'Neal
George Onken
Everett W. Osborn
Clyde E. Otto
Jeannine J. Parker
Elmer R. Parker
Betty L. Parks
Charles D. Paul
Mary Jo Paul
Harry W. Payne
Helen B. Payne
Keith A. Pearson
Richard E. Pearson
Violet E. Peeken
John A. Pence
Kathryn Thomas Pepping
Nellie Agnes Peters
Alma R. Peters
Walter E. Peterson
Phillip L. Myers
Lillis M. Myers
Peter R. Nelson

Page 5 Obits

Lola M. Johnston
Edna Mae Johnston
Nita R. Johnstone
Mabel E. "Betty" Hunt
Dorothy B. Huston
Dell X. Huxtable
Anna K. Jacobs
Kimberly E. Stevenson Jajuga
Mrs. Boswell James
Richard N. James
Hyral L. James
Robert E. Jardine
Anna D. Jardine
Ida I. Jefferson
Elizaabeth C. Jennings
Lida L. Jenkins
William A. Jensen
Jean Jensen
Larry A. Jensen
John E. Jesse
Bessie B. Johnson
Elmer Johnson
Harold A. Johnson
Glenn L. Johnson
David G. Johnson
Mrs. Della Johnson
Mrs. Maude Johnson
C.A.T. Johnson
Mrs. William Johnson
Judi A. Houser
Jesse Houts
Miss Ella G. Houts
Crystal Jane Hudson
Joseph B. Hudson
Nellie L. Hudson
David W. Hudson
Jeffrey Lee Hudson
Lela Mae Hudson
Mrs. A. Huff

Glenn G. Hummel
Betty L. Holderby
Dennis Hollen
Autumn Rose Hollis
Helen L. Hooker
Marcy Jane Hollis
Raymond N. Holm
Max C. Hoover
Robert L. Hoover
Jo Ann Horsch
James E. Ham
Virgie E. Hamm
Charles S. Hamm
Lars J. Hanson
Mrs. Rosa M. Hanson
Michelle Ann Hansen
Jeffrey Benjamin Hansen
Margaret Harding
Joyce Ann Hartford
Mrs. Myra O. Harting
Milton A. Hatteberg
Kenneth R. Hawthorne
Augusta Heckens
Paula A. Heldt
Ernest W. Heldt
Charles Albert Helmick
William Glenn Helmick
Loel Proctor Helmick
Benjamin Hendricks
Marion Earl "Red" Hendrickson
Douglas Stephan Hennek
Betty L. Beck Hewson
Mrs. Regina Hewson
Dorise C. Hill
Wilma J. Hiner
Mrs. Roy Hinkel
Heather Elizabeth Hinthorne
Benjamin Hoekstra
Walter A. Ribbe
Alta F. Ricketts
Gale E. Ricks
Evelyn A. Riley
Philip Albert Riley.
Ruby Roberts
Russell L. Roberts
Bertha G. Roberts
Mary M. Roisland
Lawrence Ropp
Clara B. Ropp
Raymond Ropp
Raymond C. Rork
Novella Roy
Nelson Leon Roy
Walter J. Royal
Frances Marguerite Royal
Elsa Lucille Ruck
Susan F. Rudolph
George Rupe
Glenn V. Rutledge
Ruby A. Rutledge
Russell J. Rutledge
Christian G. Ryereson
W. Lyle Pfoff
Ruby E. Pfoff
Lena Evelin Phillips
Mabel Arilla Phillips
William Pierson
Florence Pierson
Ursula D. Pierzynski
Joseph Arthur Pilkington
Mrs. Andrew Poff
Hilda B. Polson
Dellie Ponder
Elizabeth Mccabe Pool
Clarence T. Poplett
Mable M. Poplett
Marvin L. Powell
James E. Powell
Mona L. Powell
Mrs. Herbert Pruitt
Marie Pruitt

Page 6 Obits

Ruth D. Harrison
Francis E. Sleeter
Evelyn Marie Torbet
Joseph John Short
Reba Johnson Towers
Frances E. "Sannie" Dillon
William Hubert Elliott
Virginia Underwood
Thurman "Corky" Thompson
Ruby B. Barr
George L. Holton
Velma M. Weber
Rev. William F. Smith
Jason Michael Milligan Jr.
Ferne L. Benge
Karen M. Bleich
George A. Wallen Jr.
Dorothy M. Smith
Ruth C. Lammle
Ruby F. Lange
Barbara L. Lange
Katherine Flynn Lawler
Eura C. Lee
Lola M. Lee
Audra E. Lee
James C. Lee
Orville A. Leenerman
Mrs. Stella Leenerman
Charles W. Leffler
James F. Leisure
June Leisure
Dustin Wade Leisure
Phyllis E. Leonard
John L. Leonard
Ruth M. Lewis
Tony Lewis
Vada S. Lewis
Laura L. Lindauer
Gary R. Lindsey
Genevieve Little
Gertrude O. Little
Herman A Loeschen
Charles William "Bill" Long
Charles Patrick Long
Della Pearl Lowry
Della B. Lowery
Ruth M. Loy
Litta M. Luedde
Dennis Paul Lutterbie
Francis W. Lynch
Helen V. Lynch
Mary Alice Lyons
James A. "Art" Mabry
Margaret Main
Luetta Pearl Malone
James E. Malone
William T. "Bill" Mangan
Thomas M. Mangan
Harry B. Marcellus
Scott D. Marshall
Mrs. Dave Martin
Anna Martin
Darrell D. Martin
Harry C. Martin
Floyd W. Matthews
Dorothea I. Mattox
John A. Mattox
Henry May
Fern G. May
Mrs. Sarah M. Mcatee
Mrs. Sarah Ella Mcclure
Duncan D. Mcclure
Grace Mcclure
Wallace J. Mcclure
Marion Dorothy Mccullough
Mark D. Mccullough
Margaret E. Mcgrew
Rev. Dean Mcgrew
Sybil M. Kramer
Verle V. Kramer
Mary Lou Jacobus Kyle
Mercedes B. Lacharity
Lawrence J. Lacharity
Vernal L. Lahr
Virginia Love Lamb
Cleo Lamb
Dorothy M. "Pat" Lambert
William M. Jones
Clyde R. Jones
Hazel M. Jones
Virginia A. Jones
Virgil Jordan
Daniel J. Jordan
Irene Jordan
Mary Blanche Jordan
Rose Tranos Jordan
John R Kafer
Marion Kaiser
Alma B. Kaiser
Myrtle A. Kaiser
Violet I. Karnes
Helen M. Kashner
Perry H. Keast
Tyler Matthew Keim
Helen Foster Kelley
Helen E. Kemple
Avalon M. Kemple
Beulah F. Kennedy
Hattie Kerber
James D. Kerchenfaut
Arminta V. Kerchenfaut
Merritt V. Kerchenfaut
Marie W. Kerchenfaut
Beverly Ann Kerchenfaut
Primm M. Kerchenfaut
Dorothy Kerchenfaut
Howard W. Kerchenfaut
Joseph A. Kerner
Alberta B. Kibble
Mabel N. Kinder
Agnes Jeanette King
Albert Wallace Klopfenstein
Marion Anna Emelia Knapp
Raymond Lee Knecht
Betty Jean Knell
Wm. Minor Knell
Charles A. Knell Sr.
Mildred L. Knerr
Mrs. Margaret Koehler
Grace M. Kraiger
Clifford E. Johnson

