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Franklin County, Illinois

Some of these Schools no longer exist, are no longer used as a School Facility
or have had new and modern ones built to replace them.

Article on Early School History

School Name



Accommodation School   (historical) Macedonia
Akin School     Akin
Akin CCSD #91     Thompsonville
Akin High School      
Arkansas School   (historical) Elkville
Auten School      
Barnes School   (historical) West Frankfort
Barren School      
Bear Point School Class Rosters (historical) Sesser
Benton Consolidated High School District #103     Benton
Benton Consolidated Middle School District #47     Benton
Bluegrass School   (historical) Christopher
Bucktown School   (historical) Thompsonville
Brush Prairie School
(thanks to Sue Branam for correcting this spelling!)
  1st school in the county Eastern Twp
Buckner School     Buckner
Center School   (historical) Thompsonville
Central Junior High School     West Frankfort
Central School   (historical) Christopher
Christopher Community High School     Christopher
Christopher Elementary School     Christopher
Clam School   (historical) West Frankfort
Conner College   (historical) Rend City
Coon Ridge School   (historical) West Frankfort
Corner School   (historical) Christopher
Crane Creek School      
Crawford School   (historical) Christopher/Buckner
Coello School     Coello
Cuba School   (historical) Ewing
Denning Elementary School     West Frankfort
Denning School   (historical) Christopher
Denning School   (historical) West Frankfort
Doty School      
Douglas Public School   (historical) West Frankfort
East Center School   (historical) Sesser
East Crown Point School   (historical) Thompsonville
Eastern School      
Edwards School     West Frankfort
Ewing School      
Ewing High School      
Ewing-Northern CCSD #115     Ewing
Ezra Christian School     West Frankfort
Flatts School     Rend City
Four Mile School   (historical) Christopher
Frankfort School      
Frankfort Elementary School     West Frankfort
Frankfort Community High School     West Frankfort
Frankfort Unit School      
Franklin School     West Frankfort
Franklin School   (historical) Ewing
Franklin School   (historical) Thompsonville
Franklin Co. Regional Vocational System     Benton
Franklin--Benton Twsp School      
Franklin-Jefferson Special Education Cooperative     Benton
Franklin-Ewing Twsp School      
Freeman School      
Grant Elementary School
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)
    Rend City
Garrett's Prairie School      
Goode-Barren School      
Hazel Dell School   (historical) Rend City
Herrin Consolidated #4     Herrin
Hickory Hill School   (historical) Ewing
Hill City School     West Frankfort
Independence School   (historical) Ewing
Jacksonville School     Macedonia
Joiner School     West Frankfort
Jordan School      
Keller School   (historical) Sesser
King College 1941-42 class
1936-37 class
(historical) Rend City
King Creek School   (historical) Sesser
Knob Prairie School   (historical) Akin
Liberty School      
Lincoln School     West Frankfort
Lincoln School 1924-25 1st grade class   Benton
Logan # 52 School      
Logan # 110 School      
Logan Elementary School     Thompsonville
Logan Public School   (historical) West Frankfort
Logan School     West Frankfort
Long Branch School   (historical) Christopher
Long Prairie School   (historical) Ewing
Macedonia School     Macedonia
Manion School   (historical) Ewing
Martin School   (historical) Sesser
McGlasson School   (historical) Sesser
McGuire School   (historical) Rend City
McKinley (Poor Farm) c. 1932-33   Benton
Meyers School   (historical) Rend City
Moore School 1953 2nd gr. class (historical) West Frankfort
Mount Pleasant School   (historical) Sesser
Mount Tabor School      
Mount Zion School   (historical) Ewing
Mulkeytown School     Mulkeytown
Neal School   (historical) Thompsonville
New Harmony School   (historical) Macedonia
North School   (historical) Elkville
Northern High School      
Oak Grove School      
Old Akin School   (historical) Ewing
Orient School 1917-18
1947 Basketball Team
Orton School   (historical) Thompsonville
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel     Herrin
Palestine School   (historical) Rend City
Parrish School      
Pierce School   (historical) Christopher
Pleasant Hill School   (historical) Akin
Plumfield School      
Postoak School   (historical) Thompsonville
Reed Town School      
Rend School      
Ridge School      
Robtown School   (historical) Sesser
Rodgers School   (historical) Christopher
Rollinson School   (historical) Rend City
Royalton Unit School      
Saint Andrews School     Christopher
Saint Johns Catholic School     West Frankfort
Saul School   (historical) Akin
Sesser-Valier CUSD #196     Sesser
Shiloh School   (historical) Rend City
South School   (historical) Elkville
South Six Mile School      
S.T.A.R. Quest Acedemy     Benton
Stockwell School   (historical) Ewing
Sugarcamp School   (historical) Ewing
Taylor Hill School   (historical) Ewing
Thistle Ridge School   (historical) Akin
Thompsonville Grade School     Thompsonville
Thompsonville High School     Thompsonville
Townmount School      
Union School   (historical) Herrin
Unity Christian School     Herrin
Valier School      
Valier High School      
Washington School 1960-61 Class   West Frankfort
Weaver School      
Webbs Prairie School   (historical) Ewing
Webster School     West Frankfort
Webster Elem. School 6th grade basketball team   Benton
West Center School   (historical) Sesser
West Crown Point School   (historical) Thompsonville
West Franklin High School     Christopher
West Frankfort Consolidated #168     West Frankfort
Whiteoak School   (historical) Sesser
Whittington School     Whittington
Willow Branch School      
Wyatt School      
Zeigler Schools High School
Royalton Elementary
Royalton Middle
Royalton High
Royalton Unit

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