Alphabetical Listing of Fulton County, Illinois Cemeteries

Cemeteries have an "official" county record name and the locals know them by another name.
Example: South Fulton Cemetery is sometimes stated as the
Church of the Brethren or Dunkard Cemetery in old obituaries.

Cemeteries by Township

Cemetery - (Other Name/s)


Map to




Abbadusky (Markley) Cemetery Fairview




Almshouse (County Farm) Cemetery Buckheart




Ames (Paul) Cemetery Waterford



Anderson Cemetery Fairview




Apple-Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Liverpool


Aringdale Cemetery Buckheart




Ash (Gardner) Cemetery Joshua



Ashby Cemetery Waterford




Prairie Road, no stones remain
Astoria Cemetery Astoria

Avon Cemetery Union




Babbitt Cemetery Union


Babylon Cemetery Lee




Baily Cemetery Vermont




Banner (Utica) Cemetery Banner



Baptist (Fiatt, Baughman) Cemetery Joshua




Barclay (Barkley, possibly Scovel's?) Cemetery Lewistown



Barker (Miner) Cemetery Farmers



Barnes (Murphy) Cemetery Lee



Baughman (Brock) Cemetery Cass



Baughman (Fiatt, Baptist) Cemetery Joshua




Beard (Westerfield) Cemetery Banner




Beatty ( Hart, Clay) Cemetery Woodland




Beer Cemetery Young Hickory




Bethel (Turner) Cemetery Buckheart




Bishop-Conner Cemetery Putman




Blackaby-Saunders Cemetery Putman




Bogue (Easley, Derry) Cemetery Vermont




Breeds (Orendorff ) Cemetery Orion


moved to Orendorff Cemetery
Breeds Station (Miller) Cemetery Orion




Brock (Baughman) Cemetery Cass




Brooks Cemetery Lewistown




Bryant (Marysville) Cemetery Buckheart



Buckeye Cemetery Cass



Bybee Cemetery Banner



Bybee (Hipple) Cemetery Joshua




Cain (Heartley, Trail) Cemetery Ellisville




Canevit-Stufflebeam Cemetery Liverpool




west side of Clark Road
Carper Cemetery Buckheart




Chapin Pleasant Hill Cemetery Farmington



Cholera (Old Salem, Salem) Cemetery Buckheart


Civer (Pleasant Grove, Maple Grove) Cemetery Putman




moved to Shield's Chapel
Clay (Hart, Beatty) Cemetery Woodland




Clemons (Dobbins) Cemetery Vermont




Coal Creek Lutheran Cemetery Fairview




Coal Creek (Dunkard) Cemetery Farmington


Conner-Bishop Cemetery Putman



Cooper Cemetery Woodland



Cooper-Motsinger Cemetery Orion




Cope Cemetery Fairview




Copeland Cemetery Lee




County Farm (Almshouse) Cemetery Buckheart




Courtney Cemetery Banner




Cozad (Pleasant Hill) Cemetery Ellisville




Cuba Cemetery Putman



Daily (Starcevich) Cemetery Orion




Danner (Littleton) Cemetery Pleasant




Derry (Easley, Bogue) Cemetery Vermont




Dickson (Foster) Cemetery Deerfield




Dobson Burials Woodland



Dobbins (Clemons) Cemetery Vermont



Downing Cemetery Buckheart




Ducan (Duncan Mills) Cemetery Isabel




Duncan Mills (Ducan) Cemetery Isabel




Durham (Lutheran Coal Creek, Providence) Cemetery Fairview




Easley (Bogue, Derry) Cemetery Vermont



East Midway Cemetery Young Hickory




Ellisville Cemetery Ellisville




Elmore-Fuller-Hicks Cemetery Harris




Engle Cemetery Astoria



Engle (Pleasant Grove) Cemetery Bernadotte




Fairview Cemetery Fairview



Farris Cemetery Isabel




Fiatt (Baptist, Baughman) Cemetery Joshua




Flake Cemetery Union




Foster (Dickson) Cemetery Deerfield




Foster (Shumaker) Cemetery Fairview



