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Bear Point Cemetery

Sesser, Goode Township,
Franklin County, Illinois

Photographed and Transcribed
by: Nanette Riley 2007-2008
Last Name First Middle Birth Death Other Info.
not legiable-needs to be re-photed BILBERRY Ellen K "Ella"(Dillinger) w/o Isham BILBERRY m:4 Aug 1873 BILBERRY Franklin 22y 10m 13d 26 Dec 1888 s/o Isham & Ella BILBERRY, unmarked grave; died of Typhoid Fever BILBERRY Isham h/o Ellen K. "Ella" DILLINGER m:4 Aug 1873 BOLES Georgie O 23 Jul 1899 Mar 1901 [son] BOLES Walter 2 Jan 1883 23 Jan 1897 [son] BRADLEY Leonora A 30 May 1816 30 Sep 1882 BRADLEY William P 3 Jan 1807 9 Dec 1885 (**see bottom of page for notes) BRAYFIELD Arena (COCKRUM) 21 Jun 1857 21 May 1889 w/o Benjamin F. BRAYFIELD m:29 Oct 1882; "wife of Dr. B.F. BRAYFIELD" BRAYFIELD Celeta O (HAMMOND) 45y 9m 12d 10 Mar 1877 w/o James M BRAYFIELD m:5 May 1851; [buried w/James M; father & mother] BRAYFIELD Celety O (HAMMOND) 45y 9m 12d 10 Mar 1877 w/o James M BRAYFIELD BRAYFIELD Elizabeth 1796 BRAYFIELD James M 75y 10m 23d 16 Aug 1905 h/o Celeta O.HAMMOND m:5 May 1851, [buried w/ Celeta O; father & mother] BRAYFIELD Permelia A 15 Jan 1827 20 Nov 1892 Aged 65yr. 10 mo 5ds BRAYFIELD Walter 69 years 12 Mar 1859 [In memory of DAD][In the 69 year of his age] BRAYFIELD William D 27 May 1821 29 Oct 1900 [aged 75y 5m 2d; His word ??? His deeds ??? He rest above] COCKRUM Infants' 21 Aug 1889 [Infant sons of Mathew J. & Malinda J (COOK)COCKRUM] COCKRUM Sarah E 6y 10 Oct 1872 [Dau of W.D. & Ferneora COCKRUM] COOK Benjamin T 27y 4m 11d 18 May 1886 COOK Infant Elmer 1909 inscribed on the side of Iva Cook tombstone COOK Iva Ina 1892 3 Sep 1918 [Just as thee morning of her life was opening into day, her young and lonely spirit passed from earth and flew away] COOK Jackson 68y 9m 27d 12 Apr 1888 [why not fly] COOK John Grant 1863 4 May 1920 h/o Martha Lurana COOK m:27 Apr 1884; d/o William C. EATON & Nancy Saline ROWARK; [In loving memory] COOK Martha Lurana (EATON) 1866 27 Feb 1920 w/o John Grant COOK m:27 Apr 1884; [In loving memory] DAVIS Harvey J 14 Jul 184? 28 Jan 1875 DAVIS Martha J (JOHNSON) 24y 6m 28d 15 Feb 1866 w/o George G DAVIS m:29 Apr 1858; "Wife of G.G. DAVIS" DAVIS Mary L 6y 9m 12d 09 May 1866 "DAU. of G[eorge].G. & M[artha].J. DAVIS" DILLINER Infant 5m 24d (Poss. Frederick DILLINER?), Row 10 DILLINER Infant no marker, Row 10 DILLINER MRS. no marker, concrete block, Row 10 DILLNER M F 39y 5m 24d 2 Jul 1818 Row 10, 2008 broken stone photo E. N. S [N.S.E.] EATON Ernest Leroy 1893 30 Apr 1918 Row 5 EATON Infant "male" 24 Dec 1882 s/o W[illiam]. L. EATON, Row 22 EATON Nancy S (ROARK) ?1y 2m 20d 10 Dec 1880 w/o W[illiam]. L. EATON m:12 Sep 1861, Row 22 EATON William M CO. G 20 ILL INF. Civil War, Row 5 ELKINS William T 2 LIEUT CO.C 110 ILL INF. GRIZZELL Martha A 15 Feb 1891 11 Sep 1908 GRIZZELL Mattie 1891 1909 HAMMOND S M 32y 6m 14d 8 Nov 1893 JOHNSON Jos. W [CO. G. 3 ILL CAV.] JOHNSON Mahala E 34y 3m 26d 13 Mar 1881 JOHNSON Nancy 6 Feb 1882 27 Jul 1907 wife of C.H. Johnson JOHNSON William L 1865 1880 [son of G.B. & S.F. JOHNSON; Buried on earth to bloom in heaven] KELLER Margaret (LATIMER) THOMPSON 1829 1906 **See bottom of page for notes LANCE Calvin 27 Oct 1840 s/o Henry & Louisa Jane LANCE, Co F. 110th Illinois Inf LANCE Henry 1819 1894 h/o Louisa Jane(TIECINGER\TISHNER) m:31 Jul 1839 LANCE Infant 1m 21d 12 Dec 1877 [children of GN. & P LANCE]buried w/ Oscar P] LANCE Louisa Jane(TIECINGER\TISHNER) 1824 1862 w/o Henry LANCE m:31 Jul 1839 LANCE Nancy P 14 Jul 1833 6 Nov 1907 [Wife of Calvin LANCE] LANCE Oscar P ?y 11m 2d 12 Oct 1876 [children of GN. & P LANCE]buried w/ another infant] ME????D K F [CO.? 31 ILL INF] MORRIS Malinda P 1y 1m 25d 24 May 1824 [daug of W[illiam].H. & M[artha].A. MORRIS] MORRIS Martha A (COOK) 29 Mar 1849 24 Apr 1906 w/o William H MORRIS m:15 Dec 1867 [aged 57y 25d; weep noy loved one. Gone to rest] NEAL Mary Ann (SULCER) 5 Sep 1843 21 Apr 1922 78y 7m 16d, w/o Thomas Neal m:27 Apr 1919(2nd Husband), d/o Jefferson & Margaret Sulcer, 1st husband-Fitzgerreld NEVILL G F Apr 1827 24 Jul 1900 s/o Joseph & Elizabeth Mary Pollock Nevill, CO. K 81 ILL INF REYNOLDS John E 29y 5m 12d 3 Mar 1877 S. N. [N.?.S.] SILKWOOD Barsilla Co. D. 136 Illinois Infantry SILKWOOD Zehbella 26y 5m 9d 21 Sep 1852 "WIFE OF HENRY SILKWOOD" SULSAR Cynthia Ann 25 Nov 1816 17 Oct 1855 "38y 10m 22d-WIFE OF JOSEPH SULSAR" SULSER Henry J 27y 11m 2d 3 Oct 1867 SULCER Henry J 1 Oct 1854 10 Sep 1855 [11m 20d] SULSER Margaret 5 Apr 1813 16 Jan 1873 [Wife of H.J. SULSER] SULSER Margaret 2y 4m 5d 09 Aug 1852 "Daughter of J & C.A. SULCER" (2 graves-also an infant daughter died ?? 16 18??) SULCER Robt A Aug 1805 14 Jan 1857 [aged 51 years] THOMPSON George Washington 26 Dec 1853 19 Feb 1916 W W W WEBB George B 2y 2d 14 Nov 1865 [son of R.S. & L. WEBB] WEBB Allen J 12 Dec 1854 15 Feb 1906 WEBB Infant lived 2d 01 Mar 1877 [son of A.J. & M.A.] WEBB Louisiana Neville 78y 7m 24d 5 Feb 1905 [MOTHER][Born ?? 22 1835] WEBB Margaret A 23 Jul 1857 28 Dec 1924 w/o Allen J; [His Wife; In the bright eternal city death can never come] WEBB WM A 1878 29 Nov 1917 [father of John Allen & Howard; gone but not forgotten] Broken stone no name 54y ?m ??d 8 Aug 1877 Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave Unknown Grave