Page 7

Diane Brooks
Joseph E. Brooks
Helen S. Brotherton
Edward I. Brown
Ethel K. Brown
John I. Brown
Ruby F. Brown
Ruth Brown
Daisy M. Brownlee
David Brownlee
Everett P. Brownlee
Annabelle I. Brucker
Gene Brucker
Juanita K. Bryant
Grace G. Bubon
Lola Buchner
Harry J. Bulger
Alfred Bunting
Anna Mae Bunting
Dorothea Bunting
Fred W. Buoy
Velva D. Buoy
Addie Burns
Francis R. Burns
Mildred Ilene Burton
Vanza Burton
Donna R. Busick
Linda L. Bush
Cary M. Busing
Gerhard H. Busing
Gustave W. Busing
Denzil G. Cabbage
Kathryn T. Cameron
Margaret T. Cameron
Ruby J. Campbell
Guy C. Canady
Fred E. "Pat" Carroll
Luella Mae Carson
Charles P. Carter
Edna Marie Carter
Donald W. Carver
Brooksy J. Case
Charles Henry Caston Iii
Bessie Cater
Roy W. Cater
Lucy Celeschi
Elvin Chadd
Glenna M. Chase
William Clements And Lawrence W. Nelson
Evaughn Mae Clifton
Letha J. Clifton
Edith F. Climpson
Harold Climpson
Marjorie Anne Coay
Philip L. Coay
Lillie Collings
Pearl Collins
Dorothy I. Colvin
James L. Colvin
Elmer J. Colwell
Thelma L. Colwell
Ina B. Comer
Lawrence R. Comer
Rebecca H. Marriott Conger
Deborah J. Conklin
Mildred P. Cooper
Anne M. Cothern
Mrs. Lula J. Cothern
Sally Ann Cowgill
Etta R. Craig
Martha Craig
Christian Cramer
Esther A. Cramer
Lorene Borchers Cramer
Rebecca A. Cramer
Randy L. Dalton
C. Duane Baillie Jeffrey Benjamin Hansen And Lowell D. Davis
Helen J. Day
Gladys J. Dueringer
Margaret Eileen Hunt
Bill Jones
Loel Jordan

Page 8

John L. Moody
Katherine C. Moody
Lester R. Moody
LaVonne B. Moody
Grace A. Moody
James R. Moody
John A. Mooney
Edward W. Mooney
Diane Elizabeth Morano
Rena Ellen Wiles
James E. Miller
Lillian P. Shilts
Edwin R. Robertson
Lyle A. Parker
Robert Scott Fentress
Harold L. Cochran
Charles Lee Davis
Leslie E. Mulvany
Delmar R. Underwood
John Dale Smith
Helen L. Kelley
Gene H. Rankin
Margaret R. Middleton
Ethel L. Dickerman
J. Evelyn Dueringer
Sandra J. LaCharity
Darlene M. Donner
Gary D. Mooney
Brian Kerchenfaut
A. Percy Goodrich
Dorothy Zimmerman Goodrich
Pearl A. Gordon
Eskell W. Gossett
Charles G. Gragg
Carol Jean Graham
Clara M. Gramley
Samantha Marie Granados
Robert D. Gregerson
Milam B. Gregory
R. Todd Gregory
Trenna A. Gresham
Wilma C. Groen
W.H. Gullett

Page 9

Bessie (Schultz) Guy
George William Leroy Fields
Edna Veral (Burton) Fields
Roger Dale Latham
Barbara L. Trantina
Luella R. Pettit
Monica H. Hayes
Beverly (Rutledge) Anderson
Earl Birkey
Goldie Bond
Grace Bond
Helen L. Bond
Kaden Robert Bonds
Mary Frances Bonnen
August M. Boog Jr.
Edna C. Borchers
Louie L. Borchers
Myrtle E. Borchers
Ralph C. Borchers
Mrs. Rose Borchers
Irene Beck Bowen
Mary Spaulding Bowker
Rensseloer Bowker
Clifford R. Bradd
Gladys L. Bradd
Grace F. Bradd
John O. "Jack" Bradford
Malinda J. Bradford
Henry Brading
Mae M. Brading
Marvin Brading
Mrs. Wilhelmina (Struve) Brading
Zura Mae Bradley
Bernadine W. Brady
Marguerite I. Brandt
Jack L. Branson
Caryl Strauss Bresee
Bertha "Betty" Brethorst
Fern Brethorst
Richard A. Briggs
Lloyd W. Brokate
Carol A. Brooks
Julia Burell

