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Gallatin County, Illinois
Early Deeds


The following data was found in DEED BOOK A, Gallatin County, Illinois Territory.  The information was not in the index, as only deeds are in the index.

pp. 32-33
14 October 1815.  I WILLIS CHAMBERS duo bargin sel & deliver unto said William KELLEAY mi three month tower of duty that the said Willis CHAMBERS served under Captin BOLTINGHOUSE which the said William KELLEAY has in hand paid me sixty dollars therefore i am to impower him to lift mi money when the paymaster cums on
Test:   Thomas HATFIELD
 John DUVALL       Willis CHAMBERS (seal)
Illinois Territory Joseph M. Street (seal)
Gallatin County Justice Peace Gallatin County
Recorded 27 May 1816 by J.M. Street, RGC.  Original delivered to William Kelleay.

pp. 33-34
Know all men by these present that Ezekiel HIDE of Illinois Territory and Gallatin County for divers good cause and considerations having ordained and constitute and appointed and by these presents do make ordain constitute and appoint my trusty friend William MORRIESS of Territory and county aforesaid my lawfull attorney for me and in my name and to my use to ask demand recover and receive of the Bank or paymaster for a toer of duty of three months as mounted ranger under Captain BOULTENHOUSE in the fourth regiment in 2nd division commanded by Lieut. GROVES in the year 1814; and by these present granting to my said attorney my sole and full power and authority to draw receive and recover the wages for said services, as I myself could do were I personally present and by these presents granting to said William MORRIS my lawfull attorney as follows such legal courses for obtaining and recovering said wages in all cases I could do, as witness my hand and seal this 16th day September 1815.
Teste: James MORRIS      Ezekiel HIDE (seal)
John MARSHALL       Justice of Peace. 27 May 1816
Recorded by Joseph M. STREET on 27 May 1816

p. 34 (This one is almost identical to the previous one.)
Moses SEETEN of the Territory of Illinois and Gallatin County appoints William MORRISS of Territory of Illinois in Gallatin County as his attorney to recover his earnings as a ranger in a tour of duty of 3 months under Captain BOLTENHOUSE in the 4th Regiment in 2nd Division under First Lieut. GROVES in the year 1814.
Dated 27 July 1815.
Teste: James MORRIS      Moses SWEETIN (his mark)
27 May 1816 JOHN MARSHALL JP  Filed 27 May 1816 by J.M. STREET
(Note:  the name is written as SEETEN and SWEETIN)

pp. 34-35
I Jesse ADKINS of Gallatin County Illinois Territory do appoint David HANY of territory and county aforesaid my true and lawful attorney for me and in my name but to the sole use of him the said HENRY for my services rendered under Capt. BOLLINGHOUSE in the year 1814.  To collect wages a Power of attorney.
Dated 20 December 1814.   Test:  J.C. SLOCUMB   Jesse ADKINS
J.C. SLOCUMB Judge of Common Pleas Court of Gall. Co.  Filed 27 May 1816, JM STREET

p. 37.
Know all men by these presents that I Andrew SLACK of Gallatin County in the Illinois Territory do make constitute and appoint Elevis MUDD of Washington County in the State of Kentucky my true and lawfull attorney to receive in my behalf whatever sum or sums of money that are or may be due and owing to me from the paymaster for the tour of duty served as a Sergt. under Captain B. GAITHER in an expedition against the Kickapoo Indians in the months of September and October in the year 1812, under the command of General Samuel HOPKINS (as will be more fully explained reference being had to the certificate of Captain E. B. GAITHER hereto amended and upon receipt of said monies or pay due as aforesaid) power of attorney.
Dated 23 July 1816. Illinois Territory Gallatin County
23 July 1816.  Recorded by J.M. STREET    Andrew SLACK


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