Information Submitted:

I know the death date for Wm. P. Bradley is what is listed on the stone, but that stone is a replacment and whoever replaced it probably gave the wrong date.
**Source for Wm. P. Bradley "Obits and Tidbits 1850-1884 Franklin Co., IL Pulliam"
Died on the 8th day of December 1874 of Pneumonia, in Goode Township, Mr. William P. Bradley.
**Source- Family Group Document prepared by B. Joyce Fetcho June 12, 1985. William P. Bradley:
Birth; Jan 1807, probably Warren Co. KY. Death; 9 Dec. 1875, Franklin Co. IL. age 68 years 11 mo. 6 da.

The 1850 census for Posey Co. IN. lists him as 43.
The 1860 census for Hamilton Co. IL lists him as 54.
The 1865 IL state census lists him as 50 not yet 60.
The 1870 census not found.
1880 census His wife Lorena is listed with their daughter and son-in-law, Jesse and Florence Spann. submitted by: (private)


Margaret (LATIMER) THOMPSON KELLER. born 1829, Franklin Co., TN. died 1906,
at her son George W. THOMPSON's home, Goode Twp., Franklin Co., Illinois.
She is buried in the Bear Point Cemetery, Goode Twp., Franklin Co.,
Illinois, without a headstone, next to her son George W. THOMPSON. He has a headstone.
Margaret's husband, Abner D. THOMPSON, died aft. 1880, in Jefferson Co., IL.
Margaret's sister Mary Jane (LATIMER) married Benjamin Henry KELLER. Mary Jane died in 1890, Union Co, IL. Benjamin H. KELLER married as his second wife, Margaret (LATIMER) THOMPSON in 1891. Benjamin H. KELLER died 1900, in Jefferson Co., IL. and is buried at the Bald Hill Cemetery., Jefferson Co., Illinois.
submitted by: Wm. L. S. Levanti (great-grandson of Benjamin Henry & Mary Jane (LATIMER) Keller)

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