Page 10

Luella M. Johnson
Brooke Marie Martin
John A. Miller
Marvin J. Richard
Barbara J. Weber
Margaret Elizabeth Wilson
Dean William Winter
Judith A. Hamrick
Kenneth W. "Unk" Mineer
Francis Rebholz
Vernette F. "Grandma" Schneider
Virginia Ann Underwood
Richard Kietzman
C. Wilbur Reep
Walter C. "Walt" Reiners
Virginia R. Robertson
Mildred Irene Robb
Kimberly K. Welch
Russell E. Zeedyk
Ralph R. Jones
Norma Lucille Mcguire Koritz
Alicia A.R. Perkins
Anna Isabelle Griggs
George M. Kobel
Helen Lackey
Margaret E. Lynch
Anna F. Presson
Gladys H. Jones
Robin L. Genzel
Mary Ann Vanscoyoc
Raymond H.C. Henrichs
Elden F. Miller
Evelyn A. Ortlepp
Lester S. Puffer
Rev. Clyde J. Ingold
Otha Lindsay
Donald Edward May
Pearl L. Reynolds
Mildred V. Holmes
Harold J. Roetzel
Marie L. Steiner
Lois Stotts
Esther M. Vehrs
Orville W. Zander
Arthur Lee Kumler
Wilma O. "Opal" Young
Newton Hagaman
Louisa Hahn
Lawrence Ropp
Clara B. Ropp
Edna Ropp Springer
Howard B. Springer
"Col." Ambrose Dudley
Dr. George W. Dudley
H. C. Geach
Mrs. Ella Hill
Mrs. Nellie Jones
J. B. Lott
James Gilmore
David Given

Page 11

Maurice Russell Anderson
Charles Anderson
Warren E. Albers
Agnes A. Adamson
Irene E. Adamson
Robert Adamson
Mrs. Elizabeth Adamson
Belle Allen
James Allen
Jimmy Allen
Carrie Amm
Gayle E. Anderson
John Anderson
Frankie Andrews (NEW)
Russell Andris
Paul Applegate
James Ashmore
Beverly Anderson
Donna M. Applegate
Carl C. Applegate
Carroll A. Apperson
Hazel F.Archibald
Daniel H.Armstrong
Geraldine F. Arens
Mary Etta Arnold
Raymond R.Arnold
Gladys M. Arnold
Carlton E. Ashby
Mrs. Elizabeth Ashley
Clyde J. Ashley
Rosalena A.Ashley
Francis David Ashley
Beatrice Pauline Ashmore
Madelon A. Asher
Letha Atteberry
Laura A. Augspurger
Edna W. Auterman
Loren Ayresman
Ed Adkins
Vicie Leona Adkins
Viola D. Allison
Ruby M. Alexander
Howard C. Alexander
Harry A. Anderson
Lola Mae Anderson
Waldo Anderson
Sarah Olson Anderson
Bernadine E. Anderson
Zula O. Anderson
Josephine M. Andersen
Alice H.Acree-
Michael L.Acree
Paul R. Adams
Yvette Adams
Turner Adkins
Laura Adkins
Michael E. Allen
William R. Anderson
Elmer C. Asher
Trent Daniel Arends
Mildred Aileen Allen
Gregory T. Arends
Wilma J. Andreae
Mrs. Mary Anderson
Timothy Anderson

Page 12

Flossie M. Brucker
Margaret A. Blue
Opal Louis Brewer
Florence B. Burton
Arleen M. Brough
Richard D. Bishop
William L. Barnhart
Margaret E. Blissard
Skye Rachelle Barham
Walter C. Barnes
Margaret F. Briggs Barnes
Elizabeth A. Flesner Barnett
Betty Jane Barnhart
Mildred L. Donner Barrow
J.W. Barrow
Margaret L. Anderson Barrow
Florence Richardson Barrow
Arthur E. Bartelson
Clemens V. Bartelson
Wilson E. Bartelson
Donald L. Bachmann
Harold Francis Bork
Glen Breeden
Zelma Lee Bane
James A. Barnes
Robert A. Barnes
Chester B. Barr
Chloe Barrow
Robert H. Barrow
Thelma L. Bartelson
Floyd Barringer
Elizabeth Batson
Guy L. Batson
Guy T.Batson
Emma J. Beck
Ferdinand Beck
Jacob Beck
Willis Beck
Freedae Bedel
Kermit E. Bedel
Mary Bedel
John D. Bell
Cynthia A. Berkler
Clara Frances Bidwell
Willard E. Bielfeldt
Earl M. Birkey
Lewis A. Birky
Ray L. Blissard
Dorothy June Marsh Boma
Carl Cecil Bond
Mrs. Elizabeth Bond
Laura Bond
Gamalia W. Borchers
Charles Bowen
Jeffery L. Branson
Belle A. Brauman
Mary I. Briggs
Edgar T. Brock
Dorothy M. Brown
George H. Brown
Grace Brown
Ruth A. Bruns
Lorene E. Builta
Marion Bukowski
John W. Barnett
Anna Clarice Bennett
Ruby Marie Bennett
Shirley A. Benison
Paul F. Berger
August Bergstrom
Cynthia A. Snevely Berkler
D. Lavonne Murray Berkler
Florence I. Bethard
Hazel B.Blanchard
William Henry Blissard
Chloe Warfield Blissard
Earl V. Blissard
Olive A. Speers Blissard
Frances E. Poplett Blissard
William Russell Blissard
Gladys E. Kuntz Blissard
Beulah O. Burnett Batterton
Barbara L. Prichard Beasley
Frances E. Riblet Becker
Mary J. Anderson Bedel
Dale W. Beesley
Malinda J. Mott Bell
Susan M. Haberkorn Bell
Leonard Y. Bennett
Doris R. Meyer Buess
Edna Swallow Baecher
Ruth C. Clifton Baerlocher
Steven H. Baerlocher
C. Duane Baillie
Kenneth Baity
Raymond Francis Baker
Richard Barnes
Charles Woodrow Barnes
Mary Beth Kincade Barnes
Mary V. Broaddus
Albert Wayne Brock
Marvin W. Borders
Leroy J. Bukowski
Ferne L. (Goken) Benge
Alicia Benjamin
Elsa Anna Bishop
Cynthia Blake (New)
Anselm Tupper Blake (New)

