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Biographies of Fulton County

History of Fulton County, 1879

Portrait and Biographical Album of Fulton County, 1890

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 Miscellaneous Biographies of Fulton County Residents


Adams, John Bunyan on Bulter Co., Kansas site
Aten, Henry J. on GT Brown County, Kansas
Aten, Henry J. on GT Schuyler County, Illinois
Aten, Cornelius
Auten, Peter


Bader, Benjamin F.
Bailey, Evan B., DDS
Bailey, John
Baker, Alonzo L.
Barrere, Granville
Beam, Jerome C. Jr.
Bergquist, Samuel "S. A." August
Brown, George W.


Carter, Rutherford Granville - Bio#1 | Bio #2
Chaddock, Louisa Amanda Farwell
Cline, Elisha
Curless, Hugh
Curless, John W.


Dailey, James Marvin
Darr, D.L.
Dyer, Joseph M.


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Farwell, William A.
Fry, William (NEW)


Sorry, no G bios yet


Hibbard, H. C.


Sorry, no I bios yet


Jenkins, Charles


Kingery, Christian B.



Munson, Thomas V.


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Sorry no O bios yet


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Schisler, Henry
Schisler, John


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Wilson, Curtis B.


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