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Fulton County Home, Almshouse Register, 1877-1908
Transcription by ©2007 Donna Walton, expressly for ©Genealogy Trails,
from materials provided by Genealogy Trails

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Almshouse Register
Fulton County, Illinois

August 9, 1881 - February 9, 1882

In the late nineteenth century counties established almshouse to keep paupers from starvation. Because poverty was viewed as the fault of the individual, conditions were Spartan so as to supply discipline and motivation for self-support.

The register gives the name, sex, age, color, occupation, marital status, birthplace, nativity of parents, residence, literacy, health and drinking habits of inmates. Number 133, E. G. Humphrys, a female, aged 45, white, occupation housekeeper, married at one time, born in Indiana, native born parents, from Farmington Township, illiterate, paralysis sufferer, did not drink alcoholic beverages.

The Design of this register (the adoption of which in all the Counties of Illinois is recommended by the Board of State Commissioners of Public Charters) is to secure uniform and reliable statistics of pauperism extending over a term of years for the information of the General Assembly of County Officials and of the pubic at large

It is important that all the columns should be accurately filled,
except in cases where trustworthy information cannot be obtained.

sex for male write M, for female F
age give the age at last birthday
color for white write W; for mulatto M; for black B; for yellow Y; for Indian I
occupation before admission to almshouse
civil condition for single (never married) write S; married M; widowed W; divorced D
birthplace If in the State, write the town or county; if in another State of County write that
parentage the column marked F stands for father; M for mother; in either case write United States, U.S.; for British America, B.A.; for Ireland, Ir; for England, E; for Scotland, Sc; for Spain, Sp; for Sweden, Sw; for Italy, It; for Norway, N; for Austria, A; for Prussia, P; for Germany, G; for Holland, H; for Belgium, B; for France, F; for China, Ch.
residence before admission to almshouse
education the column marked R stands for Read; W for Write. If the person admitted can read write yes, if not No and the same as to his ability to write.
health if in good health and no disability write Good, or simply G; if sick write the disease: consumption, fever, pleurisy. If broken arm, wounded, disabled or infirm, write loss of leg, finger, blind, mute, deaf, insane, idiotic, etc. State the disability whatever it may be.
habits if the person admitted never uses malt or spirituous liquors write A for abstinent; if he uses malt or spirituous liquors but never becomes intoxicated write T for temperate, if he occasionally becomes intoxicated or indulges to excess, write I for intemperate; if he is frequently intoxicated and becomes so whenever or wherever he has the opportunity write D for drunkard.
property in this column record the property brought in the almshouse with or upon the person admitted
Authority for Admission enter the name of the person at whose request or by whose order the inmate was admitted
Supposed Cause of Pauperism such as intemperance, insanity, idiocy, blindness, broken leg, orphanage, bastardy, etc.

A strict observance of the above directions will greatly facilitate
the methodical study of pauperism, its causes and its cure


FRED H. WINES, Secretary

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Resident Registrations for:
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September 1877 - October 1879 November 1879 - May 1883 June 1883 - July 1887
August 1887 - April 1905 February 1897 - January 1913 January 1913 - October 1916
November 1916 - May 1922
June 1922 - March 1927
March 1927 - December 1929
January 1930 - December 1937

1941 - 1955

Almshouse Death Register

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