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Unresolved as of March 2016
My ancestor was Rosella Douglas Simmons. She was born about 1830 in Mercer Co., PA. Not long after she was born her father, Lebbeus Simmons, Jr., moved to Canton, Fulton Co., IL. She was raised to adulthood in Canton, IL and married a local man named William Henry Mills, who was the son of Gideon I. Mills of Deerfield twsp, Fulton Co IL.
Rosella D. Simmons Mills is listed in the 1850 and 1860 census in Fulton Co IL with her husband and children.
Her husband died in 1864 in the Civil War. I have never found her after the 1860 census. I have found her children living in Fulton Co IL and elsewhere, but no trace of what happened to Rosella, which sometimes is spelled as Rozilla.
Perhaps she died before her husband, perhaps she died afterwards. Perhaps she married again. I would like to find out what happened to Rosella D. Simmons.
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Starling and Sophia Carver Turner

Unresolved as of March 2016
I have a picture that has been passed down through the family.  It is supposed to be a picture of my 4x great grandfather and grandmother, Starling and Sophia CARVER TURNER.  They came to what is now Sangamon Co., then Fulton Co. and Buckheart Twp. and I believe Banner Twp., also.  The picture is a professional one taken at Frank Studio in Canton, Ill. in 1908.  My 2x great grandfather, Samuel Nelson Rockhold wrote on the back of the picture that it was his grandfather and grandmother Turner at 88 and 82 years old.  But Starling Turner was born 22 Sept. 1776 so if it was him in the picture, he would be about 132 years old!  Samuel grew up near his grandparents so it's difficult to understand how he could be mistaken about his own grandparents.  I would appreciate very much if someone has a picture of Starling and Sophia Turner, that they would contact me and we can compare pics.  It would need to be a picture of them when they were old. Thanks in advance!
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Calvin Evans and family

Unresolved as of March 2016

Looking for any information on Calvin Evans and family. Calvin Evans married Esther Kelly 17 Oct. 1837 in Fulton county. He is listed in the 1840 Federal census being between 30-40, 2 male children under age 5, one female between age 20-30. Calvin was in the manufacturing/trade industry. Calvin paid taxes in 1846 per tax records in Western IRAD archives. Also, Fulton County's will book has an entry dated September 1848 that Esther Evans, executrix, went to court and declared Calvin Evans died January 1848. There is no mention of how he died or where. Esther remarried 1856 to Ezra Johnson and they moved to Kansas by 1860.

Later census records of Calvin's 4 children indicate Calvin was born in New York. Family story says Calvin (or possibly his father) was a ship's master mechanic from Wales. What was he doing in Fulton county, Illinois from 1837 to 1848? Where is Calvin buried? Where in New York was he from ca 1800-1810? Who were his parents? His oldest son William John Evans was born 1839. The other three children were born after 1841. Either William had a twin brother who didn't survive or had an older brother that didn't survive.
Any additional information would be greatly appreciated by descendents of Calvin Evans and Esther Kelly Evans. Thanks!

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Looking for information on the Aichel, Eachel, Achal family that lived in Fulton County 1860, 1870, and 1880.  I believe George and his wife Sarah made be buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery.  The Harrington Family connects to this family.  Anyone with information could surely help me.  In other areas of the U.S., the family name is Eichling. Thanks!

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Laws Family

Unresolved as of March 2016

Hi...I found an old newspaper clipping with info concerning Fulton County.
My great-grandfather was James M. Laws, born Feb. 14, 1851, Putman Township, IL.
His parents were James H. Laws and Louisa (Hasson) Laws.
After going to the west in 1868 he returned to Cuba, IL in 1872. He was in grain, stock and coal businesses with interests in the drug business until 1894. He was elected that year as the Fulton County sheriff on the Republican ticket. In 1904, he won the office of circuit clerk. He was a member of the Lewiston, IL board of education, sec/treas of the Lewiston Livestock and Shipping Assoc., Masonic Lodge of Cuba for 58 years, and the Knights Templar Lodge in Havana, IL.
Married Mary Harmison on Oct. 4, 1875.
In 1939, James M. Laws was buried in the Cuba, IL cemetery at age 88.
He had two half-brothers, L.C. Fouts and C.F. Fouts and a half-sister, Mrs. Rose Andrews.
He had a brother, W. H. Laws and a sister, Emma Laws.
Sons: Harry H. Laws and Lewis Calvin Laws
Daughters: Grace Laws and Mary Laws
The clipping listed three grandchildren: one from his son, Harry and two from his son, Lewis. Lewis, my great-grandfather, had died two years prior to his father's death. More information:

