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Post Cards of the Past
Franklin County, Illinois

Photos Submitted by: Nanette Riley
unless otherwise stated

Benton, Illinois


GENERAL- 'John A. Logan' Homestead
Benton, Ill (Photograph)

(1941) The Bank Of Benton Welcomes You.
First Bank Automotive Window in Illinois

(1916) Benton Box Factory - Benton, IL.

(1916) C. & E.I. Depot - Benton,Ill

(1945) Community Building - Benton, Ill

(1926) Country Club - Benton, Ill

(1926) Christian Church - Benton, Ill.

(1945) Christian Church - Benton, Ill.

(1955) First Baptist Church - Benton, Ill

(1955) Benton City Hall - Benton, Ill

(1955) St. Joseph's Catholic Church - Benton, Ill

(1945) Township High School - Benton, Ill

(1945) High School Gymnasium - Benton, Ill

(1926) Middlefork Mine - Benton, Ill

(1916) Hart-Williams Mine - Benton, Ill

(1916) Franklin County Court House - Benton, Ill

(1945) Franklin County Court House - Benton, Ill

(1955) Franklin County Court House - Benton, Ill

Christopher, Illinois

(1928) Franklin Grade School - Christopher, Ill

(1928) Catholic School and Church - Christopher, Ill

Baptist Church - Christopher, Ill

(1937) First Baptist Church - Christopher, Ill

(1928) Methodist Church - Christopher, Ill

(1921) First National Bank - Christopher, Ill

(1900's) United Mining Co - Christopher Ill

(1928) East Coal Mine - Christopher, Ill.

Victor Memorial Monument - Christopher, Ill

(1928) Market Street, Looking East - Christopher, Ill

North Victor Street, Christopher, Ill

(1940's) Camping - Greeting from Christopher, Ill

(1912 )United Coalmine Building - Christopher, Ill

(19??) Christopher, Ill

(19 ) - Christopher, Ill

(19 ) - Christopher, Ill

West Frankfort, Illinois

(1938) City Hall - West Frankfort, Ill

(Artist Rendering Postcard)4-H Club Camp Lake
West Frankfort, Ill

(circa:1950) Egypt Cafe 214 E. Main St.
West Frankfort, Ill

State Bank - West Frankfort, Ill

(1938) United States Post Office - West Frankfort, Ill

(1945) The Salvation Army - West Frankfort, Ill

(1938) Looking East On Main Street - West Frankfort, Ill

(1917) Opera House - West Frankfort, Ill

(1917) East Side High School - West Frankfort, Ill

(1938) West Frankfort Community High School
West Frankfort, IL.

First Baptist Church - West Frankfort, Illinois

(1945) First Methodist Episopal Church - West Frankfort, Ill

(1945)First Christain Church - West Frankfort, Ill

(1938) United Mine Workers of America Hospital
West Frankfort, Ill

(1938) Orient #2 Largest Coal Mine in the World
West Frankfort, Ill

Industrial Coal Co., Mine NO. 19
West Frankfort, Ill. --4

Southern Gem Coal Co's Mine No. 1
(West Mine) West Frankfort, Ill

(1917) Peabody Coal Mine - West Frankfort, Ill

(1945) WW II Memorial - West Frankfort

Gray Plaza Motel- West Frankfort

Wishing you a Happy Birthday
West Frankfort

Would have like to been with you tuesday? but I could not. Dear Mother I received your card. Was glad to hear from you. We are not well. Paul is sick with Something the matter with his stomach. I am butchering him a hog today. Daniel Phillips is working for me. I am building me a ???? with ?? m?? have G??? "hoping this will find you well. Charles R.R#2
L.M. Webb
West Frankfort
Post Marked Jan. 1911

Akin, Illinois

Well, here I am in
Akin, Illinois
Enjoying it's sights and cheer,
I'm feeling first rate and this Town is
just great;
Now, don't you wish you were here?

Sesser, Illinois

(1965) Newspaper Ad. "Outstanding Gun Dogs"
Sesser, Ill

1945 Greetings from Sesser, Ill.

Royalton, Illinois

Miners Hall - Royalton, Ill

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