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April 2017

Mr. and Mrs. Archie Preston
Celebrate 50 Yrs of Marriage

Obituary - Preston, Rachel E.

Obituary - Preston, Walter E.

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Greene County was named for
General Nathanael Greene (1742-1786)

He was a Major General in the American Revolution and became famous
for his service in the southern region of the 13 colonies.

Greene County was established January 20, 1821.

Greene County was originally part of Madison County.

Present area, or parts of it, formerly included in:

1812 - 1821 Madison

1790 - 1812 St. Clair

Towns and Cities of Greene County
Athensville, Barrow, Belltown, Berdan, Carrollton, Drake, East Hardin,
Eldred, Fayette, Greenfield, Haypress, Hillview, Jalapa, Kane,
Old Kane, Rockbridge, Roodhouse, Titus, Walkerville, West Roodhouse,
White Hall, Wilmington, Woody, Wrights

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