Lewis Calvin Lute Laws
Born: September 20, 18--
Died: September 20, 1937

Lute s Mother: Mary (Harmison) Laws
Lute s Father: James M. Laws

Lute s Paternal Grandfather: James H. Laws (divorced from Louisa)
Lute s Paternal Grandmother: Louisa Jane (Hasson) Laws

First marriage of James H. and Louisa Jane (Hasson) Laws children: James M. Laws, W. H. Laws, (an infant sibling who died) and two more (total 5, 4 lived)
Second marriage of Louisa (Laws) Fouts to Dougan Fouts, Sr. children: Dougan Fouts, Jr., Lewis C. Fouts, Charles Francis Fouts, Rosa Belle (Fouts) Andrews, and one more (total 5)

Lute s Brother: Harry Hasson Laws, Sr.
Lute s Sisters: Grace Laws and Mary Laws

Lute s Paternal Aunt: Emma Laws (sister to father, James M. Laws)
Lute s Paternal Uncle: W.H. Laws (brother to father, James M. Laws)
Lute s Nephew: Harry Hasson Laws, Jr. (son to brother, Harry)

Lute s Wife: Gertrude Emma (Sanders) Laws, 18__ to 1976
If there is any way for me to find out any more about this side of my family I would appreciate your help. (posted August 18, 2005)

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Aaron Roberts

Unresolved as of March 2016

Looking for info on Aaron Roberts, born 1809 perhaps in Fulton County, IL. Married 31 Aug 1825 in Fulton County to Mary Polly Eveland. She married James Eggers in 1847 and she and the Roberts' children are living in the Eggers' household in the 1850 census: Alfred born 1827, Charles 1828, Ann 1834, and George 1839. All four children born in Illinois. I'm guessing Aaron died but can't find anything about him beyond what I have here. She didn't remarry until 1847, but there apparently weren't any more Roberts children born after 1839, or none of them lived. Can't find an Aaron Roberts in the 1830 or 1840 census that comes close to matching the household situation of wife's age and four children's ages. Aaron Roberts isn't in any cemetery listing (compiled by FCGS) in Buckheart Township . Will welcome any information that can be passed my way. Thanks!

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Unresolved as of March 2016

I 'm looking for information on my grandmother's families.  

Margaret V. Morgan (b. 1892) daughter of Joseph W. Morgan (b. 1852) and Eva Lalicker (b. 1864).  Joseph s father was Nimrod Morgan and his mother s name was possibly Virginia.  Nimrod s parents may have been Daniel and Sarah Morgan.  Joseph might have been born in Ohio; he died in Ipava in 1916.  Eva s death is unknown. 

Eva s parents were George Lalicker and Rebecca Parvin. George was son of John and Elizabeth from Ohio. Rebecca was the daughter of  Hosea Parvin and Elizabeth France. 

My grandmother was raised in Ipava, married and moved to Alberta, Canada around 1913. I would love to find out more about these relatives and their relatives and their family histories.  I would appreciate your help in this! Thank you!

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Unresolved as of March 2016

Looking for info on Isaac Barnes b. January 6, 1824 in West Virginia and died Farmers Twp., Illinios.  Buried in Temple Cemetery, Illinios.  Isaac's father is Alexander Barnes Sr.  Alex's wife maybe Mary.   