Foster (Rigdon, McBeth, Robertson) Cemetery Harris




Fouts-Mellert Cemetery Buckheart



nothing indicated as being buried there
Foutch Cemetery Isabel




Freeman Cemetery Isabel



Fuller-Elmore-Hicks Cemetery Harris




Gardner (Ash) Cemetery Joshua



Garlish Cemetery Isabel




Gould (Smith) Cemetery Woodland



Greenwood Cemetery, Canton Canton



Grove Union (Locust Lane, Providence) Cemetery Joshua



Guernsey Cemetery Lee



Hanson Cemetery Canton




Hardesty Cemetery Orion




one grave
Harmon Cemetery Pleasant




Harper's Hill Cemetery Liverpool




Harris Cemetery, Table Grove Bernadotte




Hart (Beatty, Clay) Cemetery Woodland



Harwick Cemetery Pleasant




Heartley (Cain, Trail) Cemetery Ellisville




Henderson-Sinnett Chapel Cemetery Cass




Hickory Cemetery Kerton




Hicks-Elmore-Fuller Cemetery Harris




Highbridge Cemetery Buckheart



Hill Farm Cemetery Farmington



Hipple (Bybee) Cemetery Joshua




Howard Cemetery Cass




Howard Cemetery Pleasant




Hummel Cemetery Young Hickory




Hyatt (Thompson, Putman) Cemetery Putman



Ipava Cemetery- Ipava Pleasant




Jennings Burial - Home Farm Cemetery Astoria



Johnson Cemetery Canton



Jordon (Randall, Pickering) Cemetery Bernadotte



Kaler Cemetery Deerfield




Kearny Cemetery Isabel




Kellsa Cemetery Banner




Kerr Cemetery Vermont




Kerton Cemetery Kerton




no longer exists
King's Hill Cemetery Banner




Kuykendall Cemetery, Cuba Putman




Lacey Cemetery Pleasant



Lamb Cemetery Deerfield



Landon Cemetery Ellisville




Laurel Hill (Table Grove) Cemetery Farmers




Lewistown (Oak Hill) Township Cemetery Lewistown




1022 N Main St, Lewistown, IL
Linebaugh Cemetery Kerton




Linsey Cemetery Vermont




moved to Vermont Cemetery
Littlejohn Cemetery Bernadotte




Littleton (Danner) Cemetery Pleasant




Liverpool Cemetery Liverpool




Locust Lane (Grove Union, Providence) Cemetery Joshua



Lutheran Coal Creek (Providence, Durham) Cemetery Fairview




Lyons Cemetery Fairview



Maple Grove (Pleasant Grove, Civer) Cemetery Putman




moved to Shield's Chapel
Marietta Cemetery Harris




Markley (Abbadusky) Cemetery Fairview




Marysville (Bryant) Cemetery Buckheart


McBeth (Rigdon, Foster, Robertson) Cemetery Harris




McNeil Cemetery Lewistown




Mellert-Fouts Cemetery Buckheart




Miller (Breeds Station) Cemetery Orion




Miller (Pierce) Cemetery Orion




Miner (Barker) Cemetery Farmers



Montgomery Cemetery Pleasant


Moore Cemetery Joshua




Morgan Cemetery Lewistown




Morningstar Cemetery Kerton



Motsinger Cemetery Canton




Motsinger-Cooper Cemetery Orion




Mound Cemetery Canton




Mt. Pleasant-Apple Cemetery Liverpool



Mt. Zion Cemetery Woodland



Murphy Cemetery Cass




Murphy (Barnes) Cemetery Lee



Neff-Thrasher Cemetery Bernadotte




Nelson Cemetery Buckheart




New Ipava Cemetery Pleasant




Norris Cemetery Canton


Oak Grove Cemetery Astoria



Oak Grove Cemetery Lee




Oak Hill (Lewistown) Cemetery Lewistown



1022 N Main St, Lewistown, IL
Oak Ridge Cemetery Farmington


O'Bryant Cemetery Buckheart




Old Ipava (Old Town) Cemetery Pleasant




Old Totten's Prairie (Totten) Cemetery Cass



7 miles west of Lewistown in Totten's Prairie
Old Salem (Cholera, Salem) Cemetery Buckheart


