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Franklin County, Illinois
Delayed Births
Researched & Transcribed by:
Nanette Riley

ANNEAR, Otto Bertrum

born 18 Jan 1881 Mulkeytown

Father: ANNEAR, Samuel W age:28 born IL, occ: Farmer

Mother: DAVIS, Burnetta age:26 b. IL occ: Housewife

Affidavit(s) Sister: Josephine REAGIN res. Christopher, IL

Filed: 1944 Sep 25

BOLEN, Bird Triable

born 7 July 1879 Eastern Twp., FC, IL

Father: Harrison BOLEN age 37

Mother: Orilla CREMEENS age 35, 7th child of mother.

BROWN, Elmer Ernest

born 28 Sep 1887 at Mulkeytown, FCI

Father: Uriah Thomas BROWN

Mother: Ella F NAYLOR

filed in 1955

BURTON, Frank Low

born 17 Mar 1886 Ewing Twp., FCI

filed in 1950

DORRIS, Nellie Mae

born 15 March 1884, Raleigh Twp., Saline Co., IL.

Father, Wm. DORRIS, born IL. Mother, Elizabeth SPURLOCK, born IL.

Informent: Marriage cert., Jefferson Co., IL, 11/30/1908, age 24.

Affidavitt: of Clara YEARWOOD, sister, 2104 Richziew Rd. Mt. Vernon, IL. 8/25/52.

Birth Cert. of son, Chas. Maxey Roeder, Jefferson Co., Dodds Twp., IL 1/10/1917.

Date filed, 23 Aug. 1952.

Signed, Nellie Mae ROEDER, Mt. Vernon, IL.

HUTSON, Herbert Irl

born 25 Feb 1883 Barren Twp., FCI

Father: William HUTSON

Mother: Melvina BROOKS

KARNES, Roscoe Sherman

born Frankfort, FCI on 17 Aug 1894

1st child of mother, 1st living of mother

Father: Sherman Issacs
(should be Isaac Sherman) age 29, born FCI

Mother: Eunice Ann MIFFLIN age 27 b. White Co., Tennessee

Affidavit from sister Grace M. MOORE residing West Frankfort, IL as of 31 July 1943

KARR, Kate

born December 31, 1887 at Frankfort Twp., FCI

affidavits: Uncle Moses CLEMONS, 402 S. Grand St., West Frankfort, IL

marriage record: 09 Dec 1905

filed in 1953

KARR, Sarah

born August 30, 1885 at Frankfort Twp., FCI

1st child of mother; both parents b. FCI

affidavit by Blood Uncle, Moses CLEMONS, residing 209 E Manila, West Frankfort, FCI

filed in 1944

LAMASTUS, James Henry

last name as "LAMASTUS"

born 30 Sep 1886 Browning Twp., FCI

Father:Thomas Marion LAMASTUS

Mother: Sarah Jane "Sallie" JOHNSTON

filed in 1947

LAMBERT, Lucile Dale

born 18 Nov 1906 at Browning Twp., FCI

3rd child of:Walter Green LAMBERT (age 30 b. IL, occupation: farmer)

Nettie Alma MARTIN (age 29 b. IL, housewife)

Affidavit from father: W G LAMBERT residing Rt. 3, Benton, IL as of 23 Oct 1942

filed 23 Oct 1942 at Buckner, IL

LAMPLEY, Herbert Steven

born 11 Aug 1895, in Villa Ridge

white, mother's 2nd child

Father: John C. LAMPLEY, 30 born in Benton, Ill., farmer

Mother: Sara Elizabeth LAMPLEY, 31, born in Mt. Vernon, Ill.