Page 13

Paul O. Cameron
Ludwig Carlson
Lelia A. Cender
Arthur E. Christiansen
Jeanette F. Clemons
Clyde S. Cline
Barbara K. Coit
Dean Coit
Grace Colwell
Thomas R. Condron
Patricia Lee Conover
Wilma Fern (Stroh)Cook
Clara E. Cooper
Frank S. Cooper
Robert I. Coppenbarger
Donald Edward Craig
Casper S. Cramer
Belle E. Croft (NEW)
Leonard Delmar Cross
Henry P. Clausen
Ferne Irene Zebarth Cornelius
William Clark Crary
Ila Jean Crossman
Lola Jean Crowe
Earl Crowe
Constance L. Crowe
Merwin Edward Crowe
Susie N. Cudworth
Otis Cullip
Edgar Cullip
Hazel Cullip
Wanda (Mulvany) Curtis
Ronald George Conner
C. Willard Crowe
Mary Ball Delong-Curry
Frank R. Chase
Robert G. Climpson
Kenneth M. Carpenter
Joseph H. Cline
Leo T. Cline
Herman C. Christensen
Joshua R. Christensen
John Detlaf Clausen
Ella A. Schmidt Clausen
James Wesley Calhoun
Harold E. Cameron
Joseph O. Cameron
Kenneth E.Campbell
Marie Campbell
Beverly A. Carden
Reuben H. Carlson
William E. Case
Lois Ida Caskey
Darrell H. Chase
Fred Christensen
Ora Max Clements
Thomas Climpson
Mary Mae Cline
Sarah F. Cline
William A. Cline
J.H. Collier
Mrs. Agnes Conger
Glenn W. Conover
Phoebe Emery Cooper
Robert W. Cooper
Helen R. Cornelison
Francis L. Cothern
Howard E. Coulter
Mrs. Henry Crabbs
Willis Crary
Mrs. Mary Crawford
Abram Croft
Leonard Cross
Owen P. Crowe
Wilbert E. Crowe
Charles H. Crowley
John Cunning
Evelyn L Chilvers
Clark Clayton Chilvers

Page 14

Adelaide G. Green Dewall
Lena Danielson
Carol Jean Davis
Charles W. Davis
Harold E. Davis
Nellie Davis
Robert Glenn Davis
William L. Day
Robert Edward Deener
Susie Diehl (NEW)
Dean Doman
Helen E. Rosendahl Drilling
Gordon Dale
Charles E. Dewey
John M. Doty
Leonard Joseph Debolt
Clyde I. Day
Monty G. Deck
Katie I. Donner
Lee Donner
Jessie E. Dickey
Rev. Henry Dueringer
Carrie Nell Duller
Vincent L. Davis
Mary E. Davis
Eleanor Rebecca Davis
Thomas B. Day
William S. Day
George Dixon
James Dixon
Edward Donner
Oliver Donner
Gregory L. Doyle
Charles A. Dreidame

Page 15

Thomas Eddleman
Hilda Kathryn Rohwedder Efford
Marjorie Ellegard
Donald E. Erickson
Elmer Erickson
Russell G. Erp
J.W. Estes
Donald L. Eads
William O. Eads
Zelpha (Meece) Eads
Beulah C. (Ross) Eck
Merle (Baker) Edenburn
Maria G. (Genshemier) Ehresman
Howard J. Ehresman
Joseph Ehresman
Sena N. (Gregerson) Ekbom
Nancy (Cannoy) Keller Elder
Grace J. (Sawyer) Jordan Elkin
J.D. Ellis
Frank R. Eminger
William F. Enghausen
Hazel L. (Schroeder) Enghausen
Marjorie D. (Walker) Engle
Harold H. Erdman
Albert August Erp
Alfred Erp
Idabelle Erp
A.C. Ertel
Jeanne P. (Plumbe) Etherton
Lynne (Harper) Etherton
Dwight "Dike" Eddleman
Don Ehlenfeld
Roena Enghausen
William H. Elliott
Alfred Ehmen
Anna C. Schmidt Enghausen
Kenneth Eastman
Rick L. Edwards
Archie Emly
Ethel E. Erickson
Helmer Erickson
Otto Erickson
Augusta Erp

Page 16

Charles Kenneth Fackler
Christine Falvey
Jonathon David Farmer
Floyd A. Farmer
Lula K. Farris
Jack Farris
Gladys M. Fasking
Elsie G. Fawver
A. Violetta Feek
Ora B. Ferguson
Marvin W. Ferguson
Mary Alma Ferguson
June E. Ferri
Cora M. Fields
Mary E. Fields
Viola M. Finis
Walter James Fischer
Grace L. Fisher
Kathryn H. Fisher
Josephine Fitzhenry
Sarah J. Fitzhenry
Mrs. Harriet Fitzpatrick
Martha Flick
Rosetta Folkers
Kathleen (Rolland) Folwell
Stanhope B.Foster
Jacqueline Ruth Fox
Ellen Frieburg
Constance L. Frieburg
Esther R. Frieburg
Fredericka Friese
Fred C. Fry
Evert Milton Frykman
Harriett Marie Frykman
Doris Ann Funk
Mary Lucille Farnsworth
Ronald L.Ferguson
Lofton B. Farmer
James Ferguson
Morris E. Fields
Travis Eugene Fields
Trent Lee Fields
Lillie Frederickson
Florence F. Tandy Fogarty
Heike Freese
Roy Farmer
Zadie E. Farmer
Henry Ferriss
Solomon Fawver
Edward H. Fasking
Mary Hanson Fasking
William C. Fasking
Ardelle Irene Fawver
James Foster
John M. Foster
John Stanhope Foster
Robert Allen Foster
Rev. Magnus Frykman