Looking for info on Harriet McDougan b. March 10, 1826 in West Virginia and died on April 18, 1920.  Buried in Temple Cemetery with her Husband Isaac Barnes.  I can't find her parents.  I have Harriet's death certificate and obit which didn't any info on her parents.   I know that she had one brother Joseph McDougan who mysteriously disappeared from Fulton County and was never seen again.  Joseph was a school teacher at Shinn's School for many years.  Joseph's wife was Susan Valentine.   

Isaac Barnes and Harriet McDougan had four children: Florence Virginia, b. 1847  Samuel Franklin b. 1849,  Jame Parkus b. 1852 and Mary Emma b. 1859 who lived only one year and is buried along side her parents.   

Looking for info on Zena Codling, b. march 5, 1893, and died March 8, 1974 in Ipava, Fulton County, Illinios.  Buried in Ipava Cemetery with her husband Robert Isaac Barnes b. June 21, 1892 in Table Grove, Fulton County, Ill.  died February 26, 1981.  Need birth place of Zena and her parent's names.   

Thank you for any help on this family.

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Unresolved as of March 2016

Hi! My name is Kay Millard Hosmer. My family is from Fulton County. My father, Kenneth Dale Millard was the son of Floyd and Georgie Windsor Millard. Floyd Millard married Georgie Windsor Jan. 1, 1916, in Fulton County, Illinois. Floyd's parents were Oscar and Alpharetta DeMaranville Millard who married on May ?, 1891, in Illinois.

Oscar's parents were Harrison and Letisha Ingall Millard who married on Mar. 11, 1868, in Lewistown, Fulton County, Illinois.  I would like to find out more about Letisha Ingall and who her parents were, if possible.    Alpharetta DeMaranville's parents were Eleazer DeMaranville and Caroline Piper who married on April 29, 1858, in Lewistown, Illinois.  I have the Demaranville lineage. I am also missing the Windsor line which is my grand mother's. Her parents were Robert E. Windsor and Alice Serata Bordner. Any help or clues that you can provide would be appreciated!



Randall family
Unresolved as of May 2016
Looking for any information on the Randall family: Enoch and Hannah, Peter, Isaac, Benjamin, Frederick, Jesse, James, Edwin, Washington, etc... They arrived late 1830's through 1860. Thanks!


Stein/Jaeger/ Swan/Hacke
New: August 2016
I am looking for a woman born as Leafy Louise Stein. Born November 1896 in Trivoli, Peoria Co, Illinois to Frank Stein & Mary Catherine Barber. I lose track of her after her 3rd husband, Fred Hacke, died in Des Moines, IA in 1969. I tracked down her grandson from her 1st husband, who was Paul Jeager,1890-1997, buried at Trivoli Cemetery. The grandson says he THINKS she died & is buried in Canton, but was unable to remember when. I find no burial for Leafy at Trivoli, where her husband & son are buried. So, I am grasping at straws here, hoping someone can turn up an obit or burial for Leafy. I do not know if she died as Stein, Jaeger, Swan or Hacke. I have run them all with no success.        
I thank you for your help & send Smiles your way.

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Bernard E. Dunbar
Hello! I am looking for any records concerning Bernard E. Dunbar b: 4 Oct 1879 d: 26 Apr 1947.
There is a Bernard Dunbar listed on the 1900 Farmer Township Fulton Co. census as son of George and Orlia Dunbar and aged 20 years. There is also a Bernard Dunbar aged 21, listed on the 1900 Census of Bernadotte.
I have heard that Grandpa Bernie came from Bernadotte and settled in Monmouth Illinois He married Iva or Ivey J (Jane) Moore of Biggsville IL. I believe that he was either a car inspector or engineer with the Railroad.
Anything you have on George or Bernard Dunbar in Fulton County or Bernadotte would be appreciated. Thank you! (posted September 14, 2005)

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My Brick Wall, Joseph C. REYNOLDS, born c. 1822 in Indiana. He moved to Canton area, Fulton Co. IL. by 1841 when he married Mary Elizabeth Appleby.Their children were Catherine, b. 1842, Arvilla, b. 1844, William Henry, b. 1846, Henry Webster, b. 1850, Julia Elizabeth, b. 1852, John D. b. 1860, Clara Alice, b. 1860, Benjamin Lincoln, b. 1863.
They lived in Canton, and Banner Township, Fulton Co. IL., and Jewell Co. and Reno Co. in Kansas. He died in Codell, Rooks Co. KS. when he was killed by a train.
I would like to find the names of his parents and/or siblings. I would like to find the location of his birth in Indiana. (posted June 20, 2005)

Thanks for any help! 