Informant D. H. LEEDIGH, older friend of Villa Ridge, 1945

LOGAN, Anna Mae

born 29 Mar 1887 "East of Benton", FCI

Father:bReuben Carol LOGAN born Washington Co., IL

Mother: Annie GUTHRIE

LOGAN, James Herman

born 26 Jan 1887 T'Ville, FCI

Father:Reuben Carol LOGAN born abt 1866 T'Ville

Mother: Amanda L SMITH

MORRIS, Mary Elizabeth

born 14 Feb 1887 Cave Twp., FCI

mar. Arthur Lee LEWIS on 01 Sep 1904 at T'Ville, FCI

Father: Joseph MORRIS

Mother: Mary Elizabeth DEAN

filed in 1942

PEARL, Bertha

born 25 Apr 1885 Browning Twp., FCI

filed in 1943

PHILLIPS, George Alfred

born 24 Sep 1883 in Barren Twp., Franklin Co., IL

REA, Dora Ethel

born 06 Sep 1881 Tyrone Twp.

Father: Frank G REA (age 37)

Mother: Brittania Elizabeth BUCKNER (age 34)


born 29 Apr 1886 Goode Twp., FCI

5th child of mother;

Father:Isaac ROBINSON

Father's place of birth: Lawrence Co., OH age 42

Mother: Mary Jane TACKETT age 29

Mother's place of birth: Monroe Co., IL;

affidavit by sister: Lavanda R HARRISON, living: 1844 Jackson, Wichita, Sedgwick Co., KS

Sworn to and filed 1945

SMITH, Henry

born 14 Nov 1879 Benton, IL

Father: Henry SMITH

Father's place of birth: Tennessee

Mother: Elizabeth SWAFFORD

Mother's place of birth: Franklin County, IL

Person making Certificate: Charles E. SMITH, Benton, IL

Supporting Evidence: Family Bible Record in Custody of Leslie O. JONES

Collins St., Benton, IL; and Affidavit of cousin, Ira MOORE 407 N Commercial

St. Benton, IL dated 5 March 1956.

Sworn to and filed 6 March 1956

SMOTHERS, Thomas Jefferson

born 01 Feb 1884 Browning Twp., FCI

Father:Eli "Bucky" SMOTHERS

Mother:Mary BAXTER


Golda Olive "Goldie" BUTLER

on 06 Aug 1904 at Benton, FCI

Filed in 1949

age:27 born: IL, Franklin Co. occ: Farmer

DUCKWORTH, Sarah Elizabeth age:25 born: IL, Franklin Co. occ: Housewife

Filed:1941 Sep 03

Affidavit(s):Cousin: Ruth SUMMERS res. Akin, IL

SUMMERS, Myrtle Betsy

born 1881 Jun 17 at Eastern Twp sex:F

Child#:4 #living (incl.):4

TATE, Edith Eucenia

Name & Sex of child: TATE, Edith Eucenia

Date & Place of Birth: 17 Aug 1879, Cave Tsp.

Father's name, age, occ.: TATE, Samuel Hill, 26, farmer

Father's place of birth: Franklin Co, IL

Mother's full name & age: SWAIN, Sallie Roberts, 22

# of child of this mother: 2 # now living: 2 # b. dead:

Mother's place of birth: Russelville, Kentucky

Person making certificate: W.W. McCREERY, uncle, Benton, IL. 5 Nov. 1942

Filed 12 Nov. 1942, Thompsonville, IL.

Early Franklin Co, IL Birth Records (C. Pulliam)

THROOP, Henry Ira

born 12 Sep 1896 at Frankfort, FCI

Father: Henry D THROOP (b. Perry Co., IL)

Mother: Sarah Elizabeth HORRELL (b. FCI)


born 01 July 1882 West Frankfort, FCI

Father: Miles GARDNER age 25 born West Frankfort, FCI

Mother: Eliza Elizabeth THROAP age 22 born FCI

child legitimate?: no

affidavit: Henry D THROAP (sic), Uncle by blood, res. Johnston City, IL

VINSON, James Isaac

born 25 July 1868 Cave Twp, Franklin Co, IL

Father: John Wesley VINSON, age 27, farmer, born Franklin Co, IL

Mother: Nancy Jane AUTEN, age 27, born Middle Tennessee

4th child of this mother; 4 children now living

Person making certificate: W.B. SADLER, cousin, Thompsonville, IL.

Sworn to and Filed: 5 October 1942, Thompsonville, IL.

Early Franklin Co, IL Birth Records (C. Pulliam)


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