Page 17

John L. Garard
Marie C. Garvis
Willard H. Gale
Gregory Earl Garrett
Mabel T. Gandy
Lucy J. Goff
Lillie Gandy
Hazel Gandy
Lucille Garard
Peggy J. Garard
Geary Gardner
Shirley A. Garrelts(New)
Clarice (Crisman) Gerber
Martha (Baize)Gerth
Ralph W. Gerth
Cletus J. Geurts
James Gibson
Mary Gibson
W.W. Gibson
Annie Bell Gifford
Raymond V. Gill
Thelma P. Gill
Fred M. Gilmore
George C. Gilmore (New)
Arthur A. Gilmore
Samuel A. Gilmore
Eleanor C. Gilmore
Genius Godsey
Margaret Goin
Robert Lee Goin
Evelyn I. Goin
Henry Wesley Goin
Dale L. Gudenrath
Mary Mclaughlin Green
Willard E. Garvis
Vinnie F. Gee
Roy E. Gerber
William Arthur Gerber
William H. Gifford Sr.
Dorothy Goben
Mrs Anna Christine Godey
Philip D. Goembel Jr.
Bobby G. Goff
Roger L. Goin
William L. Gossard
Helen Karr Gutzwiler
Dale Gentes
Donald L. Gentes
Lavera A. Gentes
Donna J. Gentry
Grace A. Gerber
William A. Gerth
Mrs. Ray Gilchrist
Albert Gilmore
Craig Gilmore
Mrs. Ira Gilmore
Sarah Louise Swearingen Gilmore
Eddie Goodfellow
Severt Goodmondson
Rev. Ralph C. Glose
Bessie Mae Knee Goyette
Martha J. Grim

Page 18

Wilma I. Hendricks
Thelma Holland
Troy C. Hutchcraft
Harm D. Henrichs
Lewis J. Higgins
Beulah Bell (Wiley)Hunt
Beulah Belle Hunt
Harold H. Hool
Wilbur J. Hanna
Frances (Eyer)Hager
Lorene Hahn
Elizabeth Jean Stubbert Hall
Marie C. Harm
Amelia Waggoner Hathaway
Louise K. Hensen
Arlene K. Hock
William Holland
Frank Hunt Jr.
Frank Hunt
Lillian L. Haack
Lillian E. Hardy
Brian D. Hopkins
Frederic W. Huston
Ella Opal (Bond) Hutchcraft
Gertrude E. Rich Hutchcraft
Howard Hutchcraft
John Dale Hutchcraft
Noble Hutchcraft
Omar Hutchcraft
Walter Hurst
Louise C. Haase
Thomas L. Haberkorn
Neva E. Humphrey
Cecil L. Haycraft
George E.Hott Sr.
Frank Luther Hunter Jr.
Kenneth Neal Harris
Vivian M. Hale Hoover
Clyde R. Hutchcraft
Fred Melvin Hutchcraft
Minnie Stroh Hardies
Emma E. Hasek
Henry M. Hager
James J. Hartford
Dr. James J. Hartford
Leone M. Hartford
Leone M. Knapp Hartford
Annamary P. Hayes
Robert Hendricks
Herman A. Haack
Henry W. Hafer
Henry W. Hafer Jr.
Anna A. Barrow Hagin
John Edmond Hagin
Oliver Perry Hagin
Conrad Hahn
Frances Louise Huxtable
Gottlieb Hahn
Lena Mary Jane Hahn
William Hahn
Mrs. Andrew Hanson
Hans Hanson
Otto F. Hardies
C. Fredrick Harding
Mildred Hardy
Minnie E. Harm
Edward Harms
Virgil Harper
William Hartford
Mrs. Bertha Haskins
Diane L. Haskins
Anna Ehmen Hayes
Mrs. Sarah T. Head
Mrs. Elise Heberlein
Henry Heckens
Mrs. Nora F. Hedges
George Robert Henry
Mrs. S.H. Hill
Mrs. Anna Hinrichs
John H. Hinrichs
Bernadine Hofmeister
Meta Sophia Holstein
Mrs. Chas. Hool
Mrs. Harold Hool
Wade William Hool
Mrs. Laura E. Hoover
Samuel Frank Hoy
Frank J. Hudson
Wm J. Hunt

Page 19

Kenneth F. Isenhower
Anna H. Isaacs
Donald R. Ackman
Luster L.Acree
M.F. Acree
Roy Acree
Wade C. Acree
Francis L. Adams
Jason E. Aguilar
Clark Alford Sr.
Elwood D. Allen
Sidney L. Allen
Andrew Anderson
Charles C. Anderson
Chris Anderson
Miss Helen M. Anderson
John C. Anderson
John E. Anderson Sr.
Maurice E. Anderson
Robert Wilson Anderson
Stewart F. Anderson
Jessie Applegate
Mrs. Hazel F. Archibald
Robert C. Archibald
Amelia C. Arends
Florence A. Arends
Leslie Arends
David W. Arnette
Evelyn M. Arens
John H. Ashby
Curtis F. Ashley
L.N. Ashley
Mrs. L.N. Ashley
Amos Ball
Delmar L. Bane
Gordon W. Bane
James Alfred Bane
James Alexander Barnes
Amelia Katherine Hahn Barnett
Augustus A. Barrow
Eugene William Barrow
Mrs. Frederick Barrow
George W. Barrow
L.A. (Bood) Barrow
Louetta Livingston Barrow
Martha E. Mattie Barrow
Susan Agnes Barrow
Cpl. Harry M. Beach
Casper W. Beasley
August Beck
Barbara Margaret Portman
Clarence Beck
Frederick John Beck
Henry Carl Beck
Harry Charles Beck
Jacob Beck
Lloyd Beck
Marie C. Spellmeyer Beck
Mr. Louis/Lewis Beck
Marjorie E. Becker
Mrs. Grant Bedel
Nancy June Bedel
Henry Beecher
Gertrude B. Benway
Joe H. Benway
Oscar E. Benway
Thelma E. Seifert Benway
Barbara J. Daniels Benz
Paul D. Bidner
Adolph F. Bielfeldt
Raymond L. Bierman
William Blum
Albert H. Bode
John Boettger
Mrs. John Boettger
Mrs. Foske Boevers
John Bond
August (Dennie) Borchers
Emil J. Borchers
Frederick A. Borchers
Louie L. Borchers
Richard Borchers
Walter M. Borchers
Walter S. Boundy
William J. Boyd
Earl Jacob Brandt
Henry Brandt
John F. Brandt
Louis H. Brandt
Margaret Wilhelmina Brandt
William F. Brandt
Anna Marie Zander Branz
William A. Brethorst
John T. Bridgewater
Ben H. Briggs
John H. Brinkman
Anna K. Brokate
William P. Brokate
Private William Brokate
Lyle H. Brotherton
Warren B. Brown
James Ormand Brownlee
Adam Brucker
Arthur Brucker
Mrs. Dorothy Brucker
Mrs. Mary Brucker
Francis N. Bryant
William C. Bryant
Earl C. Bucher M.D.
Edward Bunting
Charles Burris
Samuel Burris
Steven C. Burton
Leland E.Bush
Adolph Busing
Donald A. Busing
Mrs. Ruth Byerline