Old Town (Old Ipava) Cemetery Pleasant




Orendorff (Breeds) Cemetery Orion


Otto Cemetery Isabel




Paul (Ames) Cemetery Waterford




Phillips Cemetery Lewistown




Pickering (Randall, Jordon) Cemetery Bernadotte



Pierce (Miller) Cemetery Orion




Piersol Cemetery Lee




Pleasant Grove (Engle) Cemetery Bernadotte




Pleasant Grove (Maple Grove, Civer) Cemetery Putman




moved to Shield's Chapel
Pleasant Hill (Cozad) Cemetery Ellisville




Point Pleasant Cemetery Harris




Pollitt Cemetery Liverpool



Providence (Providence Church) Cemetery Bernadotte




Providence Chapel Cemetery Farmington



Providence (Lutheran Coal Creek, Durham) Cemetery Fairview




Providence (Grove Union, Locust Lane) Cemetery Jashua



Putman (Hyatt, Thompson) Cemetery Putman




Quaker (Society of Friends) Cemetery Vermont




Randall (Jordon, Pickering) Cemetery Bernadotte


Randolph Cemetery Joshua




Red School Cemetery Orion



Reformed (Summum) Cemetery, Summum Woodland

Rigdon (McBeth, Foster, Robertson) Cemetery Harris




Rigdon Cemetery Lee




Robertson (Rigdon, McBeth, Foster) Cemetery Harris




Rohrer Cemetery Canton




Salem Cemetery Astoria



Salem (Cholera, Old Salem) Cemetery Buckheart


Salem-Wilcoxen Cemetery Liverpool



Saunders-Blackaby Cemetery Putman



Science Hill Cemetery Buckheart




Scovel's (possibly Barkley, Barclay) Cemetery Lewistown



Seehorn Cemetery Kerton




Sepo (Waterford) Cemetery Waterford




Severns Cemetery Kerton




Shield's Chapel Cemetery Buckheart




Shryock Cemetery Buckheart




Shumaker (Foster) Cemetery Fairview




Sinnett-Henrderson Chapel Cemetery Cass




Sixteen Cemetery Woodland

Smith Cemetery Pleasant




Smith-Trotter Cemetery Pleasant




Section 23, exact location in works
Smith (Gould) Cemetery Woodland




Society of Friends (Quaker) Cemetery Vermont




South Fulton (Church of the Brethren, Dunkard) Cemetery Astoria

St. Augustine Cemetery Union




St. David Cemetery Buckheart




St. Joseph's Cemetery Canton



St. Mary's Cemetery Canton




St. Mary's Cemetery Lewistown



Starcevich (Daily) Cemetery Orion




Stites Cemetery Bernadotte


Stoops Cemetery Pleasant




Stufflebeam-Canevit Cemetery Liverpool




Summum Cemetery (Reformed), Summum Woodland

Table Grove (Laurel Hill) Cemetery Farmers




Temples Cemetery Farmers




Thompson (Hyatt, Putman) Cemetery Putman




Thrasher-Neff Cemetery Bernadotte




Totten (Old Totten's Prairie ) Cemetery Cass



7 miles west of Lewistown in Totten's Prairie
Trail (Heartley, Cain) Cemetery Ellisville




Trotter-Smith Cemetery Pleasant




Section 23, exact location in works
Turner (Bethel) Cemetery Buckheart




Union (Union Chapel) Cemetery Astoria



Unknown (Rhoades?) Cemetery Woodland



Unknown Cemetery Woodland



Utica (Banner) Cemetery Banner




Varold Cemetery Cass




Vermont Cemetery, Vermont Vermont




Virgil Cemetery Lee



Virgil Cemetery Union


Walnut Cemetery Banner



Walters Cemetery Bernadotte




Waterford (Sepo) Cemetery Waterford



Weaver Cemetery Young Hickory




Weese Cemetery Pleasant




West Midway Cemetery Young Hickory




Westerfield (Beard) Cemetery Banner




White Chapel Cemetery Canton


Wilcoxen-Salem Cemetery Liverpool




Wiley Cemetery Deerfield



Wolf Cemetery Joshua



Wolf Cemetery Orion




Woodard Cemetery Lewistown




Woodland Cemetery Woodland


Wright Cemetery Banner




Wright Cemetery Lewistown


Zinn Cemetery Young Hickory




no stones remaining
Zion Cemetery Deerfield





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