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John D. Hall
Looking for information on John D. Hall, who was born in 1840 in Somerset County, NJ.   He moved with his parents to Fulton County, Fairview township, IL in 1850's.  We really want to know who his Father and Mother were.   He married Margaret Ellen Virden from Farmington, IL.  Dec.  24, 1866 in Lewiston, IL. Please help, we've been looking for over 30 years.  Any information will be greatly appreciated! (posted May 21, 2005)

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MANN family
I am looking for any info or connection to the MANN family. What I have so far is:
Clifford E. Mann, born May 9, 1905 in Canton to Grover C. Mann and Emma C. Haack-Mann. He married Grace Watts on March 25, 1931 in Galesburg. Grace was born December 30, 1910 in Green Valley to John Watts and Edna Lathan Watts. Grace died July 13, 1994. Clifford died April 19, 1995. (posted May 01, 2005) Thank you!

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I am looking for any help that may be available on locating information on Martha Marie "Mattie"
Eyster (born about 1861) who married Lewis Harland Cowic (born about 1841) on March 5, 1891 in Fulton County.  Lewis may also be known as Leslie H. Cowic.  I am especially interested in the EYSTER side of that equation and would love it if somebody could tell me the names of Mattie's parents, but other information is always appreciated!

I would also be appreciative of any information on Thomas H. EYSTER, born about 1866/7 in Illinois and married Effie L. KEELING, daughter of Hayden  and Catherine (SNELL) KEELING, on 1/17/1889 in Fulton County.  Perhaps Mattie and Thomas were siblings?  Thomas and Effie are believed to have been living in Canton as of 1890.  Thomas was later found in the 1920 and 1930 Census for Los Angeles County, listed as a "mountain guide."  Again, I would be overjoyed if somebody could tell me the names of Thomas' parents, or provide any additional information.  

Thank you in advance for your consideration of this query.  

C. David Eyster's EMAIL 

Searching for David 
Newell b 1812 PA. The family appears 1860 Vermont, Fulton Co. ILL Census. Wife Margaret Moody b 1821 PA.

Their children were: Thomas b 1842 PA; Jacob b 1845 PA; John b 1847 PA; Mary b 1849 PA; Rachel b 1850 PA; Robert b 1852 PA; Anna b 1854 PA & William H. b 1858 ILL.

This suggests the NEWELL family became residents of ILL ca 1856-1857 moving from PA. (Where?????)

They moved to Neosho Falls, Woodson Co. Kansas & appear there in 1870 & 1880 Census with Stephen b 1861 & Washington b 1863 both in ILL.  

Seeking any info on this family. Desperately seeking from where in PA they came from. Thanks!


My great grandparents, Lyman
Tracy and Anna Carlock and my great great grandfather, Abraham Carlock were supposedly among the first settlers in Fulton County. I can't seem to find any information on them. Do you have anything on these elusive ancestors of mine?

They married Jan. 1825 in Fulton County [first recorded marriage license in Fulton County] and had several children. I have found census records and such. Lyman Tracy is such a mystery. No one searching the Tracy line can find out who his parents were. He was born in Chenango Co. N.Y. in 1797 and some searchers believe he came as a young man to Illinois with a woman [his mother?]  who was called Aunt Ems.

Anna Carlocks' brother was Abraham Carlock aka the "Old Democrat" and I understand there is a Carlock, Illinois, named after him. After Lymans' death [in Schuyler County, I believe], Anna married a William Steele. All I have are these bits and pieces.

Any help or clues that you can provide would be appreciated!


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