Page 20

William P. Jones
Maxine J. Johnson Jackson
Edward Eugene Joyce
Mrs. William T. Jackson
Paul J. Johnson
Ruth (Hutchcraft) Johnson
Orville Scott Jordan
Rea Lanee Marshall Joyce
Homer Jackson
Sam W. Jacobs
Emilie Jahnke
Frederic Gerdes Janssen
Mrs. Mary Janssen
Vernon A. Janssen
Anders Johan Johnson
Anna Brilta Johnson
Carl O. Johnson
Christina Swanson Johnson
Delores J. Erickson Johnson
Earl M. Pete Johnson
Edwin C. Johnson
Esther M. Johnson
Hildur F. Johnson
John Johnson Sr.
Laura Leona Johnson
Loren S. Johnson
Mabel B. Johnson
Mrs. Olaf Johnson
Tillie Johnson
William Johnson
Nellie Johnston
Eva B. Jones
Clarence Jordan
Henry E. Jordan

Page 21

James Kaeding
Benjamin F. Kaufman
William Kaufmann
Darlene Schoolcraft Evans Kelley
Thomas A. Kelley
Velma Wreath Kelley
Irene Mathilda Hummel Kemnetz
Marjorie Kemple
Marguerite A. Kendrick
Karry N. Kestner
Louis Kietzman
Darrell Kindred
William J. Knab
Robert Knapp
Charles W. Knapp
Anna L. Koehler
Harry G. Koehler
Mary Ann Koehler
McKinley Koehler
John L. Kreitzer
W.D. "Bud" Kreitzer
James B. Kretzer
Arno A. Krumwiede
Leroy "Roy" Krumwiede
Mrs. Thelma Krumwiede
Elmer L. Kumler
Martha V. (Hawthorne) Kumler
Arthur A. Kuntz
Mrs. Eva Kuntz
Elizabeth Ann Kleindienst
Bernard R. Kysar
Ella Schertz

Page 22

Wayne Lambert
Wallace S. Lamb
Lester E. Lammle
Jacob Landel
Evelyn M. Harmon Leathers
Omer L. Leathers
John Henry Leonard
Ruth M. Erickson Ljung
Oscar R. Long
Samuel Lyman
Murel M. Smith Labee
Wilber E. Luttrell
Irene M. Luhrsen
Ella Belle Lafountain
Jack W. Lamb
Wilber E. Lamb
Gertrude Lanz
James Larson
Orville Larson
Leora M. Lee
Louise Lee
Ann Leenerman
John H. Leenerman
Jacob Lehmann
Minnie E. Lewis
Melvin Lindahl
Arnold J. Linn
Drusilla Linn
Mrs. J. C. Linn
Rachel Linn
Seba Linn
Thomas Linn
James W. Lindelof
Nels Edward Lindholm
T.I. Livingstone
Evelyn Anderson Lord
Arthur B. Loudy
Ralph Lowery
Peter Lundahl
Lars M. Lundberg
Bertha Isabell Lunde
Peter T. Lunde

Page 23

Arnold L. Mcroberts
Barbara E. Maulding
Alfred B. Morfey
Orville (Les) Mcclain
Frances I. Donner Mcmahon
Henry J. Mohart
Margot Marshall
Mamie Pearl Maxey
James H. Mccarthy
W. Charlotte Mcclure
Thomas S. Mccormick
Adelle Ray Mccreary
Betty A. Griebenow Mcdevitt
Marion C. Merkle
William Samuel Middleton
Wilma B. Miller
Joseph Mooney
Mattie (Nance) Mooney
Paul S. Mooney
Francis A. Mooney
Walter Mooney
Agnes Marie Mooney
Martin A. Mooney
Guy Moore
Lillie Bell (Epley) Moore
Rev. Charles W. Moore
Velma F. Moore
Marjorie J Morlock
Mary L. (Cross) Morris
William J. Morris
Ida A. (Blissard) Morris
Julia C. (Witter) Morris
Cecil A. "Jake" Mott
Leonard D. "Pete" Mott
Everett A. Mott
Earl A.J. Mott
Harry W. Mott
Mamie Rockwood Mottier
Janice Ellen (Stevenson) Motto
Virginia Lee (Acree) Mouser
Bessie Mae (Mitchell) Moxley
William C. Munson
Earl Murdock
Ethel M. (Hanson) Murry
Tersa McCann (NEW)
Reva V. (Edmonds) Mcguire
Robert O. Mcmahon
Frank A. Mcmahon
Recil Mcmurry
Mary E. (Curtis) Mcmurry
James R. Mcmurry
Warner S. Mcmurry
Dolores Alma (Stiegman) Mcmurry
Henry W. Mcpherson
Maude (Audas) Mcpherson
Mildred Elizabeth Mcquiggin
Robert Frank Mcquiggin
Irene (Arnold) Medler
Guy K. Medler
Marilyn M. (Peterson) Metz
Raeann Marie Meyer
Lucille (Ekbom) Mildner
William J. Miller
Sadie (Pence) Miller
John Miller
Alice Ileene (Huxtable) Miller
Ruth M. (Harris) Miller
Mattie (Graham) Miller
Gertrude Miller
Melissa Lue Ora Mills
Walter Mills
Harry M. Miner
Rochelle Miner
Barbara J. Miner

Page 24

Mrs. Elizabeth Main
Peter Main
Peter Main
Catherine Martens
Jacob Martens
Mabel L. Martens
Alwina Stroh Martin
Emma Martin
Friederike Ann Beck Martin
Harold W. May
Margretha May
Anna G. Mcclure
Benjamin H. Mcclure
Della Hunt Mcclure
Frances Mcclure
Frank Mcclure
Jane A. Deal Mcclure
Leona Emmons Mcclure
Robert A. Mcclure
Marta Schlosser
Christopher E. Mckinney
Simon Mclain
James E. Mcpherson
L. Maude Jordan Means
Leonard E. Messer
Kim Meredith
John Merle
Theodore Meyer
James Harry Miller
James Franklin Miller
Mrs. Mason Miller
Peter Miller
James E. Mitchell
John T. Mock
Elsie Molck
Mrs. John A Montelius
James M. Mooney
Gideon "Bud" Moore
James Taylor Moore
James W. Moore
Mrs. Elizabeth More
Bertha Barr Morris
George Wallace Morris
Mary L. Morris
Claude H. Mott
William Moyer
Sophia Koehler Munson
Ole L. Munson
Loyal L. Murdock

Page 25

Jack Mcclure Nagle
Nelson Virginia A. (Summers)
Melvin E. Neal
Gretchen G. Nelson
Nethercott Vincent E.
Magdalena M. Nunnink
Charlotte I. (Davis) Nelson
Jennie (Jessen) Nelson
Gesina A. (Suntken) Nelson
Virginia A. (Summers) Nelson
Sharon L. (Hammock) Neathery
Austin Michael Neathery
James Benny Nettleton
Lillian J. Neuzel
Willis A. Newlin
Elmer L. Nickrent
Ina (Roland) Nieswander
John A. Noble
Janet F. Noble
Helen I. Noland
August Johann Neubauer
Augusta Caroline Neubauer
Minnie Pearl Neubauer
Theodar A. Neubauer
Claude A. Nickle
Nels P. Nielson
Jane M. Noland
Dorothy B. Nelson
Hilda Emilia Nelson
Olaf Nelson
Leland Netherton
John B. Newby
Hans R. Nelson

Cordie Raymond Ogg Jr.
Altha Orr
Lois Mae Ostrom
Lawrence R.O'neal
Clifford E. Orr
Mary Ortlepp
Walter R. Oyer
Kevin P. Obert
Caryl June Ogg
Ray L. Oglesby
Ruth D. Oglesby
Casey Raeann Oliverio
John O. Olivero
Minnie D. (Evaline) Olivero
Pietro Oliviero
Joseph B. Oliviero
Charles Olson
Jennie B. Ogg
Ole Olson
Jacob Bernard Olson
Christina Lynn O'neal
Margaret Ira Osborn
Percy Osborn
Theodore E. Osborn
Mrs. M. Ostertag
June Wade Overstreet

Page 26

Gale W. Parsons
Gordon L. Parsons
Howard J. Peters
Marjorie E. Underwood Peters
Ray Petersen
Luella R. (Zeigler) Pettit
Otto J. Phillips
Laurel E. Ping
Darwin A. Pommering
Mrs. Vesta L. Preston
William C. Preston
Samuel Preston
George W. Preston
Ray C. Preston
Lula A. Hool Phares
Della B. Painter
Earl I. Painter
Mrs. Luther Parker
Mrs. Carrie Pearson
Mrs. Olaf C. Pearson
Willard Pearson
Josephine Perry
John Peters
Minnie P. Peterson
George L. Phillips
Lewis Henry Phillips
George C. Pinkley
Elizabeth Harding Preston
Mrs. G. W. Preston
Jacob W. Preston
Mrs. J. W. Preston
Faye M. Preston
G.W. Preston
George Lay Preston
Enid Preston
Loyal Loy Preston
Mary O. Preston
Rhea Preston
Samuel H. Preston
Wm. N. Preston
Lydia L. Lock Pufahl
Rachel Punke
Richard Henry Punke

Page 27

Bill C. Randolph
Ferne Ryan
Jill Rotramel
Rosa R.Rasmussen
Fred L. Retter
Helen M. Hardies Retter
Charles Gail Reynolds
Gladys F. Reynolds
Raymond L. Reynolds
Ralph Evan Rutledge
Loyal Edwin Rutledge
Carole F. Royal Rhodes
Virgil J. Rhodes
Mae E. Frazier Ribbe
Alice L. Riblet
Rev. John Ragsdale
Ramon Rankin
Bernice Magnuson Redington
Ronald D. Ricks
Loretta M. Williams Riley
Dr. E.G. Rinehardt
James Roberts
Edith Ann Ferguson Robbins
Otto Rohwedder
Troy H. Rutledge
Samuel P. Rady, Sr
Eva D. Rainwater
Marcus B. Raper
Anna H. Rasmussen
John Gibson Rayles
Minnie Beck Reehl
Gladys Mae Dale Reitz
Rubio Reynolds
Emma O. Riblet
Evan E. Riblet
Elva Clevenger Rich,
Hazel Park Richardson
Albert C. Riley
Rex C. Roark
Anna Christine Roesch
Ella B. Rohrer
D. Glenn Roop
Edward Ropp
Mrs. H.M. Rudolph
Edith E. Rust
Joseph Robertson
Cora Reader

Page 28

Isaac Steiner
Mary G. Sharp
Walter Michael Siebert
Helen F. Johnson Salyards
Clarence E. Sample
Edwin W. Sauer
Dr. Wilbur Sauer
Sally Louise Schmidt
Anna Maria Schoenfeldt
Johann Christian Schoenfeldt
Dale W. Schoolcraft
Ernest P. Schroeder
John William Schroeder
Rachel Sharer
Mrs. W. C. Stephens
A. Gene Scarbrough
Hayden P. Steiner
Zelma C. Preston Shields
Robert M. Shields
Rachel M. Sharer
Amelia C. Hansen Sheppelman
Rev. W. E. Sillence
Mildred Simmons
Shirley O. Simmons
Agnes E. Sloat
Ivan D. Sloat
Karen K. Smith
Eileen J. Brokate Schutte
Lee Victor Swanson
Rosalie M. (Hieser) Sommer
Earl Sprau
Ivan D. Stalter
Louise Hardies Stiger
Claudia Strebeck
Robert J. Strebeck
Andrew Stroh
Bertha W. Stroh
Edna Stroh
Fred Stroh
Harry W. Stroh
Peggy Stroh
Jane Ann Wilson Scatterday
Louis Edward Summers
Joe H. Suter
Clarence R. Sutherland
Jean E. Swanson
Walter I. Stilwell
John W. ShiltsSr.
Leland Swengel
Paul L. Stamm
Paul Stamm
Elsie A. Stevens
Helen Louise Schantz
Kazuko Therese Sandland
Arthur W. Salvage
Russell D. Salyards
Rev. Orville Salzman
Robert Douglas Sarver
Lewis Sawyer
Sherman Schoolcraft
Henry Schuldt
Mary C Schuldt
Christina Schumacher
Louise Margaret Schroeder
John Schutte
Ruth Sharp
Jas. E. Sheffer Jr.
Mrs. O.L. Sheffer
John Sheppelman
Kristine Kay Shilts
Grace Shimer
Mrs. L.F. Shoemaker
Mrs. Hattie Short
James E. Shubert
Barbara Siela
Luella A. Sixt
Ernestine Skinner
Ida B. Slater
Anna Hope Smith
Imogene Smith
Isaac Smith
Rita J. Smith
Vera Eileen Smith
Ray R. Snyder,
Gladys Spangler
Alice Speedie
David Speedie
Matthew Speedie
Alice Speers
William R. Speers
Arla V. Steigman
August Steinlicht
Thomas Jefferson Stephens
Mrs. James W. Stevens
Albert H. Stroh
Emma Roesch Stroh
Herman Stroh
Minnie Stroh
Olga M. Stroh
Richard Carlyle Stroh
William Stroh
William A. Strunk
Anna Amalia Struve
John Clarence Stuhmer
Eva G. Sublon
Mary F. Sublon
Delia Summers
J. Howard Summers
Imo E. Swallow
Anna Charlotte Pierson
August F. Swanson
Charles J. Swanson
Elizabeth Eckstrand Swanson
Janet Swanson
Lawrence F. Swanson
Anna Switzer
Henry H. Switzer

Page 29

Katherine J. Thilmony
Gladys I. Woodburn Taylor
James A. Taylor
Violet A. Taylor
Jerry Thompson
Dora M. Thomsen
Roger Thomsen
Geraldine M. Randall Thornton
Anna Belle Phillips Tibby
Doris Maritta Tjardes
Lawson Tjardes
Robert Emerson Tjarks
Louis F. Thompson
Mrs. Tornowski
Donna [Pfoff] Turner
Douglas C. Turner
Everine Amelia (Olson) Tammen
Edward M. Thompson
Carl Leon Thomas
Louevea H. Folkers Tesch
Barbara L. (Karkut) Trantina
Walter Talbot
Helen Zimmerman Tate
Carolyn Irene Tench
Mrs. Julia Thompson
Mrs. T. O. Thompson
Isaac Thompson
Rev. John Thompson
Julia Thompson
John Tjardes
George Tjarks
Gerhard Tjarks
Harry J. Tjarks
Amanda Trimmer
Hiram M. Troyer

Page 30

Louisa Jane Allen Umbarger
Rose Harvey Unzicker
Alma Underwood
Ellis W. Unzicker

John R. Van Nice
Mrs. Elizabeth Valentine
[Infant] Valentine
Teresa Mardell Vanantwerp
Delmar M. Vanantwerp
William J. Vaughn
Gerhard L. Von Brethorst

Tom Wakelin
Delores Walker
Walter Walker
Margie Flo Walters
Fred L. Whitcomb
Bernard P. Windle
Ronald D. Wilson
George Edmund Weber
Mrs. J. C. Whallon
Calista Ann Preston Wright
Randy B. Whitaker
Charles M. Walters
Arthur Dean Watt
Eleanor A. Whitaker
Henry F. Whorrall
Gary Dean Williams
Naomi K. Williams
Richard Williams
Ethel E. Woolley
Ethel E. (Main) Woolley
Esther Wachs
Samuel W. Wade
Philip A. Walker
Clarence Wallace
David B. Wallace
Mrs. David B. Wallace
Frances Wallace
Charles F. Walters
George Walton
Albert G. Warfield
Wilber J. Watkins
Emma Landau Weibers
Marjorie A. Weller
Bernice F. West
George W. Weygandt
Dr. T.R. Wiley
Martha E. Wiley
Larry R. Williams
Lloyd Williams
William Willner
Albert Wilson
John C. Wilson
George A. Woolley
Nelson N. Wright
Mrs. N.N. Wright
Mrs. Loyal C. Wright
Clarence E. Wurmnest
Marie M. Wurmnest
Valentine Wurmnest
Melvin E. Yeats
Richard E. Young
John H. Young
Margaret T.W. Zander
Silas Zehr
Mabel B. Litwiller Zehr
Frederick Leslie Zimmerman
Ethel L. Cline Zimmerman
June S. Sloan Zick
Doris Electa Zimmerman
Blanche Ellen Yates
Mrs. Anna Yazel
Christian H. Yoder
Mildred B. Yorker
Megan Marie Young
Elizabeth Kathryn Young
Earl J. Young Sr
Marla Lee Young
Marilyn E. Zander
Bessie Zimmerman
Goldie Mae Zitting
Fannie Escher Zimmerman
Harman Zimmerman
Herman J. Zimmerman
Hilda Zimmerman
John Zimmerman
Lyla Zimmerman
William Zimmerman

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